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The CW: Lena and Kara are getting too gay we need you to do something about this

SG Writers: We could have Lena kiss a guy…

The CW: Okay, yes, this could work

SG Writers: And Well, just have Kara comforting Lena a little…

The CW: I think, you may have missed the point of this exercise…

Do NOT buy anything from gearbubble! That’s a phishing website! This is just a quick PSA for those who are uniformed on that website. I’ve seen it mentioned here on tumblr before but yeah, any work on there is just to get you to use your card. You won’t ever get anything that’s featured on that website. I know the charity shirt design pops up if you search for it but that’s just a scam, it’s not the real deal. A coworker of mine thought the shirt was sold on that site and had to cancel their card. I don’t want that happening to anyone else. ^^;

i remember like 5-6 years ago when i joined tumblr n everyone was watchin Merlin, i remember seeing Morgana on my dash n even reblogging gifs n pics of her (that pic with the sword murdered my gay ass) n i didn’t even know who she was n who would’ve thought all these years later i’d be stanning Katie. that’s fate tbh it sure is, it sURE IS

Shout Out Post for Mystic Messenger

I feel like some people in the mystic messenger community don’t realize just how amazing this game is. There are so many things it does besides allowing you to talk with fictional characters. Many people struggle with their own problems - everything from failing a test to coping with suicidal thoughts and actions - and this game is a perfect way to counteract some of these problems in a positive way.

1. For starters, a simple pun can brighten the player’s day. If you are having a panic attack because of school, there is a good chance a couple mystic messenger puns could brighten your day.

2. Also, the hyper-realistic interactions with the characters allow them to act as real friends. When you don’t have a real close friend, mystic messenger provides the closest thing to that as possible. Furthermore, the extreme variation in personalities of the group also encourages the player to feel like themselves rather than, well, an MC. It encourages individualism.

3. (Warning: this is only going to get darker from here) Okay, I know this is usually taken as a joke in the MysMe community, but let’s get real for a sec. Everyone knows the persistence with which the characters ask MC if she has eaten. The constant positive encouragement is a good way to convince the player to care about their health (and they usually have facts to back it up tbh). I deal with body dysphoria and the support has convinced me more than once to care more about my physical and mental health than my appearance. These fictional elements of our lives have a REAL PHYSICAL IMPACT. Even by making the player smile there is a physical impact.

4. Mystic Messenger has also taught me to try understanding that things get better. Watching how the characters live their lives allows the player to reflect on their own life. Your life can be hella hard, but it’s best to work towards the future. Even if you can’t take to that advice, it’s a good way to ease your mind for a little. I can’t thank cheritz enough for creating the game how they did.

Conclusion: This game has improved my quality of life. So the next time Yoosung makes a joke or 707 writes you something in binary, take it to heart. They may be fictional, but they have been more supportive to me than everyone else in the past couple months.

Also, tell me if there is a series that has improved your quality of life in the tags (games, books, tv series, etc). A series that has literally save my life is Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki. A game that has improved my quality of life is Mystic Messenger by Cheritz.

If you actually made it to the end of this, thank you.
Hope you enjoyed ~ 01100100 01100101 01100100 01100101 

Excuse me but I think I have a crush on August

Thank you for making this majestic creature

first i wanna say im sorry i just saw this now cause i was playin a game in the living room LIKE A FOOL WHEN I COULDVE BEEN STARING AT THIS WONDERFUL DRAWING INSTEAD. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DRAWING HIM , my night has been made, and possibly (definitely) my whole week ?!?!? <3 <3 I adore your art style a lot so this just makes me all levels of happy /////// he looks so incredibly hamsum thank you so much, and im really glad you’re enjoyin him, its all i could really ask for ///////  

“After Woody (Free) goes missing working on secret, alien research, scientist Maggie Wittington (Bloom) must recruit the former members of Lazer Team to join her in rescuing their lost friend. It’s up to Maggie to bring the Lazer Team back together and rescue Woody.”

I’m super behind on the podcast - has this been officially announced anywhere else?


  • 2p France: *laying on the couch drunk as hell* Matt...cmere
  • 2p Canada: *walks over*
  • 2p France: Pull down your pants
  • 2p Canada: uh.....what?
  • 2p France: Are you deaf? Pull down your pants
  • 2p Canada: uhh. ok *pulls down pants*
  • 2p France: ....Those boxers Ollie bought you fit well
  • 2p Canada: .......Thanks..?
  • 2p France: You can go back to whatever you were doing now
  • 2p Canada: ....ok *while walking away* what the fuhhhh

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I have an odd and very specific problem... I was writing a fanfic for voltron and I realized that I want to write the plot of my fanfic into an original story since it's completely mine but with obviously voltron characters... do I continue the fanfic or cancel it so that I can write it out for my original?

As odd and specific as your problem may feel, I can promise you this is a burning indigestion that lives inside many writers, my dear. 

The original idea for my Citrus Witches, actually came from a Merlin fanfic I wrote back when Geoffrey of Monmouth was still alive.  It ended up veering far and wide from the original plot, only about 15% of it comes from that original fic I wrote, but the fact remains, it’s still there.  I also took an entire scene from a Free! fic I wrote for this story.  

If you feel a real connection with this story, and you want to see it take on it’s own life outside of an existing show, and become your own thing, I would definitely encourage you to do that.  I think fic is a really great place to fine tune your writing and to spark new ideas, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with that.  

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Fan favorite

@untoldlegacy || send “fan favorite” for who i’d pick as a new fc or an alternative fc for your muse

what the heck dottie go away i can’t do this i can’t

KENSIA SOLO as river tam ( she’s smol & quirky too ? but can kick ass ? idk it was between her and lyndsy fonseca ignore this )

FELICIA DAY as kaylee frye ( i mean just look at how precious she is , ignore the hair color you know kaylee would’ve loved it )

MICHAEL SHANKS as jayne cobb ( i’d say they’re twins )

RICHARD SPEIGHT JR. as hoban “wash” washburne ( he’s hilarious too ? )