not another happy ending

Forgetful (Request)

Please can you do a sad oneshot where Harry forgets your birthday but plans a surprise party for another friend instead with a happy ending x


There were a lot of things you hated about your birthday being in December. When you were growing up, birthday parties had been hit or miss depending on how much snow was on the ground that particular day. Not to mention that your birthday was two weeks before Christmas which meant that nobody was thinking about the fact that it was your birthday.

When you had started dating Harry several months earlier, the one thing you really liked about him was how much he paid attention to details. On your first date, he had started asking every question he could think of about you and your life; he wanted to know everything.

So when you woke up the morning of your birthday to find Harry already gone from the other side of the bed, part of you had a sneaking suspicion that your birthday had something to do with it. Although you didn’t want to get your hopes up, you couldn’t help but wonder what he was up to.

As the day progressed, you got a few calls and texts and Facebook messages from people wishing you a Happy Birthday, but you didn’t see Harry at all. By the time the afternoon rolled around you finally decided to text him just to see what he was up to.

Hey babe, whatcha doin?

Hey love, sorry. I meant to text you earlier to see if you were up but I’ve been super busy.

No worries. I’ve just been taking it easy. :) Are you planning on being here for dinner?

I’m not, but I was going to invite you to come with me tonight. It’s [friend’s name] birthday and we’re having a big party for him. That’s why I’ve been running around all day, trying to plan it.

You felt your stomach drop when you read the text. The realization that Harry had been away all day because he was planning a party for someone else and not you hit you like a thousand pound weight right on your heart.

Harry had forgotten your birthday.

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joyceelovesyoutoo asked:

People are always going to hate regardless of your age. You're either too young do one thing or too old to do another thing. At the end of the day your happiness is way more important than some hater who is a non-factor in your life!! 💖💖💖

God bless your soul 😭 realist thing ever, thank you for that 💖


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