not as good as big brother!

eizen: are you that incompetent of a pirate that you have to ask me to tell you how to interrogate someone? snap his fingers or something and he’ll talk. now get on with it, i’m at a parent - teacher conference.
eizen: [ hangs up ]
eizen: anyways! i’m glad to hear that edna’s doing well in math, she’s always been quite sharp.
the teacher: ,

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Do you have a favorite aesop's fable? All the ones you've done so far are incredible!

Favorite Aesop’s fable? Probably The Mischievous Dog. I’m planning on getting a tattoo inspired by that story sometime, ha! Also the moral lessons of the tales called The Hen and the Swallow (”A good natured man will often assist his own destruction”) and The Farmer and the Snake (”The greatest kindness will not bind the ungrateful”) are meaningful to me, personally. My big brother and I, we were raised to always lend a helping hand if needed but now I’ve learned, the hard way, that total altruism attracts not only great guys who value kindheartedness, but also very dangerous types of people as well. I still believe that kindness is a virtue, but you’ve gotta be smart about it. It’s just not wise to be selfless to the point of self-destruction, that just shows abusers that it’s okay to treat other people badly.

What about you guys? What’s your fave fable you’ve read (in general, doesn’t have to be any of the ones I’ve illustrated)?

#19: Tears

Lost Star Child AU

Summary: Luigi has never seen Mario cry. Not once. Not with actual tears and sobbing noises. He quickly decides he doesn’t like it.

TW: Torture, Magic, Character Death

It had been a week since Mario had come back from his vacation with Peach.

Luigi had coped better than Mario had thought, considering his little bro had never been away from him for more than three days before. Luigi told him he’d been fine, and while he didn’t completely believe him, Mario made sure his brother believed he believed him.

Now, Mario was with Luigi, the two of them on their way to rescue the Princess from Bowser. Luigi skipped happily behind Mario, humming a merry tune as he watched his big bro jump for coins.

“Nearly there, bro.” Mario assured his younger brother. He recognised the path to Bowser’s Castle. He’d been on it often enough.

“Good. My legs are-a getting tired.” Luigi joked. Mario chuckled. “Hey, bro, how come there’s no bad guys here?”

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Can you do a headcannon with the teen reader having a big brother/father like relationship with Bucky and Steve

I live for a good big bro/father relationship.

They both worry about you but in very different ways:

-If you tell Steve your sick he’ll break out the home remedies and soup.

-Bucky’s gonna get you so drunk on Nyquil you might be asleep for a few days.

They’re both fiercely protective of you

-If you tell Steve you’re having trouble with bullies he’ll teach you how to defend yourself and he’ll assure you that you are important.

-If you tell Bucky however he’s going to comfort you then scare the shit out whatever kid or group of kids that has been bothering you.

In the event that you get in trouble

-If you were doing what’s right then both Steve and Bucky are going to have your back no matter what. Steve will 10/10 get into a fist fight with a teacher, parent, and/or principal. Bucky will hold him back.

-If you were in the wrong however, you are about to get the longest lecture of your life.

Bucky gives the best hugs.

Steve cooks the best.

Steve also does that thing where he ruffles your hair as a sign of affection.

~Mod Lillian

Brotherly Advice || Brother!Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N – ahhh this is the first ever brother!joe I’ve done!! let me know if it’s good or not, I don’t really like it but ah well.

- Blue x

Requested: Yep!! Thank you @bandsandyoutubeimagines

Warnings: None, a nice bit of protective Joe.

— Joe’s POV —

“Joe, it’s nothing seriously.” She repeats, further pushing my question away – exactly like she had been doing for almost ten minutes.

My little sister, Y/N, had been acting weird – constantly checking her phone, smiling when it lit up with a new message – the usual stuff for someone very happy with who they are talking to. And, therefore, being the protective big brother I am, I wanted to know who was making her feel like this.

“Y/N, clearly it’s not nothing, you keep smiling at your phone and I want to know why. Is there some boy or something?” I say, my sentence meant to be a joke.

“Well, um, maybe.” She mentions, her voice broken into a whisper – almost in shame.

I’m her brother, I’m meant to be able to give her advice on these things, y’know? help her out, make her feel calmer, happier.

She’s meant to be able to tell me these things, confide in me – ask me for the advice she needs because, after all, I’m always going to be the one protecting her, not some stupid boy at school. I’ll always be the one by her side, not some guy who thinks he can use her, I’ll always be the only one who sees her for who she really is and appreciate her – most boys her age just either want a girlfriend for the sake of it, or for sex only and I don’t want her falling into that trap.

Ill protect her with my life, I just wish she would tell me things.

“Really? Who is he? Some guy in your class? Or is he someone you hand around with? How old is he? Name? yeah what’s he cal-“ I list, as her brightened face flushes a red colour from embarrassment.

“Joe, stop! He’s someone in my maths class at school, not that much.” She sighs, clearly annoyed and ashamed at all the questions I rattle off.
I’m just protecting her.

“No, he isn’t just ‘someone’”, I begin, using my fingers as the infamous quotation marks, “he’ll be your first boyfriend, tell me about him.” I continue, my intrigued mind kicking in.

“Well, I don’t know what to do, I mean he talks to me a lot and I’m texting him now so, if you so badly want to help me out, what do I do?” she asks me, clearly stuck on what to do next.

I think back to my first girlfriend, and what it was like. Feeling your heart get all warm when you’re with them, nonstop smiling at your phone – at that age it feels magical, as if nothing could break your heart. Then, when it’s over, you feel like the world has ended – stopped spinning. Everything crumbles and you feel helpless, but when you look back on it later – all the crying seems pathetic, and you move on.

“I would just keep texting him, talking to him like you are now. See where he takes things, because if he wants things to move forward he will move them, if not he won’t.” I say, sitting next to her on my living room sofa, were I had been sleeping while she slept in my bed.

I see her thinking about my sentences, whether to trust me.
The cogs turn in her head, whether the advice is worth listening to. She debates whether what I just told her was reasonable, or if she should listen to the pretty lies she tells herself.

“I guess so. But what if he doesn’t want to move things forward? Then it’s pretty awkward.” She says, looking to my ocean blue eyes for an answer that is not written anywhere.

“Then things aren’t meant to happen, so you just leave it there. Don’t get too invested yet, because that only makes things harder later.” I say, again just wanting her heart to have the armour of me around it.

Ever since she started growing up, started seeing them world for what it’s really like – I’ve been the same.

If she got hurt, if I lost anything to do with her – I would lose it. Zoe always told me to calm down, I can’t protect her too much, it would annoy her… all I wanted was to make sure she was ok, that no one hurt her when it wasn’t meant to happen.

If she was smiling, so was I.

“good point, thanks Joe.” She says, slightly brushing me off.

“Am I not the cool brother anymore?” I laugh, walking into the kitchen to get a drink, turning my head a smiling at her – to see her head shaking under the light of the sun.

“You never were!” she shouts, laughing at her own provoking joke.

“I was when you were 10.”

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See Little Rousse, You are a wonderful artist, I know you can draw good. I am happy to be your chat brother. Much loves and big hugs...

Ahhhh i love u too Infamous ❤❤❤❤, u always will be my chat’s brother .

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Hi snow and seth are adorable please tell me more.

     They’re adopted siblings…Snow found him first, like on the top of the castle, and convinced Ceridwen to let him work there too. So now they kind of work there. Ceridwen is like Snow’s teacher but Seth is like her big brother. He’s a bit over-protective when it comes to Snow interacting with other people, but no one really takes him seriously…

     Uhhh what else, I guess Seth sees Snow as a ‘second chance’ to be a good brother. He has a lot of flaws, as people do, but Snow thinks he’s the bee’s knees.

Voltron Hugs Rated Out of 10

First Hug in 10,000 Years, Solid 8/10

Hunk Soft and the Boys Are Shook! 7.6/10!

He Doesn’t Like Hugs But He Sure Is Cuddly!!! 7/10!!

Replacement Dad for Pidge and the Mice Join In, 7/10


this is not a good hug. 3/10


Allura Needed This, 7/10

Women Support Woman, 7.8/10

Uncomfortable!! Allura he Needed More Time! 5/10!

#NotMyShiro but Good Enough for Keith, 7/10


Big Brother Hugs are the Best Hugs, 8/10


Still Not My Shiro, but a Good Hug Nonetheless, 8/10

Deezer Broke Pidge’s Heart and Does Not Deserve this Hug, 5/10

anyway those were all the voltron hugs thank you for coming to my ted talk

The finale of BB19 has completely redeemed the season holy shit. Why do I thrive on Paul losing for a second year in a row LMAO


jeffreydeanmorgan: Sons. I swear, if either one ever bitches about their lives…. xojdad @jensenackles

hilarieburton: My lady love @danneelackles512 came to play! AND the Winchester boys reunited! Gus is totally ready to start hunting demons with his big brother @jensenackles
Did my heart so good to see these guys. Love you forever D + J !!! #farmfun #oldfriends


Imagine Sam and Dean Getting Sent Back to 1983 to Help the Citizens of Hawkins, Indiana

More imagines!

[lights x//hopper x//dean x//van - x x//sam 11 - x x//sam/joyce - x x//dean/dustin - x x]

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For the art meme! Can you do pose 1 with lance and pidge? The poor child overthinks about a lot of things. She needs a giant hug from the resident tall noodle. Thank you, and I hope you're having a good day!!

Aw, thanks for asking so nicely anon, here you go! You didn’t specify which “1″ pose to draw so I picked the hug I didn’t draw yet! ;7;

I hope you’re having a great day as well :’)

Pose meme