not because he is selfish

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I of course respect the modern au, and there are plenty of good ones for Kainora, but I just think it's super important to Kai as a character that he practically went on a suicide mission for the Air Nomads, and for Jinora especially. There's a wrenching character arc here somewhere about who's only selfish because he feels so abandoned because he's so mistrustful and even grief in that but hides that under a smile, and there's something genuinely but subtly spiritual that's happening here.

Everything about Kai is amazing. He had so much potential for rich character development. Personally, I love how all his survival instincts morphed into selfless willpower. The prison stuff, the air bison, freakin P’Li, and the book 4 stuff. He did all of that without hesitating. He’s such a confident and fearless character. Like, I worship him.

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Kishi hates Sasuke and Sakura he did a great effort making them hated chars, sasuke got off the boat for most fans because majority of them is shallow and still call him a bad guy but excuse him because he's hot, (they don't see his true reasons). Sakura was created as the annoying kind of woman everyone wants to punch in the face because she's insensitive, selfish and arrogant. i keep wondering where he got that inspiration from probably some hated ex lol

Actually Kishimoto was used to say that he liked Sasuke because he was a pure character. But … after this ending I think that those words were a lie too.
If you love a character don’t let him being so pathetic and useless in the end. You don’t take off all his dignity and pride :/ 

But at least he admitted that Sakura’s love was selfish. And she basically ended with Sasuke because she needed a rewards (for being an useless pathetic selfish fodder? who knows :/ )

about the fandom … unluckily you are right about Sasuke: a lot of people still think at him as a bad guy who deserved a punishment for his action. Especially people who ship SS BUT NOT ONLY .. since I’ve seen many people complaing that Sasuke is “legend” even if he’s “a criminal” and Sakura is not … 

And I admit I feel a bit sad everytime I read “he’s a criminal”, “he deserved punishment” because … damn ..! He was already punished! What worse could happen to him? He was transformed in a pretty doll with no feelings, a pretty toy for fapping needs :/ His own story doesn’t count anything anymore, his goals were forgotton, his personality changed.
I think he was already punished ENOUGH.
and the worst thing is … that he didn’t deserve any kind of punishment because he didn’t do anything wrong :/
I wished more people would realize it …

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People were saying Shawn was selfish because he was too tired after meeting 200+ fans and there were 20+ outside. They called him selfish and he said "Please don't say that it's really hurtful". Like tf?!

oh my god i get tired and cranky after meeting 2 people i cant imagine having to meet and take pictures with 200 people tf

just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s


it’s not about me.


"I could be your family."


Lydia Martin + Character Traits.

okay but consider this: which person in your otp eats the food just so the other person cant have any


sam winchester meme: favorite scenes [1]


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 38


I traveled with a boy a long time ago. No. Not a boy. A man. A wise man, brave man, so human, so full of heart. Maybe the greatest man I knew. The Last Centurion, they called him, and he was. The last. The one, and only. He told me once, and these words burn on the surface of my hearts with so much shame and so much guilt: “You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you’re around.”

He saw into me, right from the very start, he saw my ugly soul, my vanity, my greed and selfishness. And yet he joined me, following the woman he loved, but also seduced by the adventures. Oh, I was delighted. He was wise and moral and beautiful and I selfishly lured him some more, because his admiration was flattering and addictive. A wiseman, a hero, the purest heart, willing to offer his life for me, how could I resist?

And then the words he once told me turned against him too.

I watched him love, make choices and sacrifice so much. I watched him fight, make a stand and die over and over again. Because he believed in me. Because he let my allure made him think of me as someone worth all the trust, devotion and losses.

And in the end I watched him scatter into nothingness. A boy, no, a man, who once saw into me and did not look away. A hero to my human side, a champion to my weak side, a doctor to my broken side. Who saved me on so many ways, mostly from myself, as he guided me, sheltered me and showed me what a true man who makes people better should be made of.




Damon in s5 Appreciation Week

Day 1: best character moment

There are at least two reasons why this moment is so important and why I chose it.

Firstly, let’s remember this: after Damon escaped, his switch was off for 52 years. During all this time, he never used this against him. He could blame Stefan, tell him he was a terrible brother, but no. Even with no emotions, Damon looked out for his brother.

Secondly, look at Elena’s reaction - and ours, too. This moment changes so much because we start wondering - what else did he go through? What other things about Damon are there that no one knows? What parts of his story does he hide just because he believes nobody cares or needs to know? Nobody knows everything about Damon.


Here is the truth - actual heroism receives no ovation, entertains no one. No one queues up to see it. No one is interested.” - David Foster WallaceThe Pale King