not as many dark backgrounds

So I don’t know if anyone’s talked about this yet, but there’s a whole lot of great things going on in this picture beyond the foreground Paladins. It might just be me, but this is basically like the I Spy of Voltron. For example!

Above Pidge and Hunk we have the Rover constellation, which is a nice little feature, thank you Voltron.

However, nobody is talking about the mice in the bottom right, which is a crying shame because they’re so cute.

You know who else is bottom right?

Nyma and Beezer.

Also, if we’re looking middle left past Coran - 

is that - Slav?

Obviously top right we have Zarkon and Haggar,

but you know who else is top right? verrrry top right.

is that…







‘Dusk’ oil paint on wood panel. Just finished. It is quite a somber subject but an interesting effect colour-wise. My paintings are always built up with many layers and so take me a long time to create. For years I have been preoccupied with colour and surface. With this painting I began with a reddish pink under-painting and then painted the background a very dark brown. The grass has many passes of green and violet strokes which create an almost luminous surface and over all impression of blue. I was trying to recreate the silvery light that happens just as the sun is going down at the end of the day. Just before it gets dark but you can still see..

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did u ever finish dark souls or do you need to git gud

here’s a scribbly comic illustrating how i play dark souls, hope it helps u to understand the reason why i can’t beat this game and why i can’t blame my misfortunes on mechanics either

More Voltron Season 2 Theories. Again from the Trailer.

So after thinking about it for a bit I decided to come back and have more theories on the next season of Voltron the Legendary Defender. Again this is all my postulating based on the images that I see, so if I’m right come next season, Yay for me. If I’m wrong, well then I’m wrong and we move forward, and all is well in the world.

So the first thing I want to cover is the connection between a monster the Red lion and the Black lion and where this might be going. Or at least what I’m suspecting about this episode.

First we have this monster here, he’s not much to look at, but if you pay attention to the background you many notice something interesting. The whole background is dark gray rocky terrain. This is rather interesting as the only two other characters that have that background are the shots we have of the black lion

And the Red lion

The difference though with Keith is that the lighting seems lighter, so I’m guessing the scenes take place at different times of day. In the case of Keith’s he’s managed to pull himself out of his lion and is wandering around looking for anyone and comes upon Shiro’s Black Lion.

We see him staring at either his own lion or the Black lion in this shot.

What’s also interesting is if the two lions are there, then which one lands the blow on the monster. We can clearly see the blue energy that is a signature mark of the lions vs the purple glows of the Galran energy in the monster. This could be where the whole line that Shiro says comes from. That Keith is going to have to pilot the black lion over him, which is why in this shot here

We don’t see any of the normal purple energy in the back. The Black Lion didn’t chose him it chose Shiro so that makes for an interesting situation and may be why Keith is struggling to control the lion in the scene that we have. If it’s Keith with the black lion knocking around the monster, we might be seeing a version of the larger sword that the Black Lion has on it show up. We’ll have to wait and see on that

Also if it’s true that this is a Keith and Shiro centric episode we may be getting some flash backs to understand their relationship better. There’s also the fact that we have the black lion pushing up the red lion and in that scene we can make out some steam rising up. Could they be in a volcano? This could very well be the connection between the volcanic eruption we see the red lion burst out of in the opening and the world we’re in. Remember Neither Keith, Shiro, nor Lance, got their lions in their elements. This might be a case of that happening here. We see the eyes of the Red lion now yellow, this could very well mean that the two lions fall into the lava, Shiro’s black Lion is pushing up the Red one and Keith’s gains power due to being in the vicinity of the element.

The flying ship is landing. As I said before there’s connections based on the colors of some of these scenes.

There’s certainly a type of gas or the like here. I’m not sure what world this is but the ship is landing down into the clouds. This could be Altea as it is now vs what it was then, or it’s a cover for the planet to protect it. Although it looks more like there’s something weird going on around this planet. More on that when we get to the shot of it.

The ship shooting at something. That energy beam is far more powerful and it looks like it’s firing into an explosion. Which has me worried somewhat. Given the size of it I think something very big blew up, resulting in a number of explosions, but that also means that it’s going to cause ripples in space. Not sure what to make of it yet, but I have to wonder exactly where this is placed in the story? It’s clear they’re moving fast, so they’re trying to get thorough something. The question is what and who is flying?

Now this is the picture that I have the most questions about. We see a giant open black hole in the middle of space. We know that the Red Lion is not scene in another sequence of events, so it’s clear it’s lost into this black hole. But then the question becomes when? Is this early in the series or later? What’s weird is that this isn’t connected to the ship landing, and I’m not sure if it’s connected to the ship firing either. So is this a later episode or an earlier one? What’s really interesting is the layers of rocks we see. This is clearly a hole created by something blowing up and then sucking in that energy. We can see the Red lion has some power left, as there’s a spot of blue on its back leg, but it also seems as if it’s not fighting the pull of the hole.

This has me wondering if Keith was taken by the Galran and they released the red lion so that it’s missing and thus Voltron can’t be formed, or it’s a case of the red and the black lion falling into where they end up on that bleak looking planet with the robeast. Whatever the case clearly the Red lion, and possibly it’s master, are going to be missing for a bit.

So the sword person. Important fact number one, they’re not Galran. Or at least not under Zarkon’s legion. In the show it’s expressly shown over and over that purple energy indicates Zarkon’s Galran empire, and that blue energy is the crystal that powers the ship of the Princess and Voltron’s forces. Now what I’d like to point out here is that the armor that the person is wearing has blue markings of energy, indicating that they are on the side of the Princess. While this doesn’t exactly mean glad tidings for the crew, it does mean, at the very least, that this person is not working for Zarkon.

We can also see that the energy is powering the room that they’re in and that got me thinking and wondering if this is some sort of area where the rebels are connecting, or is this something the Althen’s set up. Also are those the person’s hands or gloves?

I am surer/ less sure than ever that in this shot we are seeing a flash back and that it’s going to be Allura and Coran’s home. If it’s not a flash back then it’s at some point when all five of the lions are together and are landing near the castle. We can see the castle off in the distance in the trailer, so they’re going to that. Is this Altea? Is it not? It’s really hard to say as the only images we got were from Allura and her father in the holodeck room and even then that’s only made up of their memories. It’s hard to get the shot where we can see mountains from her memories.

After hunting it down, yes that is Altea, though what version that might be is up in the air.

This is another one that I’m wondering where it’s from. Is this part of a flash back or is this happening now. Given the feeling of the scene it seems like it’s part of a flash back moment. However this could be part of an invasion by the Galran forces on Altea. If that’s the case then Allura’s going to be losing a lot this season. However, I think this might be a flash back to the fall of Altea and how Zarkon started this whole mess.

Remember the ship landing? I think this might be the planet where it’s landing. However I’m not sure if those are enemy ships. Again they look like Galran but they seem to have the blue color to them. So might this be a group that’s defected from King Zarkon? If that’s the case then who are they? On top of that, there’s the strange yellow energy glowing in the center of the planet. That could be Quintessence or the heart of the planet. Again I’m not sure on this due to the glow of the planet and the lower rez version of the trailer and the shot I was able to take.

I’m going to hazard a guess and say this might be Altea and that a battle will be taking place here. Though I’m not sure who will win.

Okay so this one is the most interesting to me. Pidge’s green lion is clearly tied up in another shot and this is the same shot of said lion, only the ropes are glowing. That is cool, but not the best part of this. Nope, the best and more interesting part is the funny man sitting before the lion. That’s not Pidge, she doesn’t wear yellow. The color of the energy is blue, indicating at least an ally in this. So who is this guy and why is he possibly powering up or helping the green lion, and what part does Pidge play with him?

See same shot, only ropes around the green lion, so these two scenes are clearly from the same episodes.

Zarkon and Hagar talking. Or at least I presume it to be Hagar. That could also be another one of Zarkon’s men, we’ll have to see. What’s cool about this is that we have the same sort of yellow gas that we see in some other shots. This makes me think that all parties are converging around one space. But why? What’s important in there? I get the feeling that this is going to be a talking scene of some significance. Though what it’s about I can’t even begin to guess.

Hunk underground with his blaster. The ground in the background matches the ground we see by pidge and we also see by the ship blowing up the dirt. The thing is that there’s also that yellow green gas around him, so I’m wondering if the weird gas world, this scene and other scenes are related. It seems like there’s a fight going down, but without more context I’m going to have to leave this one be. 

Hunk again, only this time the light matches that of the scene with the five lions. I’m taking a huge guess here and slightly altering my first theory above. I said before I think it might be a flash back, however I’m also proposing that this might be the moment when the team has to save Shiro or go after the Galran. We can tell by the lighting that this is certainly very similar to the lighting in the mountain scene earlier. My guess here, Allura’s flying the Blue lion, at this moment Lance has the Red and Keith has the black. The fact that Hunk looks determined at least to me indicates that there’s something big happening and that they’re fighting back after being beaten down over something. Maybe losing Shiro? (as in kidnapped and not dead.)

Okay so this shot with Keith. He’s taking over the black lion. I’m sure of it now, he’s taking it over for some reason, I’m not sure why yet, but he’s in control of it. If you look at the stick you can see the red in it. This indicates that he has his Bayard in the Black Lion and it’s working with it. Now I’m wondering if he loses the red lion earlier. Hummmm….?

Same as above, you can see in this one he’s kind of struggling to control it.

And here’s the shot where I was thinking that he either is looking at his lion or the black one. You’ll notice the ground is the same as the ground around the Black lion and the monster. This to me tells me that all those parts are part of the same episode and probably the earliest one. Since we’re going to need to know what happens to those two right off the bat.  Also below shows Keith surveying things. So I think that the moment he’s looking up above is after he gets off the red lion.

Keith looking with the same grim face as Hunk. Makes me think that this might be the episode before the last two parts of the season. Keith’s face looks so determined that it’s clear that he and the others have made up their minds about something. And again the lighting at least says that they are in the same episode as the strange mountain place.

Water city with Hunk and Lance. As I said before and I will say it again, Hunk and Pidge have their elements basically. Lance, Keith and Shiro don’t. If Keith is dealing with Lava then Lance here is dealing with the blue lion’s water element. In this case again we have a city with blue energy, indicating at least that they’re not run by the Galran Empire. The design reminds me a bit of the gungan city in Star Wars, but it’s clear that this place is kinda big. Any bets Lance is going to hit on the mermaids that live there?

Hardest thing to tell in these two shots. After looking and relooking and double checking (and I really hate these two shots because of the fact that they tell me so little) these shots of lance come from the same episode where we only see four of the five lions. I’m not sure what’s going on there but it seems like Lance is carving into a war ship.

Shot of Lance and Shot of Pidge. It seems like, given the back grounds that they are on the same ship at the moment and probably are working together. Maybe they’re trying to rescue Shiro? I’m not sure, but is clear that Lance looks really ticked off.

Again like Hunk and Keith we have a really determined looking Lance here. I suspect this is the “Let’s save Shiro” moment.

Marching army out of the dust indicates to me that the laser blasting ship dropped these guys off and they are part of the same episode. Not sure exactly what’s happening but it might tie into Pidge’s due to the ground being the same color, and the scene with Hunk, but again, I’m not sure.

Crystal ice area. They’re warped in here, so someone is sending pidge out to this point. Unless this is where she was thrown. Although I think it’s going to connect to the crystals we see Voltron blow up later. I do find it odd that we have a sort of ship like thing frozen behind the green lion.

Pidge determined as well. The light is clearly the same for Hunk, Keith, and Lance. So these three shots are absolutely connected. I’m starting to think that they’re on Altea and are setting the course for how to save Shiro.

Something really weird is happening here. We see the wreckage of ships and a huge blue energy explosion that follows. Could that be the many explosions that we see the castle firing at? Again I’m not sure. The only thing I know that has that energy is the castle, so unless that’s the castle I don’t know what could send that sort of blast off.

Galran ship landing? Again, the color seems to be blue in certain shots not the pink purple. So I’m wondering if we’re meeting a new ally here and this is them landing?

Shiro walking into the light. I think this is connected to the sword wielder. The color indicates that this isn’t Galran again, so one may not have to worry about things. This could be a test for him as well.

Red coloring and so forth really have me thinking that this, the marching forces, and the ship blasting up dirt are all connected. This might be the case of Shiro failing on something or allowing himself to be captured, or finding out something about Matt and the Doctor. Or even worse would be that he’s the one that’s been leading the Galran to the group. Or at least he thinks he is. He clearly feels defeated by something, maybe a really bad memory coming back?

Thrace watching something. As you can see the color purple is clearly evident when on that sort of ship run by Zarkon. Not sure who he’s spying on, but he is spying on someone.

Underwater monster meets Hunk. I get the suspicious that Lance and Hunk are asked to beat this thing up but they find out that it’s really an ancient being that just needs to be cared for. I’m not sure what else to say about it other than it reminds me of an underwater lion turtle thing from Avatar, and that it seems to be a shell fish like creature that is huge!

Okay I just went through a few episodes of the first season and I can say that the person standing on a bridge is not on the main ship. So this is a new introduction to someone. We can see quiet clearly when zoomed in that their arms are crossed and that they are wearing boots. The background images show that they’re using the blue energy, but they’re in the crystal region that we see with the ice that pidge jumps out of. So I’m not sure who this is supposed to be. Lotor? The person with the sword? Certianly looks like they have a hood on, but the body is hard to make out. Or someone who’s new? Rebel leader? I’m not sure. One thing is clear though, the ship does have a similar display to the Galrans.

Whoever Allura is talking to she’s not happy. There’s some pink energy in the back so maybe she’s in trouble? I get the feeling that whoever this is, is very polite, and very different then our two former villains.

The weird yellow burst. Again as I said with the lance shots, I think that this probably is all connected. The one thing for sure is the fact that the green color matches with the explosion and the strange green rocks under the blue lion when it’s flying. The thing here is that the red lion is missing, So this must come after the others meet up but before they get the red lion to form Voltron and before Shiro goes awol.

Ice with pidge and this shot show the same thing. So this is Voltron going through things and he has out the shield now. I see red, black green and yellow, so Blue is in hiding? Also they just threw the sword into the ice chunk and blew it up.

Voltron shot matching the color set up for the other determined looking team members. I’m sure this is the last shot of an episode where they’ve decided to go after Shiro. This is the “We’ve got this” moment of the four team mates, or five if Allura’s taken on the Blue lion or the red one.

Underwater shot of Hunk and Lance landing, so we know for sure that those two will be working together to get out of their mess.

I want to know why the flying Zarkon in such a way. Showing he’s coming or that he intends to land somewhere. I think he shows up at the same location as the castle at a later time or earlier. I’m again not sure. (not having the video any more doesn’t help either.)

So there’s the few things I can draw out from the pictures I do have. Any thoughts on any of these shots or anyone catching anymore screen shots from the trailer, please let me know.

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What's the word for the type of gray when the lights are turned off?

Eigengrau (“intrinsic gray” / “own grey”), also called Eigenlicht (“intrinsic light”), dark light, or brain gray, is a term for the uniform dark gray background that many people report seeing in the absence of light. It is the dark grey colour seen by the eyes in perfect darkness, as a result of signals from the optic nerves.

Even in the absence of light, some action potentials are still sent along the optic nerve, causing the sensation of a uniform dark gray color. Eigengrau is perceived as lighter than a black object in normal lighting conditions, because contrast is more important to the visual system than absolute brightness.

Hence, what we see in the dark is not black (000000), but the color eigengrau (16161D hex or 22,22,29 RGB).

Shame and Redemption

I was listening to Sargon and Milo’s conversation about #GamerGate some time ago and they started talking about the various opponents of GamerGate and how so many of them share similar backgrounds and dark pasts. Then something changed for them and now they proudly proclaim how they are fighting the good fight. Almost like they are performing an act of penance by fighting valiant for social justice and equality and all that shit.

However, as Milo and Sargon pointed out, they never stopped being the nasty assholes they were in the first place. They just changed their message so they could continue acting like assholes, but now with a veneer of righteousness and moral progressiveness. Being an asshole in the name of equality or diversity or feminism, which makes it okay.

If we take a brief look at some of our more notable anti-GamerGate personas and their histories reveals an interesting pattern.

  • The infamous Anita Sarkeesian has a history of working with telemarketers, get rich quick programs, and pyramid schemes, working under world-class scumbags like Bart Bagget and Alex Mandossian. In speeches given in the past few years, she’s openly admitted that she used to dislike modern feminism and that she used to believe equality didn’t have to be tied to a strict ideology. She now regularly preaches that everything is misogynistic, everything is sexist, everything is racist, and that you must call it out constantly to fight the patriarchy.
  • Jonathan “#FullMcIntosh” McIntosh, writer for Feminist Frequency and world’s greatest puppeteer and ventriloquist, used to be a hardcore right-wing conservative who comes from a wealthy family. He claims seeing 9/11 is what made him jump to the other end of the political horsehoe.
  • Zoe Quinn used to be an active member of the Something Awful forums (the original internet boogeyman) where she was active on the Helldump sub-forum, a place for staging raids, harassing people, and even doxing. Before picking up a career in professional victimhood, she was every bit as abrasive, aggressive, rude, crude, and just unpleasant as any other troll on the internet. Long before she embraced feminism and started whining about sexism in the games industry and gaming community, she was trying to get a job working as a stripper and trying to become a nude model. 
  • Brianna Wu was apparently a massive racist in college, according to some sources, and openly espoused many opinions that easily qualify as transphobic. Not to mention that, to this day, she still stages false flag attacks on herself for attention, and often makes sock puppet accounts to harass others. Not to mention her wealthy and privileged lifestyle growing up.
  • Bob Chipman, AKA MovieBob/The Game Overthinker/MovieBlob, used to deride feminism as having no modern purpose and believed that over-politicizing games and creating controversy around them was laughably stupid. Now he worships Sarkeesian as a living saint, who also happens to deride all of Bob’s favorite games as misogynistic and problematic.  
  • PBS Game/Show youtube host Jamin Warren, a self-titled “videogame feminist”, and yet another worshiper of Anita Sarkeesian, used to be a student of the art of seduction.. a PUA, in other words, which really conflicts with his current persona as a white knight feminist ally. 
  • Anthony Burch, famous cuck, writer for Borderlands, and now ex-gearbox employee, claimed he spent 10 years of his life as an angry misogynist, and now he spends all of his time tweeting about GamerGate, diversity, feminism, and championing causes to get more women and minorities into panels and podcasts.
  • When it comes to anti-GamerGate supporters, it’s quite surprising to see that we’ve got the likes of the Something Awful’s Goons, the GNAA, LizardSquad, and other infamous trolling and hacking groups working alongside the figureheads of anti-GamerGate and pro journalistic corruption supporters. Despite their vile reputations, our heroic social justice warriors and feminist trail blazers seem all too eager to accept and encourage help from groups that made golden age /b/ look downright civil, and who regularly perpetrate the exact sorts of things they are constantly trying to end (sexism, bullying, shaming, call-out culture, etc)
  • Arthur Chu, Jeopardy “celebrity”, self-titled genius who believed he’d either be the next Einstein or the next Unabomber, used to make rape jokes and have the sort of casual, hateful, cynical attitude of your usual avid internet browser from the early 2000s, and now he’s an avid worshiper of Zoe Quin and champion for 3rd wave feminism.. and suspected of calling in bomb threats on the #GGinDC gathering. So he wasn’t wrong about that Unabomber thing.

And these are just some prime examples off the top of my head. What’s notable is that all of them used to have a more casual view of controversial issues, a more cynical outlook on the world, a disdain or aversion to the politically correct, and few reservations about holding unpopular opinions or saying offensive things. They were assholes, but they made far fewer excuses about being assholes, and really, there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, something happened within the past few years that made them completely changed their worldview. Suddenly, there were assholes with a cause. Assholes who made excuses and pretend that their personal politics and beliefs, or their vague and hard to identify goals made their behavior acceptable. Now they get to call their shitty behavior “activism” and they patrol the internet and attack communities like they are vigilante heroes, saving the world, one petty, baseless insult at a time.

What stuck out to me is that these people all fall into the demographics that SJWs and Feminists are so keen to attack. Not just straight, white, and middle class, but also people who came from a rebellious generation. People who were eager to feel like they were the counter-culture. Not only that, but many of them are very public and very candid and eager to broadcast their identity out into the internet, sharing every stray thought and opening up their lives to anyone who will take the time to look their way.

This all relates to something I’ve seen quite often, and seeing as you’re following a nobody like me, you’ve probably seen it too: The use of shame, ridicule, guilt, harassment, or even outright slander to make someone behave the way the angry social justice mob demands. Showing their true authoritarian colors through use of fear and threat to keep people from stepping out of line, and regularly making an example of people through proverbial public executions.

This makes me think that a lot of these people were either the target of very early SJW hatemobs and harangued into accepting their way of thinking after constant harassment and ridicule. Some people can only take being constantly accused of being responsible for all the evil in the world before they crack and feel like they need to redeem themselves. 

In some cases, it may be that their growing fame, or their perceived popularity, burdened them with a worldview-distorting sense of social responsibility. We’ve seen this happen with lots of popular comedians, actors, and big name professionals; They get famous enough, or think that they have enough people listening, and they think that they have to whine about feminist issues or constantly talk down to everyone. In the case of the journalists, it makes perfect sense that they might believe they need to used their massive soapbox as a tool to fix the world by talking down to their audience and trying to reeducate them. This seems especially likely for the ones who were just bloggers turned journalists without the credentials or training that would have told them NOT to do that.

It’s either that, or somewhere along the way, they wandered a little too far into the wrong territory and found themselves exposed to modern social justice and feminism in a way that made it seem like the new counter-culture. Like the real way to fight “the man” was to embrace identity politics and to fight tooth and nail and achieve equality at all costs. They were made to think that the ends justify the means, so they brought all the bitter, jaded cynicism of an asshole troll from some shitty web forum, or the kind of dogmatic zeal that comes with extreme religious conservatism.

At any rate, the current state of things makes it seem like these people think that they have redeemed themselves by fighting for what they think is the right team. That their awful attitudes and rotten personalities are just weapons that can be used to achieve their goals. That anything they do, even if it’s harassment, bullying, doxxing, threatening, sexism, racism, or any of the other things they are supposed to hate, can be excused, because they’re doing it for Feminism or doing it in the name or equality and marginalized groups. As long as they can convince themselves they are “punching up” they will always be the good guy, because it’s easy to convince yourself that everyone else is the bad guy when you make everyone around you lie about them constantly.

It’s an interesting revelation, to say the least, and seeing as a few of them have started to come around and realize what colossal twats they’ve been for the past few years, there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel. I’d like to dive into this more and see what else I can find. I have to wonder if this is some sort of weird side-effect of the extended adolescence phenomenon that only really started in recent generations, or if it has something to do with the distorting effects of social media sites like facebook, tumblr, and twitter, and whether or not these sites are a very potent psychohazard, like a sort of ideological toxin or venom. 


Hiram McDaniels

The five-headed, fire-breathing dragon who is 18 feet tall and one of the 3 candidates running for mayor

Let’s play a game of how many watermarks I put on the damn thing.

I removed the dark background on the first one and that’s how I got the 2nd picture and I liked both of them equally so I’ll just drop both here, thnx.

transparent reisi from that one k:mk poster!!
scanned by the lovely tsukareteru-tako~✧
this is for a and an anon who asked for a transparent munakata a long time ago i’m sorry i didn’t get to it then here you go!!
smoke’s there too (you can’t really see it on white but) this should look fine on a darker background~

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HNN. :3c What is your method for making chain mail? I must know. I have a DK (a new guy I made recently) that I have to draw in the Overlord set.










Make or Break || Victoria and O P E N

Victoria knew how risky it was. It was always a risk, but speaking to the other slaves had helped her resolve strengthen. She needed to get away as fast as she could and that was the only way she knew how to. Run. Run away and not look back. It was something she knew that she could do rather well as she’d done it for so long. As her feet hit across the pavement, she knew where she was headed. The forest beyond, with the trees and dirt and beautiful smells that she’d missed so much. With the sounds of water flowing in the background and animals of many species romping in the dark soil.

Her feet pounded harder as she kept her eyes straight. Even in the dark it wasn’t too difficult to see. She’d run in the dark so often that it had grown easier with time to make her way forwards. And even if it hadn’t she still would have kept going. Because she had to. No more. No more. No more of this. The thoughts echoed round her brain, the knowledge of being unable to take one more day in this place ever present. Harder. Faster. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.

The Black Winter ((closed rp for indepenndentalsoomse))

       A girl, about seventeen or eighteen, was walking through a twisted dark woodland called, The Dark Grove. There were legends and stories of fairies and spirits that live in the woods, anyone with sense stayed away. Of course this girl was not normal: she had long white unruly hair that spiked in some places, turquoise colored eyes; with unusually shaped irises, and pale skin -like a frozen corps. The girl was bare foot and wore the cloths of peasants-a long dark brown dress with loose long sleeves, a light brown tunic, a brown leather vest, a belt, and a long wool cloak. She also had an ice blue scarf rapped around her neck, that was one of the many things that made her stand out against the dark background of the wood. She also carried a long shepherds crook, the wood was twisted and it looked vary old. A hunting knife was strapped to her belt, for hunting purposes, and a quiver and bow were strapped to her back. If her appearance did not strike as odd, then her abilities did. Sometimes when she made contact with something, frost patterns would form.  It wouldn’t matter what it was, if she made bodily contact with it frost would cover it. However, it only happened sometimes. But, recently, it  has been happening more often. This girl was named Jacky, Jacky Frost of The Dark Grove.

      The reason why Jacky was out in the woodlot today was to collect fire wood for her little cottage, Jacky’s cottage was make of well placed stone and a thatched roof. It was small, but sturdy. It could stand up to the harsh winters. Which was why Jacky was collecting wood this evening, the winters were dark, cold, and harsh. Though, in recent years, the cold hasn’t really bothered her. Hints, the reason why she was bare foot.

I just finished Demon’s Souls! Take this dude at gamestop who said “You sure you wanna buy this? It’s really hard. Harder than Dark Souls I’d say. You might give up after a few hours” Ding Dong you were wrong.  Also for me Demon’s Souls was by far the easiest Souls game. The bosses weren’t as challenging as in Dark Souls (but still incredibly creative and fun to fight against) and the areas weren’t as frustrating as in Dark Souls 2 (but they made more sense and were nicely constructed).
Story- and world-wise I absolutely loved Demon’s. Amazing characters and many tragic backgrounds. Overall I enjoyed it way more than Dark Souls 2, but not quite as much as Dark Souls. 8/10