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Too much sanity may be madness, and the maddest of all:
                                      to see life as it is and not as it should be.

Sensitive Negotiations: Part 1

Despite the passing of spring, the snow falls heavily when they arrive in Vitsjo. Obi is learning, as little as he likes it, that in the North the seasons are far more fluid, far less inclined to make a distinct four. So close to Sama, anything that is not high summer is liable to include snow. He yearns for a place where at least in spring the snow melts.

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Madi Scott is sooooo good. I love this actress. I love her facial expressions. She speaks like a Queen, she walks like a Queen, but her heart and her quick thinking make her and Silver such good partners and more. And they both know how to handle Flint! I like how Flint let her speak to Billy first. Flint thinks sanely when he has a sane voice in his ear. Which gives more perspective to Madi approaching him after he picks up the Miranda cup piece and her reminding him in some ways what theu are doing and if it is done. She’s calling him to arms.

She is doing her best to maintain this damn alliance with two men that hate each other, slaves suicidal over slave master tactics, and a broken heart. In a world she barely knows among people she dont trust.

My boo boos are on some journeys. I cant wait until they reunite.

I’m eating crow over her knowing the treasure location. I can admit when I’m wrong lol But my friend is saying she didnt admit to not knowing. Flint made the supposition and she countered with why she did it. She just had a look of, and so? It doesnt even matter though as Flint surmised. A boss move is a boss move.

Ugh I want to binge watch this season.

Black Sails is killing me seriously. That kiss between Silver and Madi, with James looking so hurt, but also somehow… I still have the feeling he believes he doesn’t deserve John, and therefore would never step between Silver and Madi’s relationship. That kills me, that thought that he would just take his lonlieness to the grave, just by knowing to not add to the weight on Silver’s shoulders. He probably believes it’s good and right Silver is with Madi, think she’s better for him than he is, and still he aches so much.

I need Madi to shove James and John together for their both sakes. Like telling them that she knows the two of them need each other and just need to fucking act on it!

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Hey I'm a huge slut for coffee shop aus, are there any new good ones?

here’s a few -Madi

Coffee by fairlyhoecal (1/1 | 1329 | General)

Tyler Joseph loves coffee. He also loves cute baristas with warm eyes and warmer smiles.

Josh The Latte Boy by blvrrypilots (3/3 | 1089 | General)

All Tyler wants is a cup of coffee.

Three Sugars and a Grapefruit Slice by illbefinealone (2/? | 5626 | Teen and Up)

Josh never fit in, until the moment he walked into Robusta Café.


As Josh begins to get accustomed to not feeling like an outsider, so does his upstairs neighbor.

Coffee Beans and Tea Baggers by slashfanatic22 (1/1 | 20114 | Teen and Up)

Tyler Joseph is a busy nursing student who works at a coffee shop with his best friends, Jenna and Brendon. He doesn’t have the time to go out and party, let alone date, a fact that neither of them will let him forget, but he’s comfortable (though a little bored) with how his life is going.

Enter cute, punk customer Josh Dun. He’s a drummer with a ridiculous coffee order who becomes fast friend

I’ve always wanted to be one of those People Who Travel™. U know, like the girl from your high school that teaches English in India and posts photos from different countries every couple of months? I always hoped I’d be the one doing that kind of stuff…but freshman year of college I got myself a serious relationship and a few different jobs and a degree I was determined to finish and a hobby that kept me busy literally 100% of the time, and thus I was effectively tied down. Now, I have my degree, and I’m very single, with a job ending in a month, and zero motivation left to cosplay, and a lease running out, and I feel like I might finally be able to be the person I’ve always wanted to be, and do the things I’ve always wanted to do. It starts with the 3 week trip to Europe I spontaneously booked a few weeks ago, followed by a nice slow roadtrip up the east coast of the US right after I get back, followed (ideally) by a job where I’ll HAVE to travel, whether on a tour or a cruise ship or just something generally in another country. I’m gonna start taking photos again, something I’ve barely done in the past two years. I’m gonna read books again, for fun. I’m gonna stop fearing the unknown, because I finally know I’m heading in the right direction, and damn if that isn’t got me feeling the best that I have in a while