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HEY HEY HEY!!! Here are my rsults for the tumblr awards! thank you to everyone who entered!

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are some people who won or got runner up twice. if you did, you do not recieve the prizes twice. if you got runner up and a winner, you choose to get the runner up prize or the winner prize.

The Harry Potter Award - Best Url: winner: @meropegaunt runner up: @mcgonnagal

The Ron Weasley Award - Best Icon: winner: @hollandstcm runner up: @obliviaet

The Hermione Granger Award - Best Mobile Theme: winner: @followthebutterflies runner up: @mollywecsley

The Ginny Weasley Award - Best Desktop Theme: winner: @loveqood runner up: @jeonjkooks

The Luna Lovegood Award - Nicest Blogger: winner: @softcurses runner up: @aurrorevans

The Neville Longbottom Award - Best Harry Potter: winner: @blqisezabini runner up: @holy-snitch

The Pansy Parkinson Award - Best Multifandom: winner: @njmphadora runner up: @hollandstcm

The Fred Weasley Award - Best Original Creations: winner: @newtonscabander runner up: @lunalovey

The George Weasley Award - Best Original Writing: winner: @mcgonnagal runner up: @weascleys

The Fleur Delacour Award - Best New Blog: winner: @loqhart runner up: @becauseannabeth

The Draco Malfoy Award - Personal Favourite: winner: @lunalovey runner up: @remushlupin



follow + friendship 

3 custom icons upon request

5 promos + 3 edits upon request

a virtual cookie whenever you want

runner ups:

follow + friendship

2 promos + 1 edit upon request

a virtual cookies whenever you’re sad

The Golden Snitch (Stuart Twombly X Reader)

Things weren’t going well with your team . Graham’s team had won every trial ,and that was stressing .Your future and the one of other 6 people was in risk .

You can not stop thinking about it . It was hard to pay attention to Lyle’s speech about which is gonna be the next trial , and how hard you’ll have to prepare if you really want to get an official job at Google .

“Hey y/n , is everything alright ?” Stuart whispers into your ear because you don’t look good.
“Yes .. I think ” you shrug and clear your throat “where are the others?” .
“I think that Neha went to the restroom , I don’t know about the other four” Stuart answers .
“Do you think that we are gonna win the Quidditch match ?”he ask trying to make conversation.
“Quiddicht match? What are you talking about Stu?” your facial expression changed from concern to astonishment in matter of seconds .
“I believe that you weren’t paying attention to Lyle’s news . the next trial is gonna be a Quidditch match ” Stuart replies as if it was something without any kind of importance.
“Omg! I’m screwed..” You pass your hands through your hair .
“Why do you say that?” The boy with brown caramel eyes ask.
“Why ? because I’m a total disaster at sports , well at most of them ” you stare at him directly in the eyes ” I haven’t play Quidditch in my life . Only at videogames but that’s it”
“Don’t worry . I’ll help you with that , everything is gonna be fine ” Stuart says standing up and taking his backpack to leave .
“We’ll practice today at 4:00 in the park that is close to Google.”

That was the last thing he said before dissapearing through the door without even letting you accept his offer .

At 4:00 p.m you were sit down in the green lawn of the park waiting for Stuart to appear . Suddenly you distinguish someone approaching to you when the person was closer you could see that it was Stuart .

He was carrying a couple of broomsticks , and a big black side bag is hanging from his left shoulder. Stuart smiles when he saw that you were there .
“Hey , Stuie” you greet .
“Stuie?” He says , leaving the bag next to you on the lawn .
” yeah , Stuie . I’m gonna call you like that since now ,and I’ll be the only that can call you Stuie” you answer with a cheeky smile .
“If you say so …” He says ignoring your comment . “Now get up , we’ve got a lot of work to do.”
You stood up and he gives you one of the broomsticks then open the black bag , and takes out a set of balls .
“The first thing I’m going to do is to explain a few things to you about the game . Okay?”
“Okay” you stare at him .
“So… well , there are seven players on a team. Three chasers score goals worth 10 points each with a volleyball called the quaffle. They advance the ball down the field by running with it, passing it to teammates, or kicking it. Each team has a keeper who defends the goal hoops. Two beaters use dodgeballs called bludgers to disrupt the flow of the game by ‘knocking out’ other players. Any player hit by a bludger is out of play until they touch their own goals. Each team also has a seeker who tries to catch the snitch. The snitch is a ball attached to the waistband of the snitch runner, a neutral athlete in a yellow uniform who uses any means to avoid capture. The snitch is worth 30 points and its capture ends the game. If the score is tied after the snitch catch, the game proceeds into overtime.” Stuart explains this to you in matter of minutes .

“Are we gonna play , right ?” You ask
“How we are only 2 , we will practice each position separately . First , we are gonna practice throwing the quaffle to that hoop and after that we’ll continue with the other 6 positions left.” Stuart tells .

It was funny practicing with Stuart ; you were having a great time with him . Sometimes you failed but he continued cheering you up .

You really like him , and you wondered if he has the same feelings for you .
Finally it was time to practice being a seeker , and Stuart was going to put the golden snitch on his waistband ; you’ll try to capture him.
“Ready?” Stuart asks and you nod .

The boy with brown caramel eyes starts running . You follow him ,’ Damn he is fast and sneaky’ you thought .
It took you 8 times to finally catch him , and when you did it you had to jump over him .
You were on top of Stuart. Your face was so close to his , both of your breathing and his started to get more heavy .
You wanted to kiss him so badly .

Stuart was gazing at you , his hair was messy and he was completely exhausted . But he still looked handsome . He removed a strand of hair from your face , and placed it behind your right ear .

Suddenly Stuart muttered “you are so beautiful” making you blush.
You stayed in that position for almost 3 minutes, until you realized what was happening.
You lie down next to him, looking at the sky that was getting dark.
“Thanks, Stuie” you say taking his hand. Stuart realizes what you did but doesn’t say anything. He only keeps looking at the sky with a smile on his face.

When you finished practicing , Stuart offered to escort you back to the building in which the female interns are leaving . But you denied his offer , by telling him that you didn’t want him to come back too late , and that he needed to rest for tomorrow’s match.

Still, that didn’t stop you from leaving Stuart with a kiss in the face region that is close to his mouth .

🌟🌟 I’m gonna try to write more about him but every imagine will be like the continuation of the last one . Also I’m accepting suggestions for outfit preferences or ideas for imagines about teen wolf , the maze runner , the internship ☺️. Love you ✌️.
W E L C O M E  O N E  A N D  A L L! 

Welcome to ohhmoony and dearestgranger’s tumblr awards! As we have both hit our respective goals recently (thank you, everyone ❤), we’ve decided to present to all our joint Tumblr Awards!

So without further ado, the rules:

  • Please be following both Jee and Arika
  • Must be fandom/multifandom to enter (does not have to be Harry Potter or the Hunger Games)
  • Reblog to enter, no likes allowed!
  • Must reach at least 75 notes
  • Ends on February 21st
  • We will pick one winner and one runner-up for each award
  • We will choose another runner-up for every extra 50 notes
  • The Snitch Award - Best Theme
  • The Hermione Granger Award- Best Posts
  • The Phoenix Award - Best URL
  • The Marauders’ Award - Best Edits
  • The Ron Weasley Award - Funniest Blogger
  • The Luna Lovegood Award - Nicest Blogger
  • The Harry Potter Award - Best HP
  • The Mockingjay Award - Best Hunger Games
  • The Golden Trio Award - Best Multifandom
  • The Triwizard Cup Award - Best Overall
  • The Tom Felton Award - Arika’s Favorite
  • The Emma Watson Award - Jee’s Favorite

Winners will receive:

  • A follow back from both of us (if we don’t already!) *:・゚✧
  • Group promo with the runner-up(s)
  • Unlimited promos when requested
  • Links on our blogs 4eva
  • Hopefully new friends *winkwink*
  • OUR LOVE ♥♥♥

Runner-ups will receive:

  • A follow back from us both!
  • Group promo with the winner :)
  • 5 promos throughout the remainder of the month and March
  • Our friendship and admiration and loooove

Reblog away!

Some RvB characters and their quidditch positions:

Church: Head Ref. Unfortunately, that also means he deals with the most shit.

Donut: Snitch runner. Like, maybe he isn’t the best snitch runner, but he looks fly af in the snitch shorts

Simmons: Chaser, but like, one of those chasers who literally never gets the ball until they’re right next to the goal. Also a decent seeker.

Grif: Keeper. He’s not too fast, but he will literally take down any enemy in keeper zone

Tucker: He’s like, the most fly chaser ever seen. Passes that quaffle through the hoops before anyone knows what hit them. Bow chika bow wow

Caboose: He REALLY wants to be a ref so he can be with Church, but even goal reffing would prove difficult for him. Instead, his teammates usually let him be a chaser, because he is surprisingly intimidating.

Wash: Best seeker ever. Of all time (but also does fairly well beating)

Carolina: The scariest beater you’ve ever seen. She specializes in face beats.

Sarge: Kinda actually isn’t very good at any position, though he claims perfect in all of them. Also a crummy ref. Subs as a keeper when Grif is out. 

Lopez: Beats pretty damn well

Kimball: Death beater

Felix and Locus are either tag team beaters or chasers. Either way they’re horribly deadly and cause lots of fouls and do lots of dick moves that should be red carded all the time. They also would probably scream at the refs.

HAPPY TUMBLR BIRTHDAY TO ME! *happy dancing* Its officially been 2 years of me owning this blog! I’m so happy to be here  and I as promised i have picked all the winners and runner ups for my massive tumblr awards/feb botm!!!! Thank you for sticking with me this long and I hope ya’ll continue being my friends <3 much love from me to you! Congrats to all the winners!!! 

The Awards:

Newcomer Award:

Winner: beilkovs

Runner Ups: prongsdeer ❤ buckbeek ❤ corahalie ❤  ohpeetamellrak

Golden Snitch Award [Best Harry Potter]:

Winner: sexymalfoys

Runner Ups: why-fred ❤ ohweasleyking ❤ ohnevilles ❤ ohhmoony

Mockingjay Pin Award [Best Hunger Games]:

Winner: hakuna-peetata

Runner Ups: ohpeetamellrak ❤ enobaira ❤ rebellionsfire ❤ katnnisseverdene

Enchanted Compass Award [Best Once Upon A Time]:

Winner: untilkillianmetemma

Runner Ups: swashbucklerswan ❤ onceuponthecapital

Golden Diadem Award [ Best Cultural Diversity ]:

Winner: stankface 

Runner Ups: alisharay83 ❤ swashbucklerswan ❤ slytherihn 

Best Url A [ Harry Potter]:

Winner: malfoysheart

Runner Ups:  ❤ dracoamalfoymalfoysmine ❤ prongsandpadfoot  ❤ leveosah

Best Url B [ The Hunger Games]:

Winner: mockingkiss

Runner Ups: fixatedonpeeta ❤ finnickscresta ❤ rnorphling ❤ katnissn

Best Url C [ Once Upon A Time]:

Winner: swashbucklerswan

Runner Ups: untilkillianmetemma ❤ swanjones  

Best Theme:

Winner: slughornes

Runner Ups: riddikuluslupin ❤ marauderism ❤ caudroncakes ❤ accioklaus

Best Edits/Graphics:

Winner: slytherihn

Runner Ups: evanpoters ❤ slughornes ❤ lupln ❤ mediumraredraco

Best Gifs:

Winner: slytherns

Runner Ups: jimkurk ❤ mistereverdeen ❤ agenttrailer ❤ sirepotter

Nicest Blogger:

Winner: doeandstag

Runner Ups: claraoswaldl ❤ herhmione ❤ ahoidraco ❤ voldevolts

Best Multifandom:

Winner: schrodingersowen

Runner Ups: werewolfarchery ❤ grejoy ❤ gryffnders ❤ captaindumbledore

Best Artistic Blog [ Art, Photography, Broadway or Fashion]:

Winner: emmettforrests

Runner Ups: houseoflecter ❤ marauderism ❤ slytherinly ❤ lordvouldemort

Best Overall [ aka my February BOTM ]:

Winner: malfoycharms

Runner Ups: sirepotter ❤ dracomxlfoy ❤ decodemalfoy ❤ deathsheart

Prizes: for the winners

  • Follow back from me (if not already)

  • Bragging rights plus unlimited promos for three weeks

  • My friendship, love and eternal glory

  • Winners will be shown on this page which i will add the link to it in my updates bar <3

Prizes: for the runner ups

  • Follow back from me (if not already)

  • Bragging rights plus unlimited promos for two weeks

  • My friendship, love and eternal glory

  • runner ups will be shown on this page which i will add the link to it in my updates bar <3