not arguing anymore

a concept: early relationship klance when they haven’t told anybody yet. they make sure they always sit in front of each other so they can have their daily lovey-dovey glances even from a distance. but this results in them getting distracted a lot when the others are speaking, so shiro has to reprimand them sometimes.

“guys are you there with us?”

*jump off their seats* “uh..? yeah yeah we’re listening shiro! you were talking about keith’s eyes…i mean the spies….in the castle…yeah that.”

“well…whatever you’re doing, at least you aren’t arguing anymore”

and keith and lance basically just…get back at what they were doing having this huge dorky smile on their faces because they’re still very ecstatic about the fact they’re actually dating and can’t help but feel above the clouds a lot.

I subbed for a 2nd grade class today, and one of the things they did was write about why they would make a good President. And all of them wrote stuff like “I’d build houses for poor people,” or “I’d build roads in my community”, and “I’d let everyone come to Pennsylvania.”

A class of 7 year-olds would literally be better presidents than who was elected.

Headcannons: Dally Secretly Dating a Girl.

a/n: This was a request! I’m still getting used to headcannons but I hope you all enjoy! :D

-Dally and you met at the drive-in
-You refused to talk to him because of his reputation
-But he wouldn’t leave you alone
-Instead of arguing anymore you agreed to go on a date with him
-You made him promise no one would know and it would be out of town
-He took a couple towns over for milkshakes and a movie
-You discovered that he was actually kind of sweet
-You went on another date
-And then another
-All were somewhere just the two of you
-He was arrested the night before your fourth date
-You were surprised at how upset that made you
-He was out a week later and you were there waiting for him
-He took you to Buck’s to talk
-He asked you to be steady with him
-You made him promise no one would know
-You didn’t want people judging you because of Dally’s reputation
-He hid the fact that that hurt him and agreed
-He wanted to be with you no matter what the conditions were
-You both managed to keep it a secret for a couple of months
-Until the next time he got arrested
-The other guys had started to be suspicious that Dally had a girl
-Ponyboy had seen you two at the movies one night
-So when Dally was arrested they all came to ask you about it
-You lied easily but they saw it in your face
-They didn’t pressure you but they asked if you wanted to hang out with them that night
-You found yourself accepting the offer
-You started hanging out with them everyday
-They talked highly of Dally despite his reputation
-They really liked having you around
-You started becoming friends with them
-And their girlfriends started inviting you with them
-Dally was out ninety days later
-He was shocked when he found you with the gang
-You gave him a big kiss in front of them
-He was so surprised when you pulled away that he said the first thing that came to his mind
-It was ‘I love you’
-You said it back and promised no more secrets

There’s no arguing anymore.  America hates women.  America was willing to vote for that putrid, rotting pumpkin who has molested women, made fun of the fucking disabled, and acted like a petulant child during his campaign over an actual politician because she was a woman.  And don’t you emails this and lying that, because then you’re saying “I think a politician lying is worse than a man who doesn’t respect women”.

i think a lot of liberals really see ideology as a battle between logics that will be inevitably grasped by the populous because of their natural truth. but like thats not true at all, the internalization of ideology is luck and influence and manipulation. it and its methods of growth exist whether you like them or not lol and you just need to realize that the power in individual acquisition of ideology shouldnt be ignored just because of the moral high ground of supposedly natural logics

I don’t know what to tell you. You make it sound like I owe you an apology- even though you know that I don’t. I don’t owe you anything. You stole 5 years of my life from me, and I’m honestly not trying to argue about that anymore- I’m finally over it. But don’t come around here thinking that I’ll fall back into your arms again. You know I’m not that girl anymore.
—  Poetry At Most
Getting too close gets you killed.

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Pairing : Dean x Plussize!Reader, Sam
Word count : 1,161
Author : Mel
Warnings : Violence, but not much detail

Part 4 of Dinner with Dean.

Panicking, Dean and Sam hauled ass to get checked back out of the motel and back to your town. “Fuck!” He hit his steering wheel as he drove. “I never should have went back Sammy.. I’m so fucking stupid.”

“It’s been good seeing you happy for once, Dean. Don’t worry, we’ll find her.”

“We’ll find her fucking dead.” He growled. “Dead because of me. Again.”

“You can’t blame yourself, Dean.”

“I never should have went back!” He yelled. “This is why we don’t go back, why we don’t get close. Fuck, I can’t take another person dead because of me. Especially not her.”

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Twas the Night - Jayfamily fic

Double Blessings (part 1) | Player Five (part 3)

Prompt: hi! could you please do a jason todd imagine where him and the reader are married and they have some kids and then fluff at the wayne manor for christmas? thank you! <3

“Remind me again why we thought it was a good idea to have Christmas at the manor?” Jason asked as he opened the rear hatch of your van.

“Because the kids love your family and we want them to have really incredible childhood memories to look back on?” Y/N said as she watched Cass carry her daughter into the manor.

“But we can just as many good memories at home. We could have done Christmas all by ourselves, just the four of us, and then come over for dinner.” Jason argued as he unloaded the luggage.

“There isn’t any point in arguing anymore, Jay, we are here and we are doing this.” Y/N said as she grabbed the handle to a suitcase

“It isn’t that I am arguing, I just wanted to tell you my opinion so that when something bad happens you will know I was right.” Jason joked as he carried the presents up to the door.

Y/N didn’t even bother to respond to that she maneuvered the two suitcases through the doorway. The manor, which was always grand, looked very festive with its wreaths and garlands.

“Leave the suitcases right there. I’ll take them upstairs after I put the presents under the tree.” Jason said, already moving towards the living room.

Y/N left the luggage at the bottom of the stairs as she went to find where her kids had run off to. Rosie was easy to find. Cass had brought her to the kitchen and they already had a tea party in full swing.

”Mommy! Mommy! Come take a sip? Cassie made the tea!” the excited little girl cried out as she got down from her chair and ran over to her mother. Most of the tea had found a home on her dress and on the floor, but there was enough left for Y/N to drink a small amount.

“Mmmm, Cassie did a really good job didn’t she?” Y/N said, genuinely enjoying the flavor of the little bit she got to taste. At her words, Cass smiled and poured herself some more tea.

“Yeah, and we are gonna eat cookies and tell stories and have lots of fun and you are invited!” Rosie said and she climbed back up into the chair.

“Well, that sounds very nice, but I am actually going to go and look for your brother. Do you know where Mattie is?” Y/N asked, smoothing the flyaway curls on her daughter head.

“I think he went off with Uncle Dick.” Rosie said, as she attempted to pour more tea with Cassie watching carefully.

With the information she needed, Y/N set off to find her missing child. She heard him before she found him. He was telling Dick all about life and the universe as his little feet walked the balance beam.

“Chase is my favorite, he’s the police dog” Mattie babbled “and then there is Marshall the firedog and Rubble is a construction worker dog and-”

“Wow that is a lot of dogs.” Dick said putting the little boy back on the ground.

“Yeah, and there are even more.”

“Hey, buddy what are you and Uncle Dick up to?” Y/N said, striding forward to save Dick from more explanations about Paw Patrol.

“Oh! He’s teaching me gymnastics!” Mattie said excitedly “He was just about to help me with the trapeze!!!” he finished, running over to the ladder as fast as he could.

“Matthew Alexander Todd, if you climb that ladder, I will make sure Santa brings you nothing.” Y/N said as the little boy lifted his foot to put it on the bottom rung.

“But Uncle Damian says Santa doesn’t exist. He says he stayed up aaaalll night and he didn’t see nothing.” Mattie said turning to look at his mother.

“Well, I say that it doesn’t matter what Uncle Damian says he saw, if you touch that ladder you won’t be seeing anything under the tree.” Y/N said, crossing her arms and looking down her nose.

“Listen to your mother, Mattie, she makes the rules.” came Jason’s voice from the doorway.

“Daddy!” Mattie said, forgetting all about the ladder in favor of running to his father.

“Hey little man, what have you been up to?” Jason said, lifting his son into the air.

“Uncle Dick was helping me walk on the thingie” Matt chattered

“Balance beam.” Dick supplied

“Anyway and then we were going to go up on the trapeze, but then Mommy said I wouldn’t get any presents if I touched the ladder.” Mattie finished, casting a bitter glance at the woman in question.

“Well, that sounds pretty fair to me. What do you say we go sneak and see if there are any cookies in the kitchen.” Jason whispered conspiratorially, faking sneaky glances all around.

“Yeah” Matt answered in a similar tone as he wiggled down and ran out of the room with Jason right on his heels.

Later, after a [mostly] uneventful dinner, they all gathered around in the living room.

“Now that we are done with that culturally mandated pretense, it is time for Christmas Eve presents.” Damian said, settling into an armchair by the fireplace.

“Wait, what makes you think that we will let you open presents on Christmas Eve?” Bruce asked in an amused tone.

“It is a widely held custom in many american families, is it not? Even so I do not think you could stop me from opening a singular present at this moment.” Damian said confidently

“Well, then I guess you guys are opening up one present.” Y/N said “Jay, do you know which ones we decided on letting them open?”

“Yeah, they are right here in the bag you put them in.” Jason said, holding up the object in question.

“Wait, does this mean we are all opening a present tonight?” Tim asked

“Nah, Timmy, it is just for the kids. Although I guess that would mean you are eligible.” Jason said with a smirk

“Jason.” Y/N said firmly

“I was just kidding, Y/N.” Jason sighed “I guess if anybody wanted to open a present they could.”

“Good, because I actually have something for you.” Y/N said, handing the presents to the children and then reaching into the bag to pull out an envelope.

“A card? Gee thanks, doll, it is all I ever wanted.” Jason said as he opened it up.

“Just look at it, will you?” Y/N said, suddenly nervous.

When Jason opened the card up, his eyes went wide and he froze.

“What is it?” Dick asked hesitantly.

Jason quietly held up the card to show a picture of an ultrasound taped to the inside.

“We are gonna have another baby.” He said in awe.

Housemates (Calum Hood x Reader) Chapter Seven


Warnings: Mild expletives, cheating.

A/N: This chapter is a little bit shorter than the rest, but that’s okay lol :) So, now we know why (Y/N) hates Calum so much. But is there something more to the story than she’s being led to believe?


You return home from Jess’, her having given you a lift back, after the two of you made up. You’re relieved you’re not arguing anymore, because she’s been one of your best friends since you were little, and you don’t know what you’d do without her.

But the thought of one person being your best friend since you were little, leads you to think of one other person you were best friends with when you were little; Calum.

When you spoke to Jess about it, and explained your reasons for acting the way you have been towards Calum, she told you that whilst she appreciated the sentiment, she really was truly over everything that happened with Calum. It got you thinking that perhaps she’s right, and perhaps you’re the one that needs to move on, and not her.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to start ‘liking’ Calum again, just because she says there isn’t a reason for you to. You think you have perfectly good reason not to like him. Still, that doesn’t mean for a second that you should be rude to him.

You plan on grabbing a snack and then knock on his bedroom door, providing he’s in, and at least apologise for the things you said to him in the car. However, when you get into your room, you realise Calum has already took it upon himself, and is sitting waiting for you in your room.

You sigh, “Did I say you could hang around in here?”

He rolls his eyes, tutting. “Why do you hate me so much?”

You stare back at him, dumbfounded. “I…I…I wouldn’t say I hated you.”

He stares at me blankly, “(Y/N), stop trying to act like I’m forcing words into your mouth…we all know you don’t like me, and I want to know why. This thing has gone on far too long, and I’m still trying to work out what I did that was so bad you have to hate me for it now. You need to stop playing this damn game and tell me where we stand.”

You narrow your eyes at him, “You’re telling me you still don’t remember what you did?”

“I wish I could!” He yells, “I already feel stupid enough for having to ask you what I did, don’t patronise me to make me feel worse.”

“You cheated on Jess!” You yell back to him.

He’s silent, as he looks at you to try and work out if you’re being serious, or whether this is just some sort of joke. Any second now he’s going to dare to open his mouth and try telling me that it’s all a lie and that Jess is a manipulative bitch. He can try; he can try and pin all the blame on her, but I won’t let him. I know a guilty man when I see one, and I’m looking directly at one right now.

Calum stands up, and paces back and forth in front of you, thinking to himself.

“Have you got nothing to say?” I interrogate him, accusingly.

He stops pacing for a moment, and looks at me. “Is that…is that what she’s told you?”

You look at him weirdly, “Yes, but she didn’t have to, she was devastated. I can’t believe you would hook up with someone behind her back, especially when we all went to school together.”

“I don’t…I don’t understand…who did I supposedly hook up with?” Calum stutters.

You twist your face at him, thinking about how disgusting it is that he doesn’t remember his own actions, as if he’s being deliberately ignorant.

“How am I supposed to know?” You spit, “I’m not the one who cheated! And anyway, Jess never named anyone, just said it was someone we knew from school.”

Calum’s face drops into an expression of what looks to be anger, and in no way does he have any right or reason to be angry.

You shake your head. “You know, I actually thought you would be decent enough to own up to it, to at least give me some sort of explanation for why you did what you did, but…I guess I had set my expectations too high, when all you are, is a lying cheat.”

Calum gulps, implying you’ve upset him, but his mouth suddenly forms a smirk.

“Actually, you’re wrong about something else…”

“…I don’t owe you any kind of explanation.”

                                                                                       CHAPTER EIGHT >>

Hanzo finally makes Jesse retire one of his old plaid shirts. It’s an ongoing disagreement of sorts that they’ve been having for months now. The shirt in question is heavily faded with a few tears and missing a few buttons and “You have so many others in much better condition. This one cannot be worn as clothing anymore,” Hanzo argues. Jesse finally relents.

And then when Jesse’s away on a mission and the weather at the watchpoint changes, Hanzo procures himself new pjs: the plaid shirt. It’s down to his knees almost, already a larger size plus being stretched from years of wear. The elbows have random patches of slightly brighter colour from where Jesse continuously had the sleeves rolled up.  But its super soft from being well worn, as well as smelling of his boyfriend, so it makes the shirt perfect for sleeping in.

When Jesse comes back, he also thinks the sight of Hanzo wearing it is pretty damn perfect.

To everyone calling me out about Trump

Honestly, i dont like to get political on here, i come here for the memes and joke and funny shit. But at times, my dash gets oversaturated with Trump hate and all the racial greatness stuff. Now dont get me wrong, the racial greatness is fantastic, but you have gotten your point across fine here. If you keep pushing it and posting it people start to get annoyed. Im tired of seeing every other comment say, “this main character is black”, “this post is trans safe”. Its oversaturated and being shoved down our throats. Dont get me wrong, im glad the minority is being represented in the media positivly, but that is no excuse to start hating the majority. Its like the “excellence” has cause people to become toxic and spiteful against anyone woth opposing views. No one knows how to debate anymore and its all hate now. Ive given up debating people online, its not worth my time or effort when all thats going to happen is me being yelled at by people who dont know how to respectfully argue. I have not changed my mind about my views, Trump is trying to do good for the country, and the oversaturation of the minorities is separating us more every day as a people. Rioting wont solve anything, and blocking a road in “protest” wont solve anything either. If you want to unfollow or block me that is fine, because all i want on my dash is funny content, memes, and less political crap and less self rightous people trying to make a stand. Thank you, and enjoy your day.

I’m on the couch, lights off, tree on..just thinking.
I’m not going to argue anymore.
I feel like I’m fighting with someone who is incapable of doing anything other that circumnavigating the blame.
It’s like trying to have a discussion with a child.
I know you are, but what am I??

I’m fooling myself into thinking I can fix this. It’s demolished. And I’m just frantically trying to glue the pieces together.

I’m too old for ultimatums because they never work.
I’m too tired to try a different approach because I’ve exhausted every avenue as it is.

It’s either I stay here and he goes. I go and he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Or I die from frustration.

Either way… It ends now.