not because he is selfish

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misconception: seph's an asshole. :| ily

Send me a misconception you think people have about my character and I’ll explain if it’s true or not


    Yes and NO.

     Extremely long explanation(?Story?) beneath the cut. Summary in the tags.

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We have seen Juvia damn near break her own leg to stop Meredy and her only thought was apologizing to Gray because he would feel the pain, and some will claim Juvias feelings are selfish.

We have seen Juvia get upset at HERSELF for giving Gray a gift at a poor time even though she had no way of knowing the significance of that day, and some will try and say Juvias feelings are selfish.

We have seen Juvia recover from being almost poisoned to death to go find Gray and tell him the truth about her role in his fathers “death”, even when she believed it made her unfit to be anywhere near Gray (much less in love with him) because she felt he needed to know, and some will still say Juvias feelings are selfish.

And we have seen Gray thank Juvia multiple times for always being there, including all of the above, and yet somehow that means Juvias feelings are selfish.

I guess Juvias feelings are selfish she still loves him, and that somehow prevents Gray from finding his REAL true love, or something, lol. That damned selfish Juvia

steve has been so selfless throughout his entire life and the one time at the end of cw that he finally chooses something for himself, the one time he chooses his friendship with his best friend over anything y’all can’t stop saying how selfish he is and terrible he is and how much of an ass he is while equating everything wrong with the avengers as being his fault like can y’all maybe chill tf out for a second and let steve be selfish just this once because he DARES!!!!!! choose his friendship, his friendship with bucky that means probably more to him than anything else, over everything. why can all your faves be selfish and get a pass yet steve rogers can’t because you shit talk steve saying he’s too perfect and how the fandom treats him like he’s perfect while simultaneously calling him out for being flawed like fucking seriously 

Happily by @curlymohawkliam
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: NC-17

Liam is drunk. He is completely wasted, sprawled out on their sofa with an arm thrown over his eyes. He is trying his best for his world to stop spinning so fast, even putting a leg on the ground like Louis told him once. But it’s not stopping. It’s spinning fast and hard, just as much as the ache in the middle of his chest. It’s like a hole, like his blood can’t be pumped hard enough into his veins because of it, because he feels empty and cold.

He should have said something before Zayn left earlier for his third date with that awful, horrible man he works with.

Well, to be honest, Liam has no idea how he is because he never met him but, he is sure he is the most selfish, arrogant asshole to walk on the face of the earth. Mostly because he stole Zayn away from him, mostly because he had enough balls to ask him out where Liam never found the courage to do so himself.

He watched by the window of the living room when he came to their flat to pick up Zayn earlier, how he reached for Zayn’s hand, pulling him closer for a kiss on his friend’s stubbly cheek. He remembers how he felt like his heart has been ripped from his chest and thrown to the ground. Like Zayn had stepped on it with the heels of his combat boots.

He picked up the bottle of Jack Daniel’s not long after Zayn’s departure and he’s been drinking since then, trying hard not to let himself cry, trying hard to drown his sorrow in the bitterness of the whiskey going down his throat. Zayn probably won’t come back anyway, he will spend the night with him because everybody knows what happens on the third date.

But no, Zayn comes back a few hours later.

Liam can hear the sound of a key unlocking the front door, of Zayn being extra careful to be quiet not to wake Liam up. He hears the sound of his leather jacket being unzipped, then his combat boots being removed. Liam can see his shadow moving in the space between the front door and the living room area and then Zayn turns around and sees him because he speaks his name, softly. Like he always does, with that wonderful way he has to stretch the vowels beautifully.


He stays silent, trying not to cry or let his feelings speak the language of alcohol.

“Liam, are you okay?”

And then, there is the soft, actually comforting sound of Zayn walking closer to him, his socked feet on the carpeted floor, his warm presence sitting on the armrest of the couch next to Liam’s head. His delicious, addicting smell of cologne mixed with expensive cigarette smoke. It almost feels like coming home. Except from the fact Liam’s heart feel broken in millions of little pieces.

“Go ‘way.”

“Babe, are you drunk? What happened?”

Liam sighs, because Zayn really sounds concerned. Like he is worried about Liam and why is he so nice all the time? Liam is certain Zayn doesn’t care as much, or in the same way Liam does, though.  But with the way he runs his fingers through Liam’s short hair, delicately, with so much tenderness, it makes Liam’s heart squeeze with something that feels a lot like hope.

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Li. You can tell me everything, you know that right?”

No. Not everything. But it feels so heavy on Liam’s chest tonight. All those feelings he is keeping inside, all those secrets, all those needs he can’t ever let himself feel or fulfill. Maybe it’s the alcohol. Maybe it’s only Liam who finally found a bit of bravery in all the love he feels for his best friend. Maybe he just says fuck it, why not? I have nothing to lose? Except maybe the man of his dreams…

“You don’t understand what you do to me when you hold his hand.”

Zayn’s hand stills in Liam’s hair for a few painful seconds before it starts again, with more purpose. Scratching at his scalp and Liam would absolutely love it if it wasn’t for the fact he is pretty much in the middle of confessing his undying love for Zayn.

“I won’t see him again, Liam. What’s the point when I couldn’t help but think about someone else?”

Someone else? And when Liam thought his heart was completely broken, he felt it hurt all over again. Could Zayn ever be his or he was cursed to watched him walk away from him with other people every single time he is near to tell him how much he needs him, loves him? They are meant to be. Liam knows it, he can feel it deep down in his chest every time their eyes meet. They are meant to be and he won’t let faith twist whatever there is between Zayn and him.

Liam tries his best to sit up, to face Zayn but the world is spinning again. Everything is spinning except for Zayn, like a peaceful island in the middle of a stormy sea. He grabs Zayn’s face, holding his head between his palms and runs the pad of his thumb softly on Zayn’s cheeks. He can feel the way they are stained with blush more than he can actually see it in the darkness of the room.

“Why someone else? Can’t you see how bad I wan’ you Zaynie? That it drives me insane to see you look at anyone that isn’t me? Y’know I want to be the one who holds you when you sleep? It keeps me awake at night sometimes. That you’re in the room right next to mine and that I can’t hold you? I just want it to be you and I forever.”


Here. His name again. Spoken with such softness and love. It’s the best and worst feeling Liam ever felt. He is addicted to that voice, that accent. The way Zayn sometimes licks at his lips right after, like he is tasting Liam’s name on his tongue. Like he is enjoying it. It sounds a bit thicker this time, a bit like Zayn is fighting tears and no. No, Liam doesn’t want Zayn to cry. He is already miserable enough, he doesn’t want to make Zayn sad too.

He feels Zayn’s hands resting on top of his own, holding them in place around Zayn’s face. Liam can feel a bit of wetness on his fingertips. A bit of cold too from where Zayn’s hands are still a bit frozen from his walk back home.

“Liam. You are that someone else. All through those stupid dates, all I could think about was you. How funnier you are, cuter, just… Better! How you would have held that door for me when he closed it to my face more than once. How you would have lent me your jacket instead of complaining about me getting cold. How you genuinely listen to me when I talk. How your kisses on my cheeks feels ten times better and how warmer and softer your hands are. I should have said no to that first date. Because he is not you. That’s you I want Liam. I’m sorry I made you so sad. I never thought you were feeling the same. I’m sorry.”

Liam doesn’t remember who moved first, but their lips are against each other. It tastes of salty tears and honey sweet whiskey. It tastes like finally, like all of those pieces of his heart getting glued back together, one by one, with each kiss.

“I’m sorry I got drunk,” Liam mumbles against Zayn’s lips, not ready yet to let him go after wanting him for so long, “because I feel soooo sleepy now. But I wanna keep kissing ya.”

Zayn giggles a bit, not pulling away either, “S’okay babe. We can go to bed. You could hold me in my sleep like you said.”

“But I want to make love t’you.”

Zayn laughs fully at that, Liam loves the way it taste even better than it sounds. He feels those cheeks getting warmer again under his fingertips. Those words made Zayn blush, or maybe he is turned on by Liam but either way, it makes Liam loves him a bit more, if such thing is possible.

It’s Zayn who pulls away, standing up and holding a hand for Liam to stand up as well. He whines as soon as he can’t feel Zayn’s warmth on his own skin. It returns quickly enough because Liam isn’t quite steady on his feet, blame it on his old friend Jack. Zayn’s arm wraps around his waist quickly, fingers slipping under the thick material of Liam’s hoodie to meet skin and raise goosebumps in it’s wake.

Liam leans in for another kiss, almost missing Zayn’s mouth but happily, not his smile.

“Come on baby, let’s get you to bed.”

“Will you join me?” Liam asks, his own drunken smile feeling almost permanent on his face.

“‘’Course. I’ve been promise some sex after all.”

The last thing Liam remembers before falling face first in his bed, is the bright smile on Zayn’s face after those words and one last kiss being pressed to his mouth. Of course, said sex happens only the next day, because Liam is too drunk to do anything else then fall asleep and drool all over his pillow.  But he does it with a warm body pressed all over his own.

The next morning, after Zayn wakes Liam up with kisses down his chest, and lips around his hardening cock. After a tall glass of water and one greasy breakfast to help chase the hangover away. After lazy kisses shared in the kitchen, then in the shower and finally in bed. It happens, more than once and it’s even more mind blowing than any dreams Liam ever had.

The Tale of Ser Aveline

Once upon a time there was a poor, bitter farmer.

He lived with his wife and children, near the lands of the elves.

He was selfish, and cold, with eyes that were dark, and bones that were old.

Our story starts when his wife became pregnant, with another of their many children.

When his wife bore the child, he looked at the babe and felt disappointment.

She was too thick, and too round, her nose too crooked, and her mouth too proud.

He looked at the red-orange curls on her little head, and he thought that redheads meant bad luck.

Because he was selfish, the farmer didn’t want to care for his daughter.

Because he was cold, he did not love her.

He did not see her beauty, because his eyes were too dark.

He did not feel her promise, because his bones were too old.

And so he took her to the woods and left her there, hoping she would be no more.

When he left, she did not cry.

When the wind blew, she did not cry.

When the wolves howled at the silver moon, still she did not cry.

The farmer had hoped she would die, but he had left her near the woods of the elves.

A hunter, strong and true, was scouting the forest for food to bring back to his clan.

He happened upon our young hero, slumbering peacefully in an old fallen oak tree.

He picked her up and held her, and still she did not cry.

The hunter saw this, and was impressed.

She was thick, and round, with a crooked nose, and a mouth that was proud.

He saw her red-orange curls, and he thought they must be lucky.

He took her back to the clan, and they agreed to raise her as their own..

To them, it did not matter that she was too thick, or too round.

They liked that her nose was crooked, and they thought it was good that her mouth was proud..

Her red-orange hair was a beautiful gift, a fire to warm them on the coldest nights.

They named her Aveline, the prettiest of the human names.

As she grew she got thicker, and her muscles rounder.

Her nose stayed crooked, and her mouth curved prouder.

Her red-orange curls grew long and wavy.

She was trained n the ways of their warriors, in dueling and archery.

She learned to wield a dagger and a blade, and to hit a target from all the way across the rivers.

She learned to hunt, and fish, and gather food.

The Keeper of the clan saw how much Aveline liked her training, and she thought that she might enjoy the tournaments that the humans held.

She encouraged Aveline to participate.

Aveline had never trusted humans after she had learned that her family had left her.

She thought they must all be selfish, and cold, with eyes that stayed dark, and bones that grew old.

She did not need or want them, for she had all the family she could ever desire in her clan.

Still, she heard stories of the battles held at the tournaments, and she dreamed of the crowds and the banners, of the clash of steel and the noble knights.

She wanted, more than anything, to participate in the tournaments, but she thought she never would.

In Orlais it was forbidden for women to be knights, and only knights could enter the tournament.

Aveline was laughed at when she had tried, and she had run home to her clan, hurt because they had told her that she could not fight…

and that she was too thick, and too round, and her nose too crooked and her mouth too proud.

Even though she was hurt, still she did not cry.

Her clan  told her she was beautiful, and bade her hunt for them, so that she could feel strong and skilled, as they knew she was.

As Aveline went to hunt, the clan met together, and they decided that they would show the humans how wonderful Aveline was.

They worked together, and they worked late into the night, and after many hours they had made two gifts that would let her pursue her dreams.

When Aveline returned, they presented her with a beautiful suit of gleaming armor, with a beautiful, gleaming helm.

Aveline was moved, and knew that she could never repay them, but they insisted that they needed no thanks, only to see her smile.

She tried it on, and it fit perfectly.

She no longer felt too thick, or too round, and her helm covered her crooked nose, and her mouth that smiled so proud.

As she wore the armor, her clan presented her with the second gift: a beautiful blade, carved of ironbark.

Aveline now had everything she needed.

She thanked her clan a thousand times, and told them how much she loved them.

Then she left, to enter the tournament, and make them proud.

This time no one laughed at her, and she was able to face the other knights.

She fought many battles, and she did very well.

The crowd cheered for this mysterious knight, who wore a beautiful, gleaming suit of armor, and a beautiful, gleaming helm.

She was the happiest she had ever been, and she was nearing the finals of the tournament.

Her next opponent was Prince Freyan.

He was very tall, and very proud. His eyes shone bright green, and he was loved by the crowd.

His black-blue hair was like velvet in the sun.

He shook her hand before battle, and he was the first man that had smiled at her.

They fought, him with a steel and her with ironbark.

They were well matched, and equal blow to blow.

For a time, the crowd grew hushed as they watched, and Aveline and Freyan thought that they might end in a tie, as neither could seem to best the other.

Just when she thought she could go on no more, Aveline was given her chance.

She leaped in the air, and with a great, sweeping spin, she knocked the prince to the ground!

She leaned over him, the tip of her blade pointed at his throat.

Her red-orange hair curled out of the bottom of her beautiful, gleaming helm.

She met Freyan’s eyes, and they both smiled.

She dropped her blade, and offered him a hand up.

He took it and stood, and peered into her beautiful, gleaming helm as he rose.

“You are different than the other knights.” He told her.

Beneath her beautiful, gleaming helm, Aveline blushed.

She tucked her red-orange curls away, and shook her head, unable to speak.

The Prince, still smiling, shook her hand again.

“I hope you win.” He told her.

Prince Freyan returned to his seat, and as he went Aveline thought that he was tall, and proud.

She noticed his eyes that were bright green, and how he was loved by the crowd.”

It was time for Aveline to win her final fight.

The Knight that stepped into the ring was the Emperor’s own, and had won many fights with violence and anger.

He was rough, and loud, with angry eyes, and a wicked crown.  

Aveline was not afraid, however.

She fought the knight, and as they fought he grew angrier.

He could not push her, because she was too thick.

He could not dodge around her, because she was too round.

He didn’t like her crooked blade, and thought her armor was too proud.

As he grew tired battling Aveline, he also grew impatient.

He waited for the right moment, and when Aveline was not prepared he thrust his foot out, tripping her.

She toppled to the ground, her beautiful, gleaming armor being knocked askew…

and off flew her beautiful, gleaming helm.

The Knight, and the Prince, and all the crowd grew silent.

Her red-orange curls had spilled on the ground.

They could see that she was a woman, and that was not allowed.

The Knight was ashamed that she had almost bested him, and so he turned to the Prince.

“I demand she be disqualified. Her fight should be forfeit.” He said.

The crowd, however, had seen her fight. They had seen her skills.

They did not care that she was so thick, or so round, or that she had a crooked nose, or that her mouth was proud.

With her red-orange hair beneath her beautiful, gleaming helm, she had won over their favor, no matter where she came from.

The crowd booed the angry knight, and asked the Prince to let the match continue.

The knight’s frown was rough, his fury loud, with angry eyes turned, beneath his wicked crown.

Prince Freyan stood, holding up his hands for silence, and the crowd and the angry knight grew still.

He smiled at Aveline, and said: “The match will continue, our mystery knight may still fight!”

They looked at each other, and she thought that she liked that he was tall, and proud, and that his eyes were bright green, and that he had listened to the crowd.

The Angry knight was not so pleased, however.

His curse was rough, his footsteps loud, his eyes dark and angry, beneath his wicked crown.

He took up his blade, and lifted it high, and he struck down Aveline before she could rise.

“NO!” The Prince cried, and he leaped from the stands.

He ran to her side, and held her in his arms.

Her wound was too deep, and too long. With her blood on the floor, where it didn’t belong.

“Thank you,” she told him. “I’m sorry that I was a woman.”

The Prince smiled down at her, with tears in his eyes.

“You’re perfect,” he told her. “For what you are, never apologize.”

She smiled, and he thought he had never seen anything stronger.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Aveline.” She told him, and then her eyes fluttered closed.

To her last, she had not cried.

Aveline died in his arms, and he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

He thought that she was beautiful.

She was thick, and round, with a cute crooked nose, and a mouth very proud.

Her red-orange hair shined in the sun, and he thought that it must have been lucky for those that had known her longer.

The prince was sad, and angry, and he stood and turned to the knight.

He drew his blade and slew him where he stood.

He turned to the crowd, and said: “I hereby declare Aveline the winner of the tournament, and the greatest Knight today.”

They cheered, as they wept, for they had loved her too.

The prince returned home, and he mourned for her loss.

He declared the next day that any woman who wanted to should be allowed to become a knight, and enter any tournament that they wished.

He hung her beautiful, gleaming armor with its beautiful, gleaming helm in his palace, with her ironbark blade beside it.

And that is the tale of Ser Aveline, the redheaded knight who was too thick, and too round, and had a crooked nose, and a mouth that was too proud.

  • Someone:Are you ok?
  • Me internally:McGucket put his prized banjo collection inside the Gideon Bot and they were all likely destroyed. This poor man's brain is slowly rotting away and his son is embarrassed and ashamed of him and he has close to nothing to his name. The poor little guy lost everything. And probably all he had left that he could count on was his banjos and now they are destroyed because he was forced into basically being a slave for a selfish, deranged baby. He never asked for this. He was just a nerd who came to a strange town to try to help his friend. He didnt want this. He doesnt deserve this.
  • Me externally:I'm fine

Intense scenes like this were what made s3 great for them. Killian got to Emma in the scene. Emma was irritated with the conversation. She was angry when Killian said he was glad to hear that she got her heart broken. She thought he was just being selfish because she was now single again. But really he was glad to hear her heart worked. He reminded her that her heart worked. Basically saying that as long as it worked, her heart was good enough for him. With the look on her face, I don’t think she expected him to say that. To be deep in her emotions. Look at how they are yearning at each other. They are looking deep in each other’s eyes. They are both getting an understanding of the moment. Then we have Killian putting his emotions out there. It’s always risky for him to say things that make her emotional because in cases like this, it could cause her to close up out of fear. Whenever things got to serious for Emma or intense for her back then, she would walk away. She did it in 3.02 and she did it again in this scene. She walked away because if she said something back she would have to reveal herself which is hard for her to do (Killian said that from the beginning). Killian showed respect here. He backed off and didn’t confront it again in this episode. He knows her which is why he understood her walking away. 

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Bria lied. I supported her and Freddie and she lied. I saw brianajungwirthnose and how could she have all that face work done while pregnant?? Or did she have it right after Freddie was born when she shoulda been breastfeeding and holding him? Now he has a messed up head shape because she was too full of herself to take care of Freddie right. Too busy shitting from that tea? Fuck Briana. Danielle would be a better mom.

Are you fucking serious? Don’t blame Briana because Freddie has cranial asymmetry. A LOT of babies have that, my own cousin had that and his mom did absolutely NOTHING to cause it. Not breast feeding a child does NOT cause that. So you’re telling me that the entire 5 months that Freddie has been alive Briana has never held him? That’s funny because there’s pictures of her holding him even he was a newborn. So Briana is selfish because she didn’t breast feed him? My sister doesn’t breast feed her twins, is she selfish? No. Some moms just can’t breast feed for a lot of reasons. No doctor is going to give a women a nose job while pregnant so she didn’t get one while pregnant. And even IF she got one after she was pregnant it would NOT have caused Freddie to have Cranial Asymmetry. And how did Briana lie? Briana NEVER said “I did not get a nose job”. And why would it matter if she did? It’s HER body, she can do whatever she wants to it. You think that because Danielle sees Freddie every once in a while that she’s capable of being a better mom to Freddie than Briana who has taken care of him the majority of the time that he’s been alive? Lol. And without Briana Freddie wouldn’t even exist. Pull your head out of your ass.

Paulie’s Game is on point

I know we get upset with Paulie at times for the emotional rollercoaster he puts us through. Many fans get mad at him because he  comes off as a cocky, selfish, jerk who opens his mouth too much, and we can’t always tell if he truly cares about Zakiyah. And he often is a cocky, selfish jerk who talks too much and often says the wrong things. BUT I still think he genuinely cares and likes Zakiyah.

My point is, no matter how he grates us and makes us question him, whatever crazy strategy he has, it seems to be working. EVERYBODY trust him, even though he seems to be the mastermind behind a lot of it.

Paraphrasing tonight’s conversations

Frank: Oh I can trust Paulie

Nicole: Paulie has my back!

Corey: most definetly

Paul: Paulie is one of the main people in this house that I trust

Victor: thinking he is really part of the in group

Me screaming & laughing at the feed: Paulie talked about putting almost all of you on the block multiple times!!!!!!! ( Maybe not Paul and Corey) How is it that you all don’t see him as a threat?! This is absolutely hilarious. Him and Zakiyah just flying under the radar. No wonder why P and Z sitting around looking like they are the king and queen of the castle. I want to see how far they can go before people start to become suspicious. I’m just having a blast watching all of this.

Da- Is probably the only one who doesn’t trust him, which is why he wants her gone soon. (But I like Da, so I hope they can come to an understanding because I dont want them fighting and I don’t want to see Z caught in the middle.

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I am a huge fan of HxH and Kurapika is my favourite character, yet I see so much people hating him. But why though, why do people not like Kurapika?

I think a lot of people consider him to be selfish because he doesn’t stay in touch with his friends or visit them. Many feel like he abandoned everyone to accomplish his goals and doesn’t care about the other characters. I don’t feel the same way personally, but I can see their point.

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bran has every reason to feel bitter and angry and selfish and mean because he's been isolated from the world for so long and lost almost everyone he's ever cared about and had all of his childhood dreams viciously ripped away from him but after all that he's still a good kind selfless person who loves his friends and his family and he is so underappreciated and people blame him for everything because he's just a kid who's dealing with so much shit. protect bran sympathize with bran


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Interesting you brought up Maul's Humanity and possible redemption. It seems like Filoni and the team keep dropping some rather peculiar tidbits on Maul's character so far. Much of it boiling down to him having the capacity for good as he looks for a meaning in life, but because he's so selfish he's not likely to become a good guy. I'm taking it that they mean Maul will never be good and at best he could become some selfish unpredictable anti hero type? Either way I'm excited since I love what -

I could see him as an unpredictable anti hero type, who’s looking for a meaning in life. 

Episode 9X18: The One with the Lottery

The One Where Ross…

*is disdainful of his friends pooling their money for lottery tickets, because he does not possess the ability to hope and scorns others who do

*continues to mock his friends, when they’re just having fun and trying to win money

*calls Rachel “Mommy” even when Emma isn’t around, then gets upset by Phoebe calling him “Daddy,” then turns around and tries to talk dirty to her, then blames her for “ruining” that for him

*then, after mocking his friends, gets super possessive over the tickets that Monica kindly offers him, just because he’s a selfish asshole who is incapable of sharing

*is dismissive of Rachel thinking Emma said her first word, then showcases the exact same kind of delusion by choosing to believe that Emma’s word means she’s going to be a scientist

*was going to demand his fifty cents, even though he didn’t actually pay for any of the lottery tickets 

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The thing about Finn to me is that he's a talk the talk, but can't walk the walk, sort of guy. He WANTED to be good the way Wells was good, but instead he actually spent his time judging the people around him and fucking over the people he supposedly loved. Finn hurt both Clarke & Raven by lying so that he could benefit (selfish motives). Wells "hurt" Clarke by lying because he thought her hating him was better than her hating her mother (unselfish motives).

agree 100%

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I was thinking about G!Bucky today & it got me thinking, did he grow up poor? Is that why he's so in love/selfish with money, because he never had it growing up? Or did he actually grow up rich af & his childhood just revolved around that so he got used to it?

okay sooo,

i think this is up to you. i want to leave some but not all of his backstory up to you. i’d like to say that he’s cannon a narcissist and very much insecure. although this hasn’t yet been introduced, he’s sad. incredibly sad. i want to construct part of that backstory, but it’s also for you to decide as well, whether or not you want him to grow up in a poor environment is optional. in my world, G!Bucky has lived in many homes and many cities. this Bucky doesn’t follow comics or necessarily the movies. it’s more so just his name, face, and surroundings that i’m taking and manipulating into a new story. so now back to what i was saying, G!Bucky in my personal headcannon, has probably experienced a lot of hard shit himself that has created him into such a person that craves constant attention and money at his side, if that makes sense? he probably had instances in his childhood where he was well off, and where he had no money. all in all, G!Bucky craves something to fill a gap within himself, and whether that be money, sex, women, murder or gambling, he clings to it like it’s the only thing keeping him alive, because in a sense it is. 

that’s just my spiel on the matter! so it depends, you can make whatever backstory for this question that you want, i might be covering this in the series, i might not. hope this answers your question, have a good day!