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Sinful Bastards: Fantasy Racism

My ranger’s personality traits include always being willing to lend a hand. Early in the campaign, the sorcerer is introduced to the party as a lone wanderer.

Me: “It’s a pleasure to meet you. You seem tired - let me carry your bag until you feel better.”

Sorcerer: “That’s very kind of you.”

Sorcerer, OOC: “I give her my bag, and Prestidigitate a flower for her in thanks.”

Me, OOC: “I’m actually playing a guy.”

Sorcerer, OOC: “I can’t tell the difference, humans all look the same. You get a flower.”

and I feel blessed in this chillis tonight

kinda late congratulations to @yang-smash-trash and @cenizacaer for their enga(y)gement they blessed my eyes and my heart

“If Seokjin hit me with his car multiple times I’d still say thank you”

“I’d pay Min Yoongi to diss me”

“Park Jimin could leave me on read at 2:06 and text back at 9:13 and I’d reply at 9:12″

“Jungkook can step on me and I’ll just say thank you”

I don’t care if we’re talking about BTS here… Never allow ANYONE to disrespect you.


So within the past few weeks of WWE
  1. Neville walked out
  2. It’s rumored several others are unhappy and want to leave
  3. Nia is taking a leave of absence 
  4. Bo has a viral infection (first heard it was meningitis but now it’s being said he actually tested for mumps) 
  5. Bray and JoJo have been kept off the road because they are around him the most
  6. It seems Bray tested positive for the viral infection so he’s been pulled from TLC
  7. AJ had to miss the live event in Argentina due to illness
  8. Seems like AJ is better because he will replace Bray and face Finn at TLC
  9. Roman has been pulled from TLC due to medical reasons (probably whatever viral infection is going around)
  10. Kurt will replace Roman at TLC marking his first match in WWE in 11 years
  11.  Kevin left the South American tour due to personal reasons
  12. WWE confirmed a viral infection is going around the roster
  13. Several members of the RAW roster is being tested for the infection (results take around two weeks to come back so they won’t be allowed to perform until results come back)

I feel like there’s more but that’s all I can think of right now. Feel free to add more.