not as popular


Popular artists don’t owe you attention. I don’t care if you reblog and like all their posts, or send them tons of asks, or submit til your heart stops- THEY. DONT. OWE. YOU. ATTENTION. These are real people, just enjoying what they do- and you are being absolutely gross when you send anons like “why are you ignoring me I send you so many asks and submits!” You forget these artists usually have quite a big following- and can’t answer everything. Or they just don’t want to! Like I said, artists don’t owe you anything. So stop guilt-tripping behind anons, and being bitter because your favourite artist doesn’t want to be best friends. Be kind you fucks.

With all this Pennywise being a gay icon discourse going on think of this

AU: Where Pennywise is a really nice clown and along with the Babadook takes the Losers’ Club to their first Pride event 

you could all literally claim every single, literally EVERY single other amazon on the whole damn island is a lesbian and nobody could actually refute you at all but y’all have to go for Diana, the canon bisexual.