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im sad ,do u have any nice vld hcs? dont feel obligated to reply, ill probably read one of ur fics to feel better anyways

i’m sorry you feel sad :( i wish there was something i could do, i hope these fluffy klance headcanons make you feel better even if it’s just a little

  • lance ties keith’s hair into a floof at the top like a pineapple, and then when keith walks his floof keeps bouncing around and it makes lance cry 
  • keith watches lance sleep with a sappy smile on his face
  • lance drowsily: “babe?” keith: “yes baby? my angel, my beautiful boy-” lance: “can you stop hogging the blankets? for once in your damn life?” 
  • lance knows that if he runs at keith, keith will drop whatever he’s carrying to catch him because keith is built like a tank 
  • lance always squishes keith’s cheeks together and makes him look like an angry pufferfish, but then lance kisses his pout over and over and keith is happy 
  • lance: “WHAT TEAM!?” keith: “vol-tron?” lance: “no but i still love you” 
  • keith has a competition going with pidge and hunk called ‘who can make lance giggle the most’ and keith currently has a lead of 42 points, because all he has to do is pull lance into his chest and nuzzle his neck. it has a 100% effectiveness rate
  • keith: “why did you fall in love with me?” lance: “i mean…you thicc lmaoo” 
  • lance: “keith nO I’M SORRY IT WAS A JOKE I DIDN’T MEAN IT”
  • at dinner lance gently bumps keith’s shoulder with his, and keith smiles and does it back. they bump each other harder and soon they’re rolling around on the floor giggling while the rest of the team is like -__- 
  • lance: “i got you this pretty flower” keith: “i liberated this planet and they made me their king. i’m giving the planet to you now lance. lance are you listening to me. if i could give you a whole solar system i would lance you deserve so much listen please-” 
  • lance: “baby can you rub my back for 2 seconds” keith: “yes ok” keith: “lance did you fall asleep what the hell” 
  • every morning keith shoots up from sleep with his hair sticking up wildly in different directions. lance always musses it up cos it’s soft and it makes keith smile, and lance’s chest squeezes cos he never thought he would be this in love 
Imagine Dean ruining your dates on purpose because he has feelings for you and is jealous.

“So if I get this right you… are going to ruin her date because the guy is not good enough for her and not because you are insanely jealous of him?” Castiel asked with a slightly raised eyebrow, looking at his friend in the driver’s seat as he eyed the guy you were out with.

“Uh yeah.” he licked his lips “Yeah. Pretty much.” he shrugged softly “I mean the guy’s a douche, he’s obviously going to hurt her. And just look-” he scoffed a laugh “We’re in Dodge City, Kansas and he ain’t even wearing a cowboy hat? Yeah, he’s definitely an idiot that doesn’t deserve her.”

“So this is why you’re wearing one? Because you think she’ll love it… when you ruin her fun evening out?” Castiel tiltedhis head to the side and Dean paused for a second to think.

“Yeah, that too maybe.” he shrugged “But it’s a great opportunity I don’t want to miss out on.”

“So… it is also like a way of charming her, right?” Castiel mumbled “Last time you ruined a date of hers by intimidating the guy she was mad at you for an entire week, if I remember correctly, and she didn’t talk to you for twice the time.”

“Pretty much, yeah, Cas.” Dean nodded his head, rolling his eyes when the guy did something that obviously annoyed you and didn’t notice it. Sure it wasn’t that obvious on your features but Dean knew you like the back of his hand, he could spot even from miles away even small changes in your expression or behavior that showed how you felt.

“I don’t understand.” the angel sighed and Dean glanced at him with a smirk.

“Man it’s good to have you back Cas.” he chuckled softly, this had somehow almost become a routine for them “What is it this time?” he asked before facing back at you.

“Why don’t you jut ask her out yourself, if you are so jealous about-”

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Do you wanna be a Serpent? Part 4

He was tired, his bones ached and a distinct throbbing pounded against his temples. After an early morning Serpents meeting at the White Wyrm, three exams and two hours of conditioning practice, Jughead Jones was truly and completely exhausted.

It was nearly seven o clock at night and the dark haired Serpent was just exiting the gym locker room, his wavy hair damp and messy and his leather jacket shoved deep in his duffel. The showers at Riverdale High were so much nicer than the broken down rusted one in his own trailer, most days he would spend hours just standing under the steady warm spray and letting his mind wander anywhere but the present. Tonight was no exception, he needed it, a break. A break from the Serpents, from his responsibilities, as much as he loved his rank in the gang sometimes it was too much, sometimes he just wanted too sit down with his friends, drink a milkshake, kiss a pretty girl.

A pretty girl with hauntingly deep green eyes, a girl with golden hair and the softest skin, he wanted to kiss strawberry flavored lips and put his hands on swirling curves.

He wanted to kiss Betty Cooper and no one else.

It was impossible, the thought of her ever wanting to truly be with him, sure she fooled around, teased him, played his game, But she was made for better. She was Betty Cooper, she deserved better, she would have better. It was just the facts, pretty girls with golden hearts don’t fall for broken boys with broken parts.

A soft and soothing voice rang through the halls

“They hung a sign up in our town

If you live it up you won’t live it down.”

Jughead strained to follow the voice, it was familiar but so heart breakingly Beautiful he could only focus on the way the words etched into his brain.

“So She left Monte Rio son

Just like a bullet leaves a gun.”

It was getting closer, the voice carrying through the halls and calling him in, the sound of a siren, something sent down to take him away.

“With charcoal eyes and Monroe hips

She went and took the California trip.”

It was coming from the office, the first place he had spoken to Betty, the tiny room covered in papers.

Sure enough, she was there, thegirl who never left his thoughts, her nose buried in a book as the words she sang tumbled from her lips.

“Well the moon was gold and her hair like wind,

she said don’t look but now, just come on in.”

Jughead leaned against the doorway, his smile genuine, so soft and out of place if any of his brothers saw him they wouldn’t recognize him. She was beautiful, the girl was an angel and he was lucky enough to be in her presence, even for just a bit. She looked different, gone was the tight ponytail and pastel sweaters, replaced by honey blonde curls cascading over the arm of the hideous plaid couch, she was wearing her cheerleading shorts and an oversized riverdale High sweatshirt, a pair of dirty white converse on her feet. She looked so god damn beautiful it hurt to look.

“You gotta hold on, hold on, you gotta hold on

Take my hand, I’m standing right here you gotta hold on.”

She hummed softly, her eyes scanning the pages of her book.

“You can sing too?” He smirked, a lazy smile spreading across his face as the book slipped from Betty’s hands, a gasp falling from her lips as she straightened herself out, the instant look of relief in her eyes when she saw that it was only him did things to jugheads stomach.

“Jughead Jones. We have to stop meeting like this. Ya know, if you wanna hang out you only have to ask.” She smirked back teasingly.

“I like the mystery of it all.” He offered, sliding his duffel bag across the floor and taking a seat on the couch beside her, picking up her book off the floor and reading the title “any reason you’re here at Riverdale at 7 o’clock at night reading…. Jack Kerouac?” He raised a curious brow, handing back her book. Their fingers touched for a moment as he made the exchange and they both stared at each other, you could almost feel the electricity through the room.

“Same reason as you I would assume.” The beautiful blonde responded, sliding her fingers out from under his.

“You don’t have a working shower either?” The serpent joked.

Betty rolled her eyes, smacking his arm

“No you dork, I needed….I just needed time.. time to myself, I needed time to not be the perfect girl next door, to not smile for the cameras and give speeches and fix everyone’s problems. Lord knows I have enough of my own problems to figure out.” She smiled sadly, her shoulders slumped as she leaned back against the couch.

“I get that.” Jughead agreed “I know what it’s like to have everyone depend on you, to need you. Sometimes I just want to run away, just get on my bike and leave. Start over.” He wasn’t sure why he was telling her all of this, spilling his guts, but he was and he didn’t regret it, he could talk to her, trust her.

“We could go together.” Betty sighed, a dreamy smile on her lips “like Romeo and Juliet except we live happily ever after.”

Jughead smiled back, resting against the couch alongside Betty “the fair Princess Elizabeth and the peasant boy Jughead Jones Run away together on horseback, ride off into the sunset.” He chuckled softly.

“It would be nice.” Betty said turning to look at him “but we can’t leave, not when so many people rely on us, Need us. We have responsibilities.” She stuck her tongue out playfully and Jughead laughed a bit louder.

“Responsibilities. My mortal enemy.”

“I thought that the Ghoulies were your mortal enemy.” Betty giggled

“Ahh the true enemy in our story.” Jughead said dryly, his eyes falling on Betty as she leaned forward

“Our story.” She repeated “I like that. “Our story” the beautiful blonde cheerleader was beaming “so what’s the next chapter of our story Juggie.” The nickname rolled off her tongue so casually that Jughead felt a warmth in his chest that he hadn’t felt since he was a kid.

“Well Betts, that’s up to us. I heard you’re severely understaffed at your paper and I was wondering if you could use another author might be a good place to work on… our story.” He grinned, nerves buzzing. What if she said no? What if she liked being alone, he hated the sting of rejection.

“I’d love that Juggie.” She whispered, her hand sliding into his open palm. She was letting him in. She wanted him here, with her in her space. After a moment of silence jughesd grabbed the book from the table

“Tell me about this book.” He nodded, the moment had passed but he didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to say goodbye.

“Oh jughead, you should never ask me about a book, once I get going I never stop. Buttt… since you asked, okay so essentially the protagonist…”

Jughead leaned back against the couch his eyes locked on Betty as she animatedly told an in depth summary of her favorite novel.

He was tired yeah, exhausted even, but right now? Sitting in the tiny office on the horribly tacky plaid couch with the most warm hearted girl he had ever known?

He wouldn’t trade it for all the naps in the world.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #222 - Ghostbusters (2016)

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes, #437.

Format: Blu-ray

Disclaimer: In a perfect world I would not have to write this, but the world is not perfect so here it goes. If anyone replies or adds a comment to this post (via reblog) that is hateful or misogynistic, you are getting blocked and reported. There’s a difference between NEGATIVE opinions (ie: “This movie isn’t funny.”) and HATEFUL opinions: (ie: “Women aren’t funny.”). Also, no racist comments about Leslie Jones either. Now that we’ve established that…

1) The prologue at Aldridge Mansion.

I have mixed feeling about the prologue. It is not the BEST representation of the film’s humor so in that aspect it is not the best foot forward to start on. However, it does establish the film’s spooky tone well. There is a genuine sense of macabre-ness to when the ghost-stuff starts happening, which is where the film excels. I think this movie is very funny, but just not in this scene.

2) Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert

Originally posted by lovingnewghostbusters

I think Erin is the main character of this film. She’s the protagonist. Yes, the team of four Ghostbusters is great, but it is Erin who goes on a wonderful journal throughout the film. She starts out trying to keep an aspect of herself - the ghost focused aspect - down, but when her beliefs are confirmed later in the film she is just ecstatic. Erin as developed as a character as the film goes on and on, with important character details revealed throughout. Erin is also the character who strives most for recognition out of the team. Abby is more concerned about being able to do the work but it is Erin who is fighting for the recognition she and her team deserve.

Wiig is incredibly charming in the part. She makes Erin wonderfully dorky and plays the insecurity well against growing self worth. Each of the four Ghostbusters in this film are master comedians who blend acting chops with humor beautifully and Wiig is no exception.

3) I’m a guy. I benefit from male privilege. Having said that I like the number of scenes in this film which (as I interpret them) take shots at the bullshit sexism that plagues western society.

Harold Filmore: “Oh, and about your clothes?”

Erin: “Yes?”

Erin: “Too sexy for academia?”

4) Even though Harold Ramis died before filming (even getting a dedication in the end credits), he still makes a cameo. Sort of.

5) I’m Benny.

Abby: “Erin.”

Erin: “Abby.”

Benny: “Benny.”

6) Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates.

Originally posted by explosivist

What makes Abby so interesting is that her character (and the way McCarthy performs her means she) is dripping with conflict. And I mean that as a good thing, because conflict is interesting. She’s not going to take shit from anyone. She sticks to her guns and is proud of her work, even when others seek to shame her because of it. Clearly dedicated to her science, McCarthy is great in the role. Able to give a multifaceted performance through Abby’s brashness, passion, eagerness, and relationship with Erin. The fact she calls a ghost, “beautiful,” is incredibly telling of her character. McCarthy (and I’m going to start sounding like a broken record by the time this post is over) MAKES the character. Watching her rekindle an old friendship with Erin is incredibly fun to watch because they ARE working past their differences. It even leads to the film’s climax, but more on that later.

7) Kate McKinnon as Holtzmann.

Originally posted by fuckedforlife

Kate McKinnon is the ULTIMATE scene stealer of this movie. She plays Holtzmann in an exaggerated way, with a wonderful amount of sheer bizarreness and energy. Also an element I call Kate-McKinnon-ness, which is basically a not so fancy way to say only McKinnon could play the part this way. Especially because she doesn’t make Holtzmann a joke herself. Sure, she’s funny and leads to most of the best humor in the film, BUT you understand she’s as intelligent as any of her contemporaries. She’s just able to be freaking hysterical too (much like Bill Murray in the original film).

8) This film has some early pacing problems early on. It takes a little while to get going, but once it does it REALLY gets going. It’s just…did we need TWO training sequences to show off the technology? Especially when the first one is so brief and the second one is SO funny?

9) There are few characters I have so immediately related to other than Jillian Holtzmann. This line is why:

10) The encounter with the Aldridge Ghost.

It is from this point moving forward that the film gets a handle on most of its pacing problems. This is the threshold. The rules are established to a degree: ghosts are real! The scene is incredibly interesting to watch not only because the spookiness of the ghost is handled well, but the way each Ghostbuster reacts/is fascinated by her brings in the audience’s interest. It’s a brief but powerful moment of both tension and fun.

11) In reference to the disclaimer above about misogynistic comments, this is what counts as a misogynistic comment.

Erin [reading a YouTube comment on their video]: “Ain’t no bitches gonna hunt no ghosts.”

12) Leslie Jones as Patty.

Originally posted by gonegvrl

Patty is way stronger as a character than she could have been, something I greatly appreciate. Upon our first meeting with her the audience understands she’s not the cliché “I hate my job worker” while getting a early sense of her curiosity. Because that curiosity is defining for the character of Patty. She’s the history buff, meaning that she is in many ways equally intelligent as the other three Ghostbusters. Her intelligence just isn’t in science, so she brings a unique skill set to the team.

Patty: “You guys know a lot about this science stuff, but I know New York.”

I know New York could’ve easily equalled some cliche street smarts, but Patty is more than that. She’s more than a cliche and Leslie Jones plays her as such. The actress freaking shines in the part, being able to make Patty unique of all her performances INCLUDING her work on SNL. She’s still doing what she does strong with occasional big humor, but she’s able to play Patty as a character and not a sketch. That’s not a skill all comedians are able to master, but Leslie Jones proves that there is not a weak leak in this quartet of heroes.

13) Rowan.

Originally posted by enthusiastick

Ugh, a whiny fuckboi who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he got shit as a kid. What a perfectly hatable villain. They even observe later in the film that the four heroes, “get shit on pretty much all the time.” So yeah, it’s easy to root against that guy.

14) I like that the film puts the team in a Chinese restaurant instead of the firehouse right away.

The struggle these character have in getting recognized is much more important than the first film. Yes it was there, but the guys were more easily bale to shrug it off than these women can. The first team didn’t really care about being respected or treated well, they just did their shit. With this team it is a greater struggle because they know they DESERVE the recognition and won’t just get it handed to them for doing a good job. They have to fight for it. My personal interpretation of that its almost representative of how guys just get recognized because of male privilege but women have to fight for what they deserve more (but again, privileged white dude, I could just be mansplaining here).

15) Chris Hemsworth as Kevin.

Originally posted by elizgeli

Kevin is in this film for two reasons: to be in danger and to look pretty. You know, like most women throughout the history of big blockbuster movies. But the difference is the film KNOWS that. They’re making that joke on purpose, which means they’re able to make Kevin completely freaking hysterical. They juice him for every bit of humor he has and Chris Hemsworth absolutely DESTROYS it in terms of comedy. He’s in a film with four modern comedy heavyweights and is able to hold his own. And everyone’s surprised he’s so funny in the new Thor movie? Thor ain’t got nothing on Kevin.

16) It’s funny because it’s true.

Patty [after a ghost ends up on the subway]: “He’s going to be the third scariest thing on that train.”

17) Erin’s ghost story.

This is the freaking beating heart of the movie. Right here. Its pulse can be found int his one scene. Everything that motivates Erin’s character, that speaks to her study of ghosts, can be found in this heartbreaking childhood story. It is an intense human element which helps elevate the story above cash grab reboot, especially when all of Erin’s current friends reassure her that they believe her.

17.1) Wait…could the scene where Erin tells her friends about how no one believed her when a creepy person came into her room every night but her friends do now be representative of sexual harassment stories? Maybe it’s because of all the allegations coming forward now but, I wonder…

18) I try not to compare this film to the original Ghostbusters too much, but then you have the cover of the theme song by Fallout Boy & Missy Elliott. While the cover HAS grown on me, it doesn’t touch the original.

19) The Stonehurst Theater scene.

First of all, Patty is again awesome. I cannot tell you how long I waited for a character in a scary movie to just be like, “Yeah, no,” and walk away. But I digress.

There is a nice sense of tension throughout this scene (although it could benefit to slow down from the scene), upping the spooky factor greatly. The following concert scene is also crazy fun and perhaps has the greatest concentration of awesome Patty moments in the film. But it is this victory, this triumph where the Ghostbusters actually catches a ghost, is the moment when I fall in love with this team. I was rooting for them before, but now I’m REALLY rooting for them.

20) Bill Murray’s cameo.

Originally posted by willliamgraham

Most of the cameos in this film are ones I like (except Dan Aykroyd’s, more on that later though), but Bill Murray is more than just a crammed in cameo. He is a new character. He’s a problem the team has to face. The representation of everyone who doubts them and wants to keep them “in their place”. He is INCREDIBLY different from Murray’s previous character Peter Venkmann, which in the end just makes everything better because we know this isn’t some version of Venkmann. This is a new character for a new film. Also, this fucking line.

Bill Murray (yes, I’m calling him Bill Murray): “Well I guess the graciousness has ran out.”

YOU BARGE IN ON THEIR PLACE OF WORK, CONSTANTLY CRITICIZE AND BELITTLE THEM, AND EXPECT GRATITUDE! This is the equivalent of, “People would like you more if you smiled, sweetheart.”

Originally posted by somethingafterall

21) The Mayor’s Office.

I see The Mayor in this film as basically the system looking to discredit and keep the women down in this film. He says the Ghostbusters should step aside because, “These gentlemen are on it,” when they are very clearly NOT on it, before noting that they are, “drawing a lot of attention to yourselves,” just by telling the truth (again: sexual harassment metaphor?). Then later they call the Ghostbusters just doing the right thing and being competent a, “desperate attempt at fame.” It’s handled well but very purposefully irritates the audience.

22) Once ley lines come into play the film transcends fun comedy with spooky elements into much higher fantasy elements. The stakes rise considerably, adding a whole new dimension to the movie.

23) Hey, it’s Annie Potts!

Moving on.

24) The scene where Abby gets possessed is really great. There’s a nice tension and build up to it while McCarthy is able to play evil Abby as wonderfully creepy. It’s the most REAL danger the characters have had. It’s not ghosts, it’s their friend choking them out and bashing on shit. THAT is why it works.

Originally posted by erngilbert

25) I think casting Chris Hemsworth as Kevin was so he could fulfill two roles: cute dumbass and fun villain. When Rowan posses Kevin, Hemsworth acts as the film’s final act antagonist. And he does it REALLY well. Kinda charismatic actually, while still being an excellently punchable douche bag.

26) I love this line.

The Mayor: “Never compare me to the Jaws mayor. NEVER!”

27) Ugh, Dan Aykroyd’s cameo in this film is so forced in. Bill Murray, Annie Potts, Ernie Hudson, and Sigourney Weaver all fill natural roles either the story demands or the characters have. Dan Aykroyd? No. He’s just there. Ugh.

28) Obligatory Slimer cameo.

Originally posted by launchpadmcquack84

While it is fun and appreciated, this Slimer appearance, I kinda wish he was a practical effect and not CGI. Granted, that’s a note I have for this film in general. I’d appreciate a little less CGI.

29) I like the brief Stay Puft Marshmallow Man cameo in this film because it’s not exactly what you would expect. You wouldn’t think, “Parade Balloon,” cameo but it works.

30) The big ghost fight scene.

Let me address the little things I don’t love about this scene: the CGI is a little much.

  • That’s it, now let me talk about what’s good here!
  • An incredible amount of humor
  • The action flows well between the four main Ghostbusters

Originally posted by ghost---busting

31) I really love this film, but I will say I hate this line.

Abby [insulting Rowan]: “Come and get your virginity out of the lost and found!”

Dude, you were doing so well. What’s wrong with being a virgin?

32) The giant CGI Rowan ghost is actually really interesting take on the film’s logo come to life. Not to mention the way he composed is interesting. His skin is very fabricy/baggy which is an interesting decision. I dig it.

Originally posted by lil-purplebird


Originally posted by gifs-andthings

This is why I love their friendship. It’s so deep, so defining of both the characters and the film. It’s not even a question of IF Erin will go in after Abby it’s a question of HOW Erin will go in after Abby. And then you have the music and the…the…“I wasn’t going to leave you twice.”

Originally posted by snorrierickson


Holtz [after Erin & Abby come out of the portal]: “It’s 2040, our president is a plant.”

A plant would be preferable at this point.

35) A friend of mine observed that - when Erin and Abby have their hair dyed - the hair colors of the four Ghostbusters kinda match the colors of the “Ghostbusters” cartoon from the 80s.

36) Holtz’s toast about family is surprisingly sweet and I love it.

(Quality of the video isn’t great here but still)

37) See, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver have REALLY nice cameos in this movie. I like it!

38) And the film ends in the most perfect way possible: the Ghostbusters get the recognition they deserve!

Originally posted by dinoscully

Originally posted by regiinamilfs

39) I. Want. A SEQUEL!

I freaking love the 2016 version of Ghostbusters. While the original is a classic, I am greatly appreciative of this film’s massive human heart and its story about recognition. The four women who lead this film are incredible on their own and together, with Chris Hemsworth being pretty damn funny too. It’s just wildly enjoyable and I get such a massive kick out of it. There are people who hate it, but I’m not one of them.

Me: “Bioquake is neat, but Fitzsimmons is clearly canon, and Daisy can get a boyfriend any time she needs to, hopefully one who won’t die.”

Agents of Shield 5.03 Episode Description: “Daisy decides she will rescue Simmons, even if she must risk everything to do so.”

Me: “…someone get this woman a single girlfriend, stat.”

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One minor thing that kind of bugs me about P&P adaptations: they often make it seem like Elizabeth's visit to Pemberley helped her realize she had feelings for Darcy because of his welath and grandeur when really it was (I think?!) because she saw how much happier and at ease he was there and other people's high regard for him. I can't tell you how many people I've heard say that Lizzie comes off like a gold digger because this epiphany comes once she sees his estate.

I mean, Elizabeth herself makes that joke about starting to love him ‘cause of how fancy his house and property are, but that’s classic Lizzy making jokes to avoid getting too sentimental about her Feelings. But it’s also a valid concern. The spectre of materialism haunts the pages of P&P more than in any other Austen novel, I think. Mrs. Bennet is forever going on and on about her daughters making good marriages–good being financially stable. Everyone acknowledges this from that famous first line of the novel regarding men of fortune and their need for wives. We know a rich man doesn’t NEED a wife in practical terms, but the clever unspoken implication is that such a man requires a wife because it is simply unconscionable for a rich man to remain single while there are genteel ladies with no money or prospects in need of that support. (As Austen says elsewhere in Mansfield Park: “… there certainly are not so many men of large fortune in the world as there are pretty women to deserve them.”) These ‘deserving’ single women are everywhere in Austen, but there are a lot more of them in Pride and Prejudice. (Once you have a family with five daughters it just becomes a headache to think of how one is to provide good marriages for all of them and Mrs. Bennet really deserves much more sympathy than she gets in this regard. Fuck, I’d have a nervous disposition, too.)

Mrs. Bennet is perhaps too unguarded about her schemes and hopes for her daughter’s prospects, which is where the suspicion of nothing but materialistic motives comes from in Darcy, and which he uses to sway Bingley. The Bennets’ financial position is no secret, and Jane is just too difficult to read. Darcy presumes his own wealth and standing is enough to woo Elizabeth into accepting him, because I don’t think a sane smart man in his position could claim to have done any proper courtship prior to his first proposal. No, he was banking on Elizabeth being persuaded by the sheer force of his wealth and her poverty. Of course Elizabeth does not, and has already rejected the offer of Mr. Collins’ eligible situation (he’s horrible, but he IS materially a sound match,) but Mr. Darcy is not to know.

Elizabeth’s change of feelings towards Darcy do coincide with her going to Pemberley, and it’s not unreasonable for everyone around her to presume that may have something to do with it (her father worries that her acceptance of Darcy’s proposal has been prompted by material considerations, as he has been humbled by Lydia’s elopement and perhaps realizes what a poor father and provider he has been, and fears for Lizzy’s unhappiness if she is prompted by desperation to take this offer after such a scare as the family had with the scandal.)

Of course, modern readers have no real excuse for seriously thinking Elizabeth is a mere gold-digger. That whole suspicion pervades the book, swirling around almost all the single women we see. It’s a tacit presumption by many, but it’s never to be spoken of in an open and vulgar fashion, as Mrs. Bennet does, because people do have feelings. Charlotte plays the game of placating Mr. Collins and allowing him to pretend he has acted on sentiment when she knows she is marrying him for her own independence and security and that his attachment to her must be imaginary. Elizabeth resists both offers of marriage which would prompt acceptance on materialistic terms, alone. Darcy only has confidence in his first proposal because of his wealth–so he’s presuming that Elizabeth is at least neutral towards him AND that she cannot fail to have been influenced by her mother’s style of thinking (and the wider cultural presumptions that prompt Charlotte’s alliance with Mr. Collins.) Lizzy is a poor Bennet, and he is Mr. Darcy of Pemberley, and trusts that even simply the rumour of his income will be enough to attract her. He’s certainly not been engaging on a personal level.

Elizabeth, we know, goes strongly against all these presumptions. Firstly because she rejects Mr. Collins on the basis of principle, and though she thinks he is ridiculous, she does not hate him. She simply knows she cannot sacrifice her personal happiness for material security. That is the base-line, for her. Then there’s Darcy, and when he proposes, she despises him more thoroughly than she despises anyone else in her world. Darcy doesn’t know this, as he’s been living in a parallel universe where he just thinks he’s been rather quiet around her and doesn’t know that she knows/thinks he’s that asshole who ruins the lives of people she loves/likes. Darcy could only dream of being a Mr. Collins, at that point, and Lizzy would have still rejected him. She double-hates him, and then he has to do the work to come back from that and re-build something workable where his worth as a human being comes from something other than his purchasing power. Of course he has it in him, and only needs an opportunity and motivation to show it, and this is what happens at Pemberley.

Mr. Collins also has the opportunity of displaying his comfortable home and standing in Kent when Elizabeth visits but she isn’t swayed by any of it, no matter how pretty the county or imposing Rosings Park is. So, yes, she admires Pemberley, and jokes about how it changed her mind, but Mr. Collins’ pretty parsonage didn’t make her regretfully think of what might have been, nor would Pemberley (no matter how grand) truly make Elizabeth wish she would have accepted Mr. Darcy as he was when he first proposed.

Now, in adaptations, time is always going to be an issue when one must decide what to keep, what to cut, and what people/events to conflate to save on space. The third act is crammed with post-proposal fallout, Truths being revealed, the hard grind of deep character development, and the action of Lydia’s fall and rescue and More Truths being revealed. And Lizzy’s joke about loving Darcy since the day she saw Pemberley is funny, so of course it gets left in, as does the final dramatic salvo of Mr. Bennet’s uncertainty about what is motivating Elizabeth to accept Darcy’s proposal. I guess anybody doing a superficial viewing of this rollicking rush of events could presume that she seriously meant it, but I feel like the nuance is still there if we’re willing to take a moment to grasp it. I haven’t personally encountered anybody who seriously believes Elizabeth is a gold-digger, when she continually proves she is not, especially contrasted against her mother’s open materialism and the foil of Charlotte’s pragmatic choice to accept Mr. Collins after Lizzy rejected him.

abuse victim: perhaps parents should not have complete power to abuse and torment their children and rob them of educational, social, and work-related opportunities

a literal demon dancing around a fire with a giant silver spoon: wow sounds pretty edgy. you know the american nuclear family is how every society has ever lived right. people with abusive parents just deserve to have miserable short lives actually.

who should you fight: librarians of congress edition

john james beckley; who wins: you 

  • this guy wrote under the pseudonym ‘americanus’ when attacking the federalists in the press. wasn’t even able to criticize hamilton without hiding behind his parchment or whatever crap they used back then. he was pretty much a nerd who gave guided tours of the library. i wouldnt worry too much. 

patrick magruder; who wins: you

  • pat comes from a family of eleven and his dad was a revolutionary war major so you might be thinking that he would beat you up but he was apparently always sick and a corrupted asshole, so not only would you most likely win, but he would deserve getting punched. 

george watterson; who wins: you

  • this republican was a bitter asshole who, when replaced by a democrat, stole the record books, most likely because he is a weak idiot. also, a huge nerd who had such a terrible time in law school he wrote a whole novel about his hatred of the world of law. 

john silva meehan; who wins: him (because you should forfeit) 

  • even though he was described as a ‘gentleman of amiable manners’, my man john served 9 presidents. nine. and had nine children. he was a calm, semi non-partisan dude who didn’t ask for this so please leave him alone.

john g stephenson; who wins: unsure 

  • this really could go either way. like he died at 55 and was probably never in a fight in his life, you have a shot. but he was a doctor so he knows shit like how to poison people and what not. plus he looks sketchy af. i would recommend to stay away.

ainsworth rand spofford; who wins: you (100 %)

  • this guy’s name is ainsworht. AND he was homeschooled. he wrote a book called ‘A Book for All Readers, Designed as an Aid to the Collection, Use, and Preservation of Books and Formation of Public and Private Libraries’ which is the longest effing title of all time. you would without a doubt win.

john russell young; who wins: do not fight 

  • please. do not fight john #4. even tho he was a republican, he was apparently super non partisan and he created library services for the blind and physically handicapped. he kinda seems ok ! don’t fight him. but if you do, just know that he died from a bad fall so yeah, you would win. 

herbert putnam; who wins: you

  • herbert was a huge fucking nerd who graduated magna cum laude and he looks weak af. you would win. but he was a scary ass dude so approach with caution.

archibald macleish; who wins: do not fight

  • archibald is my son. he is described as a ‘gentleman and a scholar’, he wrote poetry, he was a wartime librarian and the number one fan of democracy. he doesnt deserve to be involved in a fight. let him write his poems ok!!!!

luther evans; who wins: him

  • hes a texan farmboy who got his phd at 25. he didnt come here to play alright ? and he described the library of congress as "a powerful instrument of peace and progress” which sounds like a badass thing to say. he also has menacing eyes. 

lawrence quincy mumford; who wins: you

  • librarian mumford was a super shy dude. this is what is classmates said about him : “he doesn’t make much noise, but he is always doing something”. i mean, come on ! you’ll win ! also, the library employees accused his administration of discrimination on racial grounds, in recruitment and training, so please fuck him up. 

daniel j. boorstin; who wins: you, but at what cost ?

  • i mean, yes, his name is boorstin, which totally sounds like the old english word for weak or some shit. but also, he was just like a low key professor and historian who wrote books like the mysterious science of law which is definitely a nerdy title. so you’d probably win, but you’d be hitting a nice guy who didnt really do shit. 

james h. billington; who wins: him

  • james is from philadelphia ! you’re dead ! he will fuck you up ! also this dude is a rhodes scholar and has 40 honorary doctorates. his ego is clearly huge. so he’ll probably be insulting you in like a very smart manner as he punches the living shit out of you

carla hayden; who wins: her

  • look. carla hayden did not come here to play. she’s the first woman and the first african american to lead the library of congress. she looks like the nicest person ever, so she might not actually fight you but if anyone even tries to hurt her, i will kill them so stay the fuck away from her. 
For those people that think Lotor will get and/or deserves a redemption arc or ship him with the paladins

I’m tired of all the hate and discourse on this fandom, so this isn’t me calling anyone out but I’m just going to explain why that is wrong.

Before I go into this, I wanted to clarify Lotor’s age. I’m not entirely sure about his age and don’t want to delve into that too deep, but by looks alone it’s pretty clear that Lotor is not below 18. He might simply be 18 or older but he’s definitely not under. Though to be fairly honest, given his character designs, the fact he had four personal generals who were obviously not related to him otherwise (besides the fact they were part-galra) they weren’t his family friends or anything so he undoubtedly must have spent time choosing them (we know he had “goals” and he’d need good generals for that). So I’m guessing Lotor’s probably around Shiro’s age. But he could be centuries older than that, since his parents are so old. Also, they’re zombies and I’m not sure zombies can reproduce… 

So getting into what this post is about in the first place. 

The first argument I’ve seen from people is Lotor’s background. Because he came from an “unloved” background, with negligent parents who were more invested in war. 

Frankly, this would make a very valid and good argument. If Lotor was a teen or child. But like I’ve already established HE’S NOT. Again, I know that 18 yo’s aren’t very adult-like, but then again, he grew up in a war background, he would have that kind of a mental maturity, if not emotional. But I’m pretty sure Lotor’s emotionally mature too but I’ll come back to that later. But even if not enough EM Lotor should know the difference between right and wrong. He’s not an idiot. Unless that’s your argument than ofc, idiots do deserve an enlightenment arc.

And please don’t argue with me otherwise, that his upbringing would make his an asshole who thinks it’s okay to harvest life energy out of living beings/sustainability sources for living beings. I grew up in a very Indian background. I grew up around people who think that LGBTQ+ phobia is valid; around racists and sexists. But I’m not one of them. Given my background, I could argue that it would be okay for me to be an asshole but it’s not. Yes, your background and upbringing gives you a starting point but does not make up your personality. This isn’t only me I’m talking about. There are millions of people out there who were brought up in a fascist background, but they’re amazing people because that’s who they chose to be. Your upbringing only has so much of a say in your character, especially as you grow. 

Lotor harvesting quintessence is very clearly not for any good. The universe - or other universe - does not need life energy sucked out of it to become a better place. He’s obviously doing it for some twisted, sick, selfish plan. Lotad has obviously spend a lot of time researching on his mother’s ways and her “destroyed” experiment, and that requires a lot of time, hard work and investment that he chose to put into something doubtlessly evil.

The next thing is that his “friends” betrayed him. 

To begin with, Lomor and his generals weren’t friendly at all. Now before you argue that they were friends and blah, blah, blah let’s go over their dynamics first. The first time we saw Lotide ordering his generals around leading, he was literally only sitting in one place and giving them orders. If they were friends -  or if he considered them equals - he would have at least had the decency to stand with them, like Shiro does with the rest of the team. Shiro considers the team his comrades, his command but also his family. His friends. Even in the flashback we were given of the Paladins of the Old, Zarkon stood with the rest of his team, because yes, he was their leader, their commanding officers, but they were his friends, so he stood by them, with them. But whenever we’ve seen Lotar and the generals he’s always separated from them:

Not only that, the first time Latod went to fight the paladins, he went alone. He wasn’t really taking the fight seriously, so he didn’t feel the need to include the generals in it because that would mean explaining it all to them and “commanding” them around. Also, he didn’t tell the generals about his plans earlier and that alone entirely eradicated the idea of them being “friends”. Because if they were friends he would have told them this. If they were friends the generals would have noticed that he was working on something he’s keeping from him, but they were all very clearly surprised when they found out. If they were friends, he might not have told them the entire thing but at least would have given them an idea of his plans, since he seemed very obviously excited about them. If they were friends, he wouldn’t have killed Narti. Especially not so nonchalantly. 

He didn’t even fucking care that he killed one of his generals.

Now that I’ve established that they’re not friends, I’m going to talk about one last thing: that Lotmar is doing this all because he wants familial “love”. Because he was a neglected child whose parents’ want his dead. Which makes all his misdoings okay apparently.

Yes, he was a neglected child, and he did crave love. [Keyword: did] The creators themselves have stated that he has a bit of a father complex. Yes, Lotre did grow up craving his parents’ love, acknowledgement and affection. Grew up. He’s grown up now.

I wanted to just leave it here but

He clearly doesn’t expect anything from his parents anymore. We’ve seen how he’s like with his mom. He calls her hag, witch and has no respect for her. If he was still naive enough to expect anything from his mom, we’ve seen him for 2 seasons now, I think they would have included something that was supposed to make us sympathize with him. If the creators wanted us to feel sorry for Lotouche, they would have at least made this scene look a little different. Idk, like maybe have Lotor’s smile fade a moment, have a genuinely sad expression and then carve into s smirk. But no, he simply walked away doing that.

I don’t think the creators wanted us to sympathize with him. He was supposed to be a good villain. Not good good. But evil good. Zarkon only used brute force to settle everything he wasn’t a good villain for the plot line. This dude thou, he’s been through a lot and he’s cold, but calculating. He seems like a good leader but is really a shitty backstabbing snake who is smart enough to manipulate his victims/subjects.

And if the creators really intended to give Lotass a redemption arc, they wouldn’t have ended the scene with this look on his face:

This - is not the face of someone who’s worthy of a redemption arc.

And please stop shipping him with the paladins. My babies deserve the world, not a fucking snake. He’s a villain and no falling in love with one of the paladins will not change everything he’s done. Besides, my babies would never fall for Lodick, so it wouldn’t make sense to ship them anyways. Yes, he saved Keith, but he also killed one of his generals without hesitation or an ounce of regret. He does not deserve Keith or any of the paladins.

I hope you understood why even my 7 yo brother hates this dick now. Plus, let’s not forget the scene he was introduced in: the way he lied to a Galran general by behaving like an amazing, forgiving leader in front of thousands. He didn’t only betray the general, but cheated every one present that day. 

tl;dr: Prince Lotasshat is a backstabbing, lying, deceiving, ruthless, selfish, cunning, bratty dipshit and seriously does not deserve any of your sympathy.

Edit: I saw a lot of misunderstanding in the notes, so I wanted to clarify a few things:

But first, before y’all call me out on what I’ve tagged this post with, can you please read the rest of the fucking tags???

1. I was not calling you out for liking Lotor.

You’re allowed to like a villain (ofc not if the villain is entirely fucking messed up… because that would be messed up). I appreciate a lot of villains too. Because some villains were made villains, some are intelligent and make you really appreciate the story, the creators, the writers, etc, some of them are the only thing that keeps the story alive and others make you question the definition of “good” and “bad” and how strong the line differentiating them really is. There are villains that are so well written, makes you question what you’ve believed till date.

I mentioned this in the beginning of the post but I’m reiterating it again: this was not a call out post. I was not calling anyone out for liking Lotor, but reminding you to stop de-villainizing him. Reminding you that Prince Lotor is a villain, has hurt, offended, cheated, betrayed and even killed people and he therefore is a VILLAIN.

2.    This wasn’t really about ships but I needed to make this clear so I added it. I know a lot of you believe in the “ship and let ship” thing but Lotor is a bad person and shipping a bad guy with the good guys is not okay. I know this happens in other fandoms too, but that doesn’t make it okay.  He’s painted a villain, bad, for a cause and it definitely isn’t for people to romanticize that. 

A romantic relationship with someone like this will be abusive and unhealthy and that will never be okay. And by abusive and unhealthy, I don’t mean it has to be physical. It doesn’t have to be entirely emotionally scarring either. It can be little things like that bullshit jealousy trope that is not healthy. It could be distrust, forcing your feelings, friendship onto someone, it can be fear or discomfort with your lover. Like in so many relationships and these tropes people are afraid to show embarrassing parts of themselves to their lovers because they put them up on some pedestal. But that isn’t healthy or “romantic and cute”.  Your lover needs to be one of your best friends, someone you can trust. We know that the paladins don’t like or trust this guy. I don’t understand how people romanticize this???

This is all I have for now, but seriously people, I’m not calling you out or insulting you. I’m just telling you to think before you jump into shipping characters. Think about what the characters are like, their individual personalities, their relationships with each other, at the moment. Eventually if things feel safe, if it seems like these people could be in a healthy relationship you can ship it then (except I don’t really see this happening with Lotor, I’m certain he’s not getting a redemption arc, this was just to be safe with other ships).

I don’t know if you’re going to consider this offensive, rude, arrogant or whatever, but I wasn’t trying to insult anybody, not before I properly explain everything to them. This is what I did in this post. Not calling others out.

My husbands look so cuteeeeeee ;;;;;;;A;;;;;;;;;

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I saw Manson died and I know you're a really big fan of his music. I wanted to make sure that you're okay.

||: oh, nonnie
while this sentiment is really sweet of you, you’ve got a little bit of misinformation.

charles manson =/= marilyn manson

charles manson is a cult leader who orchestrated some pretty heinous murders in an effort to start a race war, was sentenced to death but had his sentence commuted to life in prison when california ruled the death penalty unconstitutional, and died in a hospital after a lengthy illness in prison. he doesn’t deserve the sympathy or the concern.

marilyn manson is a shock rock artist who took his first name from marilyn monroe and his last name from charles manson… for the shock value and to have a light/dark aesthetic to his persona and a thesis worth of other things that i’m not really going to get into. and despite the fact that people like to blame his music for mass shootings and other violent acts, he’s never committed a murder or orchestrated one. he’s also alive and kicking and only 48 years old.

i really do appreciate the concern, nonnie. but i’m not upset in the least about a man like charles manson dying <3  

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OKOK-- because I don't see others on here. Let's see. --- CLODIA (clockmakerclodia) and... LINDON (lindon-schofield)! Also I love you and hope you're doing okay. No being depressed. Smile and be happy. You're a wonderful person and deserve to be such!

I mean…I love Clodia but…Lindon…is…well…he’s…pretty… >.> 

I finally made Vinnie Dakota cyborg au!!!! I have been so busy with school that I couldn’t get to it until now.

Background for the au: It will take place in 2175 but there will be no Bureau of Time Travel. Instead Cavendish and Dakota are detective partners for the Bureau of Law and Justice. They are typically given the odd jobs since Mr. Block, the head of police, thinks they are too incompetent to handle huge cases. Of course, Cavendish is always trying to prove himself and Dakota always has to stop him from doing anything too crazy. At this point of their lives, they have known each other for 14 years, have been together for 8, and have been married for 5. Despite not getting the respect they deserve, the two are pretty happy with their lives.

That’s when shit hits the fan. While trying to solve a case about some stolen pistachios, Dakota hears a cry for help. Both go running towards the source, only to find that it’s coming from an abandoned building. They go in and find this kid, who they find out later is named Milo, who is struggling to untie himself and surrounded by unconscious people in black uniforms (one of his kidnappers accidentally set off a knock out gas bomb and because Milo had a bag over his head, he wasn’t as affected). Cav and Dakota immediately come to his aid and after untying him, asked Milo what was going on.

Apparently, the government have been taking people with extraordinary abilities (or curses in Milo’s case (is it really a curse if he doesn’t mind it?? Questions for another day)) and turning them into government weapons. They were about to transfer Milo to a secure facility when Murphy’s law kicked in. Cav and Dakota realize they have stumbled onto something huge and very dangerous, so they try to head out to tell the Bureau as well as find a safe place for Milo.

That’s when they hear the sounds of several vehicles pulling in. Dakota tells Cav to take Milo and run, saying he’ll catch up with them later. Cav hates the idea of splitting up, but does it anyway since Milo’s safety is the number one concern right now. Guards come rushing in as soon as the two leave and Dakota brings on his gun and there is an epic fight. Dakota’s doing well until one of the baddies sets off some explosives that are within the building in case of a breach. Dakota tried to run for it but gets caught in the explosion. Cav and Milo see the building explode from their hiding spot (maybe another abandoned building?) and Cav is devastated.

Unfortunately, the bureau is apart of this scheme and find Dakota, who’s barely alive and take him to be rebuilt into a super soldier. However he still has his memories, so they put in a chip (like at the base of his neck or something) to make him forget. The Bureau announce that Dakota is dead to lower suspicion and state that they are going to name their new weapon after him. Cavendish hasn’t been seen by the bureau after that faithful day. After a month or so of trial and error, D4-K0T4 was ready to go. They give him a proper uniform and a helmet that covers half of his face so that he’s disguised. After a few months of showing him off and having D4-K0T4 stop some major crimes, the bureau sends him to stop the freedom fighters who have been destroying their plans. So D4-K0T4 tracks them down to their base and all hell is about to break lose when a voice calls out, “You bastards already killed my husband!! There’s no way I’m letting you hurt Milo or anybody else we have rescued!!” Or something like that. That voice triggers something in D4-K0T4 and he freezes. He remembered that voice and he didn’t know why. Then Milo comes in with his new found teen rebel friends (Melissa and Zack) with a “heck yeah!” and the chip, which was already glitching from the powerful memory, goes completely on the fritz and suddenly Dakota remembers everything.

Dakota then throws off his helm, runs to Cav, who recognizes him immediately, and hugs him. They are both crying and overjoyed to be with one another again. There’s some guilt like Dakota not remembering for so long and Cav not checking the building right away due to trying to find a secure place for Milo to hide, but there is mostly anger and rage towards the bureau and the government. So Dakota joins the rebellion and they all work to kick government ass!

Damn, this was long post, but I’ve been thinking about this forever. Thank you to @leedoobles for the au idea!!!

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what are you doing all the way here in gotham?

someone told him there was a famous Penguinhere in Gotham and he wanted to meet ‘em! all he found was a weird guy in a suit in an ice factory though, so it’s been a pretty disappointing trip all things considered. but then he found a neat cave and a different old man in a suit gave him a cookie so things are looking up. @bctfallen