If you’re white, we do NOT need your voice in the Ferguson discussion right now. Let us grieve. Let us be angry. You have nothing to fear from a police officer with a gun. The justice system in America does not fail you on a regular basis because the justice system was made to protect YOU. It’s not about “Not ALL white people are racist.” It’s about the fact that all white people, whether racist or not, benefit from institutionalized racism. YOUR white police officers get to walk free while OUR families have to teach their children complacency, that to obey a white man with a gun is the difference between life or death. You have never been afraid to step out of your house because you are the minority, because your hair is kinked, because your skin is dark, because you look “suspicious,” because you are wearing a hoodie, because you are twelve years old at the park on a swing-set with a BB gun. It’s not your children being gunned down in the streets. Black lives matter. Our voices WILL be heard. This is not about you. You will never, ever understand what it is like to be black in America. This is not your fight. Please respect that. 

sometimes shyness is perceived as rudeness, & sometimes that is normal. just bc u aren’t as social as the girl sitting besides you doesn’t mean u are less of anything, nor does it mean shes better than you. there will be a time that u become comfortable with your surroundings & the people around you, & when you are you won’t be shy anymore :-)

Guys always dream of their best friends while in bed with their wives. They always express annoyance and jealousy when their bros give other people attention. They totally have things to say that they never got to before their friend died that they won’t even tell their shrink. Dudes totally relapse into drugs when their best buddy gets married. Oh, they also leave the wedding early looking devastated. This is just normal bro behavior, don’t you see? They keep their clothes ready to pack a month after they’ve gotten married and snap at their new wives just because they miss the action of their friend. Bros can restart their own heart through sheer force of bro love. Good friends always stand too close to each other and share long glances and look at each other’s lips and lick their lips while looking at the other. It’s totally normal for a guy to comment on another guy’s cheekbones and ask him to stop being so attractive. It’s typical for a man who doesn’t have room in his brain for the solar system to obsess over his pal’s middle name.

It’s just bro love you guys, but no homo.

The Evaluation, Chapter 5

Title: The Evaluation, Chapter 5
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Summary: Your mentor, Dr. Erskine, has pulled you away from your research to perform a task he trusts only you with: evaluate Steven Grant Rogers.
Word Count: 1009
Warnings: Death, gunshots.
Author’s Note: Wow, things have kinda kicked off since the last time I’ve posted a chapter. Things are about to get really busy for me, hopefully I’ll still have time for semi-regular updates! Hope you enjoy!

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