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you know, a thing i think isn’t talked about nearly enough in this fandom is the fact that katara actually saved zuko’s life twice during the comet:

once when she actually, physically healed him and,

again when she took down azula without killing her

because, zuko was prepared to do it, he was willing to do it, he was going to do it because it had to be done but if he had killed, actually killed his own sister, who despite everything, zuko actually, truly loves (bc zuko loves, loves, loves his whole family, even though it’s broken, even though it’s bad, even though it’s truly, actually painful, they’re his and he loves them*), it would have destroyed him.

and like, idek anymore, but i can pretty much guess that zuko spent the whole trip to the capital psyching himself up and preparing himself for a lifetime as a kin-slayer and already starting down the spiral of self-loathing and then katara just… katatra just takes that burden from him. outright takes her down without putting a scratch on her.

and like, now that i think abt it, i’m like 95.15678354% sure that a not-unsubstantial part of the reason zuko chose katara to go with him was because he was hoping that she would figure something out, how to take azula down with minimal damage (bc zuko knows that katara is strong and powerful and prbbly the greatest waterbender in the world at that point, but also incredibly, astonishingly merciful).

i am actually 100% sure that if azula hadn’t cheated, if the agni kai proceeded as it seemed to have been going and zuko won, the very first thing he would have done is to turn to katara and say: “help her“.

idk, i guess that the point is that these kids cause me actual, physical pain and i just felt the need to spread it around

*and if anyone wants, i’m 100000% willing to give you canon evidence of this, starting from “the fatherlord“ to “i remember when my family was actually happy“

I’ve reuploaded and seriously revamped and updated my lady villain playlist. These are basically the collection of songs I like where women sing about feeling violent, sinister, manipulative or a little/lot evil. Some of the songs could also apply to anti-heroes rather than simply villains (a lot of them are firmly villainous though). It’ll likely be updated in the future, so I won’t bother with a tracklist here- you can click on the link and see the current list of songs. There are about 30 right now. Enjoy and get your bad on.

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Although Katara being kissed off at Zuko was a little too harsh in the beginning, it was understandable I guess, and she was fine with him after that, joked with him and everything, then Zuko brought her dad back from prison, you would think that would have had an impact on Katara, maybe forgive him hear b/c he clearly can be trusted, then Zuko saves her from falling rocks after and risks his life to take on Azula to allow the others to escape you think that would have an impact on Katara Part1

Part2 She even saves him from falling why would she do this if she hates him and doesn’t trust him, then after all this she goes back at lashing out at Zuko all over again, I did find it silly that the writers made Zuko look like he doesn’t know why she hates him so much he did betray her after all, I just felt like Katara’s bitterness towards Zuko was understandable but shouldn’t have gone for that long and should’ve been solved at the end of invasion episode, it made no sense to push it longer

I thought everything about the way Zuko and Katara’s relationship was handled after he betrayed her to be terrible and unrealistic. It is hard for me not to think it was shipping-related given how bad of a job they did at actually making his betrayal mean anything to the story. Instead, it just felt like it just was supposed to make the audience not ship them together. I hated Zuko and Katara’s interactions in Book 3. If they wanted Kataang, just do it, but please, don’t subject me to this stupid nonsense. It was really not fun to watch.

I thought it was pretty stupid how Zuko thought Katara was happy to see him when she first came to his room. Then she came to give her death threat and she is drawn in that cutesy Kataang way with the tiny nose and giant eyes. It couldn’t be more obvious that it was making a shipping statement. I rolled my eyes so hard at that moment. Didn’t feel the least bit realistic or natural that Zuko would be that clueless about her anger.

After that Katara just makes passive-aggressive comments for a few episodes. She comments on his firebending being lost, and then his bad tea joke. I admit I was really annoyed with the story at this point. What purpose does this serve, honestly? I also don’t find it realistic that Zuko would see Katara so bitter towards him and he wouldn’t try to have a real conversation with her, and apologize to her personally for what he did.

It honestly felt so stupid. What did Katara’s bitterness toward Zuko contribute to the story? Nothing. It was just a chore to watch. Then he is sitting around making jokes about how he used to chase them around and try to capture them, and he acts like he has no idea why she’d be upset. I hated how they made Zuko seem so out of touch with people’s feelings in Book 3. He was always very empathetic before, and then they made him so insensitive.

He acted like he had NO IDEA why she was mad at him. What purpose did his betrayal serve other than to make him look like a huge insensitive jerk and a bad love interest? The story did not treat it like that big of a deal in the long run. Zuko hiring Combustion Man was pretty much treated as a joke in the end. All it did was make sure that Zuko had no satisfying relationships by the end of the show.

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You watched ATLA!! :D Who were your favorites and what did you think of Azula?

it’s very cute that you are surprised, anon. i kinda feel like anyone who is in an anime fandom has watched atla.

toph especially but also sokka are my faves, and i shipped them pretty hard, but also? the whole cast is astounding. 

azula was one of the most complicated, engaging villains i’ve ever seen. a phenomenal example of what can happen to a gifted child. granted, a gifted child who is the daughter of a despot and the granddaughter of a genocidal maniac, but still. 

yeah atla’s good stuff.  

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