not because i'm stupid or naive

hi i really want some f/f plots that have some substance but also have some smut so here are a few and like them if you’d be down because i want to do all of them at some point idk just give me one of these?

  • a duchess is jilted from the throne by a much younger princess, however, the duchess finds ways to control the power by manipulating the naive and bright-eyed princess
  • a high-school girl becomes involved with her older brother’s fiancee
  • two-step siblings who despise the mere thought of one another wind up having lots of angry hatesex behind closed doors, incited by one drunken hook-up at a party. they have to hide the conflict from their parents and sibling a’s perfect boyfriend, who sibling b becomes increasingly jealous of.
  • a dangerous and blood-lustful siren attempts to lure a girl innocently visiting her grandparents beach house on vacation down to the depths of the ocean. she doesn’t expect to fall for her first. 
  • after a heated moment alone in the locker room, the girl with a reputation as “the school slut” and the pristine cheerleader continue to hook up in secret,  but the cheerleader forces the other into secrecy because she is nervous about her reputation, however things get complicated when they start to form feelings and hang out for things other than sex
  • two best friends, one is very experienced in the realm of sex, the other is innocent and naive. the more experienced offers to be the other’s first kiss in order to “show her how”.

don’t believe that dc ‘didn’t know’ or ‘has forgotten’ about dick grayson being roma- that’s incredibly naive, full offense. they purposely took a roma character and made him the protagonist to a fascist arc. ‘he doesn’t kill people’ makes it even worse, because imprisonment? seriously? do you know nothing about roma people’s history? this is messed up not to mention overdone and stupid. just. plain bad. it’s supposed to be ‘gritty’ but all it does is be offensive. 

Genderbend alright. I do hate it but alright.

But explain to me one thing. Why has it to be John Watson who is the woman? Why is it always John Watson. Why not Holmes? Why don’t you make the genius the woman?

No that would be ridicoulus wouldn’t it? No it’s John Watson the man you was often portrait as a little bit stupid, naiv and always so amazed by Sherlock Holmes ( wich is not quite the Dr. Watson we know from ADC )

Because that is the only way it could work, isn’t it ?

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Yes I feel the same way, not everyone liked 1d, and 1d wasn't exactly trying to appeal to that dude's demographic lol. there are going to be plenty of people that are going in with preconceived notions or bias against boybands and I'm not saying that's fine because of the inherent sexism at playbut honestly, people giving harrry a listen and liking his music and providing major exposure across demographics like this is a good thing and should be encouraged.

I also hate ppl slagging on 1D for stupid reasons but let’s not be naive to think that everyone enjoys boyband music and also it’s annoying that as soon as someone says that he’s changing minds, people get their backs up, like this is a good thing, he’s widening his audience and he’s working damn hard to do it. I am loving seeing people open up to this song and saying like, hey, this is different and give it a try. To each their own but, that’s my two cents.

Can you imagine Zevran trying to insult Alistair and then feeling guilty because he's too naive to get it
  • Zevran: wow, you truly are the pinnacle of human race evolution
  • Alistair: really??? You think about me like this? Thanks!
  • Zevran: what no I didn’t mean to---
  • Alistair: I didn't know you were so kind, I'm glad we're friends man
  • Zevran: *groans*

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Harries are literally telling people to stop thinking like stupid naive fans and to grow up and think of it from a marketing strategy because only then can they appreciate it. That's the point they're at. Because as fans they're so mistreated that people must elevate to a higher state of existing and admire Harry as if they were his secretary. This is truly the saddest, lowest point I've ever seen a group of individuals reach. Belittle fans for being fans. Disgusting.

Some people have sunk down to the point of blaming people for “thinking like fans” and not appreciating the business side of this. I’m sorry but this is the first fandom I’ve seen in my entire life to do that. To belittle and mock fans for being fans, for being naive, for being innocent. That’s what being a fucking fan is. That’s why we started stanning 1D in the first place. We’re here to have fun, not swallow emotional manipulation like a gift. I can’t believe the audacity of some people.

Some people have sunk down to the point of blaming people for “thinking like fans” and not appreciating the business side of this. I’m sorry but this is the first fandom I’ve seen in my entire life to do that. To belittle and mock fans for being fans, for being naive, for being innocent. That’s what being a fucking fan is. That’s why we started stanning 1D in the first place. We’re here to have fun, not swallow emotional manipulation like a gift. I can’t believe the audacity of some people.

So you guys are three separate anons but I put y’all together because you’re all talking about a very similar thing. You’re all right by the way. Telling people to appreciate this from a marketing stand point, to stop thinking like fans is so beyond comprehension to me because we’re literally in a fandom. We’re consumers of a product and if we don’t like that product’s presentation we have every damn right to act like fans and be upset that’s so??? like honestly i’m so shocked that people are telling people to not care about this and stop acting like fans i’m so over the lengths big larries will go to defend him it’s so wild to me

I’m soooo sooo sick and tired of people telling me how i feel and speaking on situations and people they don’t know. They love to rain on your parade and spit negative hurtful shit onto anything that makes you happy. They just make all kinds of assumptions and put doubts in your head because they’re so bitter and unhappy with their lives and relationships that they gotta piss all over yours

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Gabriel I need some help or support or love or basically anything. I lost my virginity to someone I thought I loved who then broke up with me because all he wanted was sex so now I'm alone and broken and I feel sosos stupid and naive

Hey, don’t feel stupid. I’m sorry you got hurt—guy sounds like a class A dickwad. Sometimes people take advantage of those who are the kindest and have the most love; don’t let it disenchant you though. We move forward and we heal and we find real love. You know who should feel stupid? Me. I invented farts. Thought it was a great idea at the time. You—all you did was trust and open yourself up to life—that’s being human. You learn and carry that with you but don’t forget to keep yourself open to love when it comes along, because it will. Chin up, huh? 😘 -Gabriel

i won't be the one to let you go - sousuke/rin

rinsousukes, this is for you. If it wasn’t for your kind, kind words on my last fic, this probably wouldn’t have been written.

I’m going to Australia, he says, and you can feel your breath catch in your throat. You hear some of his next words, a week and Haru, but the rest blurs past you, swept away by the tide.

The world tilts, just for a moment, and you’re twelve again, hearing him say those words for the first time. You were so young then, young and naive and stupid, and you’d thought that he’d be there forever. That it would be you and him, no matter what. So you had let him go without a word - because anything that puts that big of a smile on his face is must be a good thing, right - only a fistbump and a see you later, and you lost him for five years.

On AO3.  ​

I feel like, as an adult reading YA fiction, it’s necessary to remind myself about the age of the protagonist every so often.

Because sometimes you’ll be reading and all you can think is “how stupid can you be?” or “really? is choosing the boy/girl really your biggest priority right now?” or “what a dumbass, how can you not realize/know so and so”

But then I remember what it was like to be fifteen or seventeen, and I realize I was probably just as dumb, naive, or even shallow about certain things. And putting it into perspective like that, really helps to understand the character and their motivations.

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I never said the band was over. Please don't put words in my mouth just because I believe the Azoff/1D thing might not be happening. I understand that your belief is different but I believe it's perfectly possible for Harry to sign with Jeff and the others to go elsewhere and for them to still carry on. That doesn't mean I am stupid or naive as you implied. I'm fully aware I might be wrong that's why I said if. If you are right then great, if not then great either way I'm very happy for Harry.

Then what are you even talking about? You think they’re staying with Modest as a band? That is so patently absurd I can’t even begin to consider it as an option. Modest is a small time outfit that got lucky. They have cheated and lied and done everything EXCEPT what is in the best interest of their client. Right now they seem to be fighting off legal action against them and their public accounts are so screwy that I’m expecting them to be arrested any time now. So Modest is out, no question, no way, no how.

Or do you think there will be a huge plot twist and the band will sign with Scooter Braun?  If you’re not saying they’re breaking up, but think that they won’t sign with Jeff or Irving, then what the hell are you saying?  The band needs management, they are a multi-million dollar brand. This is not optional and 4 individual managers aren’t going to cut it. Someone has to take on the group as a whole.

And neither I nor anyone I am associated with here on Tumblr has ever said that Harry doing solo projects is a bad thing or that we’d be anything but excited to hear what he releases, we just keep saying that there is no indication that a) he wants to go fully solo, or b) that he’s actively working on a solo project right now.

No one cares if they have individual managers for outside projects and no one is going to “go after” Harry if the band doesn’t sign with Jeff or Irving. So whatever you are talking about, I have no idea.

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i know it's for a good cause, but u guys are kinda nuts. I mean tyler tells u guys to do something and you guys just run and do it, I'm just glad he uses his power for good.

we are not stupid and don’t just blindly do whatever someone tells us to do.  If tyler asked us to do something I don’t believe in or that goes against my values in any way, I would not do it (which i really don’t see anything he would ask us that would but that’s besides the the point).  I used my own money to donate to this cause, not for the prizes, not bc i am naive enough to actually think i’d win the date, but because I wanted to help support this amazing campaign in any way I could.  The fact that it is also making Tyler happy for his birthday, and we get some prizes are an extra bonus.  Yes Tyler has a lot of people supporting him and backing him up, but that is because he is a genuinely good and generous person; he wouldn’t have all the people supporting him if that wasn’t the case.

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Even though his self-esteem is shot, he's still trying. That's one of the great things about Papyrus. I know a lot of times people look at him as naive but he really does try to stay positive, regardless of the situation. You can see that best in the King Papyrus ending of a neutral run and also in how he responds to Chara-posessed Frisk in a genocide run. Not gonna lie, this story is tugging at my heart-strings though. I'm hoping Frisk will help ease some of the pain he's going through.

yEAH EXACTLY man that’s one thing I think goes unnoticed easily about Papyrus is that a lot of what comes off as him being naive is really more just 

well i do think the best way to describe it is “fake-it-til-you-make-it” like. a lot of his optimism i do think he consciously choses to push forward. he’s not an optimist because he’s stupid, he’s an optimist because he constantly tries to stay positive and hopeful. Even in a neutral run, too, you can see his optimism falter right after the fight with him, where he gets temporarily overwhelmed by his failure to capture you, and that moment along with the two you mentioned are why i really do think that he does actively work p hard at staying positive and self confident.  

(And I think it’s also worth noting that Sans does sorta slip under Papyrus’s nose to help him with that attitude, too; the moment he notices Papyrus’s self-confidence start to waver, he’ll say or do something to help him back on track and reassure him; the kill-all run has the best examples of that, with Sans’s little “what, me? right about something? bro. please.” and his changing from saying  “should’ve left a crossword” to “should’ve left junior jumble”) 

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So let me understand this. Riley piked at maya's life and intelligence and future more than once and maya is obviously not so happy about it and still suck it up. But it's all gone away because riley is this precious angel. But the moment maya says ONE BAD THING, this girl has to go to hell for it as if it wasn't bad enough for her. I'm not blaming the girls here, I'm blaming the fandom's treatment of them.


RIGHT. So many people were getting pissy because Maya made that triangle comment when Riley looked for a bird INSIDE THE SCHOOL bro, anyone would’ve said something about that, especially your best friend. I get that it was kind of low but people treat Maya like she makes fun of Riley all the time when she really doesn’t.

Like she has teasing here and there but Riley literally goes for the stuff that hurts like wtf? I get that she’s naive but dude, this shit hurts… Basically calls her stupid, says she’ll have failed marriages, tells her Lucas likes her more, ASKS THEIR FRIENDS if they like her more and Maya just takes it.

She tells her she’s only successful because her life is horrible. In the episodes where her family is embracing Maya, she wants her out and I understand jealousy but come on, she’s your best friend. Her mom is never there (with good reason), her dad left, she already thinks she’s fucking stupid and while she’s over here telling you that you’re perfect they way you are and you don’t need to be jexica, you’re using things that hurt her and things she can’t control as teasing and that’s not okay.

But now everyone’s gonna be like “what about what Riley says to Maya?”