not badd


Badd: This your sister, buddy?
Young Edgeworth: …Problem?
Badd: She cost $46 worth of property damage.
Young Edgeworth: What did she do?
Badd: She beat the stuffing out of this “Tickel Me Elmo” doll.
Young Edgeworth: You got into a fight with a toy?!
Young Franziska: It was LAUGHING at me!

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this is the final draft of this chart. the discourse is over


Johnny B Badd is an obvious parody of the song Johnny B Goode which was originally written and recorded by Chuck Berry and then later covered by Elvis Presley– Which i’m assuming the disguise is based after because of the iconic white jumpsuit Bill Belew designed for Elvis after he split his pants on stage. 

Another thing I could point out about how obvious the disguise reference isn’t the hair, but how Bill said that no other man could pull off the high collar except Elvis because he was so good looking.

… I guess Robbie is an exception.

6 Ways to Improve Your Study Habits That Are Backed by Science

Study in the same format that your test will be.

The research: In a study done by Morris & Coworkers, participants’ retrieval performance, which was a rhyming task, depended on whether or not their encoding task was that of processing for meaning or for rhyming.  In other words, participants who had an encoding task that required processing for rhyming had a better retrieval performance than did participants who had an encoding task that required processing for meaning. This is known as transfer-appropriate processing.

How it applies to your studying: If you know your exam is going to be exclusively short answers, then study by answering short answers and not by completing practice multiple choice tests. If you know a set of terms will be tested in a matching format, then create a study guide that involves you having to match terms to definitions or examples.

Match the context.

The research: Godden and Baddely really worked hard to prove their point about encoding specificity.  They had half of their participants study, or encode, underwater while diving and half study on land.  Recall for all participants was underwater and those from the diving condition had a higher recall than those who studied in land.

How it applies to your studying: Study in the same room that your exam will be in.  If your exam is in the same room as your class, it’s even more beneficial.

Match your internal state.

The research: Eich and Metcalfe measured the impact of state-dependent learning by having subjects listen to happy or sad music and think thoughts that matched the mood of the music.  They rated their mood and once it reached “very pleasant” or “very unpleasant”, the encoding aspect of the study began and they studied lists of words.  The participants returned two days later, followed the same procedure to put them in happy or sad moods, and were then given a memory test.  Those whose mood at retrieval matched their mood at encoding had higher rates of recall. 

How it applies to your studying: Try to match your moods when studying with your mood during your exam.  This does not mean stress yourself out at all times, but if you’re relaxed and content when studying and during the exam, that is better than being sad while studying but content during the exam. 

Relate the material to yourself.

The research: Rogers and coworkers presented participants with a question for 3 seconds and then a word who then had to answer if the word answered the question or not.  Questions included “Printed in small case? Rhymes with happy? Means the same as happy? Describes you?”  During recall tests, subjects remembered 25% more words that they had rated as describing themselves, as compared to only 5% recall for size, 8% for rhyme, and 14% for meaning. This is known as the self-reference effect.

How it applies to your studying: Try to find things in your material to remind them of you.  For instance, I had an exam on the endocrine system recently and my dog has an endocrine disorder so I related the flow of hormones to my dog. By writing this article, I’m relating long term memory to myself in preparation for my Cognition exam. 

Use visual images.

The research: Bower and Winzenz used paired-associate learning (a list of word pairs is presented) and later presented only the first word.  Participants were tasked with recalling the word it was paired with.  One group was instructed to silently repeat the pairs while the other group was told to make a mental image of the word pairs interacting.  Subjects who created visual mental images remembered twice as many word pairs than those who silently repeated words.

How it applies to your studying: Assign different concepts to different things in the room.  This works whether you are studying in the exam room or if you’re studying in your dorm.  If I were doing this for my bio exam, I’d “hang up” the idea of the systemic and pulmonary circuits of the heart in my closet, put the idea of homeotherms and poikilotherms on my key hook, and microwave the concept of action potentials, etc.


The research: Muller and Pilzecker had two groups of participants; one group learned one list of words and immediately learned a second list while the other group learned one list of words, waited six minutes, and then learned the second list.  When asked to recall the first list of words, the six minute delay group were able to recall 48% more than the immediate group.  By having a delay, it allowed for the formation of a stable memory of the first list, otherwise known as consolidation.

How it applies to your studying: Study in chunks of time.  Don’t stay up all night studying! Not only is it bad for your health, but it also disrupts the consolidation of memories.  Instead, study for smaller amounts of time and take short breaks.  Take a 15 minute walk, stretch, read a book, watch a Youtube video, etc.  But don’t study all in one shot.  A 48% increase in recall could do wonders for your grade!

R.I.P. my drawing hand

As I’ve been finishing up MEI, Badd has become one of my favorite characters in the game. Of course, this meant I needed to draw him.

I was going to add a bit more shading (on the ground and leg mainly), but it never looked good and tbh he looks superb already

Sketch+linework here

Valentine Drabbles: OPM

I’m gonna post some of my fav pairs tonight as a Happy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful folks. First up is One Punch Man. 


Saitama x Genos

When Genos returned home, the apartment was fragrant with herbs, spices and the scent of cooking meat. There had been a little bit of concern that his S-class hero duties would keep him from spending Valentine’s Day with his Sensei, but evidently the monster was eliminated before he had had to handle it.

“Oi, Genos!” Saitama called from the kitchen. “That was quick.”

“Yes, it took more time for me to check in and out at the Hero Association HQ than to address the threat.” Genos glanced around the kitchen, which appeared to be in a bit of…disorder. When he saw Saitama’s uniform hanging up in the bathroom, he asked, “Sensei, did you confront a creature today?”

“Oh, yeah, on the way to the grocery store. Big one, too.”

“…And…what are you cooking for dinner, Sensei?”

Saitama looked up from stirring the large pot of diced vegetables and meat. “Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought…heart?”

Genos didn’t really have a stomach as such that could turn, but he did make a face. “…was it…a discount, Sensei?”

Saitama didn’t answer.


“Come on! It would have just gone to waste!”

Resolutely, Genos walked over and turned off the burner. “I will be taking us out to eat.”


Metal Bat x Garou

“Here we go, and…hold hands. On. A chair. Dammit.”

“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Give it to me, Badd. Give me that big manly hand.”

“A’right, a’right, maybe this wasn’t a great idea.”

Badd tossed the sex dice into the drawer and fell backwards on the bed. Nothing was working. Remnants of the feather tickler were strewn all over the bedroom floor (lesson learned: Garou’s sensitivity made him decidedly against being touched too softly). A wooden sex chair was broken in the corner (thank gods that Badd didn’t get more than two or three splinters, and nowhere sensitive). And the trashy magazine that had given Badd these ideas was thrown across the room.

“I give up,” Badd huffed. “There’s just…nothin’ new for us. Sorry, babe.”

“I’m so disappointed,” the Human Monster said, deadpan, even as he slid behind Badd, pulling him back so he was sitting between his legs. “Guess I should just pack my bags and go find the next hero on my list to get off on.”

“Liar.” Badd gave him a chuck under the chin. “You know yer shit would only fit in one bag.”

“Point.” Garou nosed at the top of his hair. “Let’s watch a movie.”

“Somethin’ funny.”

“Deadpool, then.”

As Garou turned it on, Badd grabbed his pillow and one of the blankets and curled up on his side. Garou pressed himself against his back, hand rubbing his belly as he spooned him. Badd sighed, contentedly, and they had barely gotten a few minutes into the film before he had rolled over and Garou was leaning over him into a long, leisurely kiss.

“I don’t care what we’re doing,” Garou finally said when he had only pulled back long enough to catch his breath. “I’m not getting tired of you.”

Badd gave his neck an affectionate rub. “Okay.”

“Besides, I’m the one who’s really boring. You’re a hero the rest of the time. I just hang out and eat your food.”

Badd laughed. “Ya also get shit off the top shelves so I don’t gotta use the step ladder.”


“I’m playin.’ You’re…the best.” His thumbs moved to stroke Garou’s eyebrows, his other fingers lingering at his temples and cheeks. “I like watchin’ ya do stuff around the house. You’re like…an animal or somethin.’ Always graceful and lean and…I don’t know. Can’t take my eyes off of ya.”

That must have satisfied him, because Garou rumbled and went back to kissing him, hands and hips beginning to move, and Badd smiled, immediately and thoroughly enthralled by his touch. Maybe they didn’t have to worry about changing things up after all.   


Mumen x Sonic

When Sonic woke up, Mumen was holding his hand.

He blinked at the bespectacled hero, who appeared to be very awake. Perhaps for some time. He was giving him that dewy-eyed expression of love that seemed to be on his face at least 90% of the time.

“Morning,” Sonic grunted.

“Good morning. Sleep well?”

“Hm,” he answered, stretching and then moving to curl up again under the covers…if not for Mumen’s hand. Sonic narrowed his eyes at him. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate Mumen’s touch, but he usually allowed him a certain amount of space in which to wake up.

“Do you know what today is?” Mumen chirped.

“Perhaps. I don’t, however, know why you are refusing to let go of my hand.”

Mumen held on even tighter at that. “Sometimes, on days like today, I’ll ask and you will run off and disappear. Sometimes you’ll come back later. Or not. So. Now if you’re going to Speed-of-Sound away, I’m coming too.”

Sonic stared at him silently, and then smiled. One of his…less than wholesome expressions. “Bet you think you’ve thought of everything, hero.”

Mumen’s confidence seemed to falter, but before he could let go, Sonic was up like a shot, dragging Mumen…exactly ten feet into the dining room. He had set out an assortment of flowers and gifts with plates for a breakfast that now just needed to be cooked. There were chocolates as well, and assorted tea. Mumen opened his eyes, which he had had screwed shut after making an extremely amusing sound at the sudden change from zero to a hundred miles per hour, and breathed a huge happy sigh.

“Looks like you didn’t take into account that I would remember,” Sonic said softly, kissing his cheek.