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hello! i have an OC who is blind and uses their staff (as they're a healer) as their cane and detects the environment around them a lot like toph from atla. the story is supernatural, i want to present their disability as a good thing but since they're a healer and a bit of a "holy" figure of the story, i want to avoid the "blind clairvoyant" trope. do you have any any advice in avoiding said trope but still keeping the image? thank you!

Hi there! I think that’s really good question and I’m glad you asked.

So in general I think there are definitely a few things about that to be aware of if you want to avoid any weird tropes or uncomfortable portrayals. And actually, if you would be willing to give me more in-depth info on the world, this character, and their specific powers, that would probably help a lot.

But in general, here’s what I can already think of:

You will want to be very careful of the characters powers negating the disability or allowing them to function practically the same as an abled person. One of the biggest problems I had with Toph from Avatar was that her powers went beyond just being an assistive tool, and practically negated her blindness altogether except in rare situations. Sure, she still couldn’t read and couldn’t navigate in the sand, but those issues rarely came up in that world and the rest of the time she may as well have been another sighted character that happened to make blind jokes. She could use her powers to such an extent that she could basically see everything around her for a long distance and could even tell what lots of people looked like aside from the finer details of like facial features.

This wouldn’t have been much of a problem if all earth benders had been shown to be able to use their powers to such a similar extent, but it was never shown that any other earth bender was even remotely capable of getting nearly as much information out of their powers as she was. And it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that she would be able to interpret reasonably more information from her powers than sighted earth benders because she’s far more tuned into it and pays a lot more attention, but they took it too far and put her leaps and bounds ahead of any other known earth bender and practically declared her the best in the world. There is a difference between a disabled character finding convenient ways to use their powers as assistive tools, and a disabled character’s powers making them basically able bodied.

So you want to make sure that your blind character’s ability to use their powers to sense their environment is not exclusive to them and that other sighted characters with similar abilities are also able to do similar things if they tried. Again, it’s actually good if you include that this character is better at getting information through the powers because they are far more focused and in tune with them while the sighted characters don’t need to use it in that way and therefore never paid as much attention, but don’t take it too far. And avoid the powers being able to be used so strongly that the character is able to basically see their environment practically just as well as a sighted character.

So in order to do that, he will want to include sighted characters who have the same powers who are shown to be able to do similar things but maybe just aren’t as good at getting the information as this character is because this character knows how to pay more attention to it. You will also want to be sure that you are showing the character using lots of other blindness skills and alternative techniques in conjunction with these powers, so that blind people reading the story can still see themselves in the character. Another problem with Toph being able to do so much with her powers was that she just didn’t feel like a blind character to blind people, and you couldn’t relate because you couldn’t do that. You needed to stop and ask a stranger for directions, or use a cane to help you navigate, or listen to sound cues in your environment to gain clues as to where you were or where something was.

So you might want to include plenty of little things here and there like the character putting their finger over the edge of a cup while pouring something in to know when to stop pouring, or using the cane (or staff) to find the door of the building, or asking a stranger for directions or information like street names or what buildings are around them. If braille is a thing in this world, have the character use it. Have them use non-visual techniques of labeling things that aren’t distinct already or cutting things up like food or materials.

You may also want to include minor other blind characters here and there who do not have the same powers just to show that everyone is different and that there are other blind characters who are also just as independent without that power. Even if it’s just one other blind character who appears like once or twice for only a few minutes, you know? Because it’s awfully convenient that the only blind character happens to be the character who has power that can allow them to fill their environment to special powers, doesn’t it? So maybe just randomly include another blind character or two that has different powers or no powers and show how they are able to either use a different powers they have to their advantage or how they are just is able to do things even without those powers.

I hope this was helpful!

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Do you think Medic is possibly a psychopath? He seems to have all the traits of one.

Well, all of the TF2 characters exhibit some psychopathic tendencies, which mean a whole lot less in a cartoony reality where ghosts are real and Abraham Lincoln invented stairs.

But do I think Medic or any of the others are actual 100% psychopaths? Not really. Why? Because they all experience anxiety and fear, which is something a psychopath just doesn’t have. (Theoretically, this is due to a faulty amygdala.) They also know how to work as a team, even if they’re not very good at it a lot of the time. If you look at the actual criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder—the technical name for psychopathy in the DSM—it doesn’t fit.

Also, and this is my own personal bias showing, psychopaths are just dull characters, with a few exceptions. (I like the idea of Sherlock Holmes as a high-functioning psychopath, for example.) It’s not just a lack of empathy or the stereotypical violent tendencies, which you can thank Hollywood for, but an actual lack of a rich emotional inner world. A true psychopath is empty of all warmth, leaving only instinct and thought. Why would I care about someone like that?

Meet Brett Jubinville

Brett Jubinville is the Creative Director at Tinman Creative Studios and creator of Super Science Friends, an animated series about a team of superpowered scientists (Freud, Einstein, Tesla, Darwin & Tapputi) who travel through time fighting nazis, renegade soviet cosmonauts and their own scientific rivals. The latest episode, “Freudian Sleep” is available now on Cartoon Hangover Select on VRV.

We got to talk with the creator himself about the ins and outs, and all abouts of the series!

What’s the story behind the creation of Super Science Friends?

Since I’m less of a writer and more of a drawer, the way I typically come up with ideas is by drawing. In the case of Super Science Friends I was home by myself for a weekend, my girlfriend was out of town, and I stayed up really late playing Fallout New Vegas and drawing. At some point I drew a sketch of a soviet zombie astronaut.

Later that night I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about that drawing, so I got up and spent the rest of the night coming up with a show idea where that character could exist. I still have those drawings, and they’re more-or-less what the designs for the show ended up looking like.

What other historic geniuses might be part of the Super Science Friends? Who didn’t make the cut?

Because we went for the lowest hanging fruit possible, there weren’t many characters who didn’t make the cut. Everyone we chose needed to be more-or-less a household name, have a power that was easily identifiable as a superpower (for example, Tesla = Electricity Powers) and also they had to have been dead for a certain amount of time to get us out of any sticky likeness rights trouble. Aside from Tapputi, they all hit each of those marks.

I’ve got a lot of characters I’d like to get onto the show. One of them who played a major role in the comic book was Ada Lovelace, and I’d like to find a reason to have her join the cast for an episode.

Other than that we’ve got ideas for James Prescott Joule, Lord Kelvin, Robert Oppenheimer and Pythagoras.

What made you think, “Man, we need a young Einstein, let’s do a clone!”?

I really made him a clone in order to justify the design choice I had made during that all-nighter where I came up with all the characters. I happened to draw him as a teenager, but gave him white hair so he would be recognizable (since I couldn’t give him the moustache). So in order for that to all make sense he couldn’t be the original Einstein, and so I wrote that the original Einstein was dead and Churchill had ordered himself up a clone. Then we decided that he was a clone created by the US Government in order to justify casting Fred Kennedy who has a North American accent.

What modern day evil-doers would the Super Science Friends have beef with?

Assuming they arrived in 2017 coming from 1941 I’m pretty sure they would think that the entire human race has been brainwashed by our phones, computers and televisions. My guess is they would dedicating themselves to “freeing” us and in the process set the science and technology back decades. Oh man, we just wrote a sweet episode of Super Science Friends!

Is it okay to punch a Nazi?

Well … I was ready to punch the person in front of me at Starbucks this morning for returning her drink because she asked for half-sweet and not full-sweet and felt that it was still just too sweet, so I’m probably not the most moderate person to decide on who’s punchable. But I figure, hey if you can’t punch a Nazi then who CAN you punch?

Will you ever do another segment like you did for Episode 1 with the nerds fact-checking the show?

Those nerds (as you so callously put it) were actually our biggest Kickstarter backers for the first episode. They donated enough that they were able to get killed in the show. The main nerd actually went on to play the voice of Edison in episode 2.

But while they don’t get apple’d, we do have people who donate to our Patreon as extras in the show all the time. So if anyone wants to be in the show they can become a patron and then email us some photos and we’ll put them in.

Can we expect more episodes of Super Science Friends?

You sure as heck can! Episode 4: “Freudian Sleep” is out now on Cartoon Hangover and our Patreon, and on YouTube December 14th. After that we’ve got three more episodes planned to round out season 1. So there’s still lots more on the horizon.

What artists and animators inspire you?

That’s such a big question! I’m just going to spout off some Instagrams that I think people should follow if they want to look at the same cool stuff I look at on a regular basis.











Also, follow an artist named Xulm wherever you can. He does background designs for Super Science Friends and they’re literally the least cool thing he does, which is saying something because the backgrounds he does for us are amazing.

What are your favorite cartoons?

As a kid I was all about Looney Tunes, Batman the Animated Series and X-Men. Lately I’ve actually been on a bit of self-enforced cartoon embargo until I finish Super Science Friends. There are a lot of cartoons I know I’d love but haven’t seen yet because I don’t want them to subconsciously affect how we write our show. Those include Adventure Time, Rick & Morty, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls to name a few.

“Ermagerd you haven’t seen Rick & Morty!!!!!!!1” Yep. Haven’t seen it. I really want to, but I gotta wait until our show is done so it doesn’t inadvertently become Super Rick & Morty Friends.

What’s the last thing you took a picture of on your phone?

This checklist of scenes that were completed for the next episode of Super Science Friends. We’ve gotten a few more done since then.

What else are you working on?

We’re in development on a couple other series that we’re really getting excited about. You should be hearing about those sometime in 2018.

Anything else you’d like to share with the world?

Yeah, actually one of Super Science Friends’ background designers has a book coming out soon. If you’re into cats and large, naked men, you should check out Manfried the Man.

Thanks to Brett for taking the time to talk with us!

Super Science Friends Episode 4 : “Freudian Sleep” is out now on Cartoon Hangover Select on VRV. Watch here.

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I'm just checking but I'm pretty sure you didn't post a badly edited version of your "4 Female Characters to Avoid" list to "ljbnovelswritersblog" on wordpress, right?

Oh, wow.  I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I looked it up, and it looks like this is definitely a case of plagiarism.  

For my other followers, as a point of reference, here is my post on Female Characters to Avoid in Your Writing, and here is the 4 Female Characters to Avoid post published on wordpress (NOT by me) today.  The similarities are pretty damning.

I’ll definitely be sending this person an email and politely asking her to either credit me or take the article down. 

Thank you so much for pointing this out to me, as I seriously doubt I would have ever seen this otherwise!

Emmerdale Storyliners Instagram Q&A - 17/11/17

PSA: if a question is missing, I assume it’s because the user deleted their comment before I could get to it - but I got as much as I could and all of the storyliners responses are below, at least)

ETA: The Team

Sophie: Story Producer, (favourite character: Cain)

Jess: Storyliner, (favourite character: Charity)

Keiron: Storyliner, (favourite characters: Robron)

Joe: Snr Storyliner, (favourite character: Ross)

Liv: Trainee Storyliner, (favourite character: Moira)

Q: Since storylines are mapped out 5 months out, how common if at all is it to change direction on a storyline based on editorial decisions, viewer feedback, or other factors?
emmerdale We often have a long term goal for a story but as it grows organically it often take different twists and turns as the story evolves. - Sophie (Story Producer) 💁‍♀️

Question Missing 
emmerdale Eva who? - Denise (Storyliner) 🙊

Q: Only show I watch!! So…love interest for Pearl??? Tracey pregnant with twins??? New tattoo for Gabby???
emmerdale Wow, those are some episode tags 😂! - Liv (Trainee Storyliner) 🐳

Q: As a viewer from the states I’m used to soaps doing flashbacks. However, I love how you’ve done them. So where did you get the idea to incorporate more flashbacks this year?
emmerdale Iain, the Series Producer loves them! We like to push boundaries as it’s not often done this side of the pond! - Denise (Storyliner) 🙈

Q: I’d love to know how you get into storylining as a job ☺️
emmerdale I’ve always had an interest in telling stories so I went to a workshop (held a couple of times a year) through ITV’s Career path schemes. Check out the ITV website for more details! - Liv (Trainee Storyliner) 🐳

Question Missing 
emmerdale A typical is anything but typical! We work to write 24 episodes over 4 weeks. It starts with conference where we listen to pitches from the writers, then we come back to the office and expand on those ideas to fill every scene of the episodes. We usually take a story or two each and go away and write them 🙂 - Kieron (Storyliner) 💙

Q: I love Lydia. Was there always a plan to involve her in more stories after her first little story with Jimmy or was it the reception she got that brought her back. And what will she do with this inheritance?
We had a lot of fun story lining for Lydia! We felt she was a character we didn’t have at the time and she brings a lot of humour. She’s great with Sam, too! #RIPcockatooSteve - Sophie (Story Producer) 💁‍♀️

Q: Will Harriet be a big part of isaacs life?
emmerdale As the vicar in the Village she plays a part in everyone’s life. As for Cain…who knows! - Sophie (Story Producer) 💁‍♀️

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Aside from Error and Ink, do you have any other favorite sanses, or papyruses, or any character really? x3

Is this just a question about Undertale or anything in general…?

I’m a person with more interests than this, don’t worry. :’D

I just happen to have a special interest in that ship because it’s the reason why I met my better half, and I think that’s a well understandable reason. (1 ½ years in a month, wooo!!)

Other than that, I could make a list but that would be WAY too long, so I’ll just reduce it to Undertale.

I really love every character in some way in the game. They all have their special quirks and their personalities are great! My less favorite characters probably would be, surprisingly, Mettaton and Papyrus, if I had to make a list, but that doesn’t mean I hate them. It’s just very hard to fill the places and I could sit here for hours shifting every character up and down in some kind of chart system. :’D

Having said that, there are plenty of interesting variations and alterations out there, so it’s impossible to point at one specific one and call it a ‘favorite’, too. If the concept is cool and the AU stands out in some way, it’s probably one of my ‘favorites’. 

Just… don’t make me choose. It’s super hard for me ^^;

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Do you have an COOKIE OC? if you do can you draw them?

actually I don’t have any cookie oc but there’s a minor cookie character from cookie run adventure series that I’ve been interested in.

Yeup that cookie on the top. He’s one of the Vampire cookie’s assistant.

 Unlike other Vampire cookie’s goons, he’s not bitten. (in the CR adventure series, VC is portrayed as a villain that kidnapped Ginger Bright to be wedded with him and bunch of his goons are bitten by him)

I didn’t know why but I really liked the design of the character but he’s name was never mentioned nor he had any speaking role.

So I had my own head canon about this cookie.

My own head cannon description of this character

Blueberry choco cookie: “Made from sour and bland blueberries with dusty rich chocolate from hustling city. This cookie is a cookie of few words, only speaks when it is necessary. Calm and collective, he knows the underworld of cookie city like back of his hand and when he puts on his black licorice gloves you better start running! He means business! Will he be your alley or enemy? Who knows, but if you have a deep dark chocolaty deeds to be fulfilled he’s willing to give you his business card.” 

“Yes, let’s talk business..” - Blueberry choco cookie

Skills: “For set period time Blueberry cookie can punch through obstacles into coins. With enough coins are collected he can silently go through the underground cookie city’s passages with black glove jellies appear through the passage. With upgrades he can destroy obstacles frequently.”

Dog Father: “Woah! Is that the famous God Fa- oh wait, it just Dog Father. This sweet bitter flavored doggy’s not afraid to bark orders around. Sometimes being bossy can go up to his head, when a unfortunate cookie calls him ugly he just simply says “Bork Him.” And that was the last time when we heard from that cookie…He maybe feisty fellow but loves to sit on the lap and be pampered. If you’re lucky he will graciously bestow you with fearsome kisses.”

“Bork Him.”- Dog Father

Skills: “In intervals, Dog Father will Bark the jellies and turn it into health potions.”

It’s all my head canon really, this character belong to Cookie Run comics, I just came up  ideas about him. 

Off-Color Gemsonas... UNITE!

Right before the year ends, it’s time to celebrate some of the new characters that have appeared in Steven Universe over the past couple of months! We were introduced to a colorful group of Homeworld gems known as the “Off-Colors.” On December 17th of this year 2017, gemsona makers will be asked to post and submit art and literature of their Off-Color gemsona(s). You can make a new Off-Color gemsona or show off the ones that you have made since we met the crew!

How do I participate?
Create art, literature, videos, playlists, animation, or use any other medium to make an Off-Color Gemsona or showcase one that you have already created!

Where and how do I send in my work(s)?

Two ways:
1) Post your works on Tumblr, use the hashtag #OffColorGemsonas within the first five tags on your post, and tag me @gemsonaresources in the description or the first five tags so I know where to find your works.

2) If you do not have a Tumblr blog or prefer to submit your works on another website (deviantArt, Twitter, etc), please send me a link to your work via Submission Box and I will post it onto my Tumblr page.

Are early and late submissions accepted?
Yes and yes! If you are unable to be online on the 17th, you may send in your work(s) to me early and I will queue them for the 17th. For late submissions, I will keep checking the #OffColorGemsonas tag until December 21st!

**If you have any questions or wish to send in your work(s) early, feel free to send in an ask, fan mail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources​ or @macbeth-macdeath (my main blog)! Click the “Read More” for the rules on submissions and Off-Color prompts to help you brainstorm ideas!

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🐹 here! i have this idea of modern babysitting AU where MC babysits a bunch of kids and all the guys are trying to help but they all end up failing horribly. Kenshin would be trying to teach the kids how to murder someone, Shingen would give the kids way too much candy, Nobunaga would try to round them up into his tiny army, Hideyoshi would have kids hanging off of him nonstop, Kennyo would be in the corner bc he doesn’t want to scare any of the kids but they think he’s just a giant teddy bear

Oh dear… this would just be chaos. I agree entirely, lovely anon! Let’s see what the others would do with this situation… I’ll put your suggestions in italics~ 🐹

  • Hideyoshi
    Literally becomes a coat hanger and ends up tackled to the ground by infantile humans.
  • Ieyasu
    Grumbles the whole time, but draws with them and encourages them to practice writing, helping them with characters they don’t know, then lets them fall asleep on him when thinking so hard tires them out.
  • Kennyo
    Hides in the corner trying not to scare the kids, but they think he’s just a giant teddy bear, and so they end up clambering over him and cuddling him and he’s too pure to stop them.
  • Kenshin
    Genuinely tries to instruct and teach the kids how to murder someone in no less than three different ways, including with an elastic band.
  • Masamune
    Literally just makes a shit-ton of food and subdues any crying, protests, boredom or pestering by feeding them.
  • Mitsuhide
    Chills in the armchair, letting the kids climb up onto him, and talks to them soothingly until they fall asleep on top of him.
  • Mitsunari
    Plays with them, builds things with them, reads with them… he’s an angel. They’re happy with doing anything with him.
  • Nobunaga
    Tries to form a mini-army of children and may or may not bribe them with Masamune’s food.
  • Sasuke
    Awkwardly sits, blind, as they pass around his glasses and tease him over having such bad eyesight. He lets them sit on his lap, though.
  • Shingen
    Does what Hideyoshi is doing but by choice, letting the kids climb onto him then swinging them around and walking with them all being thrown about on his legs, giggling and screaming delightedly.
  • Yukimura
    Plays tag with them, running around until he eventually slows, letting them catch him and take him down, then lay on the floor while they pile atop him.

Hehehe… I don’t like kids, but I would hella pay to see this -w- thank you for the lovely idea, hun!

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Thank you for writing ghost lights. My girlfriend have ptsd and hallucinations like Noah. As like Robin I trying my hardest to understand and protect her. They even the same ages. it nice to have relateble characters. Keep up that great work !!!

this makes me unbelievably happy. it means so much to me that this story and these characters can help and comfort someone who goes through struggles

i have read your gf’s message, too, and i’ll reply as soon as i can. it shows me once again that representation in any form and combination is super important… and sometimes it’s found in a small webcomic instead of a big franchise. so this is all the more reason for me to work hard 🔥 thank you for telling me your thoughts ;;

i’ll continue to put all my love into Robin and Noah, knowing it will help you two and some others, too 💙

On a positive note- I LOVED every character. I genuinely did. But oh my, Ray Fisher is something else… he’s jaw droppingly good. I can’t wait to see him in literally any other movie now.

And the Easter eggs, post credits etc were just fucking beautiful. If those elements are a sign of what’s to come, then I really am All In.

Vanitas no Carte (relation)ships- Manet

Manet, Manet, Manet.

The dhams have far outshone any other side character that dare try to creep up the ranks of popularity. And as for Manet, even his sister seems to be a more panelerific version of him.

To be honest I had to go back through every panel to learn his name the first time around

However! There is one thing that makes Manet very, very interesting.

He has a crush on someone.

At first glance, I thought Manet liked either the lovely Miss Amelia or our very own pop star of romance, Noé Archiviste.

But after reading waaaay too deep into every one of the five (well that’s a slight exaggeration) panels Manet is featured in, we have some evidence to definitely swing Manet in one way. 

And yes, this depends on the way his feet sway.

As most people who overanalyze relationships know, body language is a key indicator of attraction or romance. After s̶p̶e̶n̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶f̶i̶f̶t̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶m̶i̶n̶u̶t̶e̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶r̶e̶d̶d̶i̶t̶, ahem, reading key essays by scientific researchers, you will find that one of these signals is foot pointing.

If your feet are facing towards a person, it’s more likely you’re interested in them. And where are Manet’s feet facing in this frame? Towards Noé.

Or, you know, towards Vanitas. Because, you know, he’s having an important discussion about cursebearers. But who cares about that, I want to talk about ships instead!

A handful of pages later, Noé bites Amelia and Manet does a hardcore blush. This could be interpreted as him being squeamish (shown here:


But it could also be interpreted as him being…. physically…. into… it.

The other intriguing thing about the blush panel is Manet’s sister Nox’s expression. She’s looking away from the action, TOWARDS MANET. She’s checking his reaction. She’s not surprised, her expression nearly says “seriously bro we’ve been through this stop crushing on potentially dangerous clients”. She doesn’t look surprised, just mildly annoyed.

This makes it seem like she knows that Manet is into one of them. And from the fact that both siblings met Amelia just that day, we can assume that he’s crushing on Noé.

Just to further the proof, here’s Manet freaking out when he hears Noé is (fake) engaged.

And that’s that.

Well, it seems incredibly unlikely that these two would ever get together. They basically haven’t spoken a word to each other ever (although Manet did do a good job cat-sitting so bonus points to him)

And since basically every character in the series is in love with Noé, Manet your chances are slim. Either way, his crush makes each panel with the less-featured side characters in the series more enjoyable.

Fun Fact: this desk.

And… next week, hopefully actually on time, we will be speaking of the too pure for this world ship between Jeanne and Noé (who’s here for the third week in a row.) Which only the Truly Oblivious, Truly Pure or Truly Freaking Conservative ship and is most likely going to be canon. (cries.)

Anywho, Manet is adorable. See you soon during Thanksgiving Ship Week!

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Is it weird to ship your friends with the mysme guys?? My friends and I were talking about which characters we could see each other with, and it seemed like we all shipped each other with our biases ^_^ Not intentionally tho!! It just really feels like thats who we'd each work best with. What about you?? Do you ship your tumblr friends with any of the mysme guys?? Or yourself?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

No not at all Nonny Chan!! 

My friends and I do that all the time- and funnily enough most of the time we do suit our own biases. On the odd occasion it doesn’t happen but for the most part we all seem to choose the right people to love and our friends agree with our judgements. (Cos like- i hardcore loved Legolas but the bastards shipped me with Sam or Eomir from LoTR)

For mysme? That’s super simple for me to answer. 

I ship @zenscrotch with Zen. It would be super weird if I said I shipped them with Driver Kim. It’s not DriverKimscrotch now is it? *but could it be??..hmmm*
I ship @illneverrecover with Saeyoung.
I ship @brakeyourbones with Saeran.
I ship @feelsgood-anon with V.
I ship @sinfulinsecret with Jumin. We share him. She is the Northern Hemisphere wife, I am the Southern. It’s worked well for us… except for the odd occasions she tries to steal him away from me on my rotation of Juju. It’s okay. I spritz her with a water bottle and throw some expensive cheese in the other direction to distract her so I can run away with him.  
I ship Yoosung with me also. 

What can I say- I’m greedy. 

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

dudes, dudettes, and all other forms of gender non-conforming dude-isms - don’t get mad or upset if someone tells you you are only seeing what you want to see in regards to your favourite show/ship/character because guess what?? that is something you are totally allowed to do! that is the beauty of interpretation! it’s flippin’ glorious, encouraged even! you can analyse and think about these things in any which way makes sense to you because individuality is great and you should do you, boo.