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13 Reasons Why was met with the most backlash I’ve ever seen. I have NEVER seen anybody on this site agree on anything in such a unanimous way that 13rw was bad. And yet it got renewed for a second season.

Then you have The Get Down, a show barely surviving in the first place because Netflix gave it LITTLE TO NO PROMOTION and it isn’t even in the first 3 pages of the “Netflix Originals” scroll list. So many people loved this show, there was so much effort to try and get it to renew but it got cancelled.

I wonder the fuck why.

hi! i remade a week ago and i didn’t expect to get so many of my mutuals back + some new followers so i’m here with my first follow forever with this blog (and second in general)! i really love you all so much and i keep saying i’ll try to interact with more of yall but i never do :(  so this is my way of telling you all that i appreciate all of you!

i was gonna do a thing for favorite blogs but i have such a hard time choosing because i love yall too much (id put a lot of hearts here if i was on mobile, just so you know)


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I was trying to rewrite the post that Tumblr ate, and I just thought of something so obvious that it’s dumb.

Way back in 1x16 when Spencer gets the Braille note from Toby, she interprets it the first time as BAD. Later, after being told that’s not right, she reinterprets it as 214.

But what if it really was BAD, and Toby just like didn’t know what he was talking about? Or was lying.

It’s worth remembering for finale time, cause she literally got a three letter secret message that ends in “A.D.”

The note was about “B.A.D.”, and now they’re just being harassed by “A.D.” Without the “B”.

And we only ever had one B character, right? Bethany. And we are meant to believe she was killed instead of Ali that night. (I have my doubts about that part, but…)

If Bethany was “B” and “B” is dead, maybe they’re just “A” and “D” now.

BTS reaction stomach pain during fight


He would immediately get into mom mode. He would get you to sit down and ask if you were okay. When you tell him that this happens whenever you are upset then he would try to make sure you guys don’t fight anymore in the future. Or at least not that bad of a fight. He loves to get his point across but not as much as he loves you.

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At first he would think you are just trying to have him pity you, but when he sees that you are actually in pain he would be a little upset. Mostly at himself though. He would think it was his fault that you were in pain but when you assured him it wasn’t he felt better. He decided to let the argument go(which is hard for him. If he does this for you then he loves you) then he would cuddle you and you would go to sleep.

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He would immediately freak out. Fight what fight? He would have forgotten completely about the fight and go to your aid. When you tell him that this just happens when you are really angry he would calm down but only for a second before he assumes it’s his fault you are in pain. You tell him that it’s okay and it’s both of your fault for fighting anyways. 

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He wouldn’t want the fight to get so bad. He tried to remain calm but that only made you angrier. So when he start to lean over in pain he doesn’t freak out because of how calm he is. However he doesn’t know why this is happening. When you tell him this happens when you are extremely upset he starts to think of ways to prevent this pain in the future.

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This boy would be way too angry to notice. He would try so hard to get his point across that he wouldn’t even notice you leaning over in pain. You had to yell his name(about 5 times) for him to eventually notice. When he does he feels SO DAMN bad and he gets you and ice pack and tries to help you as much as he can.

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You had told him about your stomach pains before. So he Wouldn’t even notice you were fighting at first. When you started to get in pain then he would know that he upset you. He would try to tickle you but if that only made you angrier then he would get you something to help with your stomach and he would cuddle you.

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He wouldn’t notice you were in pain just like Jimin except he wouldn’t notice because he just didn’t expect it. When he finally came to his senses and saw that you were in pain he went to defence mode. Saying he didn’t hurt you or he didn’t mean to. But when you tell him that this just happens then he will calm down and ask what you need.

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It’s done sweetheart!!!! Sorry it took long!! I hope you like!

~admin chi

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Hi Leslie! Have you ever considered getting deals with Huion or Ugee where they send you one of their tablets for review purposes? I see a lot of art youtubers do it and considering your audience is big enough, getting a drawing tablet for free doesn't seem like it could hurt?

ive gotten contacted by companies before to do a sponsored video but i never take em up for the offer just cuz im not really interested. huion was actually the first company to try to contact me haha but i had just recently bought a new tablet and felt guilty to have 2 brand new ones and i wasnt sure if i could do a giveaway lmao. 

there was only 1 company i was interested in making a video for but they stopped replying to me cuz i suck lmao all well. my loss. 

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Advice for people struggling with selves-doubt (Am I multiple?)

This is in response to a question/rant/plea someone put to me, but I decided not to respond directly, or even @ them because my response broaches on some really messy territory and I didn’t want to add to their crisis by bringing syscourse to their personal blog. I also wanted to make a response on my own blog because I think it’s a crisis that a lot of multiples go through and I hope that our experiences can be helpful.

First of all: to anyone suffering through doubts, confusion, conflicting symptoms, conflicting perspectives and opinions, skeptical professionals, and angry gatekeepers: I don’t even have words to express my sympathy. It’s bad enough trying to figure out whether you are “actually” multiple without having to deal with everyone else’s hangups. Dozens of virtual *hugs* to you all.

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Me: “are you still ignoring me?”
Him: “nah but I couldn’t respond last night because I had my girl over”

5 months of back and forth shit. He told me he liked me and would never put me through all the horrible things I had just gone through. My ex was an abusive cheating pos who left me for another girl. I was with him for 3 years. This was the first guy I liked since him and it was a nice breath of fresh air. Now I just feel incredibly stupid. I kept trying and being nice even when I had a bad feeling. I just slept there a couple weeks ago. I don’t understand. Do you know how it feels to constantly be screwed over for someone else even though you do everything right?

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Hey tommie! What do you think of everyone else?

“Well. First, there’s Toredd. He’s pretty swell.”

“Then…there’s Matt. He’s a unique one, to say the least.”

“And I want to pet Tom’s tail so bad, like oh my goodness.”

“Then…there’s Malg…he’s a scary guy but he’s a g-”

“…um…ignore that, he’s just being rude. What I’m trying to say is that he’s a good guy nonetheless.”

“Then there’s Edd. He’s the living example of irony!”

“…And…T-Tord. He’s pretty nice, sweet, kind, helps me out s-sometimes…and…” [Further rambling]

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I'm currently rewatching Beast Wars, and it got me thinking; you get asked a lot about best episodes (which are Code of Hero and Bad Spark, natch), but what's the worst episode in the series? Hard Mode: You can't pick that one about the stupid cave kids.

Maybeeeeeeeeeee Feral Scream Part 2.  The first part was all sorts of moody and evocative, with the sudden introduction of Dinobot’s evil clone and all which you think that’d imply.

Unfortunately, it ended up implying very little!  

And honestly, I like Chak and Una.  Mind, if the Maximals are trying to keep the Predacons from altering the past, I’m not sure why they’re TEACHING THEM ENGLISH, but

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you seem like a nice person but i don't get why would you like someone as bitchy as celendine when she has done nothing but bring trouble to sinbad, and you seem to really like him too. i just wanted to know????

Hi ^^

Don’t worry ♥ and i’m sorry if i didn’t answer the first time you asked. it felt like you were trying to make me feel bad about liking a character, so i prefered to leave it like that, but let’s forget about that. 

About serendine, i don’t really mind if you don’t like her and even if you hate her, you have your reasons. i like to listen to other people’s opinion as long as they are not rude towards me, it’s completely natural to have different point of views and opinions and i respect  that! if you want, you can come out of anon so we can chat! we can discuss about snb and about why i like her as a character :) i’d love to hear your thoughts ^^ and yes! i really like sinbad too, he’s my favorite character!


Okay so for the past few weeks Eleanor had been scratching herself a lot. I sort of didn’t notice, and attributed it to dry skin. Today Olivia noticed that her ear looked like the picture below and we think it might be ear mites or just a really bad wax problem, but either way we need to get to our vet and get her looked at, and possibly treated for anything from mites to a bacterial infection. We’re trying to raise $1000 because we have no idea how much it’ll cost to get her evaluated and treated. Eleanor is my first ferret and I want to keep her alive for as long as she has left.

If you want to donate, our paypal is

If you want to commission me, you can contact me here or @spacebunnu, currently I can only do traditional art and if you want physical copies you need to give me your address and pay shipping costs.
I’ll probably be doing reward doodles depending on how rollin this post gets


Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: Lin cheated on reader and reader remembers so they can forgive him.

Word count: 2.5K

Warnings: None 

A/N: I just can’t imagine Lin doing this to his wife tbh

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When you first met Lin, you couldn’t describe the feeling inside you, it was like a blast of energy directly from your heart to every inch of your body. Now 20 years later after that and 12 after you get married. Every inch of your body was full of an energy. A bad energy. You were trembling with anger and pain. Because the only person you’d ever want to spent the rest of your life with had cheated on you and you were trying to forgive him. You loved him so much you wanted to forgive him. So you tried to remember all the good times you had with him.

From the moment I met you, I knew you were mine.

You were 15 at the time and he was 2 years older than you. You met him because you were neighbors in Inwood. You just moved from another country, because your father get a job in the United States and you were trying to get the little boxes that belonged to you out of the truck. You put them one above the other. You were struggling a little bit and almost dropped everything. Suddenly someone grabbed the box that was on top and you turned to look at the person. I was him. And since your eyes laid on him you knew you were helpless. His smile was so bright and his eyes were shining. He was beautiful.

“Can I help you with these?” His voice was quite funny and got inside your mind like and echo. “I mean, it seemed like you were having a little bit of problem… Excuse me? Are you listening to me?” You were staring at him all the time he had been talking. His voice…

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Any advices on how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with someone whose still trying to get there life together ??

you just need to support your partner in everything they do and help them to go through hard times. believe me, bad things will end and they will be so  thankful for anything to you! remember that relationship is about supporting each other at first

Say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

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(Aaaaaaa why now I need to think positively about myself shoot x,D)

1. I’m really proud of how much I’ve improved in art over the course of a year. (Like especially hands. I just drew a hand and I can’t stop staring at it because omfg it looks normal???!)

2. I like how my skin doesn’t break out

3. I like that I try to stay active even though I would be happy falling asleep and never waking up

4. I like that I often think of others first when I hear the news of something be it good or bad.

5. One more shit uuuuuuh I like it that I look beautiful when I bother to put makeup on my freaking face.

There done! Now to tag some great peeps who better have more positive things to say about themselves than me! @aranaea-rp @mprunnergirl @sonicsarah1117 @scenitroute @justanotherpasafrisk @lovestruckforstars @smoothbutterylamps @blacklynx14 @asktahliathings


Finally got around to visiting Eggloo down in Chinatown yesterday after it had been on my to-visit places list for awhile. From my knowledge, I think Eggloo was the first of the desert eateries to open up that serves Hong Kong-style egg waffles before others started sprouting up around the city. After trying Eggloo, I can definitely see what the original hype is about when it first opened up. For my order I got the original waffle cone (gotta try the matcha next time!) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with mochi, pocky, and strawberry drizzle. Though, I changed up my order a little at the end when I went for the fruity-pebbles filled waffle cone (other choices include oreos, diced almond, m&m fillings, etc). They made my waffle cone pretty quickly so the wait wasn’t too bad. 

And lemme tell you, the waffle cone was absolutely scrumptious. The contrast with the warm, soft waffle cone and the ice cream was just perfect and I couldn’t get enough of the dessert. Definitely see myself coming back here sometime if I’m ever in the area. Most of the waffle cones have a flat price of $7, I think the sundaes and the soft serve had slightly different prices, but a great thing about Eggloo is the unlimited toppings options. I probably would have been a bit too overwhelmed if I picked more than three, but I’d like to try the other toppings next time like the crushed oreos, condensed milk, fruit and so on. I would say that only real drawback about this place is the limited seating (there’s a few benches and a standing counter overlooking the street) but on a nice day, I’d recommend venturing across the street to the local park. 

[Noé]: Y-Yeah… already happened… but what’s gonna happen next? How bad is it gonna get?

[Prax]: It can’t get too bad, right? I mean, the faculty knows something’s up now. They’ve got to be keeping a closer eye on this stuff.

[Noé]: The faculty’s first reaction was to try and cover up what happened to the council!!

[Prax]: I mean… okay, yeah, they did do that. But it’s not like they want… [sigh] There’s not a lot of time left in the year for anything huge to happen, anyway. Just over a month left of school and we’re gone.

[Noé]: I-I guess…

[Noé]: Prax?

[Prax]: Yeah?

[Noé]: If Hope’s Peak shuts down, will we still be able to see each other?

[Prax]: ‘Course we will! If it gets to that point, I’ll make sure we will.


me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—


“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”