not as good as the yunho one

What Junsu got for his birthday (2008)

the members prepared a very special gift to junsu

and the gift is??


and umma jae and appa yunho congratulate him

jaejoong totally needs one of those shirts

seems like the members did a good job afterall

never saw this vid till now XD

When you have all members being visuals, members that self compose, write, and choreograph their own songs, and are hilarious, have good variety skills, are good to their sunbaes, one that looks like freaking Leonardo Dicaprio, another that looks like an anime prince, and Yunho, there’s no way in hell Seventeen will remain unpopular. Yes, their company is the only downfall, but Seventeen has everything they have in a group and there is no doubt in my mind how huge they would be under YG or SM. They’re on a great path tho and I hope Pledis continues to have faith in them.


“Who were those guys?
I can’t believe they make us share our rehearsal-time with another group.”

“Calm down, Jaejoongie-Hyung. They seem like nice guys…
Didn’t you notice how that guy in the front kept smiling at you?
If I didn’t know better, I would say, he was flirting wiith you. Hahaha!”


Each members of different groups, Yunho & Jaejoong meet for the first time… But there is no Love at first sight; no feel of Destiny or Hearts skipping a beat.

Or is there…?

“TVXQxJYJ” - A Yunjae Love-story. Part 1/? (AU.)

This one is a special gif-story request from @d-b-5-k She wanted something where Yunjae meet while each being members of TVXQ & JYJ.
Sweet Dulani, I have no idea if this is anything like what you had in mind. I hope you like it. ^^//

Oh. And if anyone have an idea for a good title; (other than the group-names mashed together, ^^) please contact me.

My gifs/edits.


The post was deleted on instiz because JJ’s stan told her to do that
Jaejoong said
“If Yunho comes, army life will be really fun.”
“He’s a good person.”
It was from the soldier who’s in the same troop as Jaejoong.
That soldier is a close friend of the brother of the one who posted that thing on instiz.
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“Ah. Even in sleep, you look just like him…

“YAH! Stop right there, you human Peacock.
How do you know my name?
And where the HELL is my clothes???”
“I burned them.
But do not worry; I’m having new ones made for you as we speak.
I have a pretty good idea what size you are…”

Yunho has a rather rough awakening… ^////^

This one is for the beautiful Joan who wanted more Modern Yunho & Joseon Jae. I hope you like it, sweetie. 💜

Part One: X

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Recruit Squadron Leader is selected via voting of his fellow recruits, upon checking with the wish of the voted one. Apart from leading the squadron, he will also act as a mediator for the complaints and opinions of his squadron mates. [sc]

one of the things that i love about yunho is that when people talk shit about him, ie about his body, his act/sing skills, etc, he turns those bad things into goods thing that makes him work even more hard, i’m pretty sure that those words affects him, he is an human like us but that doesn’t stop him to reach his goals, i’m so proud of him :’)

T1Story in Bangkok (30052015)

I.. i’m not good at writing fan account so i’ll leave it to the pro.

Saying that, here’s some observation on my part:

- We thought Yunho was the one that always look at Changmin, right? But in all honesty, Changmin was the one that kept glancing at Yunho. Yunho? Most of the time he didnt even realized it… really!

- This will be their last show overseas.

- Yunho wished he could watch his drama with the fans but maybe he doesn’t have the/enough time (;_;)

however his drama gonna be aired in middle of june so~~~ does that means he’s gonna enlist in JUNE??!! ;_;

maybe he meant he wished he could watched Changmin’s drama until the end since the drama gonna aird until end of year ..

- Yunho hopes we would support Changmin’s drama

- During Humanoid when the dancers picked up Yunho and Changmin walked under him, Yunho’s foot knocked Changmin’s head…lol.. xD

- Yunho gave a salute (like a soldier).

- During Crazy Love and dancers were pushing the rolling chairs for the boys, Yunho was helping with his feet while Changmin put his feet up and happily let the dancers do all the work. They took off one of his shoes even.. lol

And they pinched Yunho’s cheeks. So cute!

- Changmin was so happy when Yunho complimented him on his long note.

- Yunho rapping in Thai: Sawatdee kap, khapkunkap,kap kap kap.. -.-;;

- Changmin gave out roses, Yunho only did it towards the end and finally just put the basket still full of roses on the step. -.-;;

- Yunho asking if everyone is enjoying themselves/have fun (i think that was what he was saying) and he asked Changmin too. Then Changmin made this cutesy face and raised up his hand and said cutely ‘ne/ye..~~’

- Weirdly enough Yunho has more connection with his female dancers than Changmin with his. Tch, from all the pics b4 this on their other concerts, i thought it’ll be the other way round. Saying that, seems like Yunho best chemistry is with the male when they gave him a rose, looked like he was being seduced..

- Changmin is a dork.

- Changmin is a dork that threw away his jacket from the very second they jumped on stage (i think he didnt want to wear the jacket since it was hot. But their stylist must have insisted so this brat threw it off when he knows they cant stop/scold him anymore.. lol.. )

- Yunho would never ever take off his jacket/shirt no matter what -.-;;

- Yunho mooooobss look squishy!

- Camping today was in summer attires! S.H.O.R.T.S ♡♡

- They hugged.. and best of all, Changmin was the one that initiated it :)

- seriously, Changmin kept glancing at Yunho..

- Yunho looked like he wants to cry again

- Yunho’s voice… wow

- Yunho’s hips!!!<\p>

- Seriously, i wanna see him bellydancing.

- Yunho is seriously curvaceous.

- They are very genki and happy today.

- Changmin pushed lightly on Yunho’s back prompting him to take over talking

- There are lots of Changmin’s stans compares to Yunho’s??

- I dont think they will enlist together *jumped off cliff* ;_;

- Yunho has the loveliest sweetest smile.

- Changmin has that naughty boy adorableness

- Yunho is so pretty.. huhu..

- i dont like Yunho’s hair all gelled up

- The concert starts quite early.