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I just saw the first 2 episodes of s2(even though it wasn't the best quality rip) and i am shooketh. :000 it was amazing

I had no idea what to expect with these first two eps and like wow. They just blew me away! Not even just cuz of the shippy moments. But like the execution of the first ep?! The starting development of Master Fu and Marinette’s relationship was awesome. They made Gabriel so complex and like such a douche and I love it??! And I just loveeeeddd Chloe in the second episode. They humanized her much more and I love how they focused more on the importance of her friendship with Adrien instead of just making her look like the bitch girl with the crush on the rich model guy. It was so sweet. And just uh. Those two eps were just awesome. Can’t wait for the rest of the season. 


The rest of the weekend flew by quickly, Fí had decided to renovate and redecorate the backyard which left little time for anything else. By 4pm on Sunday though, by some miracle, it was done. The kids were off doing their own thing and the wives stole a few precious moments of peace and quiet on the new bench.

Fíona: “Soooooo? How do you like it?”

Isla: “I love it, you did an awesome job, babe.”

Fíona: “We did an awesome job, all of us, as a team.”

Isla: “Plus those workers we hired to come help—”

Fíona, kissing Isla quickly: “Shhhh…don’t ruin the moment, love.”

Isla laughed quietly and kissed the top of Fí’s head, both women falling into silence as they rocked gently back and forth on the swing. 

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(if you're still doing this sort of thing awesome if not ignore me.) Five facts on Miss Massacre. (Love your art it's amazing!) (Bye)

1. Kralista has a very dry sense of humor and is the funniest out of the three of them. She’s the one who calls out the punny catch phrases mid-fight

2. She’s famous for crushing people’s heads with her bare hands though she’s only done it once, to escape her government experimenters/captors. But apparently, it’s her thing now. She can lift about 20 tons, pushing her limits.

3. Ghi Ghi climbs her like a tree and she’ll complain but she secretly loves the contact. She’s very snuggly.

4. She’s very kind and soft-spoken and enjoys to read and paint. She only really works out or trains because her body craves it and work reasons. Otherwise, she’s pretty sleepy and calm.

5. Though the group is deeply in love with each other, they have an open relationship for multiple reasons which include Ghi’s random bouts of obsession with people (That only sometimes get a little sexual/romantic but never love) and Vendetta’s fake significant others that she uses to further the group’s ambitions. But She has never taken to anyone else besides the girls. Mostly out of disinterest. She’s happily in love.

Bonus: Her name means Queen!

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Top 10 favourite writers?💖

Thanks for the question! 💜 It’s pretty tough for me, but a good one. So here are my favorites at the moment, in no particular order (since much of the reading I do these days is Tumblr writing, most of them are from right here):

1) @mortalghost
2) @creatingnikki (though the blog is currently inactive unfortunately)
3) Agatha Christie
4) Sara Teasdale
5) @hersacredbreaths
6) @bumbleblossoms
7) @mysublimejourney
8) @heartofmuse
9) @iceintheattic
10) And so many others in the Tumblr writing community (yeah, I know that’s way more than one, but seriously it’s hard to choose just one more with so many awesome writers here!)

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When every little negative thing in a relationship is considered abuse, then relationships where “no one fights” is the only thing that can be healthy. This definitely seems like a problem that stems from Tumblr.

That’s how it seems to me.

Topic came up though because someone said, like, “in my year and a half of marriage my husband and I have never had a fight. What is with other people? Do they just have relationships that aren’t as awesome as ours?”

Tbh I read that and I just feel like “wow I am happy for you but that sounds creepy as fuck to me *nopenopenope*”

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dude you're responding to people in such a mature way i respect you a lot. <3 weird question: do u know of any other blogs that are at least somewhat drama-free? this sitc is really stressing me out ... :( u don't have to answer tho think you for being awesome :)

aww thanks that means so much to me! i try my best to be mature about drama even though i try not to get too involved because it stresses me out too haha. 

here’s some mostly drama free blogs (at least from what i’ve seen)

@awkwardodie @eaglephil @mythicaldaniel @phantasmicphilly @slendydan @pseudophan @appleciderlester @perhaps-trees-and-tea @chemicxlphxn @yay-phan

those are just a few!!

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Let me just say that I'm so happy that I started following you on Tumblr, all of your art is so inspirational to me. And even though you may think that your art sucks (and I'm being a huge hypocrite here), but you are your own worst critic. Almost every single person that follows you follows for your awesome personality, and your adorable artwork :D

Aw thank you so much, dear!! <3

short & sweet ♡



Happy Birthday to one of my favorite artist and my dear friend! I hope you have an amazing and great birthday. I’m so sorry if this is what I only got for your birthday and sorry for the mistakes. But overall, I hope you enjoy your day! :)))

Please read it from right to left


I’m currently in the process of moving (probably will post on that another time once I settle down,) but just really wanted to get this out. Ricklantis Mixup was amazing, guys. This was awesome. Just the storytelling aspect of it was so strong and this was super serious and dark throughout. I was planning on doodling a few jokes but that didn’t work out. The newbie Cop Rick and Campaign Manager Morty are some new favorites and I kinda hoped they would meet, but guess that didn’t work out. The storyline was awesome though so no complaints.

Just a personal note, this episode gave me chills from how it really echoed what happened last year. Through personal experience working on student projects and stuff, film/tv productions don’t get made in a week, it’s usually years of planning and drawing and stuff and it gave me goosebumps to see how the episode began to sound like what had happened last year. Man, I really don’t want to get super political on this so I’ll leave it at that but it always blows my mind to see films and shows that have been in the works for years to be culturally relevant when they come out.

And SO MANY CALLBACKS!!!!! SIMPLE RICK!!! LITTLE BETH!!! EEEEEEEEEVILLLLL MORTYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Wondering if my guess post of Evil Morty collecting and army of Morty’s still stands. Maybe it might be an army of Ricks. Who knows.

I also want to say, I find the SP Ricks and the Guard Mortys pretty adorable. 


female awesome meme: [8/10] non-warrior characters

I have a tongue, madam. Though yours explains well enough why I may not marry your son. You view my circumstances as unfortunate, though I cannot claim even a portion of the misfortune to those whom I most closely resemble. My greatest misfortune would be to marry into a family who would carry me as their shame, as I have been required to carry my own mother - her apparent crime to be born negro, and mine to be the evidence. Since I wish to deny her no more than I wish to deny myself, you will pardon me for wanting a husband who feels forgiveness of my bloodline is both unnecessary and without grace. — Dido Elizabeth Belle


Inspired by these three wonderful posts

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Hi! I just wanted to say that one time you reblogged my art (from @haikyuusmiles) and your tags literally made my day!!!! I think your blog is just so cute and I love your art so much! I was wondering who your favorite character(s) were? I'd love to draw something for you since you're just so sweet!!

AAAH HELLO, I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH.. YOUR ART STYLE IS RAD AND VERY SHINY, KEEP IT UP!! and really you don’t gotta do that man, but I appreciate it wholeheartedly, you’re the sweetest;;

since you asked though, my fave is… this guy

❅ True as It Can Be ❅

A Beauty and the Beast Dean/Cas AU

ART BY @delicious-irony :: WORDS BY @whelvenwings

Growing up in a small town in Kansas, Dean learned from a young age that there was only one rule that couldn’t be broken, one place he couldn’t go - through the forest, to the long-abandoned Angel’s Hollow. But when Sam disappears, Dean’s left with no choice but to follow his brother’s tracks through the dangers of the wood; little does he know that the most dangerous creature of all lurks not among the trees, but in the Hollow itself. Dean sets Sam free, at the cost of his own liberty - and, bound by magic, resigns himself to living out the rest of his days in the Hollow, at the mercy of the being within. The angel of Angel’s Hollow, however, has a story - is a prisoner, too, as much as Dean is. Only one thing can free them both - but it is impossible. For, after all: who could ever learn to love a beast?

—-> Tumblr Art Post

—-> AO3 Art Post

—-> Read it here!!


podcast aesthetics ☆ ↠ mabel

↳ anna limon x mabel martin

spreading the love ❤️💜💙💚💛

Misha and the whole cast of SPN inspired me to do this. There is too much hate in this world so I want to spread a little bit of love.

I just want to tag some of you who I’ve connected with on here. Even if we just said hi to each other. I would tag everyone of my followers and people I follow because you’re all awesome but then I’d probably have about a thousand. So here a few amazing blogs:

@beautiful-bees- Dani I love you @justrandomspnstuff- Lindsay you’re the sweetest @spnjohnlocked @celestialrebel @castielinparadise @perfmishka @conquestcastiel @justanearth-boundmisfit @royalrowena @mishasfreckledkitten @zeeimpalaangel- love you- I love seeing you on my activity feed- you’re so sweet- @deservetobesaved @chibi-lie- thanks for showing my blog so much love @saviordean @weallneedcastiel @rosewhipped22- I don’t think we talked much but I think you are amazing @weathergirl83 @spnjohnlocked @haven3333- I love that you have so much Misha content @castiel-junkie @acewinchesters- you just make me happy even though we haven’t talked much @euclase- your art is phenomenal @elizabethrobertajones- I love your positivity and metas @inacatastrophicmind- you always have amazing content @mishasminions @elicedraws- aaaah, you are just the sweetest and your art is so adorable @sketchydean- I love your comics @unfortunatecas @unicornmish @yourfavoritedirector- your blog is awesome- I love everything you post

OMG I got carried away. I’m just inspired by each and every one of you. Always know that you are not alone.