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Zutara Month Day 21: Holiday

There are celebrations through out the world on the day the anniversary of when Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai.  Even in the Fire Nation there are celebrations, some places a little more somber than others while others lit as many fireworks as they could get their hands on.

The first year Katara spent with Zuko she thought he’d want to celebrate too.  Instead he made a formal appearance before hiding himself away from the world.  Katara let him have his time, she knew he needed his space.

The following year he did the same thing and she followed him.  They’d begun talking about their future and she wanted to share everything with him.

She found Zuko outside of a room she’d never really paid attention to before.  “This is Azula’s room,” he said.

“Oh,” Katara said.

Zuko sat on the floor.  “Everyone is celebrating my family falling apart.”

Katara sat next to him and put her head on his shoulder.  “You do know that happened before that day,” Katara said softly.

“I know,” Zuko said, “but it’s the world being happy they’re gone.”

Katara kissed his shoulder.  “I’m happy you’re here.  And between you and me today can be the anniversary of when you saved my life and I saved yours.”

“I think I like that.”


mysticdoughnut  asked:

zuko is the villain, at least at first. hes the fire nation prince. idk if u saw voltron but? hes p much keith, but w a shitty abusive father and a rlly good redemption arc. his sister is azula, who is 14 yrs old and TO BE FEARED. a true queen

what the hell is a voltron