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Aretha Franklin is retiring, but may her shade live on forever

Aretha Franklin made a major announcement yesterday. She told local Detroit news outlet WDIV that she will be retiring this year after the release of her upcoming album. The singer, who has had a legendary 56-year career in the music industry, reminds us to pay homage to some of her shadiest moments. Luckily someone was gracious enough to put this compilation together on YouTube. 

Gifs: Killer Queen



[p1: I’ll be right back 
p2: Oh can you grab me something?
p1: (singing part from Respect by Aretha Franklin) What you want?
p2: Just a water?
p1: (continues to sing) Baby I got it 
p2: Oh my god, okay. ]

2016 left me too emotionally traumatised and paranoid. I was watching the news and they started showing a clip of Aretha Franklin. I got heart palpitations and immediately yelled out “No fucking way. Not Aretha!”

Then they announced that she was retiring so I sat back down and literally let out a huge sigh of relief. I thought she had died and that is just not okay.

The thing is, I didn’t realise I was so emotionally invested in Aretha Franklin staying alive. But apparently I am.


Aretha Franklin’s amazing scene in the Blues Brother’s movie, 1980.
I don’t remember it being so damn fast!
Also, whatever you think of the blues brothers as a concept, this movie contains some absolutely fantastic musical numbers by cab calloway, ray charles, johm lee hooker, (and yes, the blues brothers too). Also it contains Carrie Fisher firing a rocket launcher at Dan Aykroyd, and a bunch of nazis being chased into a pond.