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Kurogane having a same-gendered daemon is what I live for, and Fai with a magpie is so perfect that I’m kind of amazed.


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i want to hear ALL your thoughts on spike just give me the dirt. all of it. just bury him. Do it

ok so i don’t have a Lot of complex thoughts on spike beyond what i said in that ask–my feelings on him are mostly just that he was better as a villain and his relationship w/buffy was profoundly messed up in the later seasons–but there is something that i want to talk about that never ever ever gets explored.

a few months ago my dear friend @strelkatherocketdog brought up that spike was actually the one who came up with the idea to use jenny to get to giles. he was the one who brought up the concept of drusilla manipulating giles’s mind. and the thing is…i don’t think he ever really thought anything of it. i think he was just like “oh well this is better than the watcher dying and this way i get to leave with dru” but the thing is i think giles honestly would have rather died than had his memories fucked with like that. now he’s going to always have that memory tainting the rest of his time with jenny.

and then giles has to Live With Spike. like he has to live with the person who came up with the idea to use jenny to torture him. he has to live with someone who he was hurt and humiliated in front of. i’m honestly never ever going to get behind anything regarding giles and spike having a positive relationship simply because of how completely and thoughtlessly spike fucked him over. even the show just sort of breezes over it. giles of course rolls with it because he always has to roll with it for everyone else’s convenience, and i know spike’s pure evil at the time so i don’t exactly…blame him for it, but it still never gets talked about and sometimes i see people talking about giles and spike possibly becoming friends and like ???? definitely not in the show. at best giles tolerates spike for buffy’s sake (and giles tolerated angelus for buffy’s sake)

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Help me keep my expectations in check please, I want to go in to The Last Jedi with a mentality of there is 0% chance of anything remotely Reylo happening or being set up but with everything happening I can't help but feel optimistic.

hoo boy so i usually don’t do this bc i’m reylo af / gestures loudly to the rest of my blog/ but let me try and talk about reasons why this ship happening are a little dubious (rest assured i’ve been feeling optimistic as fuck as of late too)

  • we haven’t seen what Kelly Marie Tran’s role in the next movie will be. for all we know, she could be a love interest. i don’t think it would be a great idea to introduce a romantic subplot with a new character in the second movie and that would belie star wars’ formula, but it could happen and we gotta be aware of that possibility
  • it would REALLY throw audiences for a loop because many of them will be anticipating reywalk or solo and they might be mad about it and the last thing disney wants is for people to be mad about something that will be series-altering and go down in this movie series’ history for ever and ever
  • villain/hero romances really, really, really aren’t much of a thing, trope-wise those usually only happen if the villain is tricking the hero somehow and the romance doesn’t last once the hero figures out they’re being manipulated like, say, the protag/antag relationship in Scream where one of the killers ends up being the main character’s boyfriend (not that i think kylo would manipulate rey with his love, far from it, i think he’s far too raw and vulnerable with her for that, but that’s how the trope is usually played)
  • nothing on heaven or on earth will ever convince me that kylo ren isn’t smitten with rey in tfa, i just cannot drop that belief, he acts so freakin weird whenever he’s around her and that’s putting it lightly, but a legitimate criticism from antis is that rey hates kylo’s guts. if rey IS “very forgiving,” that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s forgiving enough to begin to be affectionate toward someone who committed this many atrocities not just to her personally but to the galaxy.
  • oh and there’s a significant age gap between them which either supports or devalues the possibility of them getting together depending on how you look at it (han and leia and anakin and padme also had big age gaps)


Her helm was a heavy mess. Processor hummed with thoughts that made her feel almost groggy. What in the pit was she thinking that night? Where was she? Chromia could not exactly get her wits about her, but soon, well… soon her optics cycled for the hundredth time, turned her helm to the side, shifted her frame and then noticed who was next to her.

She was home.

And so was he.

Out of all mechs in the world, she would not have expected this. Windchill…But how? The massive frame took up the majority of her berth, and he seemed rather at peace, recharging as if he had not a care in the world.

Primus…What did we do ?

Slowly, the femme shifted out of the covers, and tried to get out of the berth without disturbing her partner. This was going to be fun. When she sat up, she noticed all the transfer marks on her frame.


Windchill slumbered interrupted for some time, bothered not by Chromia’s waking nor much of anything. The seeker was a deep sleeper, one who believed with his whole spark that sleeping was a vacation from the rigors of being awake, an opportunity not to be squandered by the sudden momentum of his bedfellows. That Chromia’s rising had been gentle only helped matters.

When he did finally rise, it was with a stretch and creaky groan, and the berth joined in with his movement. He was, as usual, pushing the limits of physics by existing in any one space. Windchill rolled to his feet and shook himself, only then choosing to take in his surroundings. Well. The place certainly looked different in the morning light than the night before, but he recognized nothing.

This did not concern him. The ozone might have dissipated hours before, but the other lingering scents made the night’s activities clear, as clear as his memory of them. This didn’t concern him either.

That he was alone in the room, well, that almost concerned him. It was more that he happened to notice. Easily remedied!

Windchill threw back his helm and bellowed incoherently, knowing that the question of whether she’d foolishly left him unattended in her domicile would be answered shortly.


I love you. What the hell does that even mean? It means we take care of each other. I don’t want you sitting around, worrying, watching me, waiting for me to do my next crazy shit. It means good times, bad, sickness, health - all that shit.



I wish I had some pictures from the side because I have quite the badonkadonk. The green dress one looks pretty “I am a normal human being” proportioned but the wedding dress is pretty lumpy in real life. I guess all the white helps disguise that, though.

“It’s a good story.”

But I wasn’t having any of it. I shook my head, not even looking up at her. “Readers expect certain things. People are going to read this and be disappointed. It doesn’t do what a normal story is supposed to do.”

Then Vi said something I will always remember. “Fuck those people,” she said. “Those people have stories written for them all the time. What about me? Where’s the story for people like me?”

The Slow Regard of Silent Things, Patrick Rothfuss