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“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

Kylo’s version: [ + ]

HONESTLY~ i’d have been disappointed in the whole kylux fandom if i hadn’t gotten a request like this! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD and you KNOW i’d have had to turn in my own kylux card if i’d made that milkshake any color other than blue! HAHAHAH!! (-^   O ^-) hope you all like it! 1 down~ MANY to go! LOL! LOL!

I’ve been thinking in doing a lettering thing for Mrs Hudson, and other day I found this tea lid that was sold at the Granada Studio Tour, so I decided to do something inspired on it and here’s the sketch. I was thinking of putting some canon reference at the top like “the tea that rises to the occasion” like in NAVA when Holmes says “Mrs Hudson has risen to the occasion” but I’m not sure, what do you think?

          Do you like characters that are still innocent? Do you like little girls who have never done anything wrong in their life, ever? Do you root for the underdogs, or characters that just get treated badly in general? Do you like characters who are almost guaranteed to be your friend unless you’re not nice to them? Well, I have just the blog for you! Welcome to an independent, semi-selective blog for Sarah from Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Season 2! The mun has been generally roleplaying for close to 5 years, and writing for more than ten, and is also 18+! LIKE or REBLOG if you want to interact with this sweet princess!!!



Art trade/collab with my glorious gorgeous I-am-unworthy-to-know pal Joey! Please follow them over here because my goodness the work she does hurts in only the best ways. 

We decided to do a sort of ‘before’ and ‘after’ set of pictures regarding Mob and Reigen’s relationship. Joey did the lineart for the first picture, I did the lineart for the second, then we swapped and coloured each others’ work! I still can’t get over what a joy and privilege this was to do aaaaa anyway, hope you like them :D

(p.s. these suckers are huge so like, new tab that shit if you want the deets)