not anymore peasant

one of my favourite things in politics at the moment is UK politicians slowly realising that a) the Republic of Ireland really is a different country, as in not part of the UK, but very much a part of the EU, and hence b) the UK has an actual real-life land border with an EU member state, and c) no amount of rhetoric and accusations of blackmail can change geography

some of them are very very annoyed about it and it’s pretty offensive at times but also frankly hilarious

i know this is not a big deal but

please take a good look at tsukishima kei

please note at the picture above tsukishima feels grossed out and just wanted to say ‘ew go away peasants why am i even with them’

but look at this one

right now he looks like he doesn’t even care anymore about being a peasant or not. right now he’s in it to win it with them

Zutara Week 2015 Day 2: Vigil


Summary: She was consistently at that one spot in the courtyard when the bells clanged and it was time to stop and respect the deity of the Fire Nation. His father was probably going to break all hell for him actually harboring even feelings of infatuation for a local like her; nonetheless, he grabbed that opportune moment of stillness to talk to her.

The bells clanged.

Rating: T

Warnings: This went a little longer than I expected.

NOTE: This story is slightly based on the Philippine colonial era (I’m sorry if there isn’t any justice to it D::: ); everyone lives in Ba Sing Se, even some Water Tribe people as it is like a flourishing capital of sorts and the Fire Nation took over; this fic has become a monster steadily growing in my head; I totally got “Vigil” wrong, but it’s a prompt and it was meant to stimulate my imagination. ENJOY!

The bells’ tintinnabulation resounded throughout Ba Sing Se; on the courtyard, within the buildings, along deserted corridors, through the entrance hall. It was a sign that stopped everyone from walking to pray, and everyone obliged. At twelve noon, three in the afternoon and six in the evening, the world stops to pray.

Or at least, that’s what was prescribed. Zuko, on the other hand, stared. Since his final year in the university, he would catch a certain brown-haired local at the courtyard standing and waiting by a bench near a Fire Tree. The number of times he hadn’t seen her when the bells chimed was measurable by the number of his fingers. She was always there.

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I know this is the end, where my world comes crashing down around me and nothing will ever be right again and I will suffocate in my sorrow and pain and be hit by brick after brick all because of you.
Oh god, you.
You built a castle and I was your princess but you decided you wanted a queen and I wasn’t fit for the role so you left and now the castle is crumbling around me.
Your big blue eyes that held the entire ocean will never look at me the way they used to.
Your crooked smile that was so rare but beautiful will never flash at me again.
I will not feel your strong arms wrapped around me for as long as I live.
And I will not be your princess anymore, just a lowly peasant.
—  don’t forget about your princess
Exo's scenario to you twisting your ankle and dumping ice cream on them

Hi sweetie ! Thanks for your request ! This is afunny scenario, I had fun to do this x) But sorry, I took time because I was on holiday, and then I was always with my phone (welcome back my computer !!). So here it is, and thanks ♥ Sorry if it’s not very good T.T

Baekhyun : You have to pay for what you did to my T-shirt… Kiss maybe ? 

Chanyeol : Oh my… Is it okay ? You’re clumsy ! *a little bit amused by the situation too*

Chen : You. Watch where you walk. Next time, you’ll have to buy me a new T-shirt. 

D.O. : *Plotting your murder* 

Kai : Well… Seems like I have to remove my T-shirt…

Kris : *cries internally* N… No problem baobei…

Lay : Oh my baobei !! Is it okay ? Are you in pain ? *amused by the situation too* But you’re so cute when you’re clumsy ~

Luhan : Oh, y/n hasn’t ice cream anymore… Sh*t, my shirt…

Suho : No problem, jagiya ! I’m gonna buy another shirt *rich $uho*

Sehun : First, he could be like : “I told you to buy Bubble Tea”

But then he’ll be : “I’ve nothing to do with you anymore, peasant.”

Tao : *starts to cry* My… My… My Gucci shirt !!!

Xiumin : *doesn’t care about his T-shirt* Let’s buy another ice cream for my sweet and clumsy jagi !!

Hope you like it ♥

the girl with sunlight in her hair and the skies in her eyes –
don’t let yourself fall under her spell. she is a princess and you are nothing more than a commoner. but, you think to yourself, you are not a peasant anymore. so you disguise yourself as a king because the thrill of being on earth runs through your veins and along your fingertips, fueling a madness that will not be tamed. you feel on top of the world, so confident that you’ve got everyone fooled. and for a moment, you let yourself believe you can be happy.

the girl has shoulders that carry atlas’ burden with no protest –
you will ache for her in numerous ways. your heart yearns for a girl who had to grow up too quickly, for the girl who saw her mother go down in flames, for this patchwork woman you now see in front of you, sewed together by desperate times and horrible circumstances. (in doing so, you only doom yourself.)

this starlight girl with a bleeding heart –
it is too late; i warned you, but the thrum of the wild called to you, and the spirit of this girl fascinated you, drew you in like a moth to a flame. did you even realize how your first thought, your first concern is no longer of yourself? it is her. and from now on, it will always be her.

girl whose soul swells with guilt and permanent red stains –
she has lit fires in your soul without your notice, has carved out a space for her in that vessel you call a heart, and is your skeleton, the one constant in your life. she has become your soul; you let her. when she leaves, you will feel like your lungs are on fire and your heart has burst into flames, like the world is being thrown into an eternal apocalypse only you can feel. i see that you do not regret. (foolish, foolish boy.)

the girl will leave you –
pray tell, is it better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all?

—  [a warning to rebel kings] - k.t.