not bad for march


“Izay Mitambatra Vato, Izay Misaraka Fasika" 
Together We Are Strong Like a Stone, Separate We Are Like Sand 

Through my weak phone connection in Madagascar, all I see on the internet today are empowering photos and sentiments about the Women’s Marches around the world! It is the most refreshing news feed I’ve had in months. I am filled with so much hope and pride to be a part of so many progressive communities. 

I am sad that I was unable to attend any of the marches and stand in solidarity with those who fight for women’s rights, trans rights, immigrant rights, LGBT+ rights, Black Lives Matter, and rights and protection for all minorities who need our support and our voices. 

My friend Deirdre and I spent January 21st finishing up a mural in my home, Tsarasambo. The mural focuses on the importance of Health, Education, and particularly Girl’s Education (shoutout to Michelle Obama!). We drew photos of healthy habits that the Tsarasambo Youth Leaders have been focusing on and teaching in the community (hand washing, sleeping under a bednet, eating nutritious meals, drinking clean water, and using latrines). 

The mayor and fellow local leaders gave us a hand with a ‘palm’ tree (had to do it), and the Youth Leaders created a garden with their helping hands.

Among all of the pieces of the mural that I love, the Malagasy Proverb “Izay mitambatra vato, izay misaraka fasika” which means “Together we are strong like a stone, separate we are like sand,” stands out as quite appropriate right now. Not only is this proverb true in village life where everyone supports each other, but currently across the world, and especially in the United States, there is a lot of uncertainty and fear of what is to come. 

I believe that if we focus on the importance of education and if we stand together, we can get through these times and find a brighter future. America is just like a village. No one stands alone. 

Much love, and power to the people!

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Harry seriously can't win, he tweeted a nice tweet which everyone wanted him to do but then people shit on him because it wasn't yesterday. I mean support on a public platform is still support, people are still talking about the marches today, how is it a bad thing that he still tweeted. Meanwhile the other boys didn't say anything and no one is giving them shit. Typical, this fandom is such a goddamn mess when it comes to expectations for Harry vs the others.


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Ok so like I keep hearing how the woman in charge of the women's marches is pro sharia and I'm just like ??? I don't understand. Part of the march was hoping to keep abortion legal. And to make sure women keep equal pay and stuff like that. Isn't women's rights anti sharia??? Idk part of me think that the news made it up to make the marches look bad

Yeah I saw a couple of tweets that suggest that and

Sharia law is anti-woman and definitely an antithesis to the feminism they preach. A couple of websites say she had ties to Hamas, but I’ll take that with a grain of salt since I haven’t seen any extensive sources on that. 

Marched in Ann Arbor yesterday.  They expected 2,000 but 11,000 showed up.  There were marches in Detroit, Lansing, and Ypsilanti too.  Best sign (imo) was “you know it’s bad when a straight, white male is marching”

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it's true lol just like she dismissed the blm movement, she never said anything about Hillary and never said anything about the women's March

i feel bad for her fans? this is such a disrespectful move towards them, people dragged her on twitter yesterday bc of this

some bad signs from the women’s march

so first of all, the protest was amazing and exhilarating. but i have some serious qualms with signs that marchers were holding. sorry for not taking pictures! trust that these are real signs.

1. “make america think again” - this is just obnoxious. people not voting for your candidate doesn’t make them stupid. additionally, it’s contradictory if you’re also going to chant “we are the popular vote.” so which is it? america is dumb, or the majority voted for the “smart” candidate?

2. saw a poster with melania and she had a dick - transphobic tbh

- also, don’t compare melania to michele and insinuate that the former is a classless slut and the latter is a saint. actual misogyny at a women’s march is not a good look. 

3. saw one that started out good, listing logos of all the groups that endorsed trump: exxon mobil, the kkk, white nationalists, etc…but then they also included the sickle and hammer - liberals are just as guilty as fascists, it seems, of destroying history. (also i sign a sign that spelled it “facism”) 

4. “the green party is the party we’ve been waiting for” - lol no they’re not

5. saw a big red sign that said “socialism or barbarism” - oh wait nvm that one rules 

6. “i’m still with her” - she didn’t march, so she’s not with you

7. anything hamilton or founding fathers related - they owned slaves and didn’t think women should vote

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I know I'm late but @BLM anon. I don't live in the USA and I didn't support BLM as it a violent group. But then I realised it was the same thing that happens to most 'rights' movement. Feminists are all crazy women because that's what the internet shows you, they don't show you the sane ones who want actual equality. It's the same with BLM the media would rather have a title 'BLM CAUSES RIOT' than 'BLM had peaceful march' bad events sell, so that's what we see. The good are hidden by the media.

Dude exactly. This is exactly right.

the stuff about vaginas at the women’s march isn’t inherently bad imo

however: i am also inherently suspicious of non-trans people reblogging a bunch of discourse posts with this opinion

2017--the year of the radical feminist

hello all!

my name is Olive. I’m a teenage radfem of color. I am in the early stages of creating an online magazine for teenage/young adult radical or rad-leaning feminists, and am looking for contributors!

as you can see, my tumblr blog is really new BUT I have been a part of the tumblr radical feminist community for a little over a year now (had to delete a couple months ago for privacy reasons, remade YESTERDAY!). I’ve been daydreaming about an online magazine for young radfems for a while now, but all of the rhetoric surrounding the Women’s March yesterday (both good and bad) has finally prompted me to take action into my own hands. i’m creating this website in the hopes of giving life to something that can centralize the growing(!) community of young female radical feminists, provide us with a stronger sense of sisterhood, and give us all a loud, unified voice. That being said, it’s an important point that this will not be on tumblr. I feel like tumblr can be really disjointed, and having one place to be oriented in will help achieve the goals I stated above.

I love the attitude of this community, and I want this site to have that same smart, witty, feisty, and loving vibe that we have on our individual blogs, with content focusing on radical politics, activism, and our specific experiences as teenage/young adult women. think, if Feminist Current and Rookiemag had a baby.

I am gauging interest within our community for CONTRIBUTORS to the magazine. (btw, I am reaching out to ALL the rad/leaning feminists. Though this site is AIMED at teenage/young adult women, I want be clear that I AM looking for contributors OF ALL AGES, and of course ethnicities, sexual orientations, and all that. basically, if you’re a woman, if you’re a rad/leaning feminist, I want you!)
the magazine’s content will be varied: journalistic writing (editorials and such), photography, art, music, poetry, comics, humor, etc. will be published, as long as it is relevant to radical feminism, or our specific experiences as teenage/young adult women.

if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor (YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS !!!! Or not, your choice its whatevs), or contributing ANYTHING AT ALL, or have any help/advice that you can offer in terms of building this website, or just wanna have a chat, orshowmepicsofyourcats, ETC. PLEASE reach out to me via
if nothing else, I want to just get out the word that this is a thing, it’s coming soon, watch out for it, and PLEASE spread the word!  

I think these coming years are gonna be super weird times, what with Trump being our president and the mainstream feminist movement becoming so unfamiliar, illogical, and alienating. I am aware of a few other radfem zines out there, but we’re gonna need as many venues and platforms for us to gather and communicate as we possibly can get. i think if everyone’s just wants to no-platform us, we’re gonna have to make our own damn platforms and put out as much content as we can.

with that thought in mind, let this be the year of the radical feminist revolution.

Some people: “You don’t have to march if you can’t or don’t want to!! Not attending doesn’t make you a bad feminist!!”
The same people: “Taylor Swift didn’t march? She so fake, she only uses feminism when it benifits her! Ugh she’s literally the devil!!!”
And if she did march, those same people would’ve said she did it for publicity. Just like they’re saying she only tweeted for publicity.

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Browsing through Twitter, I've noticed that a lot of celebrities including several well-respected ones seem to be supporting the women's march. I wonder how many genuinely agree with it and how many are just saying they do because they're worried about looking bad.

I thought exactly the same thing. Props to any female celebs who didn’t join the womens march for fear of looking bad and instead had their own minds and did what THEY wanted.

I didn't march for me.

If I did, I’d be colored, Muslim, or bisexual. I’d have been abused, raped, or repressed. I wouldn’t be afraid. But I’m a privileged white girl raised Catholic. I have accepted my privilege, and I know it’s not a bad thing. So I have decided to use it. I marched for the women who don’t have the right to; the women who are forced to wear burkas by their husbands in countries where they cannot laugh, smile, or walk alone in public. I marched for the black women in cities who are raising black sons; the women who are scared to death to send their boys out to school every day because they know they could be shot. I marched for the women who have said no but were ignored anyways; the women who, no matter what they do, will always have that token of insecurity and exposure with them. I marched for the women who watch their male counterparts take home one paycheck, then leave work with another paycheck half that amount in their own hands. Black women, I want to know you. Latina women, I want to know you. Muslim women, I want to know you. White women, I want to know you too. Empathy is a powerful weapon, so help me, a privileged woman, use it.

if you couldn’t go to a march because:
- you felt unsafe for whatever reason
- you had no one to go with
- you have social anxiety
- you have any other kind of mental illness
- you are physically disabled
- you had no transportation
- there was no march or rally near you

that’s ok
don’t beat yourself up friend
sometimes we can’t do things we want to do, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about that, okay?