not as narry

last year’s silhouettes | niall/harry | 4.5k

“Oh, well if that isn’t sweet,” Lou is bending to smell the flowers, and she’s picking up the card that came along with it, though he knows who it’s from already, knows only one person who knows just how he likes his flowers. “‘Harry, hope you have an amazing night. Already beyond proud of you. Lots of love, Nialler.’”

“I invited him,” he says quietly, every feeling rolling around unpleasantly in his stomach. “I know he’s here, he. I know he’s in London.”

“He’s probably busy,” Lou says, “been doing some reshoots for his video, yeah? Busy, popular lad.”

Harry knows all of this already. He stays quiet, still feeling hurt.

Niall sends flowers, and Harry didn’t think his heart could get even more broken.