not another doozy

after another doozy of a long day at the brewery, i came home & flopped on the couch.

me: takeout?
boyfriend: i was kinda feelin goin out?
me: [indecipherable moaning]
boyfriend: we can stay home if you want, but i was thinking oysters… mussels…
me: ugh you’re killin me smaaalls
boyfriend: no big deal
[the tension is building]
me: OK but we have to get in the car RIGHT NOW & you’re driving & you have to pour me a road wine. those are my terms.
boyfriend: you’ve got a deal

Flight of Stars and Fire: Part 3

Oh man, this was another doozy to write. I hope you guys are enjoying the long chapters (they’re a bitch to edit btw, hope you all know that!) AANYYWAAYS, enjoy the next part to this tale!

A freaking huge shout out to @luckybachi for betaing this fic for me. I just keep writing these long chapters and somehow you still put up with me. Thank you so much!

Summary: The custom of Fiore is to bestow everyone a dragon when they come of age. It is seen as a passage into adulthood. Lucy was no different, but with her father attempting to control her now more than ever, she finds herself living on her own terms and travels about Earthland, heading to Pergrande as her final destination. A Fairy Tail Dragon Rider AU.

Word Count: 5234 (Hey, it’s shorter than the last one!)


Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The man stood up and walked away, leaving Lucy dumbfounded. He said that he wanted to discuss things over dinner, but all he did was evade her questions. She had answered all of his. She ground her teeth in frustration, clenching her fists in her lap. This man. He was impossible, but why did he demand so much of her attention?

Lucy watched as he strode up to Jenny and took the key she offered him. He looked back at her, winked for a final time that night with a sly grin and disappeared up the stairs.

All she wanted to slap that blasted smirk off his face. It felt like he was toying with her.

Her eyebrow twitched and Lucy reached up to smooth her brow. She hadn’t expected her journey to end up like this. It was exhausting in the first place, and now she has to deal with this frustrating stranger. She didn’t even know his name!

With a heavy sigh she pushed back from the table and stood up. She felt the warmth radiating out of her bag from her egg. It eased some of her frustration, comforting heat washing through her as she shouldered her bag.

She made her way up to Jenny, a yawn escaping her.

“Can… ah, sorry, excuse me. Can I have the key to my room?”

“Sure thing, Lucy!” She ducked behind the counter for a second before reappearing with a key. “You’re down the hall from Mister Flirts-A-Lot, but he shouldn’t be much of an issue after tonight.”

Lucy looked at her quizzically. “Is he leaving in the morning?”

Jenny shook her head and waved her off. “Nothing to worry about. He just needs sleep like you do. Come on, I’ll show you to your room.”

Lucy smiled at the kind woman, gracious that she hadn’t been left to wander the town and pay for an overpriced room.

She followed behind Jenny, dragging her feet as her exhaustion tightened its grip on her once again. She had really wanted to speak with that man for a while longer. She had so many questions. How did he know Mister Makarov and Laxus? How did he know about her egg? Why was he sent to look after her? Didn’t he know that it would be years before she and her dragon would be able to fly by themselves? He had to know that he was committing to watch over her for at least three years.

She stumbled out of her thoughts as she bumped into Jenny’s shoulder. The other woman caught her before she bounced off and fell to the ground.

“Easy there, don’t need you bumping your head.”

Lucy nodded, head feeling so fuzzy that she was sure that when she hit the bed, she would be out for the night. Jenny handed her the key and wished her goodnight.

Another jaw-popping yawn crawled out of Lucy’s frame as she struggled with fitting the key into the lock. Eventually, she managed to stumble into the room. A bed and armoire made up the furniture of the room. No desk or another room leading to the bathroom. She didn’t really bother to think about there being a public bath for Blue Pegasus.

She dropped her bag on the mattress and took out the egg, hugging it to her chest. She didn’t waste time before she crawled into bed. Covers be damned, the egg warmed her enough that she didn’t need them. Her thoughts about the man from earlier faded to the back of her mind as she drifted off to sleep, a light hum the only sound alongside her gentle breathing. She nuzzled the egg.

“I can’t wait to meet you…” she whispered. “I want to meet my friend…”

Lucy swam away into the sleep that conquered her mind, never noticing the light that filled her room.

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