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Damn... that text about the conversation between Kaneki and Seidou... Goddamn i love you. I still have some points about all this, like... Kaneki is living for the sake of Arima's (and Eto's) wish, that is to bring peace upon both worlds, and also for the ones that he loves (damn Harém). But he is empty inside, and he has only one will to live... This kinda makes me worried because it lends me to think that he will certainly die in the end (Sorry for the text and for the bad english haha)

Thank you for the love and your english is great. As someone who has depression and finds themselves relating more to Kaneki with every chapter it is very concerning. Kaneki right now only has a meaning of life that will end up with him dying something that reflects his in part 1 where he wants to keep everyone safe. As someone who has felt what Kaneki is feeling, it’s not a bad thing to live for others and for the possibility of a good future. I think when Kaneki said that during the Cochlea arc he meant it. However with Arima dying so soon and filling Kaneki’s meaning to live also killed it. Which Arima obviously didn’t mean to happen, he wanted Kaneki to take up this mantle as the one who killed him and try to fix the issues that Arima saw with the world. Which in that goal became what Kaneki is living for, which is someone else’s goal one in which he didn’t want to take. Kaneki wanted a normal life and is feeling more empty than ever. I feel like Kaneki will be fine once he realizes that he has more to live for than Arima’s goal, he has people who care about him and want him to be happy. It’s just Kaneki doesn’t realize it and the people who are the most vocal about how much they care are not the best at showing it. I do feel like Kaneki will find a meaning to live, one that makes him not as empty and will be able to push him to live as full of a life as he can. I still hold on to this great hope of Kaneki learning from his mistakes and his life not ending in tragedy.

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Favorite Character: Faramir (but I LOVE a lot of characters)

Favorite Book: one does not simply have a favorite book

Favorite Video Game: I don’t really play video game because I brother never let me play with as a kid so I don’t play much. But I do love Mario Cart, Assassins Creed, stuff like that.

Favorite Sport: Playing I love volleyball, fencing, and rock climbing

Last song I listened to: Beauty Underneath from Live Never Dies (great music but bad musical)

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Hehehe I feel bad for tricking the great and powerful takoyaki king. Alas, I wonder how his lovely brothers are fairing... hopefully I haven't ruined any friendships (at least no one will find me in baby sakamaki secret hiding place! Hohohoho and I found his stash too). This game of tag is thrilling. 。^‿^。

Ayato: *appears behind her* Find you!

Ayato: *touches her* Tag! Ore-sama is still the best! *disappears*

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8, 9, 19

8. Name your top favorite companions (feel free to include reasons why).

Talos Drellik. Please, I just. I love him. I want to be his best friend.

Gus Tuno. He’s fits the weird characters that I have. Dorky, not all that great, pretty grey in the good/bad morals, and clumsy. Poor thing tries… sort of.

Gault Rennow. I… don’t know. I’m just fond of him.

Andronikus Revel. He’s hot, no apologies. I like how he behaves with the Sith Inquisitor and speaks to them like an equal without fear of being shocked or something.

Vette. She’s cute and mischievous??

Dr Lokin???

9. How about your least favorite companions?

Malavai Quinn. I… understand what he’s meant to be, but he never quite hit me right, I guess. I don’t hate him to the point that I’d want to kill him on any character, but I really didn’t want to accept his plea to be reassigned to my Warrior.

Skadge. Again, I understand what he’s meant to be. He’s fine as a thug, etc. My main problem was that it made no sense for any of my Hunters to take him along.

Akaavi Spar. I really like her in theory but something about her is so incredibly dull to me that I forget she exists.

19. Where can other players most commonly find you in game?

Lately, I’m most often found Imperial Side on Zib'aezi'lux and on Vaiken Spacedock, if not there then I’m likely in the Ziost Shadow cantina outside of the museum.

I don’t find myself getting into too much random RP Republic Side, but I try to poke around Carrick Spacedock now and again.


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.