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if anyone ever tries to call you immature or insult you for refusing to watch a show after your favorite character dies, kindly point them to the english renaissance. queen elizabeth i was so pissed off when shakespeare killed off one of his side characters that she not only ordered him to resurrect the asshole, she royally commanded him to write another play entirely centered on the character and give him a happy ending


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 Does It Pass The Aila Test?

We all know the rules of The Bechdel Test. In recent years, fans of more feminist-friendly films have included their own character tests, like The Mako Mori Test, The Furiosa Test, The Sexy Lamp Test, the list goes on. While these are all helpful (though comical) tools feminists have used to criticize media narratives, very few of them seem to empower or apply when viewing Indigenous and Aboriginal women in media narratives / storytelling.

As a Native woman, I’ve experienced disappointment and heartache from the way Native women were represented on film, television, cartoons, and other forms of media. From stereotypical “Indian princesses” to the distressing amount of physical and sexual violence in live action period pieces, it felt that a Native woman was not a character you were meant to love and root for. She was never a character you were supposed to relate to or want to be. In almost every role she’s in, she cannot exist without being a prop for another character’s story, and if she has a “happy ending,” it’s usually in the arms of a white colonist or settler.

I’ve created the Aila Test to bring my own concerns to the table when feminists criticize media. Not only should these issues be analyzed and addressed, but content creators who write about Indigenous / Aboriginal women should consider writing characters who pass this test. We need them now, more than ever.

To pass the Aila Test, your film / animation / comic book / novel / etc, must abide by these three important rules:

1. Is she an Indigenous / Aboriginal woman who is a main character…

2. Who  DOES NOT fall in love with a white man…

3. And DOES NOT end up raped or murdered at any point in the story.

Do you know characters that pass the Aila Test? Please submit them to this page!


It’s okay. We hate terrorists.
- Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani)

Brodie said his car was is in for a service, and asked for a lift home from work. He wanted to get dropped off at the gym for a training session, as he only lives round the corner.
When we arrived the gym was empty, it had closed 3 months earlier. He explained his intentions were not to go to the gym, but to find a quiet spot. He told me he had noticed me checking him out on site the last few days. He gave me a cheeky grin and said “if you wanna suck me off now is your opportunity” while he popped it out the leg hole of his hot shorts.
Another happy ending to a hard day at work:)

Preorder/Store Information

All preorders have been packaged and the remainder will be sent out on afternoon of 08/21!
If there are any problems with your order please contact me asap!
There are in fact a bit of packages where I do not have required information to send so please check your email as I have sent reminders to the people who have not contacted me back yet.

三  Shop will reopen in the near future 三
however adjustments will be made to certain aspects of the store including information, presentation, and pricing. There will be limited stock on items as I am selling the remaining stock left over from preorders and my recent event! I do not know when I will restock again. In the future I will be making a “second wave” of charms which will include:

- Dusttale (This is special and includes Murder Sans & Phantom Papyrus in a single charm. Phantom Papyrus will dangle freely beside Sans.) (sizing undetermined)

- Horrortale brothers (2″ , 3″)
- Swapfell (KH) brothers (2″ , 3″)
- Outertale brothers (undetermined) (2″ , 3″)

At the time they are completed I will open up preorders for those charms and will take into consideration previous wave of charms restocking
Next preordering session would be relatively similar as the first preordering session besides going much quicker as I now have experience and know what must be done.

Also future products planned which may or may not come into fruition are a underswap papyrus and underswap sans acrylic standee possibly, among other things as time progresses to prepare for UT Event selling.

Also note: Among this time I will be continuing painting sans heads, as well as Vince will begin starting working on Fell Sans prototype production~

I just also wanted to thank everyone for supporting me, I have learned so much important things about business and being independent and will be able to carry that through even more so now while I continue to learn! I love you all! ♡
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