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“My poor fallen angel, you poor soul  of yet another failed attempt.”

I’m just posting this JongKey fanart i’ve made so i can link it to the author of the amazing fanfic God’s Prettiest Angel. She’s the best! So talented and so nice! The story is amazing so make sure you go read it here. This was inspired by the last chapter and i can’t wait to read more. I will possible delete this later, idk

Me: *grunts and sighs at the screen 

Mom: why are you upset? 

 Me: well everything will be fine and dandy once Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Comes out and I see my babies being all lovey on screen for the first time in like ten years but I have a really bad feeling that DC is going to ruin my happy mojo and break them up and Im gonna have to be in depression mode for another ten years. 


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After Robert gets forcefully outed by Chrissie

Diane: I think they’ll be happy if you were having a fatal heart attack

Robert: Aren’t you meant to be my family?

like what an actual bitch. 

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A little over a week ago I edited the Wikipedia entry for Qaghans of the Turkic khaganates to include Seymour and he's still there. You can check. Am I doing God's work or should I be deeply ashamed of myself?

give me the link i don’t see him



this is crap im not even gonna write a cute caption lmao. 

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Practical Magic: Charms and Enchantments

I’ve seen two words used fairly interchangeably, leading to a fair bit of confusion… “charming” and “enchanting.” It’s something that has managed to catch my eye, and leads me to consider writing an article about what a charm is, versus an enchantment.

Well, screw considering! I’m writing!

Josh, are you alright? Why are you rambling like that?

Not rambling, but speaking my mind. I’m alright, aside from a slight cough left over from being sick, but I’m happily back to typing my witchy little heart out on the keyboard!

In all seriousness, I truly have seen these two terms be used interchangeably, and have received questions several times over regarding “charming an object.” It’s something that’s kind of bothered me. Not in a “That’s not what that is and you should be ashamed of yourself” kind of way. Just in a “I don’t think that means what you think it does,” kind of way.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’ve seen me post before about what magic is if you were to take away all the bells and whistles: Energy directed by intent. The core of magic is setting your intention to set off the series of events to manifest as reality, working alongside the work you put in. Ingredients and tools are ways of helping facilitate visualization and encourage additional energy aligned with that intent.

So how does that fit into my topic? Well, it helps me explain the difference between enchantment, charms, and the act of charming - all of which tend to get jarbled together in everyday conversation. In large part, this is because fantasy mixes it all together (unless you play D&D, in which case you know that enchantment is specific to objects while charming is a magical effect used to influence the will of an NPC… but I digress). So when we look at real world witchcraft (at least, my practice… keep in mind that some witches have different definitions; my perspective here is based on my personal research and what I’ve come to consider these topics), it helps to understand the differences.

How Charming!

I think it’s best to tackle this in reverse: starting with what a charm is. A charm is an object - be it jewelry or perhaps an item of clothing, or anything else - that has been enchanted. This is not to be confused with a talisman or a sigil. Sigils are created through a process of intent and visualization, while talismans are generally some form of jewelry (sometimes enchanted) that is believed to have some sort of ability or power.

Charms, however, have that intent channeled into them for a specific purpose. They are the product of enchantment.

How Enchanting!

Enchantment is the action of channeling intent and energy. It’s the creation of a charm, and can be as complex or as simple as the witch desires.

How do?

So now that we know the difference, how does one create a charm? Well, the most basic way of creating a charm is to hold the object in your and and focus on your intent while visualizing the energy flowing into it. Any spell meant to achieve this purpose is an enchantment.

An Enchantment Spell for Protection

-Object to be enchanted
-Rosemary and/or sage
-Cauldron with lit coal

Sprinkle rosemary and/or sage on the lit coal in the cauldron and pass the object through the smoke. With the object now cleansed, hold it in your hand and concentrate on the feeling of being protected and safe. Hold in your mind the thought and feeling of what it’s like to be safe. Now hold the object over the smoke again and visualize that feeling as light pooling in your hand around the object, rising up from the cauldron and spilling out from your heart and into the object, until it glows and it seems like it can’t hold any more of that energy.

When it feels right, hold that image in your mind and affirm it, either by saying something to the effect of I am protected and safe, a shield is this charm, or in another way that fits your practice.

Your charm is now created!

The thing about charms is that they hold an intended purpose. Media and fantasy often makes it out as if the charm is the sole source of that magic, and if the charm is lost or damaged, then the magic is gone. But just like any magic, the energy is meant to supplement your own. If the charm is lost or damaged, your source of power is not lost. Charms can always be created again to protect you from negative energy, increase luck, or keep yourself calm.

So enchant away! Create charms to your heart’s content! There are some practices that place particular emphasis on enchanting, and they can be useful tools for nearly any aspect of witchcraft.

Blessed Be! )O(

“Kill la kill is feminist because it promotes body positivity and shows women not to be ashamed of their (sexy) bodies” discourse was so iconic I don’t think we’ll ever reach that level of titty anime discourse again

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hello ^^ for the drabble game can i request 24 with shinee key ♡

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Kim Kibum: “I just want to be yours.”

Just add a little bit more…

Droplets of chemicals were pouring over the beaker, powders around the room making her cough lightly as she tries to add just the right amount. There wasn’t a potion-maker in this world as good as Kim Kibum and even when he was young, youth pouring from his stylish demeanor and sassy personality, she thought that learning from him was the best she could do. Her family, although really good at potion-making as well, were slightly ashamed of who they had as a daughter. In her own words and with the excuse she uses all the time, she wasn’t interested in magic or in potions, they were like another subject of high school that she didn’t want to see, hence why she was so concentrated in learning now. After all, she had grown tired to be the talentless human in between a family of witches and potion-makers.

Three drops of this royal blue liquid and the potion will be done.

Today, she was trying to make a friendship potion, which was one of the silliest of them all –in her own opinion- but Kibum seemed to differ. In the man’s words, it seemed like sentiment-based potions were stronger and more delicate than the others. She sighs lightly as she picks up the woodened spoon, stirring the contents quickly before a small smile appears over he features.

It’s finished.

“Mhm, seems like you’re done.” Kibum’s sweet voice is heard in that monotone tone of his as he takes off his lab jacket, only to have a striped shirt underneath. He places his hands over her shoulders as he looks over at the beaker before nodding his head. “The color seems right…” Kibum chuckles as he releases her. “Let me try it.

“What?!” She pulls the contents away as he tries to reach for it, widening her eyes when she does so. “You said feeling-based potions were dangerous!”

“We’re already friends…I’ll be just checking if you did the potion right.” At this point, she starts to wonder if she should let him. Kibum knew much more than her, after all. “If you don’t want to, then that’s okay-”

“Drink it.” She places the small vase over his hand before crossing her arms over her chest. “If it’s good then tell me.  I want to let my family know that I’ve gotten better.” At that moment, Kibum takes a swing of the drink and suddenly, the contents are gone, only to have his eye shining brightly than ever and she smiles sweetly. “Ooh, it seems like it worked.”

I love you.” His lips pulled out the words that she didn’t know of and her eyes widen immediately, making her shake her head profusely. “God…I love you so much.” Kibum walks closer to her and she gives a few steps back. Kibum was actually really handsome and in another circumstances, she would’ve accepted his embrace –if he hadn’t drank a love potion by accident, for example. His hands place themselves on each side of her face as she’s pressed against the wall, a sweet smile over his features. “I just want to be yours.

Oh, uh…

This isn’t right.

“Kibum,” His dreamy eyes look into hers and she feels her knees growing weak. If only he looked at her like that when he wasn’t dazed by magic…”If you love me, you will answer this.”

“Anything.” He replies quickly as he tries to press his lips to hers, only to have her pull back. Don’t make it so hard on me, she thinks.

“Friendship potions need three drops of that blue liquid, right?” She bites her bottom lip with a anticipation and Kibum chuckles, shaking his head quickly.

“They need thirteen drops, silly.” He tells her softly before kissing her cheek swiftly. “Love potions are the ones that use three!”

Well…now she doesn’t know what to do.

@lenins-and-things “real constructive work” like showing up to some demos carrying rifles and talking almost exclusively to conservatives? yea damn that’s really building socialism there.

like I said they have no accountability to non-white or non-male people or organizations so their “socialism” is just a bubble of white guilt. miss me with that shit. plus, the reason socialism never got hold isn’t cause we call them out on their racism, it’s cause even the poorest of the poor care more about the short term benefits of privilege as a colonizer than long term benefits of communism. quit the idealism, quit the respectability politics, quit the compromises to colonialism and whiteness, and let me know when leftist whites want to decolonize and be held accountable to black and brown folk.

If your nation (ie the settler nation) stole land and slaughtered people then yes, you should be very very ashamed and you should work to fix it, not sweep it under the rug like RR does.