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will you teach me the art of the lined-eye, oh Great Master? (long story short, i tried to day and it failed. so bad. the eyeliner didn't even look like eyeliner- i looked like a raccoon)

oh, man. it’s way easier to show someone how to do eyeliner than to tell them, but… i can try. this is gonna be long, i’m gonna try to make it as thorough as i can. 

first of all, don’t be afraid to mess up. seriously, that perfect wing™ takes practice… no one’s just born knowing how to do it (except shiro). i’ve been doing it for years and i like to think i’m pretty good at it, but if you all saw the amount of q-tips and makeup wipes i go through to make it perfect… you’d lose your faith in me. lol

anyway, if you’re learning, i find pencils are the easier to use. you’re less likely to make the line bumpy, because it’s a softer line in the first place, but if you try to do a wing you’ll probably need a q-tip to sharpen the end. gel is a bit trickier because you need to use a brush, but it’s wayyyyy easier to make a wing or a bolder look. liquid pens are the easiest of the liquid variation but i hate them because they dry out so easily, while liquid dip liners are definitely the hardest to use, but overall (in my opinion) are the best ones to use if you want that really sharp perfect look. 

okay so actually doing it… everyone has their own way, but the tip we usually give clients is to put the pencil/brush sideways on your lash line (rather than straight on) so that it’s laying flat on your eyelashes. it makes it WAY easier, trust me. kinda like this: 

then, instead of drawing one, continuous line (NEVER do that in makeup– you’re just screwing yourself over) do small, thin strokes across the lashline. you can make it thicker if you want, i just find it’s easier to start with a thin line, then build it from there. and make sure it’s right on top of the lashes– no one wants that weird strip of eyelid between the liner and lashes.

if it makes it easier you can shut your eye, but try not to tug too hard on the skin when you hold it taught (the skin around your eye is really delicate, and you’re just harming it by doing that).

for the wing, take the flat of the brush/pencil and press it to the corner of your eye and up, as if continuing your waterline. like this:

then fill it in!

remember it’s okay to fuck it up. q-tips exist for a reason. (another tip is take a clean angled liner brush, dip it in a waterproof makeup remover, and remove/fix smudges like that!) 

i hope this helps!! this is generally how we teach it to clients, but everyone kinda has their own way of doing it, you just have to practice :D

Drabble List #1 [1-100]

I really want to start writing drabbles so PLEASE FEEL FREE to hit me up with a request! Requests for drabbles will always be open unless stated otherwise on my bio.

When requesting a drabble, please; pick only THREE prompts at most, tell me which member you’d like it to be about. For ones with “her/him”, please specify which one u want me to use.
Please be patient, I’ll try to write all requests as fast as possible. tyty <3

  1. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
  2. “I’m not your toy.”
  3. “What was I to you?”
  4. “I’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you.”
  5. “Why do you keep pushing me away?”
  6. “I don’t love you anymore.”
  7. “Trust me, he’s bad news.”
  8. “Are we really just friends?”
  9. “I’m not perfect, but I would never do what he/she did.”
  10. “You need new morals.”
  11. “What would you do if I kissed you right now?”
  12. “You’re only lying to yourself, you know.”
  13. “I’m so sick and tired of these games you play!”
  14. “I keep trying to think of things to make myself hate you…”
  15. “Maybe you aren’t in love, but I see the way you look at her/him.”
  16. “-Just don’t get puke all over my carpet.”
  17. “I didn’t mean for you to find out like this…”
  18. “Did I fucking stutter?”
  19. “This is mine. Are we clear?”
  20. “Why are you staring at me like that?”
  21. “You’re hot when you’re mad.”
  22. “It was sex, darling. That’s all it ever was.”
  23. “Girls/Guys are like pizza, why would you only choose one when the possibilities are endless?”
  24. “Did you have a good time fucking her/him?”
  25. “Oh look! She’s/he’s blushing!”
  26. “I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful…”
  27. “You don’t know me… you never did.”
  28. “Do you love her/him?”
  29. “Who the fuck are you to tell me when I’ve had enough?”
  30. “Eyes up here, princess.”
  31. “Don’t “babe” me.”
  32. “You make me wanna do bad things to you.”
  33. “Shut up. I have a killer hangover and you’re not helping.”
  34. “Who gave you that black eye?”
  35. “Oh how the tables have turned…”
  36. “Are you breaking up with me?”
  37. “You’re being such a hazard.”
  38. “You really don’t wanna test me right now.”
  39. “Why do people insist on disturbing a girl/guy when she’s/he’s tryin’a get high?”
  40. “Skirt up, and over that desk. Now.”
  41. “A really pretty girl says she’s here looking for you.”
  42. “Hey sweetcheeks,”
  43. “I mean, you don’t come across as a serial killer to me.”
  44. “I don’t know if you’re complimenting me or insulting me.”
  45. “Can I walk you home?”
  46. “Why? Are you jealous?”
  47. “Don’t you want me to take care of you, babygirl?”
  48. “Either speed it up or spread your legs.”
  49. “I can’t believe you dragged me into this!”
  50. “I never knew you liked that kind of stuff…”
  51. “I really wanna take you up to my room right now…”
  52. “You don’t get to cum until I say so.”
  53. “Oh, I’m crazy?! How could I not be when she’s a fucking model and I’m just – me.”
  54. “-So if you think I’m gonna let you waste your time on a guy/girl like that, then clearly you don’t know me at all.”
  55. “Good girl.”
  56. “You should see what I can do with my hands.”
  57. “This is a bad idea.”
  58. “I need a cigarette.”
  59. “Why do you even care?
  60. “You’re the one that keeps coming back to me, remember that.”
  61. “I don’t deserve you.”
  62. “Staring is rude you know.”
  63. “W-What? That feels good?”
  64. “My dad will kill you if he finds out!”
  65. “We’re wearing far too many clothes for my liking.”
  66. “What do you mean ‘what am i doing’? I’m marking what’s mine.”
  67. “I want you to ride my thigh.”
  68. “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be out with her/him?”
  69. “I’m gonna make you cum so fucking hard.”
  70. “Yeah, well you’re a nerd. You’re used to it.”
  71. “Where do you think you’re going?”
  72. “Are you gonna be a good girl for me tonight?”
  73. “He doesn’t even look good with you.
  74. “Yes oppa.”
  75. “I don’t wanna hear it. Leave me alone.”
  76. “You got everything you ever wanted. I hope she/he was worth it.
  77. “I bet you taste golden.”
  78. “What happened to us?”
  79. “You know, It’s okay to cry.”
  80. “I fucking loved you! You idiot.”
  81. “How long have you known?”
  82. “Stop calling me that! We’re only [Number of years] apart.”
  83. “Have I ever told you that you’re beautiful?”
  84. “Fuck it. Where’s the vodka at?”
  85. “Well then why don’t you date her instead if you love her so much.”
  86. “I didn’t know you were still a virgin…”
  87. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
  88. “I used to have the biggest crush on you.”
  89. “You can’t leave me hanging like this!”
  90. “Shut the fuck up if you know what’s best for you.”
  91. “You little shit!”
  92. “I wan’t that pretty little mouth wrapped around my cock.”
  93. “-Well then I’m sorry for being such a bother. Asshole.”
  94. “You trust them more than me?”
  95. “Stop trying to avoid me.”
  96. “We need to forget about each other.”
  97. “Just stay with me, for one last time – please.”
  98.  “Promise me we’ll see each other tomorrow.”
  99. “Oh. How tragic.”
  100. “You’re not the same guy/girl I fell in love with.”

Lucas: trying to kill Ethan 

Also Lucas: leaves a vcr tape in the wardrobe, literally the first thing you see in the attic, by climbing a ladder, where he hides a keycard, warned Ethan about a trap, leaves a hole in the cakeroom, throws a bomb with 20 seconds, totally gives a time to survive, opens a closed wall, what gives Ethan an opportunity to find cover, leaves a head. 

Ethan: trying to save his wife 

Also Ethan: cut her with an axe, didn’t shoot Lucas through a fence with a gun, to give Mia a chance to run, didn’t shoot Lucas a second time, cured Zoe, killed Mia


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Prompt!!!! It's storming bad here so I thought it might be nice to have a first kiss story about Jughead and Betty while a bad storm is raging in Riverdale. Maybe she finds him before the storm and shelters him, or maybe discovers he is trying to hold out the storm in his old treehouse somehow? I love first kiss stories. 😘

This ones gonna be sappy!

Betty had never wished for a car more in her entire life.

She totally understood when her parents told her she lived within walking distance of the school, so a car was just an unnecessary expense.

But had her parents ever walked through a damn tsunami in flip flops?

I think not.

Struggling to see she hiked on, pushing through the wind and rain, her parents were away for the week on a journalism conference so there had been no one available to pick her up and she had just missed Veronica.

Way in the distance she caught sight of another body making its way in the storm,

She could only slightly make out the familiar shape of a crown.

“Jughead!” She shouted over a loud clap of thunder.

As if he could sense her presence he turned around, as soon as he saw who it was he made his way over running towards her.

“Betty?! What are you doing out in this?”

She squinted up at him

“I stayed after to finish an article for the blue and gold , I didn’t even realize it was supposed to rain! What about you shouldn’t you be home?”

He tensed up before shrugging and pulling Her to keep walking.

“I was headed to the treehouse.”

She stopped abruptly

“The treehouse?”

He gave her a sad smile

“Another time, right now we have to get you home and out of this psychotic weather.” He shouted as the rain hit harder on his back.

Grabbing his hand she started running, she could see her home in the distance.

Finally reaching there destination Betty pulled jughead inside throwing her backpack on the ground and shaking out her ponytail.

“Mom and dad are away, make yourself comfortable I’m gonna grab some towels”

Slowly pulling his shoes off jughead left them by the door, walking to the kitchen and ringing out the bottom of his Tshirt.

Suddenly a soft object hit the back of his head.
When he turned around Betty was smiling holding her own towel while his lay on the floor by his feet.

He snorted rolling his eyes

“I see you’re in the kitchen does that mean you’ll be making me hot chocolate?” Betty asked with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

Picking up his towel and drying off his hair, he rolled his eyes again Turning to the cabinet and pulling out the teapot.

When they were finally dried and their bellies were filled with warm milk and chocolate. Betty turned to him.

“Alright jones, time to spill, why were you going to the tree house in this storm?”

He sighed he knew he would have to tell her sometime, and he didn;t think they would have a moment this quiet and peaceful again, so he started.

He told her everything from his mom leaving to his dad joining the bike gang.

By the end of his story both of them had tears in their eyes.

Betty had wrapped him up in her arms halfway through and didn’t seem to be letting go anytime soon.

After a few minutes of silence she pulled away.

“You’ll stay here tonight.” She ordered

As he opened his mouth to speak she started again

“ and tommorow you and me will go talk to Archie and Mr. Andrews , i’m sure he’ll have no problem letting you stay there. And then when you’re ready, and there’s no rush, we’ll go talk to your dad. Together.”

He just stared up at her not trusting himself to speak.

Placing her hands on either side of his face

“You’re not alone in this, okay? I’m gonna be right here through all of it , good and bad.”

He couldn’t help himself he had her in his lap in seconds flat his mouth pressed to hers.

Taking in every piece of her .

The soft peaches and cream smell of her hair mixed with the sugary strawberry lipgloss and hot chocolate he was tasting combined with the feeling of her silky hair in his fingers was enough to send him into a coma.

Pulling away resting his forehead on hers he smiled at her drowsy eyes and goofy smile.

“Betty Cooper you are something else”


Trying to translate my Oc Seren into the fatesonaverse-
Aaannnd she became the easily most op character by far?? As a part of the rainbow dragon, who is split into the mind, the rainbow sage, and the body, Seren, she will be a complete first dragon when the sage dies and returns to her.
I feel so bad, but this fun too.
(She also doesn’t take that dragon form, which is directly taken from her canon story, btw. She fights as a mercenary and hides her dragon form and identity for the sake of others and herself, sealing it away most of the time.)

Calm, caring and just, but oblivious and struggles with understanding human acts and emotions. Secretive and thus very good at hiding things through not telling everything. (She doesn’t lie, but she talks around things to make them sound better than they really are.)
Gentle, but wasteful in regards to money as she has no feeling for currency.
Trusts comrades easily but gets suspicious fastly, to the point where she fully draws back from any contact with said suspicious person for the sake of protecting her identity and children.
Weak against dragon slayer weapons, instinctive fear of dark magic.
An otherwise peace loving young woman who has seen a lot of pain and will always try to solve conflicts without weapons.

Came from another realm togetyer with her adoptive daughter Silva. Will receive a male child unit by the name of Chris.

Just some Twenty One Pilots fanart that I drew while bored in school a few weeks ago:

If you can’t read it because of the glare or my bad handwriting, it’s the first line of “Tear in My Heart” which says “Sometimes ya gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul”

The story behind this piece is I was bored, and I was trying to draw a hand that looked like it was grasping something invisible, but then my friend thought the fingers were weird and he told me to redraw them. Well I couldn’t since they were in pen, so he told me the best solution would be to cut the finger tips off, and then draw blood. So I did.

Feel free to reblog or like! Just make sure I get credit for it okay? Thanks so much <3

Nalu Headcannons
  • Lucy admits that she likes natsu before he does
    • Natsu.exe has stopped working
    • Lucy thinks that he doesn’t like her back
      • So she runs away
        • cliche, i know
    • Natsu chases after her after hes out of his trance
    • And tells her that he likes/loves her too
  • They both blush a lot whenever they look at each other after that
    • And their friendship is different…
    • They try and be more romantic
      • And they don’t laugh around each other as much
    • Everyone in the guild is worried
  • Time for the first date
    • They go to see a movie
      • Natsu wants to see the comedy movie
      • Lucy wants to see the horror movie
    • But since it’s a date they both tell each other that they would prefer the romantic movie
      • That was a bad idea
    • They get bored of it so easily
    • And fall asleep
      • lucy leans onto natsu’s shoulder
      • And natsu on lucy’s head
    • They wake up after the credits when an employee tells the that the movie is over
    • They both get embarrassed and get their stuff and leave as soon as they can
    • Once they exit the theatre they both laugh
      • And don’t stop
        • Like there are tears in their eyes
        • And their holding their stomachs
    • They are finally having fun in front of each other after they started dating
    • They both agree that they have to be themselves from now on
    • And they go their separate ways
  • The next time they go out they go to a horror movie
    • Natsu hates horror movies
      • But lucy uses her puppy dog eyes
    • Natsu is scared the entire time
    • And he clings on to lucy
      • She doesn’t mind
      • And finds it really cute
    • The movie ends and natsu says that he’s never doing that again
      • Lucy laughs at how cute he is, he’s still attached to her arm when they exit the theatre
    • They go out to dinner
      • And natsu eats like a pig
    • Lucy remembers the first time they met
      • And gets all sentimental
      • Natsu acts indifferent
      • But inside he remembers it too and loves that the same thing is happening again
  • They keep on going on fun dates after that
    • Like going ice skating (natsu had to pay gray a lot to freeze magnolias pool)
    • And amusement parks (natsu hated that day, but he would go on the rides just for lucy)
    • sometimes(usually) they just go to each others houses and eat junk food while playing video games
    • Everyone in the guild is happy to see them being normal again
      • And happy has been following around on their dates the entire time
        • Natsu and lucy act like they don’t know
        • But it’s hard to miss him “aww”-ing whenever they hold hands or something
      • Miras shipper heart is happy
      • And reedus draws many pictures of them being happy together
  • They still do all of their jobs together
    • And feel more in sync when fighting enemies
  • One day they climb onto a roof and just look at the stars together
    • Lucy points out all the constellations
      • natsu is amazed by how much she knows about stars
      • She’s really excited to share her knowledge with someone
    • Once she finished hey gaze into each other’s eyes
    • They both lean in
      • And it’s their first kiss together
      • It isn’t the whole fireworks thing
      • But it’s still amazing, and the best kiss either of them had
        • And the first kiss
        • Excluding happy
  • A year later they move in together
    • And they don’t feel like they need to get married
    • but
      • Whenever they see kids without families on their missions they bring them home with them and adopt them
      • to adopt hem they need to get married
    • So they do, in city hall
      • And natsu takes lucy’s last name because its heartfillia tradition
    • They have/adopted a lot of kids
      • Like a lot
    • And the guild is full of life with all the kids running around
    • Everyone loves them
      • And all the kids love each other and their parents so much
    • And the other kids in the guild always wait for natsu and lucy the adopt more kids so that they have more people to play with
  • And they all live happily ever after, most probably

“A-As for what type of Changeling I am, most people only know of Chrysalis’ subspecies, Buprestidae, and has given the other subspecies bad reputations.. However, my subspecies is far different from theirs. While the Buprestidae feed on love, my species, Eriosomatidae, feed on the sap from trees and plants. W-We try not to cause any problems for gardeners and farmers by planting our own trees and plants, but many ponies still fear us for being Changelings anyway.. B-But you see, my subspecies is rather new.. I was the first of my kind, and it’s actually named after me. My real Changeling name is Eriosomatidae, or Erios for short.”

As for hobbies, Astrid loves singing, drawing, sewing, gardening, making herbal remedies, and gaining useless knowledge among many other things.

Ask #18

Finally have Sony Vegas Pro 😭❤

My neck hurts so much- oh well.. Here’s my first official edit from svp! 💞 Not that bad my first time i guess? ;u;

Anyways these clips and vids were from videos i didn’t post on youtube because i didnt have time before and now i left them in my folders and I thought, “hey, why dont i try and mess around with these vids til i get a hang of svp?”

So i did- 😂
Hope u like my crappy work-

sonansu replied to your post: The line between BEST FRIEND OF THE OPPOSITE SEX…

tbh my best friend and i fucked a lot when we first started hangin and got it all out of our system and now its Chill so i guess my advice is like. make out with your friends? actually nvm im bad at this

Dude I actually so agree/subscribe to this? I’m petty ~bohemian~ or whatever and have always flirted with my friends so that feels natural to me haha. I’m usually just trying to not weird people out or step over anyone else’s boundaries! That’s where the hard part comes in


Cause I see you, I know what’s up
Trying to sneak a peek through the lock?
So you must be just a playboy
And I’m thinking you’re a bad boy -
Why don’t you prove me wrong? (Knock knock!)

Sorry for the double post!! I messed up the video the first time but it should be back and fine now :00

Anyway Knock Knock saved my life even if I had to shift it down to fit my vocal range

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What is credence has a nightmare or is frightened at some point and lashes out without thinking, breaking his control for the first time in a long time. Imagine this puts someone close to him in danger. Maybe Queenie or Tina if he is spending time with them, or even Newt and Graves. He would feel pretty bad. He might try to run away "for their protection"

Stumbling around the streets of New York in the rain in the night, nothing but a tiny satchel of threadbare clothing and breadcrumbs on his back, blindly searching through the blue for a doorway to curl up into and sleep in as the mantra of freak freak freak beats heavy in his heart

how 2 write a ‘the ew fandom sucks post’ post

make sure that your url can be immediately used against you,
be as aggressive, guilt-tripping, and manipulative as humanly possible.

and completely derail the point you’re trying to make!

words/sentences to include:

  • ya’ll
  • edd would be disappointed
  • i’m leaving
  • this is why tom/tord left
  • shipping is bad
  • toxic

i have accidentally called people in my sleep no less than four times now and every time its been the worst person i could have called. im starting to think that my subconscious is trying to tell me something 

the first time i ever did it, i called my ex friend from umass (like two weeks after i left lmao). then after that i called my moms bfs brother that he was on bad terms with (who picked up and im sure was super creeped out by the sound of me just breathing LMAO). then after THAT i called my bffs ex boyfriend right after they had broken up. and last night i called my high school crush, which thankfully didnt wake him up, but did prompt him to text me today and ask me why i did that LMAO

its so.. weird…. why does this happen

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Prussia and Hungary crushing on an extroverted female (16 I guess)? How to they try and take her? 🤔

Well first of all their would be a lot of fighting. Because well they wouldn’t want to share. At first their would be a lot of trying to make the other look as bad as possible in the girl’s eyes.

But once they would realise that their fighting was getting anywhere. They would combine their powers and start trying to lead her into their hands. Even though secretly they are both planning on disposing of another once they have her in their grip.

imagicana  asked:

Hi, I am Meghana. I am India 5'2 slightly chubby and wear glasses. I speak 3 languages but understand 4 . I love writing and trying to play the guitar. I also love to read, watch TV, give loud unnecessary commentary during films. I am stubborn, short tempered, and get overly excited about things. I talk to animals like they are people and have terrible anxiety.

Understand 4 languages??? Holy crap, that’s amazing!

Who I ship you with: Spencer! (Whenever your anxiety got bad you would drift away, ending up sat outside on the back doorstep. He would be the first to notice your absence and would quickly find you stroking a cat at the doorstep, whispering all of your feelings to it. He would listen to what you were saying for a second before joining your side, hugging you close to him.) 

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Meghana slouched against the door, the cold concrete of the step biting at her skin as her chest jittered,  tears forming beneath her glasses. Her dainty hands mindlessly fumbled with the grass, pulling at it to keep her hands from shaking. A small meow drew her from her haunting anxiety, a small black cat rubbing its head against her shaking hands.

“Hi.” Meghana whimpered, weak voice breaking through the cold air as a miniscule smile painted across her lips. Her slender fingers scratched at the kittens fur, immediately bringing her some bit of comfort when he crawled onto her lap.

“I don’t know what to do,” Meghana whispered, a stray tear rolling down her cheek but the cat purred under her touch, as if he replied to her comment.

“I just feel as if people get tired of my loud rambling and I’m really short-tempered with Spencer. I’m scared that I’m going to be too stubborn with him, have you seen him? He’s perfect.” Meghana hushed, tears coating her face but a small giggle escaped her parted lips when the cat meowed again. Little did she know, Spencer had slowly parted the door, listening intensely to his broken girlfriend.

“Babe,” Spencer exhaled, sitting beside her on the step, making Meghana tense up. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her forehead lightly.

“I’m always going to be here, okay? You’re not too stubborn and I know could never get tired of your little rambles. If you can listen to me for hours on end I can sure as hell listen to you.” Spencer assured, whispering into her hair as she leant her head against his chest.

“How about we go watch documentaries, you can do your magnificent commentary and I’ll find you a book you haven’t read.” Meghana giggled slightly, nodding into his jumper as he kissed her forehead sweetly.

“Thank you, Spence.”

About to go to bed but, figured I'd share what the bad thoughts time post was about.

This is the vent I’ve been sending to people, because I’m too tired to write a new one:

Alright so
It started going downhill after I got facebook, one of my reccomended friends was my first ex, who I had just learned was spreading lies about me to a new person he was trying to date.

I was like, oh ok that’s wierd but I’ll just block him and move on

Buuuut then a bunch of reminding shit kept happening and I was always forgetting to take my sleep meds. And so like I’d sleep late and miss classes

And I got raised with this fear of failure and now I’m an honors student and Im supposed to be good!! But no!!
I’m like only eating once or twice a day now and barely sleeping and earlier I kept thinking of random images of eye trauma for no reason?? And I’m just

So tired and afraid.

I’m set up for mental health counseling as of today but It doesn’t start till Monday so I’ve gotta get through this week first.

Going to bed at a more normal time tonight, I have 2 tests tomorrow, oh boy.

But only 2 classes.


At least I managed to get to the scheduling before I got any worse. Probably going to some academic help tomorrow. I know I need it.