not anymore

I already talked with a friend about this but I’m still immensely sad about it because like:

there are people that I find so gorgeous and attractive, and I just kind of realized the fact that I’m not conventionally attractive the same way that they are, and will never be in their league, or capture their attention the way that they capture mine

it sucks to think about

  • first time going to the fontcest tag:ok this is weird. even for me. ew was that a dick??? ok i'm so done with this fandom *closes tab*
  • second time going to the fontcest tag:this one innocent thing is kinda cute...? but those nsfw drawings are just too much *turns safe search on*
  • third time going to the fontcest tag:...ok the art is really cool and i'm starting to get the ship but why does it have to be so messed up? i mean, magic dicks? tentacles? idk it's just not my thing...
  • 46th time going to the fontcest tag:i'm filth. i am a disgrace. i'm going to burn in hell for all these sins
  • 5367589599287th time going to the fontcest tag:i have a problem but i don't really care anymore, so. where the tentacles at. i love me some tentacles. hey mum wanna see this drawing i made of two skeleton brothers fucking
I think we’re like fire and water.
I think we’re like the wind and sea.
You’re burning up, I’m cooling down.
You’re up, I’m down.
You’re blind, I see.
—  Brooklyn Baby, Lana Del Rey