not any specific gifset

  • critical role meme????

memes with finite numbers give me the Big Anxiety so i put together this super casual meme!! feel free to use if you also have a weird fear of meme commitment or something??

  • at least 4 relationships
  • at least 4 vox machina members
  • at least 4 npcs
  • at least 3 guest characters
  • at least 3 locations
  • at least 3 quotes
  • at least 2 scenes
  • at least 2 fights
  • at least 2 deaths
  • at least 1 episode
  • at least 1 au 
  • at least 1 arcs

Alright, I’m shipping this way more than I wanted to. I’m not even in the fandom but I recently got into this and I just can’t handle the fact that she’s only on the last two movies and that’s it…no more interaction between them and no more of Tauriel, she’s such an amazing character. Well, anyway, I’m really in the mood for doing Legriel gifsets so if you want me to gif any specific scene or dialogue just tell me and I’ll be very happy to do it.

{ ♕ } ;; I’ve reached another little milestone, and while unfortunately I cannot offer much in the way of volume with a new semester kicking into full gear soon, I never want to miss an opportunity to pay back my followers for spending part of their busy day keeping up with my writing. It means more than I could ever put into words, so let me just say thank you. Please know I don’t go a day without feeling appreciative of all of you.


{ ♕ } Must be following silkssongsandchivalry. Please do not unfollow immediately after the giveaway.

{ ♕ } Roleplay blogs only.

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{ ♕ } Giveaway ends at 9 PM EST, Wednesday, January 15th.

There will be one first place winner, two second place winners and three third place winners.

First place may pick three items from the list below, second place may pick two items, and third place may pick one item.

{ ♕ } Twenty to forty (dependent on screencap availability) 100x100 static icons of your FC.

{ ♕ } Ten to twenty (dependent on clip availability) 100x100 gif icons of your FC.

{ ♕ } Graphic promo for your blog, with relevant links and information.

{ ♕ } Gifset made to your specifications, for any character or ship.

Its small, I know, but thank you again for following and good luck!