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The Final Problem

This finale is probably my favorite finale of all the series finales. I loved the build-up, the “return” of Jim, the mini-case/game within game which featured the Garridebs case, the “Redbeard was actually Victor” thang and the Holmes Siblings plotline. I especially loved the bonding between Sherlock and Eurus (I cried when he hugged her ngl).

Ending was okay, I wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great. It is what it is.

Overall satisfied with how it ended, and bonus points for featuring the Adventure of the Dancing Men during the end montage, one of my favorite Holmes stories :)

Well done Mofftiss.

But of course, my most favorite was the little nods to Adlock ehehehe

whovianayesha  asked:

15 and 11 with Bruce Wayne?

“If only there were a way we could get inside that stripper’s head.” You said as you and Bruce watched some surveillance from a strip club that was suspected in human trafficking. 

“I’m sure that sounded different in your head, but please never say that again.” Bruce said. 

“Never mind that. I think I have a way in.” You said digging through one of the Batmobile’s compartments to find skimpy lingerie that you had stored away. 

“I don’t like this idea.”

“Too bad. You want in that club and I’ve got great tits.”

“If we get arrested, it’s your fault.”

Reminder: Drabbles are now closed. 

Sprint Over!

Man, I really need to watch the timer on Self-Control. 

How did your sprints go? What did you guys work on tonight? 

I wrote 1,147 words – not too bad, but not too great, either – and they’re messy, but that’s what revision is for! It feels really good to be getting back into the writing routine. 

Successes? Frustrations? Tell us about them! 

Thank you all for sprinting with me! <3

I can’t fucking believe this

Sometimes i can’t believe how much I care about those characters when the ones who created them clearly don’t. Molly officially serving only as character development for Sherlock, like a woman should. Great. Feeling bad for Louise Brealey, her performance was amazing, she didn’t deserved this shit. 

TEA - for your consideration (B-sides)

AKA: Ru had a hard fuckin year guys and forgot she wrote a lot of porn (some of this is from 2k15 Jesus time is an illusion and I’m very tired)

So here - in case you’re not sick of my shameless self promotion already (god knows I am, my little British soul can’t take it), have some smut potential nominations:

Bright Ideas (Belle has a bad great idea, Rumpelstiltskin enjoys it very much - dom!Belle, pegging) 

  • Best Kink

From Fairest Creatures (we might desire increase) (pregnant!Belle finds her clothes no longer fit; Rumpelstiltskin helps her out) 

  • Best PWP

Here, Tonight (S2 Belle gives her first blow job)  

  • Best Rumbelle Blow Off

disreputabledog  asked:

you said 'his dark materials' so what are would your dragon age ocs daemons be!!! (reasons optional)

Ooooooh my gosh. I haven’t actually finished reading them yet but I shall try!

Valerie Amell: A Crow. This actually has nothing to do with Zevran, and was the animal I pegged for her before that was a thing. Crows are clever, mischevious, grudge-holding, loyal sorts, with macabre connotations. I can imagine her Daemon would be the exact opposite of Pantilimon. AKA, not the voice of reason. 

Winter Hawke: A bear (specifically, a Kodiak black bear). Protective and positively vicious about it when need be? Not to mention tenacious? That would compliment Winter well. 

Yrae Trevelyan: An owl (specifically a great horned owl). Some cultures equate them with bad luck. However they’ve also been associated with guardianship and learning. She’d probably debate with it.

Sable Lavellan: Absolutely a Magpie. Irritating birds that like to steal and hoard shiny things? Symbolically regarded as either an ill omen, or positive love depending on the region? Yes.

Sirius Hawke: A snake. Known for rebirth, but also blending in and camouflaging itself. 

ultimatemeganekko  asked:

Someone joined your discord server But its borring with no one

hey psa to all you nerds theres a discord server for this i made when i was really tired yesterday go and ..


and talk to other homestuck nerds i suppose

i will also be there sometimes(not tonight bc im working on an important nonhomestuck thing) and pester you all endlessly with terrible memes and bad videos

itll be great