not as drunk as the others

Highlights from the Yuri!!! on Stage Drama
  • The answer to the question: “what would happen if both Yuuri and Victor got drunk at the same time”
  • Which turns out to be: “they BOTH strip and get super flirty with each other”
  • Victor loving Yuuri’s off-season katsudon tummy and squishing it happily and excitedly
  • Victor drunkenly flirting with Chris, making Yuuri jealous and prompting him to go all “look only at me” and “you aren’t looking ENOUGH” on him
  • Them playing a drinking strip game (essentially rock-paper-scissors/janken)
  • The implication that this is a COMMON OCCURRENCE for Victor and Yuuri and that they do it often (i.e. whenever they drink together, which is apparently frequently)
  • Naked stretching during which “Chihokogate” happens
  • Victor getting super jealous at this “Chihoko” and assuming its Yuuri’s ex-lover
  • Yuuri waking up like 10 hours later with a vicious hangover, wearing Victor’s underwear on his head like its a goddamn crown, and the words “OVERCOME CHIHOKO” scribbled on his back
  • Everyone wondering where the fuck Victor disappeared off to
  • People accusing Yuuri of hiding him away
  • People accusing Yurio of getting rid of him bc they found his list of edgy exhibition skate titles (including: “Yuri on DARKNESS” klfjskdfjs)
  • Them finding Victor essentially flexing on top of Hasetsu Castle, naked
  • Victor, screaming at the top of his lungs for the whole town to hear basically: “THIS PERSON IS YUURI’S PAST, BUT I AM YUURI’S NOW
  • Y: “WHO THE HELL IS CHIHOKO?????????”
  • The plot twist being Victor misheard Yuuri saying the word “shachihoko” in Japanese, and thus there IS no ex-lover lmaoooo
  • (The implication that this may mean Yuuri and Victor sometimes converse in Japanese bc Victor’s Japanese has improved to that point)
  • My soul being saved by this
  • Victor asking Yuuri to join him on top of the castle, naked
  • Them enjoying the view, while being naked and somehow not getting fucking arrested


  • Seung-gil being an affectionate drunk and kissing Nishigori LMAO
Yuri!!! On Stage Event - Deleted Scene

Finally, I have gotten so information on what has gone on at the event, thanks to a lovely Twitter account.

There was a scene that was not added to the series, as there was no time to animate it, and if it were to be animated, it would be very explicit.

So, months later after the GPF, Viktor has an ice show known as “Viktor & Friends” where other skaters flew out to perform this. Yuuri and Viktor both got very drunk, and that’s when Yuuri started mumbling the name “Chihoko”.

Viktor thinks of this Chihoko guy as Yuuri’s ex.

We can remember back to episode 2, where Viktor has asked Yuuri about his personal life with dating and such, but we don’t hear anything about it from Yuuri. It later was confirmed that Yuuri keeps all past relationships private.

Back to what I was saying, Viktor gets jealous of this “Chihoko” guy, as Yuuri keeps rambling on about him.

The next morning, Viktor is no where to be found.

Yuuri wakes up to find “OVERCOME CHIHOKO” scribbled on his back and Viktor’s panties on his head. And he doesn’t remember anything. Fans are ticked that Viktor is missing, they know this because Phichit decided to upload pictures. The skaters talked about how Viktor and Yuuri pretty much flirted alllll night long, then got naked, then argued. Phichit came to the conclusion:

Viktor and Yuuri got divorced.

Later on, the scene changes to Viktor being on top of Hasetsu castle, stretching naked. He even says, “This person may be Yuuri’s past… But I am his now”

Yuuri eventually finds him and calls for him to come down, but Viktor just yells at him. “Is this better than Chihoko?!” He yells down to Yuuri. Yuuri has no idea who the hell Chihoko is and tells Viktor that. Then, Viktor proceeds to invite Yuuri to strip and go to the top of the castle with him.

At the beginning of this scene, Viktor said “That night… It was a night… I would never forget..” And in between phrases, Yuuri was moaning, before throwing up at the end. Yurio commented that it was gross.


EROS YUURI “you’re not looking enough” 🔥🔥🔥






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Maddie.......... who is chihoko.......

Hahaha okay I’ll try and sum it up! All of this information is courtesy denkimouse on Twitter so you should definitely go read their explanation as well!! They live-tweeted the event and shared a lot of great information! I’m going to be cutting a lot of details lololol

PSA: I just woke up and am still shook so if anything is inaccurate I apologize and please let me know!!!

At the event there was a stage-reading of a YOI story! Victor, Yuuri, and many others are in Hasetsu before a skating show and get drunk. Victor is helping Yuuri stretch and Yuuri says something, a bit slurred, about how “Chihoko is more flexible” than he is.

The next morning, Victor is missing! Yurio is mad and blames Yuuri, nobody can find him anywhere. Victor is naked and stretching on top of a castle, essentially trying to prove that he’s more flexible than this CHIHOKO PERSON. Yuuri is like “o my god.” Victor asks Yuuri to join him and Yuuri Katsuki actually strips off of his clothes and goes to stretch on top of the castle with Victor.


  • Chihoko isn’t a real person, Victor just misheard him
  • People accused Yurio of getting rid of Victor because Yurio had show name ideas including “Yuri On Darkness, Yuri On Galaxy, etc.”
  • Seung-gil kissed Nishigori?? shook
  • When Yuuri woke up (the morning after getting drunk) “Overcome Chihoko” was written on his back
  • This:

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This may seem like a noob question, but can you explain to me what yuri on stage is please? I've seen tumblr explode because of it but I don't really understand the explanations (English isn't my first language sorry!!)

Yuri on Stage is a live event happening right this moment in Japan! Kubo and other creators + all the seiyuus are appearing in it! It lasts 2 hours, with a day show and a night show, and has sections like trivias, interviews and live dramas!

The one thing we’re currently all dying over is the live drama where everyone’s in Hasestsu after an exhibition and Viktuuri gets drunk, Viktor misunderstands a pun Yuuri made and thought he was talking about an ex lmao So in his jealousy, Viktor dissappeared only to be found hours later at the top of Hasetsu Castle, stretching naked, exclaiming “Chihoko may be Yuuri’s past… BUT I AM HIS PRESENT” and then asking Yuuri to get naked and on top of the castel as well. Meanwhile, Phichit thought they god divorced and re-married.


The night show is currently being held, there’s still 1.15 hours left, but we’re speculating they might announce S2, so crossing out fingers!

#let seunggil kiss phichit

Because Seunggil is apparently a canon smooch happy drunk, hallelujah thank you yuri on stage.

There’s no other way to put it: every single skater in the room is currently a hot mess.

Phichit thinks that it’s all the stress of the skating season. It just all builds up and none of them get a chance to let loose, so when they finally get a break, they get wasted and act like fools. It was completely and utterly inevitable. They deserve a night of fun, of course, but it’s also endlessly fun to witness.

The one thing Phichit hadn’t expected though, was that quiet, stoic Seunggil would stumble over to where Phichit is sitting and observing Viktor and Yuuri arguing about someone named Chihoko, and sit next to him. Surprisingly, he sits close enough that their shoulders touch, and his knee knocks into Phichit’s as he settles into his seat.

“Seunggil!” Phichit greets him cheerfully, gives him a wide smile. “Are you drunk too?”

Seunggil looks at Phichit very intently, a small frown line appearing between his brows. “I think… I might be drunk.”

He sways a little bit and looks surprised by this. Clearly he is not a man who gets drunk often.

Phichit lets out a small giggle and reaches out one hand to pat Seunggil’s shoulder. “I think you are too!”

Seunggil nods carefully, as though he’s decided that Phichit has come to an adequate conclusion.

He’s still looking at Phichit very intently. “You are very cute.”

Phichit blinks. “I… well thank you,” he answers, still giving Seunggil a boozy, pleased smile. “You are too.” He is. Phichit has always liked his dark, serious eyes, his smooth hair that curls a bit over his ears.

Seunggil nods again, very seriously, and then—because this is a weird night, apparently—he places both hands on either side of Phichit’s face, his palms warm against Phichit’s cheeks. His eyes are dark and intent, his mouth set in a determined line.


Phichit’s question is cut off when Seunggil leans in quickly and places his lips on Phichit’s.  

Understandably, Phichit makes a surprised noise when their lips meet—Seunggil’s breath fans out against his lips, Seunggil’s mouth pressed to his own. The kiss feels inexperienced, but Phichit feels his pulse rushing all the same.

He has no idea what’s going on, but he is more than happy with this turn of events.

Once he gets over his shock, Phichit starts to reciprocate. He scoots a little closer, reaches up to slide his arms around Seunggil’s neck. His lips move languidly, softly with the kiss. Seunggil makes a pleased little noise that makes something spark brightly in Phichit’s stomach.

Finally, Phichit draws away far enough to look Seunggil in the face: Seunggil’s mouth looks thoroughly kissed, his cheeks flushed, his eyes dazed. It’s a good look on him.

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Larrimation anon back from a Harry Gucci induced coma. I don't know where to begin-sensory overload. That vest did me in tho. When you can, bless us with more of your space boi artistry. Thank you and let us continue to appreciate this independent era of badassery. 🦅

My dude! Welcome back. Lissen, I don’t know when this blog became a Harry giffery worship production factory but I blame you…and the Universe. As much as I loved to not give two hamburger glances at this kid, he’s been forced into my life and FINE I accept him and all his gross magical werido charm. FINE. (you hear that Harold? stop trying to bribe me)
Here’s a thing I made for you of me via Harry laughing at myself for playing myself. Bonus Gooch 90′s Herringbone Harlot Cleavage vest for your benefit:

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just to other people who don't know, that whole chihoko fiasco actually isn't canon unfortunately :( the rumor going around tumblr that it was cut from the anime isn't true!

Haha I know but it makes the whole thing even more hilarious!!

Apparently drunk Yuuri was slurring and messed up his syntax. He meant to say something completely different, that Viktor is too stiff and that he should relax if he wants to stretch (from what I’ve seen on Twitter he probably tried to say the word shachihoko) but the boy fucks up so badly that he makes it sound like this person Chihoko is more flexible than Viktor. And Viktor actually gets really upset over nothing, which is really funny considering that the poor boy runs away, climbs Hasetsu Castle naked and proceeds to have a dramatic monologue about how Chihoko being in Yuuri’s past isn’t important because Viktor is Yuuri’s now (while a clip of Viktuuri moments is playing in the background). Meanwhile Phichit is screaming that they got divorced, Yurio is blaming shitty Yuuri for Viktor’s disappearance, Yuuri is blaming Yurio and when they finally find him, Yuuri has no idea what he’s talking about. Finally Yuuri strips down and joins Viktor on the castle to watch the view together while Phichit proceeds to scream again, this time that they got remarried. I mean this is the most Extra™ thing ever. This is the definition of Extra™. Why are they like this.

I really do wish they would animate this though 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

viktor loves yuuri’s chub canon confirmed

It’s just a general fact of life that Yuuri spends an absurd amount of time sitting in Viktor’s lap, but it’s even worse when both of them are drunk. Well, not worse, Viktor thinks. It’s better, no matter what their friends say, or the fact that they groan every time Yuuri finds his way into Vitkor’s lap for the first time of the evening.

Viktor hardly pays them any mind. He has his beautiful fiancé sitting in his arms, soft and warm against his chest, and nothing else in the entire world matters. Both of them are more than halfway drunk, in each other’s arms, leaning into each other happily. Viktor is happy.

“Yuuri.” Viktor mumbles his name into Yuuri’s shoulder, then tilts his head to kiss Yuuri’s neck.

Yuuri twists in his arms, clumsily wiggling until he’s sitting sideways across Viktors lap, so he can look Viktor in the face and sling his arms over Viktor’s shoulders. His cheeks are flushed and his eyes are bright. There’s a soft, content smile playing around the corners of his mouth. “Yes, Viktor?”

Viktor grins at him. He leans in, drops a kiss onto the tip of Yuuri’s nose. “You’re so beautiful,” Viktor says reverently. He reaches up and brushes a stray hair away from Yuuri’s face. “My Yuuri is the most beautiful.”

The flush on Yuuri’s cheeks deepens and he leans forward to bury his face in the crook of Viktor’s neck. “Shhhhh,” he mumbles, nuzzling into Viktor’s skin.

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the bright sessions caleb michaels

I’ve had alcohol before […] but the one time I drank an entire beer it felt, like, so awful. I mean feeling other people drunk around you is bad enough, but feeling tipsy yourself and also the feelings of twenty drunk teenagers is a nightmare. Now when I go to parties, I bring iced herbal tea with me in a flask and try to find the sober people.

happy birthday raven (@calebmichaels) !!

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I COULDNT HAVE SAID IT BETTER BABES I follow you for the pretty, because you're my true love ❤️ because you always make me smile even when I feel like crying. I would follow you anywhere. You're my queen and I love you with my everything!!!

For you my dear I hope it is all you could want and wish for and if not well *whispers* I may have written others.  ❤️ ❤️

Ninety-Nine Bottles and a Broken Vase

“Ninety-five bottles of beer on the wall, Ninety-five bottle of beer. Take one down, pass it around. Ninety-four bottles of beer on the wall,” Robert sang out at the top of his lungs, his arms gesturing enthusiastically.

Aaron chuckled at his husband’s antics and only stopped when a large burp escaped from his mouth. Now he just looked confused.

Cain wasn’t amused.

“Ninety-four bottles of beer on the wall, Ninety-four bottle of beer. Take one down, pass it around. Ninety-three bottles of beer on the wall,” Robert continued, much to Cain’s disgust. Seriously, he should just leave them in the middle of the village and it would serve them right. Just because it was going to be freezing tonight, didn’t mean he should be playing babysitter to two grown man-children.

“If you don’t shut up Sugden, the only bottle you’re going to have to worry about, will be the one I’ve shoved down your throat,” Cain threatened, doing his best to not to laugh at Aaron who had wrapped himself around his husband like a monkey and was clinging to his back, each of Robert’s movements carrying the potential to send Aaron flying.

“Not a Sugden, I’m a Dingle I drank from the welly ‘member?” Robert said sounding offended that Cain could forget such a momentous occasion.

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I was pretty surprised when I ran into B at the Home Depot. It had been at least a year since I’d seen him–since just before his wedding. We’d met when I moved to the city about 5 years ago and we were living in the same apartments. We spotted each other running a couple of times and introduced ourselves when we ran into each other at the apartment gym. Soon, we were work out partners. Soon after that, we were grinding our hard cocks together in my apartment. We were both dating women and we never did anything too serious. B was a stud and usually liked being on top as we made out and explored each other’s bodies. He had an awesome ass that I loved holding onto as he’d grind into me. Once, when he showed up drunk late one night, he let me eat that awesome ass, but a general pattern emerged of us making out, stripping each other, and him pumping a load down my throat as I stroked my fat dick. We were a good match and had a lot of fun until he got married and moved to a different part of the city. Our last session had been hot. He was more tender than usual and seemed like he was really going to miss me. For the first time, he even swallowed my load. It was a memory I’d stroked to many times in the last year.

And now, here B was, with that amazing ass on full display, right in front of me at the Home Depot. When I said hi, he looked just as surprised as I was. He and his wife had bought a house that was right around the corner from the condo I’d moved into. Looked like fate wanted me and B to be neighbors again. As we talked, I could have sworn I saw his dick growing in his shorts. I have him my new address and told him to come by anytime as we parted ways.

I can’t say I was surprised when B showed up that afternoon, sweaty and shirtless from a run. He was barely in the door before he had pinned me to the wall and was kissing me passionately as he pressed his sweaty frame into me. He’d been working out in the last year and his body felt better than ever. As I moved my hands down to that incredible round ass, he let out a deep moan.

We worked out way to the couch and he laid on top of me, grinding his rock hard dick into me as he kissed and licked my knock. His passion was real and he told me he hadn’t been with a dude since the last time we were together. I reached down for his dick and immediately remembered how amazing his hard thick rod always felt as it exploded in my throat. But as I started to move take his dick out of his shorts and get it into my mouth, he resisted, holding me down and grinding into me harder and harder. and then everything changed. In one move, he rolled over so his face was against the back of my couch and I was grinding against his back, my own hard dick pressing into his beautiful ass. The harder I ground my dick into him, the more he moaned. He buried his own head in the couch pillows to stifle his moans, but his seeming submission was making me feel more aggressive than usual. I pulled him back by the hair and told him I liked hearing him moan like a bitch. That alone made him moan louder than ever as he backed his ass up against me and ground into my leaking dick.

I couldn’t believe my luck when he realized he’d reached down and lowered his pants to expose his smooth bubble butt. I matched him move for move and pulled my own shorts down just enough to free my raging 8" dick. As I ground my hard dick against his bare ass for the first time, I could feel the precum leaking out of me. He was like a bitch in heat as he pushed into me, moaning and talking shit about how good I felt. How much he’d missed me. How much he needed this.

As he fagged out beneath me, I knew I had to take advantage of the moment. I lined my slick cockhead up with his tight hole and pressed as he worked his ass back into me. He moaned and almost cried as I forced my thick head into his nearly virgin hole. It took a fair amount of pressure and a series of short hard strokes to get B fully impaled on my rod, but he was clearly loving having my raw dick inside him for the first time. He writhed and bucked beneath me as I began to fuck him in earnest. As hot as it was to hear him moan and cry out as I plowed his hole, I pressed his head into the couch pillows so my neighbors wouldn’t hear me fucking this stud in broad daylight.

With his body pressed into the back of the couch and his head in the pillows, he reached back to hold onto my ass as I railed him. As his ass loosened from the fucking, he began to really buck beneath me, fucking back into me in time with my increasingly brutal thrusts. As I felt myself getting close, he turned his head from the pillows and begged me not to cum inside me. But it was too late and I told him so. I told him I’d swallowed dozens of his loads and now it was his turn to take one of mine. and I knew he wanted it. He’d come here to get my load this time and I was going to give it to him. Despite his protests, he whispered yes over and over as I ravaged his hole and my orgasm built.

When I exploded inside him, pressing his body firmly into the couch, his upturned ass worked every bit of my load out of my pulsing cock as he moaned beneath me. The incessant clenching in his ass as I came made it clear he was cumming to. My married top had just taken my raw load in his ass and had cum from the experience.

Within two minutes, he was up with his shorts and shoes back on, ready to head out. As always, he took a cigarette (wife wouldn’t let him smoke) and kissed me passionately before he left. After that, I only ever saw B around the neighborhood and we seldom spoke. But the summer after this happened, I did see B and his very pregnant wife at a neighborhood festival. I thought I might be in for some public fun when he followed me to the bathroom, but he just wanted to give me a message. As we left the bathroom, we whispered to me that he’d knocked his wife up the same day he’d seen me last. He couldn’t stop thinking about what happened, but he had to stay away from me now that he was going to be a dad. I knew then and there that I could get back in that ass if I tried, but B was a quality dude and I decided to respect his wishes and stay away from him. While that was the last time B and I hooked up, I stroked so many loads on that couch, looking at the stain he left when he exploded from the fucking I’d delivered. One of the hottest of my top experiences.

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Can i get a headcanon with adorable, carefree, drunk to the point of hiccups T'challa? And the reader taking care of him while being a little bit buzzed herself.

T’Challa is a sweet sweet baby boy and I love him with all my heart. He’d be trying to hit on you the entire time. What you catch is that your beautiful, and he says some other stuff in the Wakandan native tongue that you don’t understand, but he’s smiling so it must be nice.

You can’t help but to giggle to see him grinning at you, and saying half formed pick up lines.

You let him use you as something as a crutch as you try to get him to the car. Your driver helps load him into the backseat. When you get in, he hugs you and tells you how great of a time he’s having.

When you finally get him home he insists upon cuddling you which is hilarious and scary because he could fall any moment and you know you aren’t strong enough to hold him up. Being drunk takes the edge off the fear and makes it more hilarious than anything.

Oh my god late night snacks, just watching him move about the kitchen…. ah that’s funny .

When you finally get him to bed he is laid out. Like he’s done. You lie down beside him and think about how you’re gonna tease him in the morning.

He called me drunk, saying how he was going to loose his job. I don’t regret going to see him I stayed with him for hours. Yesterday I shouted at him because of my own insecurities I guess I’m still trying to fix myself whilst helping others x

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I don't know if you're still writing, but I'm prompting you anyway. I want Cullen and Solas in some sort of tense stand-off situation, involving Lily. She does NOT have to be there, but she can.

for @dadrunkwriting

“Absolutely not.”

Solas glared at the man standing in front of him. Even out of his armor, and standing in a freezing barn, Cullen Rutherford was still an imposing figure. They were standing about four feet apart from each other, glaring at each other.


“Do you know what you have done to my family?” Cullen hissed, taking a step forward. “Do you know what you did to my wife?”

“I saved her life,” Solas spat, barring his teeth. Cullen frowned, inhaling, almost fluffing himself out like a cat.

“You have no idea the trauma that caused her,” he whispered, hand gripping the phylactery that hung at his chest. “Learning to live with… Solas you destroyed her.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Not as sorry as you should be for what you did to my daughter, you bastard,” Cullen growled.

“I had no idea that she would–“

“Would follow you?” Cullen roared, taking a step forward. “That she wouldn’t continue to dog your heels like she did when we were at Skyhold?”



“I KNOW,” Solas yelled. Cullen almost looked shocked. “I know. And if I could take back everything that happened to her, I would. Don’t you think I’ve mourned for her as well?”

“You are not her father,” Cullen spat.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t care!” Solas continued to yell. “That doesn’t mean that I do not wait up, worried about her!”

Cullen sighed, running his fingers through his hair. He seemed to deliberate with himself.

“What do you have in mind?” he finally said through gritted teeth.

“Let me make peace with Grace. Then I’ll be gone. I will never bother your family again,” Solas assured. “Please. Let me see Lily.”



“That is NOT my title anymore!” Cullen sighed. “And she is not who you left behind. And Lily… Lily seems to finally have found peace.”

“I only wish to give her something to let her remember me,” Solas councelled. Cullen laughed.

“As if she could ever forget.”

“I have something for your other daughter as well,” Solas said, handing Cullen a small package. Cullen looked a it, peering at it.

“Something else to remember you by,” he scoffed, tossing it back. Solas nodded.

“Think of it as good will. Your wife did invite me after all.”

Cullen sighed. “Alright. I’m sure it will be fine. Grace has calmed down significantly since Lily came home.”

“I wouldn’t want to intrude, however,” Solas said, wrapping himself tighter in his cloak.

“I don’t think you should worry about it,” Cullen replied. “Lily will be overjoyed to see you.”

“I guess I should ask. How is she?”

“She’s doing well. Quiet, a little more reserved than she used to be, but she’s doing well.”

“She’s gotten better at hiding her signature on the veil-” Solas laughed quietly before speaking up “-haven’t you Lily?”

So my work is having a 90s themed weekend and I love watching the dealers and cocktail waitresses, other staff, etc. dress up. But nothing beats the amount of drunk customers belting out “I want it that way” with the casino staff at 4am.

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omg can you please write some drunk Seung Gil head canons please? You're the only author I follow that stans SG!


  • Almost everyone’s been kissed by Seung-gil when he’s drunk. This is a thing that everyone comes to expect one Seung-gil picks up his first glass of champagne, and is 0% surprising to anyone anymore. 
  • Man, just. It starts out as affectionate!Seung-gil draping himself over everyone in his path, telling them how well they did 1) for their programs, 2) coaching their skaters, 3) bringing him drinks, depending on who the person he’s talking to it. 
  • 100% drunkenly made out with Phichit at one point or another many points, I will not listen to anyone tell me otherwise. 
  • Why is Sara so into Seung-gil? Totally been kissed by Seung-gil before. And he might’ve been a drunk, and it might’ve been a rather sloppy kiss, but it wasn’t bad, which is the thing that surprises Sara the most. 
  • He probably even tried to kiss Celestino at one point or another, only for Celestino to gently nudge him in the direction of someone more age-appropriate. Yuuri, probably. Seung-gil ends up kissing Takeshi Nishigori, instead, and when Yuuko pretends to be annoyed, Seung-gil kisses her too, just to be fair. 
  • A CONCEPT: threeway kiss between JJ, Isabella, and Seung-gil. Seung-gil is drunk, JJ probably at least a little tipsy, and Isabella just being really amused at how Seung-gil keeps telling them how nice they look together. 
  • Seung-gil probably never cops to remembering any of it the next morning. Like he’ll pretend he doesn’t know them, or try his best to avoid speaking to them, but he definitely remembers, and like privately ranks everyone’s kissing prowess on a scale of 1 to 10.