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you are an AMAZING inspiration I love what you do so much 💕💕💕

………i’ve had a browser tab open to this ask for a couple of days now not knowing what to say, but feeling like i ought to say something and acknowledge this incredibly kind message that you were nice enough to send me, but ahhhhhhhhhhh– i’m no good at processing and / or responding to compliments.

i’m far from deserving of such kind words, but thank you. it’s an honor. <3

I realize that Erwin may give off that cold && distant && calculating vibe that makes him feel unsociable and unapproachable but that does not mean his diction is as stiff as a rock like he’s got a pole shoved up his ass , jfc. This is a man who knows how to use his words based on who his audience is and how old they are , spanning from cadets as young as the 104th to the veterans to the nobles he has to boot lick on a daily basis. He adapts his speech accordingly but that doesn’t mean he talks like some high end , stiff , awkward , snobby asshole.

me @’ing a mutual in a post right after reading their all of their links 9 times in a row, scrolling through 13 pages of their blog to see what they like, and spending at least an hour scrolling through my dash and miscellaneous tags trying to find something that fits both their aesthetic and interests: haha hey idk i think it said somewhere on ur links that u like this ? idk i may be totally wrong though so feel free to ignore if it’s not ur taste lol haha :P

  • expectation at age 13: will grow up to become the extroverted, witty, and enchanting elizabeth bennet
  • reality at age 22: has grown up to become the introverted, awkward, and stressed out fitzwilliam darcy

can’t believe tom holland murdered toby maguire with his bare hands

um this is Jenna Goranski singing the Squip Song? if that’s alright?


@birbstille im tagging u because ur jennas mod

cover of: Be More Chill  ‘the Squip Song’

ehehe im so sorry this is isn’t the best eh

I couldn’t scream “it’s from Japan” because it would’ve destroyed the audio so sorry!!

just in case here’s the link if it doesn’t load

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