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Day & the Life of a Hogwarts Student!

JK: Hello! My name is Jeon Jungkook! I’m a 5th year Slytherin studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Today, I’m here to give you a look into the life of what it’s like to be a student here at Hogwarts!

Waking Up!

JK:  Getting up is pretty hard for everyone, but thankfully, getting dressed isn’t that bad with a little magic!


JK: I usually go to the Great Hall to eat with Yoongi hyung (who’s a fellow Slytherin) … but he’s usually sleeps instead of eats. Namjoon hyung and Seokjin hyung usually both drop by to say hello too– although, Namjoon hyung’s pretty much like Yoongi hyung– they’re not morning people … at all. And Seokjin hyung is usually being followed by a bunch of admirers because he’s very good looking! (Did you know he was half veela?)

Class Time!

JK: Since I’m a 5th year, I have to take my OWLS at the end of the year, so I have to be diligent and learn & study as much as I can! Especially since my results could potentially affect what jobs I can apply for! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get ‘Outstanding’s on all my subjects!


JK: During my downtime, I like to head over to the Quidditch pitch for some practice! My hyungs from Hufflepuff usually join me too! Taehyung hyung and Hobi hyung are both beaters for their team – I’m the seeker for mine! But more often than not, we wind up goofing off ahahaha 


JK: I usually try to hang out with my friends in between classes! Since all my hyungs are either 6th or 7th years, it can be sometimes hard to meet up with everyone due to our schedules, but all of us usually make an effort to go to dinner together!

End of the Day!

JK: What better way to wrap up the day than with the one thing that everyone loves? FOOD! We return to the Great Hall once again to grab some dinner! I gotta say, the best way to the end the day is eating and hanging out with friends! And although, you’re supposed to sit with your respective houses during meals, we usually wind up goofing off together at the Hufflepuff table before we call it a night!

// Hogwarts!AU based off of @ask-hufflepuff-v ‘s AU! :’)


ice cream for sweetheart (bad boy!mingyu)

summary: as far as you’re concerned, kim mingyu is good for nothing. but on a particularly hot summer day, it’s proven that that’s not totally true

relationship: mingyu x reader

words: 1,646

warnings: mingyu follows reader around all the time, reader kinda likes it, mingyu makes ice cream as a hobby

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a/n: listening to shadow by f(x). for this request

It’s not enough that it’s the hottest summer in your city’s recorded history, it’s not enough that your car needs a new battery and you can’t get it until next Tuesday, and it’s not enough that you’re outside, sweating your ass of as you wait for your mom to pick you up from work. No, the cherry on top of your shit-sundae happened to be a familiar bleach blond with bloodied knuckles and a bad attitude. And he was heading right for you.

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Okay now how about ghost nursey watching over his husband and Amie? Because it still hurts!

Yes good a happy ending we can do this folks!

(edit: no oops I messed up this is sad too)



“I wish your Papa was here today Amie.  He’d be so proud of you, starting at Samwell” Dex said, blinking back tears.

Nursey smiled proudly at Amie from beside Dex.  He was used to the fact no one could see him, but it still hurt sometimes, usually when they mentioned him.

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In episode 3 when the yuris are facing off and Yuuri says he's going to turn into a tasty katsudon so Victor watch you can legit see Victor realize how absolutely screwed he is like he pulls Yuuri close and realizes that he's already half in love with this soft nugget man and he was hot at the banquet but how soft he is sober is so much more endearing to Victor and he realizes then in that moment that he would fight the entire world for Yuuri

ahhhh that is so cuuuute and go sh you’re right. the moment that yuuri said that, victor realised yuuri wanted him there with him and he doesn’t skip a beat in promising that he won’t look away and that he loves katsudon and gosh he’s just so smitten. ;u;

janjan-the-ninth a réagi à votre diaporama “MACUSA’S MOST WANTED  : GRINDELWALD’S FOLLOWERS. ”

I love this au. every time it appears on my dash I have to smile. And I have a few questions. Is Graves as right hand man still Director? If so, is it possible that Queenie is part of the gang? As Director Graves surly noticed Queenies talents and wouldn’t she be a valuable asset to Grindelwald. Queenie is sick of being the pretty dumb blond, shadow of Tina. One day Graves lowers his mental shields and she can see what Grindelwald can do for her and she joins them.


Graves as Grindelwald’s right hand man is still director, yes. It’s a perfect cover. One that blows up at the end of Fantastic Beasts -the events stay the same- but it was a perfect cover for a long while. 

But holy fuck, Queenie on Grindelwald’s side… 


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Member: Kwon Jiyong/G Dragon (Big Bang)

Genre: angst/fluff/ smut

AU: Bad boy au

Word count: 2.2k

This wasn’t the first time that Y/N’s father had disapproved of one of her boyfriends, but this case was a special one. The boy she was dating was a few years older than her and what her father called a “bad influence”, but she didn’t care, she loved him, from his tattooed skin to his I don’t give a fuck attitude.

She was a senior in high school while he was already off in the world and doing what he could to make money. He would pick her up from school every day, leaning against the hood of his car, looking out for her so he could take her home, well to their little home at least. She hadn’t been home to her family in months, all because she ran away with Jiyong.

The plan was set, she was all packed and ready to leave with him, all she had to do was wait for him to arrive and she wouldn’t have to deal with her disapproving family any longer. The two had planned this on the night of her 18th birthday, they went through all their possibilities together. It all would have been better if her father hadn’t found out the plan the day it went into action.

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let this man call his brother cute