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I'm so sorry if this seems like a question meant to purposefully invite drama!! Please don't feel pressured to answer it! But I'm curious and might as well, who do you think, in your opinion regarding more subjective elements, is the most "complete" skater? Who is the skater ((for mens, please, ladies too if you have time)) that has the 'whole' package? Or at least the skater who has more of the package than others?

of the currently-competing skaters,

men: patrick chan

ladies: mmm. this is tougher. either satoko miyahara or carolina kostner, i guess. satoko is more consistent with her jumps, though.

it also depends on what programs the skaters have.

OMG I GOT ACCEPTED!! The application for my subject change was approved!! 

i love how ambiguous things are in the bmc fandom. like, who is the taller boyf riend? what is michael’s body type? is dustin kropp even real? but “Michael Mell wears that patch on his left shoulder Because He Is Gay” is absolute and indisputable 

But unless you are someone like Harry - who is immensely talented in so many different areas - I think it’s really important to stay in your lane and do what you do well.
—  Louis Tomlinson, 20/7/17 (BBC BTY article)

kim taehyung is limited edition vinyls and hidden thrift shops. black and white pictures and jazz music. he’s late night adventures and 3am giggles while dancing in the middle of an empty street. mischievous schemes and inside jokes that only you two can understand. he’s rain kisses after sneaking out of a formal party and random beach outings that leave you breathless from all the laughters. he’s the melting ice cream that drips down the palm of your hand and the cotton candy that makes your fingers sticky. kim taehyung is the summer love everyone wants to have and the heartbreak that no one could really ever move on from. 

tfw Ishida won't be trusted anymore
  • Ishida in Re ch122: *has Touka confessing to Kaneki*
  • TG fandom: no but Tsukiyama interrupted them so we can't be sure that Kaneki feels the same
  • Ishida in Re ch124: *has Touka straddling Kaneki and going for a kiss*
  • TG fandom: no but maybe he's going to block Touka's kiss because his pal Amon once did the same with Akira
  • Ishida in Re ch125: *draws an entire chapter about Kaneki and Touka having sex*
  • TG fandom: no but what if it's Itori and not Touka?
  • Ishida: (≖_≖ )

April 25th, 1926: “Prince arrives today! Prince Naveen comes to the city!”

If you heard anyone yell this morning it was me right after finding out dgm’s on this month’s SQ Crown holy f uck


Close enough


Wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back again?