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“There is waiting, there is pain, there is blood, but it is joyous all, for we are in the sorrows of a travailing woman, from this arbor is the place of the breaking forth of yes, the children of hell, but also the opportunity of our salvation.”


Mark vers.

HENLO CHILDREN!!! welcome to my ask blog for (s)namjoon, jimin and taehyung (aka two losers accidentally resurrected a god lol whoops)

i’ve already gotten a few messages so i may close the inbox by tonight but regardless here’s my intro post! (all of this info could be found in my about but i feel like this will gain traction so for convenience’s sake i’ll put it right here too):

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Here’s a video I did back in 2015. I never showed it to anyone because it’s awfully cringy and ridiculous HAHa

My brother had to do a story for his english class and he enslaved me to do illustrations for it. so yeh. The english mistakes aren’t from me huehue

also I had only 1 week to do all this so pls forgive my poor art