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Christmas Spirit( Living Quirks)

Izuku: So what kinds of traditions does your family do at Christmas?

Todoroki: My dad usually sets the tree up every year and burns it on Christmas. He usually has a maniacal laughter with it.

Izuku: That’s horrible!

Bakugou: That’s why we don’t have a tree at my house anymore.

i remembered jin’s dad and started crying

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Best skam fan fics?

Ahhh i can’t really give you a proper answer, because I basically only read chriseva fics😂,i already read some Evaks as well, but it was a while ago and i don’t recall the names. But if you’re interested in chriseva, i recomend on ao3 :

-Left behind ( ongoing)
- A family we chose for ourselves (Completed)

There’s a lot of good one shots, i’m probably forgetting some:

- Two halves of a perfect whole
- I want you instead  ( yousana included)
- Something old, something new ( a little of noorhelm, evak, yousana)

-Another shot

I’ve never

- Charm me ( this one is noorhelm with chriseva/ hogwarts au)

-Every scene was a sign

Jeez, i was supposed to choose like 5 but it’s hard.

Here on tumblr @time-to-go-97 ​ is always posting amazing one shots , just read them all, i can’t choose one.