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Things I wonder about [BSD]

-Does Dazai ever feel jealous of Kyouka? In any sense really? Because she was headed on much the same path that he walked down at her age, but he was with the mafia for much longer and ended up even more wrapped up in its crimes than she ever did. Does he ever wish he was “saved” sooner now that he’s able to reflect on his years in the mafia?

-Conversely, what does Kyouka think of Dazai?

-What is the rest of the Tanizaki family like? …Is there even more members of the Tanizaki family? If so, what happened to them?

-Who does Kenji live with, and does he attend school in any way, shape, or form?

-Did anyone teach Atsushi how to pay bills and stuff? Because that’s kind of important. Like, did Kunikida sit him down and say, “Time to learn ya some life skills.”?

-What does Ango’s ability do?

-How did each agency member react to learning Dazai was ex-mafia? And how does their acceptance of this compare to their acceptance of Kyouka?

-Is it more common for ability users to be abandoned?

-What was Kunikida’s family like growing up?

-If Chuuya increased the weight/density of a bubble, would it pop and/or no longer float, or would it remain air born and intact?

-Why was Dazai, at fourteen years old, allowed to be in the old boss’s bedroom alongside Mori when he killed him? And why was he a believable witness to these events?

-What differentiates an ability like Golden Demon from an ability like Elise?

-Outside of stopping Corruption, and the few instances where he’s used No Longer Human defensively in the anime/manga so far, how reliant upon his ability was Dazai during his active time in the mafia?

-Since the mafia takes in children below the age of ten [like Yumeno was], do they use a “family” dynamic to manipulate them into being loyal to the mafia? And if so is this why Chuuya is so loyal to the mafia?

And finally:

-If Dazai were given the opportunity to somehow bring Oda back to life, following the karma rule, would Dazai die in his stead, or would something else happen? [I dunno this one is just me wondering aloud, but seriously, would Dazai even consider that to be an option at this point?]


Marines with Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion (2nd LAAD) conducting a live fire training exercise at Camp Lejeune, N.C., on June 6, 2017. Marines with MARSOC worked with 2nd LAAD to conduct live fire exercises to maintain proficiency and accuracy with various weapon systems. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Lance Cpl. Cody J. Ohira)


This is probably the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in my life?? A live action bsd play and everything is so on point I’m sobbing

Bungou Stray Dogs does a marvelous job of blurring the line between “good” and “evil” characters. In this anime, none of the characters are wholly one or the other. There’s always a compromise of sorts…

A former mafia executive can leave his job and change for the better.
A kind old doctor can secretly be the boss of a dangerous organization.
An orphan is killing everyone in his path for the sake of acknowledgement.
A man who works for the mafia never kills and takes care of children.

How about Fitzgerald? Originally presented as a rich white bastard, is only doing it for his wife and daughter… He’s still a bastard but he has reasons.
Lucy wants a home.
John wants to help his family.
Nathaniel wants to save Margaret.

The heroes?
Junichirou is very dangerous once his sister is threatened.
Yosano is a sadist despite being a healer.
Fukuzawa does not hesitate to slice up mafia members.
And Dazai…

Bungou Stray Dogs Real-Life Locations Part 2

(Welcome to The City Where the Wind Blows, Yokohama.) 

Yay! I was finally able to go back and walk around Yokohama after a few months. I am really in love with this place. I wish I could live here, together with the lovely people of the BSD fandom. ❤

So here’s the part 2 of the trip around BSD locations.

Part 1 here

Telephone Box Yamanote 234 - Episode 4

Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History (The King) - Episode 9

Harbor View Park - Episode 9

Harbor View Park Police Station - Episode 9

Yokohama Museum of Art - Episode 15 and 24

Shinkobashi Bridge - Episode 19

Nihon-Odori Station - Episode 20

America Yama Park - Episode 21

France Yama - Episode 21

Elephant Nose Park - Season 1 and 2 ending

There are still a few spots I’ve yet to visit, so let’s save that for next time. Yayyyy!

If you’re currently in or planning to visit Japan, feel free to talk to me. I’m more than willing to help! I mean, I may not be able to walk you around because I do have a life, but you can always ask me things! ^^

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