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Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY! I had fun making today’s GIFs… but this post might have killed my laptop. (Lots of quirks and crashes in the last 24 hours… always back up your work!)

Today’s focus is timing, specifically hang-time, and how it gives airborne objects a sense of gravity. I’m not gonna type much, so hopefully these GIFs speak for themselves. Enjoy!

With hang-time:

Without hang-time:

[Expressions: you know this is wrong, why are you doing this Paul]

Hang-time is the main focus here, but there are also other factors to consider…

  • Follow-through: notice in the top example, big baby Thundercluck has extra fluidity because his body changes direction first, then his wings and tail change direction afterwards. This can add a lot of life to characters with hair, tails, scarves, etc.

  • Squash-and-stretch: again in the top example, Thundercluck stretches when he’s moving fast, and squashes when he slows down (mostly when Brunhilde catches him). This is often used on bouncing ball animations, but it can add life to characters, too!

  • Arc motion: this isn’t showcased by either example because Thundercluck’s only moving vertically. If he were also moving side to side, though, it’d be crucial for his path to follow an arc. (Think upside-down “U,” not right-side-up “A.”)

These are among Disney’s “12 Basic Principles of Animation.” I’m planning to demonstrate another principle next week, likely one of the three “other factors” listed right above. If anyone has a request, let me know!

Thanks for watching, and be sure to check back… on the next exciting episode of Chicken Ball Z MOTION MONDAY!

Being In A Relationship With Loki Laufeyson Would Go A Little Something Like.....

Requested by @rindulacre! Thanks!!^.^


In The Beginning…

~ Loki avoids you like the plague. There is no way he’s attracted to a weak, fragile, mortal. Even if you do have beautiful eyes and a stunning smile and the way you laugh makes his breath catch in his chest like he’s been hit with his brother’s hammer. Nope. He’s not attracted. Not at all.

~ He does a pretty good job of avoiding you until he sees you talking with Thor one day and it sets him off

~ Loki takes immediate action and interrupts the (completely innocent) conversation your having with Thor to ask you on a date, something that couldn’t make Thor happier

~ Later Loki has to ask Thor what exactly a date entails as he has no idea what he’s doing

~ Your first date consists of Loki arriving right on time with a large bouquet of your favorite flowers. 

~ He takes you to a carnival where you introduce him to all kinds of new foods (most of which he is extremely hesitant to try). You also drag him through the house of mirrors and onto most of the rides. He wins you a huge stuffed tiger at a booth that is obviously rigged (he swears he didn’t use magic though). And at the end of the night you share a kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel as fireworks go off in the back ground.

~ Loki takes you out on only three more movie worthy dates before asking if you would like to “go steady” 

As A New Couple…

~ Everyone thinks you guys are joking until Loki pulls you in for a deep kiss to prove them wrong

~ Thor is so excited he drags you and Loki out on a double date with him and Jane. (Most of the night is spent with you and Jane in tears of laughter as the two brothers try to top each others embarrassing stories about the other).

~ Loki is constantly sending you flowers and poetic handwritten notes

~  Loki is an extremely jealous person and every time he even sees someone look at you too long he pulls you in for a passionate kiss until he knows whoever was looking gets the point

~ Loki never lets you out of his sight because he knows there’s some serious people after him, and he doesn’t really trust anyone else to protect you like he would

~ After eight months of being together Loki takes you to Asgard to meet his parents. It’s when he sees the approval and excitement in his mother’s eyes that he knows it’s the right time to ask you to move in with him.

As An Established Couple Who Lives Together…

~ Your apartment is absolutely covered in bookshelves which are not only full of books (both Midgardian and Asgardian) but also little trinkets Loki has collected from all nine realms. 

~ Loki talks in his sleep. Sometimes it’s random things, but mostly he quotes really strange lines from poems and books. He once quoted the entire first act of Hamlet

~ Whenever he thinks you’re not looking Loki will “cheat” with his chores and just use magic

~  You two spend a lot of nights on your apartment roof, stargazing as Loki tells you stories about the history of Asgard and the other realms

~ You love getting to introduce Loki to new Midgardian things. The best thing so far has been when you went camping and introduced him to s’mores. Loki ended up freaking out so bad when his marshmellow caught on fire that he ended up freezing your entire fire

~ Loki has come home on more than a handful of occasions to find you using his cape as a blanket

~ Loki has a “hidden” stash of girl scout cookies. He hides them on the top shelf of his closet

~ It’s one of those nights after Loki has read you to sleep when he’s carding his fingers through your hair and he can feel the smile on his face when it hits him. He realizes how much you trust him as you look so happy and peaceful and vulnerable curled into his side without care of who he was or what he did to get here by your side and he feels a warmth in his chest he hasn’t felt in years.

Which Leads To…

~ Loki taking a secret trip to Asgard in order to ask Odin and Frigga if he can permanently borrow one of the many rings locked away in the royal vaults in order to make you his queen


Hope you guys liked it!(:

But Thor and Dizzee are just so absolutely beautiful together.

Thor goes to all of his shows and he is so excited for them. You can tell ho genuinely happy he is to see his man doing something in his element, even though he didn’t know about this part of his life before. He embraces it because it’s important to Dizzee so it’s important to him.  And Dizzee always just looks at Thor with such wonderment like my child legit dropped the mic when he saw him. And Dizzee is just so romantic when it comes to Thor he’s the grand gestures, paint him stories, write it on the city lights if he could. 

And they are just so incredibly in love.
Tom Hiddleston Reveals Why Loki Isn't Impressed By Doctor Strange
If you were one of the millions who saw Doctor Strange, then you know the sorcerer has a bit of a bone to pick with Loki.

The film’s post-credit scene saw Doctor Strange meet with Thor who was on the hunt for his brother, and the magical hero was quick to take a few shots at the devious Frost Giant. Later this year, fans will likely get to see how Doctor Strange does with Loki when Thor: Ragnarok makes its way to theaters, but don’t expect the latter to be impressed by Strange’s gifts.

According to Tom Hiddleston, Loki will be rather apathetic towards Doctor Strange’s mystical powers.

Recently, the actor sat down for an interview with IGN where he was asked about Loki’s reaction to characters like Doctor Strange. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much of what has kept Loki unique is his magical gifts, so the entrance of beings like Strange and even Hela could be a threat to Loki. However, Hiddleston doesn’t seem to think that’s the case.

“I think he probably dismisses Strange,” Hiddleston said about Loki. “Yes, his sorcery is very impressive, but Loki’s been doing that for century so who cares? But Hela is a different beast and full of surprises. [She] actually might have been someone with whom he actually got along, but the circumstances have changed.”

As for what those circumstances are, fans will have to wait and see. So far, it looks like Hela will force Loki to work alongside his brother out of self-interest and desire to stay alive. Hiddleston has hinted Hela would be one of the main factors which reunited the brothers in Thor: Ragnarok.

“At the beginning of Ragnarok, Thor has a lot of questions, and Loki - true to form - is not that forthcoming with many answers. But hammers are involved and the stakes are raised,” Hiddleston told IGN.

“Cate Blanchett is playing the goddess of death who brings destruction in her wake. It’s the kind of destruction that both Thor and Loki have never seen, on a scale of terror they’ve never ever seen before. So, they fall back on their brotherhood fractured though it is to see what they can do to stop her.

Are you excited to see what could be Hiddleston’s final portrayal of Loki? Let us know with your vote in our Anticipation Rankings! It is currently ranked at #9 on all of ComicBook.

[Watch the video of the interview on IGN]

Storms (Post CACW ThunderIron)

Welcome to the story! Grab some tissues! God the angst in this fic is going to be killer guys, there’s your warning.

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Seriously though, tissues!

Thor was excited to be home, excited to be back at the compound with all his friends. He had been gone for so long, dealing with Asgard and everything had gone so wrong so suddenly…

Well anyway, he was relieved to be away from Asgard. He was ready for Tony’s ridiculous movie nights, and Clint’s haphazard breakfast creations, and sparring with Captain, and trading war stories with Natasha. He was looking forward to spending time with Bruce, the quiet scientist with a wicked sense of humour that was matched only by Tony’s cutting wit.

He was even looking forward to the mission debriefings, where Tony and Steve inevitably fought and bickered, and Tony usually ended up storming off in some grand fashion, the color high in his cheeks, dark eyes sparking dangerously.

The genius was beautiful in something of a delicate way, and Thor had always had a hard time keeping himself from staring. Tony was not a large man by any means, but his passion for whichever cause he was engaged in was unparalleled. Thor loved to sit and watch him talk, to watch him work, to watch him—

Thor just liked to watch Tony, period. And if he were honest, it took most of his self control to only watch, because Thor would love to see Tony flushed and passionate spread out across a large bed and bathed in firelight. In fact, he was sure Tony would look more beautiful like that than any other way. Of course, they had never had any time to discuss or explore any of those things, but now that Thor was back again, perhaps in between missions he and the soft haired genius could spend real time together, and Thor would get the chance to tell him how he felt.

So when Thor landed in front of the Avengers compound with a crack of lightning and a ground shaking boom of thunder, burning the pattern of the bifrost into the lawn, he was caught up in his thoughts and didn’t notice that the grass was brown and dead, that there were no vehicles parked in the driveway.

Too intent on seeing Tony, on giving the man a hug, on hearing that light hearted laugh, it wasn’t even until he was striding through the halls towards the common area, holding Mjolnir lightly in one hand, and calling for the team that he realized that most of the lights weren’t even on. The rooms were locked up, the windows dirty, the few plants wilted from neglect.

The compound was…silent, and Thor stopped uneasily at the door to the common room, noting that even though the room had been repaired since the fight with Ultron, it looked like it hadn’t been touched in months.

“Hello?” he called, and his deep voice echoed through the empty building. “Hello?”


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Midsummer Queen - Thor x Reader

@audreythetealovingcat, There was indeed a few request for the batboys, but surprisingly enough, Thor was also up there…So here, I’m giving you some Thor dude, hope you guys’ll like it (mehmehmeh) : 

Summary : Reader is in an established relationship with Thor, and he decides to finally take her to Asgard. She’s not sure she likes the idea…

(My masterlist blog here :


You almost threw up. 

You weren’t really expecting the travel from Earth to Asgard to be this…special. Your entire reality warped, extended, everything went so fast and was so bright and oh my god why so many different colors…and then all of a sudden, it stopped, leaving you wanting to vomit your guts everywhere. 

You didn’t though. Thank God (or Gods ?). You held a bit tighter Thor’s hand though, and wished really hard that the world would stop spinning. He misinterpreted your clinginess with excitement, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. Great, more support. You let your body slumped on his side, glad that sometimes, your boyfriend was so oblivious to things. If he knew you felt ill, he would have freaked out and you’d have been ridiculous in front of the little audience that was there…

A few people were waiting. You didn’t know most of them but you recognize Thor’s friends, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun and…Sif. Damn, she was beautiful. Thor told you about her when you asked about previous girlfriends, apparently, they had a thing, but it never really worked out…She was staring at you coldly. Great. A new friend already…

-Welcome to my home, my love. This is Heimdall, the gate keeper. Good friend of mine. You already know those four, and that’s my mother, Frigga, and my father, Odin. Everyone, may I present to you Lady Y/N, my woman.

You couldn’t help but smile at how he called you. “My woman”. On Earth, most people would think it was a bit rude to call one’s girlfriend like that. But Asgard wasn’t Earth, and obviously, it was totally normal. But as soon as you realized you were actually in front of Thor’s parents, you started to get extremely nervous again. You knew it was a bad idea to come here…

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Don’t get too excited about the pictures behind them, as they aren’t new. Focusing on Thor and Black Widow though, we get a good look at their costumes! Thor seems to be channelling lightning like in the Ragnarok trailer, and Black Widow is carrying a cool staff which will provide a new fighting style we haven’t really seen yet!

Pinned Down - [Extended Ending]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Clint, Tony, Natasha, Thor, Bucky, Sam and Bruce.
Rating: Mature
Summary: Reader and Steve face the Avengers, who are a bit too much over excited about their love confession.
Word Count: 1k
Genre: SFW - Fluff
Warnings: Obviously, light mentions of sex and mentions of Winter Window, because I’m a comic book trash! Though, I do not ship anyone in the MCU, so this is literally the first and last time a non-canon couple (on screens) is appearing in my fics.
Author’s Note: Another extended ending? I know, but I like writing those.

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Pinned Down*

“Where are they?” You asked, looking around you as Steve held your hand and you walked through the hallways of an empty Avengers compound.

“No mission planned today,” he furrowed his brows, “I’m sure they’re hiding something.”

“Stop being so suspicious,” you giggled and stood on your toes to peck his cheek.

The night before, Steve and you had finally confessed your feelings for each other and since then, you had successfully avoided the Avengers who had been informed by Friday about your little moment inside the training room.

You directly went to the super soldier’s bedroom and spent the night with him, either talking or kissing or just enjoying his presence. In the morning, he’d asked you to stay with him on his day off and you sneaked outside the compound to go to Brooklyn for the entire afternoon.

“Looks like we’re alone,” you concluded and left his hand until you reached the private wing of the building where your team had gotten used to gather every day like a family.

“Just you and me, huh?” The super soldier lowered his voice, coming dangerously closer to your standing figure and you decided to play along.

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Essays in Existentialism: Comic Con II

Previously on Comic Con

The halls were full. The crowds were alive and the excitement was absolutely addicting, coursing through the convention center like its own entity, sweeping through hallways and meeting rooms, infecting everyone it came in contact with, and the stars themselves were not immune.

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This made me laugh but says how nice he is.

Tom Hiddleston’s Bewildered Middle-aged Fans British actor Tom Hiddleston. “I know you!” A bewildered middle-aged Aussie lady was stabbing her finger in in the direction of British actor Tom Hiddleston while doing her best impersonation of a bewildered middle-aged Aussie lady. This was all taking place at Brisbane Airport’s Business Class Lounge in 2016 and the Hollywood star (Thor, Avengers, Kong: Skull Island, etc.) had taken a seat at the table next to me. “I know you!” she said again, with her stabby finger and a smile that was the opposite of endearing. To his credit, Tom gave what looked like a genuine smile in return. “You’re that actor! What’s your name again?” He then introduced himself and politely engaged in some chit-chat with a sort-of-a-fan, though really just someone excited to meet a famous person. Well played Tom, well played. But seriously, what would possess someone to think that aggressively pointing their finger at a celebrity and demanding they tell you their name is the way to go? Then another woman did a similar thing. “I recognise you, but who are you again?” I was starting to feel embarrassed for him, but again, he treated these folks warmly and with a considerable amount of charm. By now the murmurings that a Hollywood star was sitting near the breakfast counter had spread through the lounge. Then something surprising happened. A genuine fan — a mother with a child maybe about 10 years old — lined up to approach him, clearly nervous. She just wanted to tell him how much she loved his film and TV work and how she hoped he’d enjoyed Australia. To which Tom invited them to sit down. And because they were so nervous, Tom started asking them questions to make them relax. What a guy! After he left I cemented my own fears that I’d been a slightly dodgy eavesdropper by tweeting what had happened. And for what it’s worth, it’s hands down the most liked and reshared piece of social media I’ve ever been involved in*. Tim Roxborogh

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This was in the New Zealand herald. But the link wouldn’t work. Guy does so good stuff.
Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Three

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Sitting in the bed, Ariella felt lost and alone. Eir had been called to deal with an issue at the soldiers quarters and as another day ended, there was no sign of Loki coming to visit her, again. She cursed herself for being so aggressive to him when all he was trying to do was save her from what was happening, but it broke her that he could not see that it was the only way to guarantee her future, one child would not be so bad, if it was a son, it would be far better off than she would ever have dreamt possible for herself, though fear filled her, a daughter would require further children with her husband. She had liked the idea of children, someday, but she always dreamt they would be with someone she loved, a man who she would be happy to carry the child of, who would be excited to feel a child growing within her, when the time was right, when she felt as though she had everything she needed in life, not now, not a week after she became an adult.

She was so consumed with her thoughts that she failed to realise there was another in the room; when she looked up, she was shocked to see Thor standing in front of her. She said nothing as he stared at her for a moment. ‘Were you in the throne room earlier?’ he asked, his voice was neither accusatory nor aggressive.

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valentine’s day engagement

pairing: thor x reader

plot: Thor takes the reader to Asgard on Valentine’s Day to meet his parents and the people from Asgard start calling the reader their princess. When they get back to Thor’s bedroom they start to make out and Thor was about to stop before things got really heated because he knew the reader was a virgin and he didn’t want to pressure them but the reader tells Thor they’re ready to have sex with him.

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 Meeting your significant others family was always nerve wrecking but knowing they were gods made it it ten times more nerve wrecking. Sure you have met Thor’s friends when he brought them to earth and they instantly loved you, these were his parents. Thor told you not to worry when he told you his plans to bring you to Asgard on Valentine’s Day. Although he had some duties in Asgard that day he didn’t want you to be alone on the holiday.

“Do not worry my love, my parents will love you.” Thor reassured you and he placed a kiss on your forehead before you guys entered the palace.

You were fascinated as Thor gave you a tour of the place he calls home. “Ah here you are. Mother, father this is my gorgeous girlfriend y/n. Y/n these are my parents.” Thor was beaming with pride as he introduced you to his parents.

“It is so nice to finally meet you y/n. Thor has told us so much about you and I must say he is lucky to have you in his life.” Frigga gave you a warm hug and you instantly felt loved just being in her embrace.

“Yes everyone in the kingdom has heard so much about you thanks to Thor and his friends.” Odin added on. You were a little scared when odin approached you and gave you a hug. It was nowhere near as warm and loving like when Frigga but Thor did warn you about him so you understand. “Thor you have some duties to attend to, you may bring y/n with you if you wish.”

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This life, part 4

Pairing: Reader x eventually Loki

Word Count: 3788 (Umm oops?)

Warning: Angst

Part 1  part 2  part 3

It was many hours that you let your anger and rage flow.  So long that your voice was rough and your throat raw.  There was now a fair sized clearing, made with your powers as you had paced on the edge of the water.  No one had been injured, so your conscience was clear.  Or mostly clear.  You found it difficult to rid the scenes of Loki’s past from your mind. The screams were…  They haunted you.  How had he survived through such things?  No, you could not think of it now.  There was too much to do and just days before the Melee.

The Melee was the tournament of the Asgardian Defenders.  Every five years it allowed the people of Asgard to see who was the best among the warriors that protected the realm and gave rise to those who might join the ranks.  It culminated in the Last Battle.  A free-for-all that did not finish until the last man or woman stood.  Nothing else mattered to you but the Last Battle.  All the other games were of little consequence. You had trained for the last years with the goal of winning.  There had been a word to no one of this idea, for they would have all tried to change your mind.  No woman had ever won before.  However, you were no mere woman and you had worked hard for it.  The plan was to do so without anyone knowing who you were as well as doing it without your powers.  It was easy to see when you used them so you would be unmasked easily if you did.

Everything that had happened with Thor and Loki had been a distraction.  Now you needed a distraction from them.  From the way your heart ached remembering all the time spent together as children.  How you and Loki would read for hours hidden away in the great libraries, or chasing Thor through the fields when he stole your secret training sword.  Life had been easy then.  Your parents loved you, your life had been completely planned out, and you were too innocent to know any better.  Pain seared through your heart as you thought about your parents. It was hard to think about them and the events that lead to where you were now.  It still hurt now.  Anger and resentment started to build again.  It seemed every time you thought about them it grew further.  Some day you knew it would erupt into something you would not be able to handle.

Odin had made good on his promise and no one came to disturb your peace.  For two days, you pushed your body further than you ever had.  The training consisted of one sword and sometimes a shield.  You were the only one to use two swords to fight, so you had to forego your second blade. It was odd not using both but it gave you the opportunity to develop a new style of fighting for yourself in the event you did not have the extra weapon.  You felt ready for it.  

The Melee was five days. The first day was celebrations and food followed by three days of the tournaments, finishing on the fifth day with the Last Battle.  Once the fighting ceased the winner was proclaimed which lead to more feasting and drinking. A merry time was had by all.  The previous Melee, you and Thor had gotten very drunk spending the evening torturing Loki with horrid Asgardian ballads. It ended with kissing Thor until you were both breathless.  


You dressed in leathers and your dark cloak setting out towards the palace.  The celebration was held just inside the courtyard of the main gates.  Thousands of bodies were moving about drinking from large steins and eating. There were games and music scattered about.  If the time had been different you would be settled with your friends drinking much and eating more, loudly telling stories.  Volstagg would be have two maidens on his lap and Thor would be arguing with Fandral about something inconsequential.  A pang of loneliness hit as you walked through the crowds.  Still you moved on.  Later with your own stein of ale, you heard familiar laughing on the terrace just above one of the stages.  As you looked up you caught the eye of Thor, who had been watching you for a while from his perch.  

It took everything in him not to jump down to see you.  Your words though, ran through his mind, as did your face when you said you wanted to neither hear his voice nor see his face for some time.  The group realizing his distraction discovered you looking up to them.  They all quieted, though Hogun waved to you with a smile.  You dipped your head to them before pulling the hood up over your head moving on.  Thor hoped someday you would forgive him and he would have his friend back.  Nevertheless, he would not press you until you were ready.

There were others eyes, watching you from afar.  From the time you had entered the gates until now when you rushed off.  Watching and studying the woman in the dark cloak. Learning your movements and gait, how you studied your surroundings searching out dangers.  How different you had become.

You avoided the following three days of the Melee.  Your heart could not take seeing your friends again, not yet.  Preparing for the final day took too much concentration.  Once it was over, win or lose, you would break the silence and hope for life to return to what it had been before Loki’s return. Walking from your home to the palace took longer than you wanted.  But it gave you the time to plan the events that were to come.  You were ready as you set your helm in place.  

The courtyard had been cleared, with the crowd gathered on the edges.  In the center were the three hundred participants.  The Allfather, Queen Frigga, and Thor stood on the balcony looking down at the warriors.  “Every five years we join together for the Melee.  To celebrate Asgard and those who defend it.  As we gather for the Last Battle, it will be shown who among us are truly worthy to be called Defender.  Warriors are you prepared?”

The roars of affirmation echoed within the palace walls.  It felt as though lightening had spread throughout those gathered.  The excitement taking hold.  Odin raised both his arms in the air looking over the crowd. “Begin!”  He bellowed out.

Mayhem started immediately. Those who were not as skilled scrambled to find targets they believed were easy prey.  Many of those fell within the first few minutes.  Someone had grabbed your helm from behind trying to pull you down but a well-placed kick back caused the person to crumble holding his groin.  You turned quickly, bringing an uppercut to his jaw, knocking him out completely. One down a few hundred to go.  The action around you never felt like it slowed. Moving from target to target there was a path of bodies left in your wake.  Just over the hour mark, the warrior group had dwindled down to twenty participants.  These were the more skilled of Asgard and more difficult to defeat.  The man you fought now was at least a foot taller than your frame and would have difficulty fitting through a door with the broadness of his shoulders.  While he had the strength, his movements were slow.  As he raised his axe over his head, you spun around bringing the back of your boot up to land just below the pit of his arm and the sensitive pressure point there. The man groaned as he sunk to his knees giving the perfect position for you to bring the hilt of you blade down on his head, causing him to fall the rest of the way to the ground.  

You laughed beneath your mask, as three people had to drag his body out of the courtyard.  Another fifteen minutes progressed and there were three of you left.  By the look of the armor, you knew the identity of one man.  The other you were not as aware of his skills so he became your first target.  Running as fast as your armor would allow towards him, you held your sword out in front of you in threat.  Seeing your plan he planted himself with sword raised waiting on your attack.  However, it was his mistake as you rarely did was you were supposed to.  Just before you clashed, you went low, sliding on one hip behind him.  Turning to kick both legs out from under him. You laughed as he fell with a grunt. One swift punch to the jaw took him out of the competition, leaving you with one last opponent.

Jumping up you spied him standing across the courtyard eyeing you closely.  He had watched you removed the last of the competitors with amusement.  You stalked towards him with blade readied, he mirrored preparing himself.  “I may enjoy beating you far more than I like, my Lady.”  

Bloody hell, of course he would know who you were.  Though, he had not said your name.  “Come now, Uljar, you always enjoy the win.  Whether it against me or anyone.”  Uljar had taken command of the Defenders after your father had been removed.  The two of you were friends and had many a day training together.  He laughed from behind his own helm.

“This is true, I will try and go easy on you, that way we can enjoy a good celebration ale together for my victory.”  Steeling yourself, you struck.  The clash of metal echoed and the crowd cheered.  Odin watched with great interest at the two as the fought below. Who was this woman, whose skill outmatched almost everyone else?  His curiosity was growing.

You and Uljar battled on. He realized that your skill had grown as he had difficulty keeping up with your blows.  No longer holding back, he forced what strength he had left.  While you were beginning to tire, he was worse off. His movements were becoming repetitive, as he could not keep up with the changing of tactics.  It gave you the opening you needed.  He had been going after your sword trying to knock it from your hand, but you doubted he had thought past what he would do when got there. You stuck your sword into the ground and ran towards him.  It threw his concentration off so that he did not expect you to use your whole body to knock him off balance.  As he fell, you grab his blade as it clamored on the ground and held the tip to his throat. “Do you yield my friend?”

He laid there breathing hard looking up to you.  It killed him to do it, but he held up his hands.  “I yield.”  The crowd’s response was deafening.  The cheers and cries around you caused the largest smile to appear beneath your mask. You held your hand out for Uljar to stand.  He took it before hugging you close.  “You deserve it.  You fought with more heart than I have ever seen.”

Odin raised his hands again to quiet those gathered to a dull rumble of conversations.  “We have our victor.  Remove your helm and tell us the name that will have ballads sung about for the coming years.”  You looked over at Uljar and he laughed, holding his arm out in encouragement. Holding one side of the helm and mask, you peeled it from your head looking up to the Allfather, smirking at the surprise on his face.  There was a collective gasp, then more cheering as everyone realize who were and what you had accomplished today.  The cheers and screams of your friends could be heard over them all from one of the balconies. Frigga looked as a proud mother as she beamed down at you.  “Lady [Y/N]… I believe you have shocked the whole of Asgard. The first woman to stand victorious in the Last Battle.  Every realm from now until the end of time will know your name as a protector of Asgard. They will stand in awe of the name and be honored to witness your skill.  Asgard I present you victor, Lady [Y/N] Theinndottir!”

The cheers began once more. For as much and as long as you had trained you had never given thought to what would happen if you were victorious. Now here you stood in the center of the celebration, hearing your name screamed to the tops of the towers. Unsure of how to proceed you waved to the crowd before walking towards the palace halls.  You needed a moment to breathe and to be honest, the largest stein of ale you could find.  Uljar followed you, slapping a hand on your back.

“You were amazing.  No wonder you had hid your training.  Have you been working towards this?”  Nodding to him with a small smile.

“For the last several years I have.  I was unsure if I could do it, but here I am. I believe I am still in shock.”  He laughed as you walked towards the feasting hall.

“Everyone is in shock. Did you see the Allfather?  I think there was a smile on his face.  But you know what this means, do you not?” Glancing in his direction a moment before taking a filled stein from one of the drink maids and drinking long. Once you finished the contents, you took another walking towards a chair to sit in a far off corner.  Uljar followed waiting for your response.

“What does this mean, Uljar?”  You put you boots up on the table stretching out.  Your body was going to hate you in the morn.

“What are the rules for defeating the captain of the Defenders?”  With his arms crossed, he raised a brow as you thought of the answer. Your eyes went wide and you half spit out a mouthful of ale.

“No…”  He laughed nodding slow.

“Yes, my Lady.”

“Bloody hell, that was not… I did not…”  The laugh grew louder as you fought to find the words.

“Uljar I did not mean…” Holding a hand up, he stopped you.

“[Y/N] you defeated me solid.  I am not upset.  I want you to know that.”  With a frown, you rested your head back against the wall staring up at the ceiling. The crowd was starting to enter the hall for their own refreshments.  

“[Y/N]…”  Looking up as your name was called, Thor stood several feet away, cautious to approach.  “My father requests an audience.”  

So soon.  You groaned internally.  With a nod to Uljar you stood before following behind Thor.  The tension between you two was palpable but you refrained from speaking.  He too, was silent, at least until just before you entered one of the private halls. “I want to say how proud I am.  You deserved that win more than anyone I have ever seen.  It was glorious to watch you tear through them all.  I should have realized it was you, but I was too busy watching for you around the battle not knowing you were in it.”

You smiled resting a hand on his arm.  “Thank you, Thor.  I means much from you.”  He nodded opening the door to the hall where Odin, Frigga and the rest of your group had gathered.  They all clapped and cheered for you as you entered.  However, quieted quickly when Odin looked around.

“Do you know why I called you, dear girl?”  Had you stepped into another realm?  Dear girl?

“I can only hope that is it not what I think, my king.”  He laughed quietly.

“Uljar opened himself up for the defeat.  With that defeat, opens up the rules of the Defenders.  If the captain is defeated in the Last Battle, the victor may lead if they are found worthy.  [Y/N] you are far more worthy than anyone.  Not because of who you were bore from.  But what you have done on your own.  Would you lead the Defenders in the protection of our people?”

The pace of your heart quickened with the question.  You could hear it in your ears over the silence of the room.  Looking down a moment you bit your lip unable to decide with the weight of the gazes of everyone around you.  “My Lord, my I take the day to decide.  This is… a large commitment.”

Odin smiled bowing his head. “Of course, child.  I await to hear your answer tomorrow.  Tonight we celebrate.”  Everyone cheered again, your friends surrounding you, hugging and congratulating you loudly.  Frigga had to pry them all away to be able to hug you herself.

“Oh my girl, I am so proud. I could not be prouder if you were my blood.  You deserve to celebrate tonight.  Go to Sif’s and wash.  There are clean clothes for you, as is fitting for the victor of the Last Battle.”  She sent you off in the direction of Sif’s chambers.  Those halls were quiet as everyone was gathered in the feasting hall and the courtyard.  As you walked, you could feel someone about.  Coming closer, causing you to stop and turn.  No one was there.

“I know you are around. Show yourself.”  A laugh echoed against the walls.  One you had known all your days.  Loki stepped out from the shadows dressed in one of his green tunics, reminding you of old times.

“You have changed, [Y/N]. I could always sneak up upon you as children.”  Rolling your eyes you turned back towards the direction you needed.

“If you had not noticed there is much changed of me, Loki.  If you will, I have to clean up before your mother will allow me to join the merriment.”  He frowned walking quickly to match your strides.

“I am still trying to grasp all the changes in you.  I hardly see the mere girl I left.”

“Yes, Loki you left. How are you out of the prison? Does Thor know?”  

“Odin has granted somewhat of a reprieve.  I am watched constantly, if I commit another error, I will spend the rest of my days below. Which I suppose I have you to thank.” You step had not slowed but you relaxed the tension in your body.

“I would not lie. Even after what you said to me I would not.”  Loki stared at you curiously.

“No you did not. There is anger there I can understand, some of which I caused.  But not all. No, not all of that is my blame. Thor would not tell me your story, why you have become this woman I do not know.  What happened after I left, [Y/N]?  I feel as though I am the cause for more than I know.”  Thor had not told him.  That was surprising.  Though perhaps he felt the need to give you rest after what he had forced you to do. All the memories came rushing back, causing you to stop in the middle of the empty hallway.

“You want to know?  To know all the pain that occurred after you called me your brother’s whore?”  Loki flinched as you moved close; if you had been taller, you would have screamed it in his face.

“Tell me… Please.” You laughed an odd, cold sound.

“Fine, you can revel in it. After you died… which obviously was just another one of your tricks, we mourned.  Even after what you said to me, I mourned my friend.  In the weeks that followed my father became more restless. In his own insanity, he believed you were correct in your thoughts on how Asgard should be ruled.  He fought with his closest friend, the king over it. I begged him to listen to reason. Odin was the king and should be followed.”  The floodgates had been opened, and there was no way to stop them now.  This was what you feared.

“Odin called my father a traitor and ordered he be imprisoned.  As I begged Odin to refrain, my father screamed that I was no daughter of his.  They dragged him to the cells; he cursed my name until I could no longer hear his screams.” Another laugh erupted from your lips as you thought of it.  His screams had haunted you too, just as Loki’s did now.

“My lovely mother disowned me as well, with one slap across the face before the entire court.  As I held my red cheek, your father decided it was time to degrade me further.  He announced that I was the daughter of a traitor and no longer worthy of marriage to his son.  That I was to remove what possessions I could from my family chambers and find refuge elsewhere.  In the span of weeks, I lost everything.  My family, the only path of life I was allowed to have and my home.”  Loki stood there looking at the pain and defeat on your face.  He held a hand out trying to comfort you but you pulled back quickly.

“Would you like to hear the biggest mess of all of it? Oh, I am sure you do.  I found out later after I had almost killed Thor, that I have powers that I never knew of.  We knew of my visions, but Valhalla there were so much more.  My mother, my whole life had bound me.  Every day she would force me to drink the horrid tonic, which she told me was to keep me healthy.  No, it was not for health it was to bind my powers within me.  So I did not become anything more than the girl who they were forcing a life on that I had no say.  Without my mother feeding me this tonic daily, my powers broke through and I could not control them.  Your mother was the only thing that saved me.  She taught me how to control them.  I will forever be indebted to her.”

“[Y/N], I…”

“Now you know the story of this chaos that stands before you.  Go Loki.  Go enjoy the family that has welcomed you back with open arms.”  You left him standing there in utter shock and pain. Pain for you, and what you had to deal with once he had parted.  As you entered Sif’s chambers you sunk to your knees breathing heavy.  You tried to push it all away, refusing to let it overcome you again.  This was not how the victor of the Last Battle should be.

With a deep breath you stood, pushing down everything that had come to the surface.

“This is my night.”

Part 5

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Essays in Existentialism: Comic Con

please write a famous!clexa, dating, but on dif shows at comic con au.Dif schedules. Then “FOUND MA GURL”

“I’m currently filming something not comic related in Georgia,” Clarke explained, smiling as the reporter began to ask even more. “But I can’t wait to get back to the sequel. It’s going to be bigger and just… I can promise it will be mighty. That’s the best word for it.”

She dazed in and out of words, the jet lag and schedule creeping up on her slowly. Her bones ached and she barely had time to put on new clothes on the way over from the airport, but she smiled and laughed and was only relieved when she saw her cast mates that she would see in a few months to start the sequel, but had been away from since the wrap. 

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Loki’s Wife Chapter Eight

Words- 1816

Warnings- NONE! Drinking? does that need a warning?

Chapter eight of Loki’s Wife.

The gist of the story is Loki is the King of Asgard, Y/N  is a warrior in the Asgard army and she gets horribly scared on a mission. It is an adjustment for both of them to be fully 100% committed to one another, but they work it out.

Wedding, vows, slightly drunk (Y/N) and a very drunk Thor! what more can you ask for?  

Sorry guys this took so damn long to put out! I have another story I’m trying to write as well and to be honest I’m more inspired by that one at the moment…

Hey guys would you like me to post two stories at the same time or would you rather one at a time? I have another story I’m trying to write as well and to be honest I’m REALLY excited to share it with you all!

An guys I love feed back if anyone has anything to say feel free too!

If you missed the other chapters read them here:

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I swear my heart stopped and if it weren’t for Thor walking me I might have froze. Loki  was breathtaking, even though he was just in his traditional battle gear, and boy did he look good. His scepter was by his side and his helmet was on the wall in front of him.  We reached the end of the isle. Loki’s green eyes were shining and his black hair was slicked back in his normal fashion. He was grinning. Wide and happy, it caused the corners to crinkle and my heart to swell. Thor stopped us in front of the Priest.

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The Great White Way

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Based on Prompt by @blow-your-mind-tonight: Hi! Could you do an imagine where the reader loves Broadway musicals and the whole team finds out, so they take her to see a musical and all of them secretly love it?? Thanks! xx

A/N: How could I get a request about Broadway musicals and NOT have it be about Hamilton?  For anyone who has not seen Hamilton or listened to the music, there are bits of this that probably won’t make sense and for that, I apologize.  Also, sorry for the random hiatus, got hit with writer’s block.  Also, this is kind of in celebration of the fact that I’m going to see Hamilton NEXT. FREAKING. WEEK.  Still can’t quite believe it.  Any who, hope y’all enjoy!

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“Seriously?” you complain.  “Not a single one of you will tell me?”

“It’s a surprise,” Tony retorts.  “That’s the whole point.”

“Am I the only one that finds it terrifying that you all have been walking me down the street for several blocks, blindfolded, and not a single person has asked you any questions?” you say.

“That’s New York for you,” Nat says and you roll your eyes, although no one can see it.

“Steve,” you plead, grabbing the arm of the person to your right.  “Nope, that’s Thor.”

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i wrote this in five minutes but i love dogs and tony stark so it doesn’t really matter

Fun fact about Tony Stark: he’s never had a pet in his life. Not even a goldfish. Let’s face it, he forgets to come out of his lab, and then the fish would die, and Tony would obviously have a fish funeral and get too invested in making the funeral playlist and end up crying because he had an existential crisis about some other thing that has been eating him alive. (What else is new) So yeah, no pets. 

But he’d like one. A small cat that he could occasionally pet or a dog so he could get the tail wagging or even a lizard that was super indifferent and he would probably name Everhart because a.) badass name and b.) Christine Everhart was one scaly bitch. So yeah, those were his main reasons. 

This is why he is not mad when he catches Bucky and Sam trying to sneak in a dog. 

This is also why he comes up and starts petting the dog and almost cries because “look at how beautiful they are!!!” (Sam informs him that the dog is a she, and they’re trying to figure out names.) 

Bucky has snapchat videos of Tony crying as he pets the dog, and then mentions something about having been awake for about ten hours straight with no break and the dog is probably a hallucination. 

Tony is insanely happy about a dog. The dog is named Jellybean, because Jarvis scanned her and OH MY GOD SAM AND BUCKY FOUND A NEWFOUNDLAND GREAT DANE MIX IT’S GONNA BE SO BIG!!!! They are very excited. 

Tony does not mind slobber or barks or hair getting places. Tony loves Jellybean with all of his heart. 

Jellybean plays favorites. She loves Tony when she’s tired and cuddly and needs attention when Bucky and Sam are not living up to their Potential, but she likes going on runs and walks with them. Steve is the best for Fetch, the best game invented. Jellybean loves to play tug-of-war with Bruce, except one time she accidentally did a Mistake and stepped on his glasses. it was okay though! He was very Nice about it. Jellybean loves her friends. 

Thor is very big and good at frisbee, and also sneaks her treats under the table! She does not think he is very good at this because Tony yells that she’s gonna get fat, but Jellybean doesn’t really care about that. 

Natasha and Clint take her outside to the city and trained her to sniff out bombs and help kids in hospitals! Jellybean loves her kids .They’re so nice and fun. Jellybean loves everyone! 

at the end of the day, though, jellybean is always curled up next to tony, snoring like crazy and being his own personal space heater. and he loves every second of it. (well, except for the getting-drool-in-the-mouth-GROSS but that only happened once.) 

A regular day out.

This one is for @bootymebetter​, kinda based on the idea you sent:

“I have an idea for fluff? Maybe you could like do something where all the avengers people and stuff have movie nights or are generally just good friends and mess each other around a lot. Like, you could even write something like a day in the life of a normal avenger xD or even write what they think or dream a normal day for them is like i.e. ice cream on the beach with their friends or out for schwarma and beer and jollyness xD “

I really liked the idea of the Avengers trying to have a regular day, and how their idea of regular might be a little different to everyone else’s. Thank you for such an awesome idea!

A regular day out. That’s the plan, just a normal day. No mission today, no training, no need to be superheroes. We’re going to be just regular guys ‘n’ gals, doing regular stuff, like regular people. Brunch, a trip out, a walk in the park. Regular.

So, we start the day off with brunch. That’s a thing now, apparently. Back in the ‘30s, if you got up late on a Sunday, you skipped breakfast and went straight to church to atone for your tardiness. Now, you get up late, they got a special meal just for you. Howard shoulda put that into his Expo!

So, it’s me, and Buck, Sam and Nat, we’re sitting in this café eating eggs and croissants and bacon, drinking coffee, talking. It’s nice. Regular. We’re talking about sports and weather and politics and movies. Sam’s laughing at how little me and Buck know, what with being 70 years out of time; Nat’s making the usual jokes about films we haven’t seen, then Sam’s explaining them, which makes Nat roll her eyes. It’s nice. I’m sitting by the window and the sun’s shining on me, got my legs stretched out, one arm across the back of Buck’s chair, the other’s holding a steaming cup of coffee. The sky’s blue, the birds are flying past, the people outside are… the people are running. And screaming.

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