not another teen rp

Ryan Shore || TAKEN.

Name: Ryan Shore.
Age: 23.
Occupation: Medical Student at Johns Hopkins. Soon to be surgical intern. 

Arrogant, pretentious, genius. Just like the father he hadn’t met until a few years ago. It’s strange how he seemed to have adopted all the same traits as the man who was never around as he grew up. Despite the fact they lived in the same city, he’d never met his father until two years ago and quite honestly, couldn’t have cared less whether the man was in his life or not until he found out he was completely loaded. He had always been completely materialistic. When his mother died suddenly, it was one of the few and rare times he showed any kind of real emotion and he realized that he needed to be there for his sisters who were taking it even worse than he was. He stepped up and pushed aside everyone’s views on him being a complete womanizing asshole and really showed that he could be a compassionate and sensitive person - if only to his own flesh and blood. He is the youngest of the triplets.

The only person he’s ever met that even rivals his intelligence is Kate and he isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Often using it to intimidate others and win arguments he would rather settle with words not physical violence (he wouldn’t want to break his pretty face). He considers women to be objects of lust and nothing more and the only female he’s ever respected who he wasn’t related to was Izzie. He regrets screwing things up with the only girl he ever truly cared about. Regardless of all his negative traits, he’s something of a legend in the city and there’s not a soul on the party scene who doesn’t know his name. Despite his bad reputation, women still flock to him.


  • Charming/Charismatic: Although many scorned women he’s slept with would disagree, it’s undeniable he has some kind of geeky charm about him, otherwise how would he have managed to bed them in the first place? He will use it to get just about whatever he wants. His apologies can melt hearts and he has a smile women can’t seem to get enough of. It’s a shame most men hate him.
  • Arrogant/Pretentious: He considers himself to be the smartest person on the planet, even with his IQ of 159. The most promising surgeon on the planet. The best party thrower on the planet. Whether any of them are true, only time will tell. He thinks himself to be very important and that somehow life in Washington D.C. would cease to exist without his presence.
  • Outgoing: Considering the fact he’s quite clearly in love with himself, he expects everyone else to feel the same and therefore sees no reason to filter his actions. Meeting new people is easy with his natural wit and charm and he has no problem introducing himself to even the most important of people. 
  • Coward: When push comes to shove, he might consider himself to be far superior to everyone else, but he couldn’t win a fight to save his life. He would rather turn his back and walk away for fear of being pulverized. 

Relationship Information: First love was Izzie. Has had countless flings with girls including Maiya, Kate, Jenna, Sienna and Andy. Proposed spontaneously (not even in a relationship) to Rachael right out of school, thinking she was the only woman he could ever imagine spending his life with but she turned him down. Now has feelings for Benny. (ENDGAME)
Friendship Information: Yael, Zarah, Benji, Sienna and Karl are close friends. 
Face Claim: Adam Brody.

Open RP || Teen Bruce

Bruce sighed shakily as he leaned against the wall of an alley. He had been on the run for… almost a month now. He was hiding from his father. All he had to do was keep going for another month and he’d be an adult. His father would have no jurisdiction over him. Bruce was just glad he’d graduated early. 

He flinched when he heard someone approach him. “What?” He asked, slightly harsh.

Saskia Shore || OPEN.

Name: Saskia Shore.
Age: 23.
Occupation: Unemployed. Up to player.

Unlike her brother and sister who share some unbreakable bond, Saskia was always distant from her family - even her mother. It wasn’t that she didn’t love them, it was just even from a young age she always liked to go her own way and do her own thing. She wasn’t a rebel. She might have bleached her hair and gone a little wild at parties but she never did anything particularly bad. Part of her felt like she would never fit in with the extravagant lifestyle they lead and so she eventually gave up trying to fit in where she didn’t belong. That doesn’t however stop her from taking advantage of her new found father’s riches once in a while.

Personality: Up to player.

Relationship Information: Up to player.
Friendship Information: Up to player.
Face Claim: Amber Heard.