not because he is selfish

Imagine Emma yelling at Mark after Jules gets hurt trying to help him in his stupid attempts, and she tells him that she wishes he hadn’t come back because he’s gonna get everyone he loves killed by being so selfish about missions and trying to fix his own problems. And he turns and asks her if she’s sure that she’s not talking about herself. Because last time he checked Jules’ life was hanging in the balance of everything she did. 

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Why do I feel like Louis was carrying A Clockwork Orange? I feel like he'd really enjoy it. Ahhh, I love the idea of him turning into a bookworm and asking all his friends for recommendations because lord knows he didn't read at school but he can do it now because he isn't being forced to and he can read books that actually interest him!!!

okay so I’ve never read a clockwork orange, but I am SO HERE for bookworm louis okay and I would like to suggest some books for him to read that are sHAMELESSLY JUST BECAUSE OF MY OWN SELFISH DESIRES

  • house of leaves (because he would be truly baffled by the weird pages and then refusing to go back to his own room when everyone else is going to sleep because OF COURSE I’M NOT SCARED LIAM I COULD GO BACK TO MY ROOM IF A LIKE I JUST THINK THAT HALLWAY LOOKS A LITTLE DODGY ALL RIGHT YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT MIGHT CHANGE ON YOU)
  • mistborn (because he would think the magic is wicked and fling things into harry’s hair from across the room and pretend he was doing it with allomancy)
  • stormlight archives (because I’m sanderson trash and louis would LOVE THE SHIT out of kaladin okay like WOW WOW WOW he would be all over kaladin and also he would use these gigantic bricks of books to hit his bandmates with whenever he’s bored)
  • slaughterhouse-five (tbh because ‘so it goes’ is very similar to ‘it is what it is’ and I’m having emotions about it)
  • the book thief (because I am shameless and selfish and also because rudy and liesel would make him laugh and then he would cry because no one can read that book without crying)
  • his dark materials (because DAEMONS OKAY I want louis to know about daemons and wonder what kind of daemon he would have and because he would love lyra a lot)
  • city of thieves (because all the humour in it would make him laugh and he would probably get suuuuuupeerrrrrrr indignant at the ending)


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Pretty sure I've already messaged you about this but Vriska represents how NOT to handle a character. She's had too many redemptions, too many relationships, no REAL faults that LAST in the comic - her creation of Bec Noir that ruined two sessions, got one person and two others (indirectly) killed, in order to be a HERO got dropped after about two seconds. The second she dies, Bec Noir and her fuckup is entirely irrelevant. Her abuse of Tavros? Not lasting impact on her. Her repentance?

(cont.) being selfish - she brings back ARquius because he amuses her, and he’s relevant for the time. She brings back Tavros to less HER guilt, not give him another chance. Vriska’s actions exist in this void where they have no meaningful interactions in the comic outside of her character - the fact many people would HATE her if she was an actual person, because she pisses people off for fun and cares about few people is bad enough, but when it exists entirely isolated from what people think of her and what actually happens, it’s awful. She’s the cookie cutter version of an overdone character that gets inordinate amounts of love from the fandom. She COULD have been more interesting but she was handled like someone with shit for fingers.

I don’t think she’s a bad character, because she is interesting and shown as bad when she is bad and shown as being more than that in SOMe of her feelings. I think that she’s a good character but she’s being put in to too many spots that are not beneficial to her character arc, in my opinion. I agree with you that none of the things that she does ever last as things that stack up against her, and I think that’s good writing for a particular TYPE of character who is not meant to be redeemed or seen as a good person. She s a character capable of being put into the ‘bad to good’ role but the way it’s done in the actual comic never makes any sense to me because she’s yet to have to actually face any of the not good things she has done, and actually be effected by them, so I agree. she talks about feeling bad for Tavros but it didn’t stop her from doing it to him again after death, so it proves to be something that doesn’t last. Same things go for what she does to Terezi and Aradia, based on conversation following their injuries or deaths.

Being an antagonistic character, her personality is pretty well written down, but the fact that even from a viewers pov there’s never anything that seems to change her for the better (or worse, even) for a lasting period of time, or makes her think about her actons enough to ACTUALLY change them, it doesn’t really make too much sense that she’s being put into the hero mode (and it COULD because she’s admitted to that being an ego boost once before, and being a lie, but it makes little sense to have people who know what she’s like to suddenly trust her to be reformed with no proof or real reason that is known in THEIR pov)

this could be how jack is actually feeling right now and we wouldn’t know a thing because no one really seems to care

and yet he’s the selfish one

((sorry for the shitty drawing but this was the best i could do with what i had))

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Nathan is a joke. If he care about the show he would not sign without Stana. That is very selfish.

So, you know, I usually respond to things with sarcasm and, for the especially crazy a whiff of condescension but its pretty rare I’m just openly rude. That’s about to change because Anon, you and your little like minded trolls are the absolute worst. 

I don’t know if its because you are young, or uninformed. I don’t know if its because you choose to be ignorant, or know the facts and just choose not to accept them. I don’t actually care because, frankly, if you’re gonna stand around and condem the guy who essentially green lit the future of the series with his name on a contract then I’m just assuming that you’re an idiot who doesn’t have a clue about how the real world works. 

Nathan Fillion is NOT selfish. Just because he doesn’t spend his days waxing poetic about Stana Katic, or go on and on and on about Castle like he does for Firefly does NOT mean he hates the show, or Stana. He cannot help it that the studio gave him a contract that he agreed with before Stana was presented hers, and its beyond his control when that sort of thing is announced. 

I’ll give you a very hard reality check: Without Nathan Fillion agreeing to sign on for Castle there’d be no opportunity for Stana Katic to negotiate her contract at all. The show would be over. Some of you are under some illusion that he and Stana owe you to sign a contract and continue providing you entertainment. Screw that, they owe you nothing, and are well within their rights to walk away. If you were ready to move on from your job, a couple million people wouldn’t berate you on twitter for deciding you want to try a new opportunity and yet theres this stupid mentality in the world that “because he’s a celebrity” that he asked for it. 

No celebrity asks for that kind of derogatory treatment, and just because they are famous you don’t have the right to behave like an ass and degrade the guy for existing and having passions in life that don’t align with yours. Do you sit around and scream at your friends when they don’t automatically love everything you love? Do you call them selfish when they get an opportunity before you do? 

This nonsense going around about how Stana Katic is holding out for equal pay and that Nathan is horrible for not backing her up? Hearsay. There is ZERO indication that equal pay is the issue. Just because Stana Katic has discussed the issue (when prompted by a reporter, she didn’t stroll up screaming EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN) twice doesn’t mean its the problem. No one knows the issue, and you certainly don’t know what, if anything, Nathan Fillion has said or thinks about it.

 I know in that little bubble where Stana is a perfect princess who does no wrong and people always give her what she wants that it might seem unfathomable that she’s simply ready to move on and in order to make Stana the horrible victim you have to make Nathan a villain, but the stark reality is that Nathan Fillion assured that Castle is getting a season eight. Instead of bitching about his selfish, egotistical ass he is you should be tweeting him thank you for wanting to continue the journey. 

But, you know, logic is very hard for some of you. So I’m asking a lot, I know.  

He would move on. Because he would not be like the ancient kings in the song and keep her for himself. She deserved a loyal, brave knight who saw her for what she was and did not fear her. And he deserved someone who would look at him like that, even if the love wouldn’t be the same, even if the girl wouldn’t be her.
So Dorian closed his eyes, and took another long breath. And when he opened his eyes, he let her go.
—  Crown of Midnight

#look at how far they have come #from him not feeling like he can tell her how he feels because he thought she deserved better #to him pouring his heart out because he knows there is nobody better for either of them than each other #now he knows he’s being selfish but he still tells her anyway because he loves her too much to willingly let her go anymore #i can’t do this

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Terrible headcanon for what seishirou says to subaru: 'I wanted to love you.' Because the whole point of TB was that he couldn't actually love subaru back since he's the embodiment of selfishness, but he did really try (I believe). Ugghh this book destroys me whyyyy



Some people are mad at T.O.P for not mentioning Nepal in any of his Instagram posts that they started to unfollow him, but before that proceeded to mention this shit in his comments. Of his dog. Who mind you, is so, so sick right now. Because how dare he selfish? HE LITERALLY BROKE HIS OWN CODE AND GOT INSTAGRAM FOR US. FOR US! He’s already in mourning and this is what you people choose to do? Wow, I’m so infuriated. Seriously, the day he got Instagram and started posting things that he liked or personal pictures of himself, I almost cried. We’re getting to see this side of him we’ve never seen before and your pathetic asses are tainting it like this. He wanted to share his loss with us specifically, and you mocked him. Good fucking on you. You think he doesn’t notice this shit? You think he doesn’t read the comments? Think the fuck again. He notices the trends. I also bet the reason he deleted all of the pictures he took during dinner with CL is because you jealous fuck trucks couldn’t keep your fucking mouth shut and just kept it moving… I admire T.O.P more than you will ever know, but I’m waiting for the moment he stops posting, goes private just like GD, or completely deletes his Instagram. I promise you, it’s going to be half you “fans” practically begging on your knees for him to come back. Fuck the entire hell off.

Submit: Benedict's Charming Personality IS An Act...

Yeah, you heard me.

I’m someone who has defended Benedict for so damn long and I’m just sick and tired of doing it anymore! So here I am, chiming in and saying that the public persona Benedict has given us for the past few years up until November 5th cannot possibly be his real self.

Okay, enough of that. I’m only half-joking here.

I think all the faces of Benedict that we’ve seen in public have been only part of his real self. As someone said once, he is in fact part dork, part charming unicorn prince, and part pretentious asshole. He is a people pleaser, but he also can be quite ambitious and selfish. He’s a complicated man. Why? Because he’s human.

But is the real Benedict as charming as people are led to believe? To that, I say no.

Not because he’s a dick- though he does have some dickish tendencies like we all do. I also don’t think the real Benedict is boring either, like some people have said. With the experiences he had in life (what was it, 3 near death experiences?) I don’t think someone could be all that boring.

No. There is in fact a part of Benedict that he is ashamed of showing, but it creeps up at times nonetheless. Some people have embraced it and call it a part of him being “dorkybatch” but I can understand why he would want to hide it.

You see, the real Benedict Cumberbatch can be painfully awkward.

Let me give you an example: I first came to know about Benedict in January 2012, but I didn’t actually “fall in love” with him until I saw the livestream of the PBS Q&A around spring of that year. There were several times during that event where that version of Benedict came out to play. And quite frankly? Those parts were the ones that did it for me, because they reminded me so much of myself.


TMI without even realizing it.

Also, there was one part where a fan asked him if there was any character he woud like to have tea with. Benedict rambles on about how he’s had tea with Stephen Hawking already, so he can’t answer with that. All of the sudden the audience starts screaming “Martin Crieff” (from Cabin Pressure) and he mistakes what they’re saying as “Martin Freeman”. So he goes “I don’t PLAY Martin Freeman! And I definitely know him well enough to have a cup of tea with him.“ But the audience keeps on shouting because he just didn’t get it, and he stares at them blankly for a good minute until Rebecca Eaton finally stops to tell him what they are saying. This is on youtube, if anyone wants to see for themselves.

This is also the part of him which Simon Pegg and Alice Eve jokingly described here:

“The Benedict that everyone knows and sees is a little different than the Benedict we know… He’s very ungainly.”

Yes, the part about keeping him to let him play with a toy while they go out is an exaggeration but I definitely believe there’s truth to Simon’s claims. Also notice how Alice Eve was a little surprised that all the girls were giving Benedict the attention and not so much Chris Pine. This is because the Benedict they know is sort of awkward and unassuming at times.

Sometimes not taking direction on how to do simple tasks like where to stand well.

Or stepping on co-stars dresses.

I also think what Simon Pegg said is (partially) true because Mark Gatiss has hinted on something similar in a PBS interview:

“He’s very different. Sometimes we get so used to seeing him on the set and watching the rushes and then in real life he’s much less sure of himself, much less certain of how he interacts with people and the rest with the world. It must be quite liberating to put the coat on and the hair dye.”

So. Benedict’s charming persona? It is, in a way, an act.

Otherwise he does stuff like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

Some people might find this awkwardness endearing because they can relate to it, but I’m sure he finds it incredibly embarrassing and tries to prevent himself from doing these things at all costs.

And since Ballsy said that videos of him before he was really famous will show what might be the closest to how he is in real life… My favorites are this one of him with Tom Hardy during an interview of Stewart: A Life Backwards (where he spends the entire time playing with some type of clip and a crack in the picnic table- it’s sort of mesmerizing to watch his hands) and this one where he’s like an excited little puppy at the Starter for 10 premiere and gets into a conversation with the interviewer about wanting free shoes.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

Ballsy:  Actually it was the interview with Tom for Stewart ALB that I was thinking of, and some bits from Last Enemy as well.  He’s very unsure of himself and awkward in them.  That kind of awkwardness is part of the charm that suckers folk in and also the reason he gets Nannied - the “aw shucks” little boy thing makes them all want to take care of him.   There was also someone in theatre who posted on DL that he was extremely awkward.  And we all know how he brain farts.

Can we stop mistaking cowardice for malice in fictional characters? Sometimes people just get scared. What they do when they’re scared might not be justifiable or right, I’m not saying it is, but not everyone is born a hero whose entirely willing to sacrifice their whole life to save the world. It’s not that they want everyone else to die either, but it’s really not cool to call someone evil just because they’re not brave. Just food for thought.

4123) My best friend recently found out than I'm trans* and told me that I can't be because he likes me (which is super selfish btw). He also told me he would never consider me a man unless I got a dick. And at that moment, I lost hope in the one person who I thought I could trust.

Time for some meta that’s actually just thinly veiled feelings about Eddie in this episode:

Eddie wasn’t angry at Tom because Kristen was in love with Tom and not Eddie. No, Eddie was angry because Tom was hurting her. He didn’t make it about his unrequited feelings, he made it clear that he was absolutely incensed that Tom was abusing Kristen, and he just couldn’t let that happen.

Obviously, murder is wrong, but I don’t think Eddie necessarily went into the situation thinking he’d kill Tom. I think he had a knife in case things got bad, but the way he reacted after Tom was dead seemed to me that he was absolutely shocked by what he just did.

Edward Nygma is going to become someone dark and messed up, but his first murder wasn’t out of selfishness or arrogance. 

It was because he was trying to defend for someone he cares deeply for. 

So Damon hid the cure from Elena because he’s own selfishness and when Elena found out this she asked him why and he said because i love you and I’m selfish etc. and he offered her the idea of being human together ? And she just accepted ? GIRL HE HID SOMETHING YOU WANT A LOT FROM YOU BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU ? AT LEAST YOU COULD BE ANGRY ABOUT IT BUT NO YOU LOVE HIM UNCONDITIONALLY HE CAN TAKE AWAY FROM YOU EVERY CHOICE YOU HAVE RIGHT ? THIS COUPLE IS A JOKE.


This is taken from Daniel Smith, The Sherlock Holmes Companion, 2014.  It says that House was kind of a modern precedent for Sherlock, but I was just rewatching Queer as Folk, and I thought about Stuart and Vince as a kind of Sherlock/Watson pairing. Their relationship is complicated and not consumed to the very end, but they are obviously in love, they are best friends who complete each other. Stuart is mesmerising despite (or because) he is very rude and selfish, he simply does what we all would wish to do, he simply dares without caring (kind of sociopathic), while Vince is “us", the normal awkward person who acts within the boundaries of socially acceptable behaviour. I will give this more thought…

My boyfriend left me last night. He said he’s gay and when I got upset he called me selfish and said fuck me because I was upset that he didn’t tell me and let me get emotionally attached to him and he hurt me. He said he knew he was probably gay for a long time, i cried all day today I only had one class that I didn’t cry in and even then I cried in the bathroom when I left to use it.