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Another Phone Call
  • Molly: *rolls over in bed to grab and answer her ringing mobile* Hello? This is Dr. Molly Hooper.
  • Sherlock: Molly, it's me. I'm using a different phone.
  • Molly: *sighs heavily* Right, what now?
  • Sherlock: I just need you to do something very easy for me.
  • Molly: *clenches her jaw* Are you trying to be funny, Sherlock? When you said that earlier today there was nothing easy about it.
  • Sherlock: Yes, but now I mean it. Because all I need you to do now is listen. Can you do that?
  • Molly: Well...yes.
  • Sherlock: Good. *exhales* You count to me, Molly, so very much. And I trust you. I trust you with my work, with my secrets, and with my very life. You matter more than most of the other people that inhabit this entire planet. You are unique, intelligent, brave, and puzzling to me in the best sort of way. And you're beautiful; so very beautiful in every way a person can be. And...I love you, Molly...I love you.
  • Molly: *speechless*
  • Sherlock: Molly?
  • Molly: Y-yes I'm here.
  • Sherlock: Good.
  • Molly: *her voice unsteady* And...was that it?
  • Sherlock: Yes, that was all I needed you to do.
  • Molly: *softly* Ok.
  • Sherlock: Well...goodnight, Molly.
  • Molly: Wait! Sherlock, can you do something for me now?
  • Sherlock: Anything.
  • Molly: *pauses* Come to my flat please.
  • Sherlock: ...right now?
  • Molly: Yes, now please. Because...I'm not saying it over the phone this time.

No update today because the flu has me in its evil clutches. Sorry!

Thank you so much for the well-wishes and see you next week <3

Also, it’ll be Chinese New Year in the comic soon and Sunati celebrates (the vast majority of future Australia celebrates) so I was wondering - do I have any Indonesian readers who could please tell me if there are any lunar New Year traditions you think Sunati might follow?

Google has informed me that the new year greeting in Indonesia is gong xi fa cai and people eat sweet sticky rice cakes called dodol keranjang. If there’s anything else I should know about (or if this is incorrect) pretty please let me know :)



I’m sick since yesterday and i’m stuck in bed :v Great weekend for me :v xD But luckily for me someone upload video about arts today c: Someone that i love so much c:
So there you have amazing Wiishu! C:
I still can’t draw her properly which is sad .-. pshhh i just can’t draw and colour properly :v xD But she makes me smile, laugh and bring me joy today so i dunno, maybe i can repay it and make her smile because of this crappy doodle? C: xD


alright hello , my name is lia i admin the twitter rp that is @grandeurhq , we’ve roughly been open for a week and tonight we experienced a conflict with a member. i’m aware that there is a psa being sent to rpts about us, and i’d like to clear everything up so underneath the cut you’ll find screenshots about what happened and how everything happened. 

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if got7 comes back with an rnb album i will be so happy. like idk if y'all understand but this is my dream for got7. they fit that genre so much. just imagine the vocals and the slow soft sexy rapping that they would do!! like give me more songs like angel, like oh and prove it, just to name a few. give me a title track that matches how great the rest of the songs on the album sound. i need got7 to snatch everyone BALD in 2017. i just know got7s potential. this is their genre i just feel it in my tits!!

While he was lost in the portal for 30 years, Scientists figured out the Human Genome.

Now that he’s back, Ford needs to figure out the Human Degnome.

I wonder what Lotor will be like. You’d think the firstborn son of a tyrant would’ve been at daddy’s side the instant you hear the very thing that could threaten the Galra Empire (and the thing the empire has devoted most of its whole network to find) appeared out of nowhere. But he hasn’t come around once and we haven’t gotten any mention of him until now.

So, like… is he gonna be a spoiled brat or what?