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Your Time - Yuzuru Hanyu

The importance of context!
I had previously translated the first bits of this interview that came out yesterday, and sorely wanted to see a less butchered version. Thankfully, sometimes Japanese TV does come through XD (still cut though)

Isn’t the term “expressiveness” something that’s fundamentally difficult to put into words? If you tried it’d be something like “that pose was pretty” and that’s part of “expressiveness” too.

Taking it to the extreme, what comes to mind is “why not just talk to them?”. Why not just face the judges and talk to them - that in it’s own way is also “expressiveness” isn’t it?

Full translation under the cut

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“After Woody (Free) goes missing working on secret, alien research, scientist Maggie Wittington (Bloom) must recruit the former members of Lazer Team to join her in rescuing their lost friend. It’s up to Maggie to bring the Lazer Team back together and rescue Woody.”

I’m super behind on the podcast - has this been officially announced anywhere else?