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Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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I am a bit ticked off.

Hello, @garr9988 . You may or may not remember, but I was the first person to respond to your reblog of that Bering & Wells post, in which you called out @ellabellbee . In the Ask I sent to you, I said the following: “Hey man, just FYI, you don’t need to ‘explain’ things to anybody in the B&W fandom, and particularly not to @ellabellbee. We’ve been here a lot longer than you and know what went down just a tiny bit better. For real! Thanks.”

To which you responded publicly, saying that I sounded condescending but that I probably hadn’t meant to. (For the record: meant to, but only a little.) You also said that you “felt the need to correct people” when they held “incorrect beliefs” about things. I didn’t much like your response, I’ll admit, but okay. I said what I said, you said what you said, and you made those words public.

I bring this up only because you deleted my Ask and your answer: you erased me, and my voice, from the situation. And I don’t often express anger publicly, but erasure is one of the things I REALLY DON’T LIKE.

You say you’re a feminist, and you support that by citing the dictionary definition of feminism. I really, genuinely hope you won’t find it condescending if I point out that dictionary definitions tend not to cover lived experience in its fullness. I’m a feminist too. My lived experience of that—as a gay white woman, one who has spent most of her working life in fields dominated by men—probably gives me a different perspective than yours gives you. Anyway, my lived definition includes the importance of not erasing women’s voices. Maybe take that into consideration the next time you decide, first, to insert your voice into a conversation that is mostly (but of course not completely) among and about women, and second, to mostly disregard, and then delete, what was intended as a friendly warning from a woman who is fully informed about said conversation.

In conclusion:

They’re good captains, Bront.

Morning thoughts, an introduction

I say I’m a simple person: A lurker who happens to find my own niche, a music lover and a bibliophile. I love discoveries, I nimble on words and absorb visions of art; I love creation and the power it has that heals people. I love creativity and imagination, for those are my strengths. I accept that life is challenging, but at some point it shouldn’t be, because it’s necessary to be curious. There are times when to be extremely cautious, and incredibly aggressive. I love opportunities, and how I spot them. I consider myself lucky sometimes, not because I gained by any chance, but I lost and learned.

I believe this is how someone grows.

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it's super silly to be mad at jk Rowling for writing slytherins as she did, since as a writer I understand why she did it. It kept to her theme, to kept to her strictly important-details way of writing, and things like that wouldn't have driven the story forward unless she drastically changed whatever she already had preplanned,, don't blame the writer for not doing your headcanon pls (I love slytherins but come on, don't blame rowling)

This is going to sound incredibly wild to you but here’s the thing, writing is art and every art, specially the ones that are incredibly popular, is open for interpretation, discussion and even critiques. I am not pressing a gun to her forehead or even talking to her directly, I am simply stating my opinion on something I believe she should have done differently because it feeds to a negative stigma. You say it would have gone against her usual style of writing of only including the most important details but, it would have taken little to no time to add an extra paragraph that showed Slytherins participating in the battle. “Don’t blame the writer for not doing the headcanon” oh? So some Slytherins not being complete villains and actually having morals is a headcanon now? Say that to Regulus Black. Say that to the eleven year olds that will come to Hogwarts in the years to follow, get sorted into Slytherin and booed or shunned in the process! I truly have zero interest in discussing this with you and I’ll continue to show my dislike to the way my house was treated.

PS. I’m a writer too ;)

The Doctor has, because he’s a Time Lord, I believe - the ability to see into the future, and into the past, and all the other corners of time. So I think he’s aware of what happens in the future. He knows everything. So it’s a sort of conscious decision he makes, to stop reading those ripples through time.
—  Peter Capaldi, on the Doctor 

All right. Regarding my last post. Jin actually said “you’re discriminating me!”
And later he continued (this is not included in the gif set) that he’s human too so jimin should hit him too. Lmao. And that what makes Jimin hit him repeteadly after that.
About JK comment in the last gif, he said 왜요!! Which ofc literally translates to “why” but by context it can also means “why? What about it” because I believe he was looking at Jin when he said that and his tone kinda gave it all. He was complaining cutely too I must add.

Next the manggae comment; JM was explaining why he don’t like mangoes (scandalous I know! How can people hate mangoes!) he said he just don’t enjoy eating mangoes. Jin then said that JM looks like a mango (probably because of his cloth idk) and JK suddenly pipes “so that’s why he’s a manngae!” (Get it ‘cause manggo –> manggae) it’s basically a lame pun lmao. Which then makes JM smacked JK. And leading to Jin “discriminating/biased” complaint because JM ONLY hit JK.

Welp. I’m sorry if I cause major confusion to some. I didn’t mean too! I swear!

I am not one to fall in love with
simply because
believe it or not
once upon a time
I fell too easily
for the bad guys
because bad things
always taste nice.

So after those morbid heart scars
formed like beautiful battle wounds
I asked to borrow one of their swords
and they handed it over
like a proud parent.

I’ve been using it ever since
to protect myself
to protect my heart
and I must protect yours
unless you don’t listen to me
when I say

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Hi! I read your theory and it got me thinking that in s3, when Even "looked" like he was messing w/ Isak meaning he was the bad guy, no good for Isak, was a user, etc. That was bad impression that people thought of him. And look how that turned out for them? He was good guy all along with a good reason why he did what he did. Look at Yousef? He's good guy and gave hella of impression, right? So that means... later on, he'll look less and less perfect. Something we'd never thought of him? Hmm.

Oh my gosh bless you my gorgeous angel <3 this is exactly what I have been trying to say but i’m not sure if it’s been making sense until you just cleared it all up so beautifully. 

thank the heavens for you seriously. 

I don’t think I need to add much to this because you have just said everything that I believe in the most about what’s happening right now. Yousef is too perfect. there is nothing suss about him which is what makes him suss. 

he is set up as this beautiful domestic caring boy who is into Sana….and it is because of this that I think this impression of him is going to be completely smashed. 

Just like our negative perception of Even was smashed apart and we got the truth. 

Julie likes to do a 180 and prove us wrong.

wanna know why? 

because it fits into this idea that most of the time when you meet someone you misunderstand them because you don’t know who they are or what their going through. So by making us believe a character is one thing, just to prove that they are so much more, is so powerful for us to continuously learn and experience. 

So I ran a half marathon for the first time today.

At the last half mile I almost started sobbing because I couldn’t believe I had accomplished this. I literally had to tell myself to hold my shit together because if I started sobbing then I wouldn’t be able to breath which meant I wouldn’t be able to finish the race. But yeah. It’s rare I’m ever proud of myself but I’m so proud of myself. I can’t believe I did this.

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I am laughing so hard ahaha. Simon Cowell has a Sun article out today about how he built a panic room in his house😂😂😂 Does that sound familiar??? Also his "gf" has an article today about "Who is Lauren " . Sound familiar again ?? 😂😂😂 God I'm laughing so I won't cry at how they're trying to turn Louis' life identically into Simon Cowell's life . It's the most disturbing thing .

i’m not gonna go and look for it because (the sun won’t get my clicks and) i blindly believe this. god.

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Emma, I'm sorry to tell you this but I'm quite sure they're waiting for you to post your vampire fic so they could *** **. :/ This is a Fact™, confirmed by Me.

i can’t believe babygate is still going on because i took five months longer than planned to finish up my fic

it makes me really sad when people say some edgelord thing like “i don’t believe in love” because it means they only see, like, reciprocated romantic love between two people as love and there are so many other cool kinds of love? platonic love is so good! loving your friends is so good! loving the things around you and the coffee you drink and the books you read is good! loving everyone around you is awesome! falling in love with that stranger you saw on the train is good! love is just you realizing that other cool humans exist in the world and that’s so fucking awesome 

all i do is watch clone wars now. it’s the part of star wars i feel most connected to which is weird because when it was actually on tv i refused to watch it because i didn’t believe anakin would have a padawan and now his padawan is my 2nd fave character of all time

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It's funny how there are people who can't deny anymore that H is into men but then state he must obviously prefer women to keep their own fantasy going on. Because that's what it really is. 🙈I can't believe that anyone could see him have any chemistry with women when you compare his actions men vs women. Also people project when they see a woman flirt with him to be him flirting with her, even though it's so often obvious that he's uncomfortable but can't tell them to fuck off

and erasing everything he’s said and done that points to him being attracted to men (which is a damn lot) and chalking it up to jokes is so ugly


I mean, it’s obviously an outrage-bait cliffhanger that’ll be resolved by saying “Mjolnir knows the real Cap is worthy” or something, but Marvel is really treading the line here with this event. It’s been established that Thor could no longer lift the hammer because he believed Nick Fury’s words that Gorr the God Butcher was right, essentially Gods were worthless.

Maybe, Cap is so firm in his beliefs and believes he is right that the hammer recognizes that. The hammer didn’t want Thor to lift it because he didn’t believe in himself.

At this point I just assume Mjolnir is just fucking with us all and took a liking for trolling people ever since Original Sin. It’s the only way to make all the bullcrap surrounding it work.

Nick Spencer you are a absolute madman!

I want to be ready for the shitstorm.