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i know i want a world where people trust the chantry, and their trust is respected

There are two types of people, ones who like avocados, and ones that are wrong.

white man, in Boulder, at The Cup

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I was baptized Catholic, but for many years I was agnostic and away from the church. Now I believe in God again, and I am looking to go back to church. Only I don't know if I should rejoin the Catholic faith or search for another. I am LGBT and feminist, and I know there are other faiths that fit better with these aspects. Still, I feel drawn to Catholicism. As a progressive Catholic, could you give me some advice? Anon only because I don't have a tumblr. Thank you for reading this.

Hey anon–I’m so sorry I took so long to respond, but I am happy to hear that you’re considering becoming Catholic.

I’ve answered a few variations of this question in a couple of posts that you’re welcome to check out:

The most important advice I can give to feminist and LGBT-affirming Catholics is this:

  • Never confuse the institution with God. Your conscience is a divine gift. The bishop or pope or priest or trad blogger whose words shattered your heart sits down every day and takes a shit because he is a human being, just like you and me. He is the sum of his childhood, his sufferings, and his moments in communion with God, just like you and me. Sometimes, I’ll hear or read something that will make me want to walk out–of Mass, of Catholicism, of friendship with Jesus, and when I’m spiritually strong, I am able to say (aloud) “Fuck off, Satan.” 
  • Discerning and learning cannot be separated. Read and pray constantly. Research the history of what you profess to be True. Mull over it: start a journal, or reflect on it in Adoration, or decide that, whenever you’re on public transit, you’ll open up that Saint’s biography again. They say that you can’t be a good writer if you don’t read–I would argue that you also cannot be a good Catholic if you don’t read.
  • Know the difference between dogma, doctrine, and practice. Only the first is not up for debate. The core of Catholicism is the incarnation of Christ: What does it mean that He was born in the ancient, cultural equivalent of a public restroom? What does it mean that He was poor, a man of color, executed by the State–by foreign occupiers and religious leaders in cahoots with one another? What does it mean that He walked with men and women alike? What does it mean when we say He “conquered death” or “died for us” or gave us His Body to consume? These are the non-negotiables. These are the questions whose answers will inspire, devastate, and change you.
  • Sometimes, you will hurt. If spiritual abuse is happening, you have every right to eliminate the source from your life. But you will hear things that sting: from people in your parish, from priests online and off, from your pontiff–it’s impossible to evade, unfortunately. Safe spaces / communities and a strong prayer life are integral in these difficult cases. My friends have pulled me from the edge of Catholicism many times.

Bless you, anon. I hope that this helps somewhat. Please pray for me; I will pray for you.

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Happy Time Travel Tuesday, guys! 8D

It wasn’t often that Rex found himself confused enough to think he was back in the war. One of the rare moments was when they ended up working with the droids, and he’d called out for Cody, rather than Kanan. It had been a… real low point, for him, after they got back to base. Kanan offered to talk about it, but Rex had shut down. Zeb had suggested calling someone, and they had called Wolffe and Gregor, in the end. He’d talked to Wolffe until he’d fallen asleep, well past their planet’s midnight.

Kanan merely asked ‘you okay?’ the next morning, and getting a 'yes’ set them back to the status quo. He knew Kanan, Hera, and Zeb kept watching him, though, after that.

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Companions as songs from your personal Spotify playlist pretty please? <3

Okay get ready for some 80′s cheese and other crap :3 

Also since I have 1000+ songs its going to be on shuffle and the first that fits a companion will be used otherwise there’d be about 100 songs for each companion

Ada: Insomnia- Faithless

Cait: Geekula- Kreeps

Codsworth: Get Lucky- Daft Punk Ft Pharrell Williams

Curie: Stripped- Rammstein

Danse: Do The Evolution- Pearl Jam

Deacon: Ebeneezer Goode- The Shamen

Dogmeat: Showdown At Escalera- Billy Elm

Gage: Dogma- KMFDM

Hancock: A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid Flowers Mix)

MacCready: My Way- Limp Bizkit (Not on my playlist but was recommended when looking for one for Mac :/// but tbf it’s accurate)

Nick: Relax- Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Old Longfellow: My Time Again- The Rumjacks

Piper: I Ran- A Flock Of Seagulls

Preston: Narayan- The Prodigy

Strong: Mein Teil- Rammstein

X6-88: Kann Denn Liebe Sunde Sein?- Eisbrecher

Maxson: Dragula- Rob Zombie

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Do you like Kevin Smith or Clerks? If so why?

Clerks: indie filmmaking legend, classic

Mallrats: like a filthier John Hughes movie, love it

Chasing Amy: some of my favorite dialogue in any movie, great example of a full movie made with $250,000. Probably my favorite movie of his. I love movies about men’s weird and stupid vulnerabilities.

Dogma: some good stuff but after you watch it once it’s kinda “yeah eh I got it”

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: massive piece of shit with a couple funny cameos and callbacks I guess

Jersey Girl: not as bad as people say but also not great

Clerks 2: Genuinely good movie about being in your 30s. Funny and had a ton of heart. Some dumb stuff but I don’t think this movie gets enough credit.

Zack and Miri: pretty funny movie that just kinda ends before it gets really interesting?

Then Red State is okay but every other movie beyond this point is a piece of shit

dragon’s dogma is a good game but i dont think i’ll ever finish it 

like the mechanics are fun but there is negative story in that game. it has less than zero story. the most enjoyment i got out of the game’s story was seeing my beautiful son Sludge Dump in the cutscenes 


Jay And Silent Bob - Jay’s sexuality

“Kevin Smith has stated that he sees Jay as ambisexual: “Jay—who’s always talking about women—is a character a lot of young hetero guys identify with. But I think Jay’s really ambisexual. So it’s nice to throw them a curveball to open up their perspective a bit. If I can lead a few cats into being a bit more tolerant, I feel pretty good.”[2] In issue #2 of the Chasing Dogma comic series, Jay launches into a lengthy and thoroughly impassioned impromptu speech on gay rights and tolerance before he notices Silent Bob’s astonished expression and brushes the matter off. In Dogma, 13th Apostle Rufus asserts that Jay masturbates more than anyone else, and that he thinks about men when doing so; in response to Silent Bob’s shocked expression, Jay claims merely that he does not ‘always’ think of men during self-stimulation. Moreover, in the prison scene in Clerks II, Jay wants Dante and Randal to fellate each other in exchange for Silent Bob and him loaning them the money to reopen the Quick Stop and RST. He may say this merely to get Dante and Randal to humiliate themselves, but after Silent Bob’s disgusted look, he retracts the demand. In a cut version of the same scene, Silent Bob tells Jay that he is a deeply repressed gay man. - [source]