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Unpopular opinion: I'm bisexual and I support LGBTQ+ rights 120% but I can't stand shipping within groups, especially chanbaek and kaisoo. Every little thing they do always relates to that ship and it's just so annoying. Also what gets me is when real shit happens in the real world, like the Orlando shooting. All of these hardcore shippers don't say shit. Homosexuality or whatever else is only important when it comes to their ship smh

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I just want to talk about why I have so many feels about this page. Touka and Kaneki have always had a complicated relationship. Touka taking out her aggression on Kaneki when his past involved child abuse. Kaneki lying and leaving Touka behind when she has a fear of abandonment from when she lost her Father. They always make mistakes when it comes to the other, unknowingly hitting on their deepest, most sensitive issues.

But here it’s finally being addressed. 

Touka thinks “… again?” after Kaneki leaves her behind on this mission and tries to protect her when she feels that’s not his place to decide. Just like he did after the Aogiri Arc. Kaneki thinks “… again?” when he questions whether she’ll hit him this time too, after the bridge scene and in the cafe.

And now that they’re going to sit down and talk (assuming they get the chance to because yikes, last time the “we’ll do this when we return from this dangerous mission” thing was brought up, Shirazu DIED) they have the chance to tell each other this and actually communicate their feelings for once! Tell the other what is wrong so they can work on fixing their mistakes and clear the tension between them. I really hope this is the case because this is what I’ve been needing from them for so long. We know they both care about each other, and that they’re both important to one another, but it’s always been a case of this giant wall between them, built up of their own issues, that keeps pushing them away. I hope this is a chance for both of them to grow and to apologise for hurting one another

You know what’s good? Listening to other people’s opinions and respecting their right to have that opinion. You know what’s not good? Refusing to listen to anyone who challenges you so you can live in a bubble free from any criticism. You cannot learn or grow as a person if you live your life that way. Whether you are a feminist, an anti feminist, pro black lives matter, anti black lives matter, pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal, or whatever, refusing to listen to the other side and dismissing any opinions different from yours makes YOU the ignorant one.

Don’t let yourself be brainwashed

take a step back. look at your beliefs, are they really your beliefs? or are they the beliefs others have led you to think are right?

the tumblr community is notorious for this! if you don’t fit the perfect mold of social justice, you like the wrong artists or tv shows, or you have beliefs that may be “problematic,” it won’t take long for tumblr to train you to think that your own beliefs are wrong.

don’t get me wrong, a lot of things i have learned on this website, particularly about social justice, have made a huge and great impact on my life. however, this summer i took a step back and realized that there are things that i “believed” that i didn’t actually think were right. there were people who i disliked only because they weren’t quite on the “approved list of non-problematic people” who were perfectly good human beings!

think long and hard about your own beliefs. use information to educate yourself, but do not let it take over your own beliefs “just because.”


think for yourself and don’t let tumblr destroy your self-identity 

Women's March

Today I do not march for women, today I pray and hope. That future generations of women will be taught to see that our unique capacity for tenderness and empathy, which the world sees as weakness, will finally be seen as our unique strength, and the reason why we are the heart of humanity. That each of us will be seen as a gift, and not as a trophy to complete a nuclear family, or a less desirable child because of our sex. That we will be respected from conception until natural death. That our daughters will know that their education and how well they ‘compete in a man’s world’ is NOT The measure of their value, which is far beyond any utilitarian measurements. That women’s differences from men are embraced and appreciated. And that our bodies are respected as an extension and expression of our personhood, a gift that is ours to give and NOBODY’s prize to take or win.

Our value is beyond measure, and our resilience is incredible. Embrace the complexities and depth of your femininity, or your 'feminine genius’ as Pope St. John Paul II called it. There is no weakness in tenderness.

Our vocation is irreplaceable, and our confidence in that truth will be a light to women everywhere.

Munday Asks: Salt Edition
  • 1. How salty are you feeling right now?
  • 2. What are your unpopular opinion(s) of the fandom you’re rping in?
  • 3. What rp trends are you so over and can’t wait for it to die?
  • 4. Have you ever made a call out post or wanted to?
  • 5. A ship everyone in the fandom you’re in loves, but you can’t stand?
  • 6. Have you ever sent something to one of those burn book blogs?
  • 7. Has someone made you unfollow/block them without a second thought because of a petty reason?
  • 8. Are you good at dealing with personal problems?
  • 9. What’s your opinion on duplicates?
  • 10. Any fandom(s) you don’t want to rp in or crossover to?
  • 11. Are you for or not for purple prosing?
  • 12. Has someone in the rp community ever made you upset/cry?
  • 13. Ever told someone not to follow/rp with a particular person because something that happened to you in the past? 
  • 14. Ever knew someone that everyone loves but you can’t stand?
  • 15. Have you ever done something out of spite?
  • 16. What would you say to the one who hurt you in the past?
  • 17. What are your opinions when someone makes negative posts constantly on their rp blog?
  • 18. Do you hold grudges for long?
  • 19. Wild card: ask the mun any type of salty asks.
  • 20. If you’re feeling salty right now, this ask gives you a free reign to pour out your frustration.
A Case for Mary in TLD

Unpopular opinion time: I sort of love Mary’s presence in this episode, probably mostly because she’s not actually Mary. She is a representation, the embodiment of John’s fears and desires, and guess what? All she bloody talks about is Sherlock. John is afraid and he is in pain and he is trying to find his place in life again and his heart – made visual to us as an audience in Mary – is pointing him straight back to Sherlock.

I might have liked it if Mary was given more of the straight up villain treatment this series but since this is what we’ve got I’m going to run with it. John had genuine feelings for Mary and genuinely tried to forgive her (how successful he was is still up for debate and his guilt about that is part of the problem). But now that she’s gone he is slowly working his way back to Sherlock where he belongs. If he wants to come down to earth, he has to make his peace with Mary first. The Hug Scene is the start of that. He’s been in a holding pattern, caught between past and future, and that pattern has to break. We see that happen. The fact that he does it with Sherlock, in Sherlock’s arms, sobs on Sherlock’s shoulder, is breathtaking.

Coupled with saving Sherlock’s life – as others have pointed out, redeeming himself for his perceived failure in TRF – and this last half hour has done WONDERS for John’s emotional arc. This was what he needed. He might actually be ready, sometime in the Final Problem, to give his love for Sherlock a chance to flourish.

And his mental embodiment of Mary helped him get there – or rather, helped to visually portray that journey to us as an audience in a timely and efficient manner. And that? I love that.

Sherlock is there. Sherlock is ready. He has been since TAB at least, possibly for a lot longer. It’s not John who will catch Sherlock at the end of the fall – Sherlock will be there to catch John.

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Hi, I'm trying to figure out who's still on board and believes Sam and Cait are a couple. That's why I would like to ask you if you still do. I've sent this ask to other blogs as well. This weekend's events haven't changed my beliefs, so I hope there are still a few of us left. Thanks!

I feel like this is an unpopular opinion around here right now and I’ll probably lose half my followers for saying this but oh well. No I’m not still on board. I’m sorry but if my boyfriend was off traveling the world with some other woman and going to family weddings etc, he’d have been dumped long ago. I just can’t explain it away anymore. I was fine with believing they were with other people up until January when they started ramping up the shippery goodness again and I gave in because I’m weak and couldn’t help myself, but enough is enough. 

Yes there’s plenty of things that don’t make sense and the way they behave with each other isn’t exactly acceptable if they have other people in their lives, but I feel like there’s a lot that we explained away that we shouldn’t have. Christmas and New Year’s for example. They weren’t together. We know they weren’t. Cait was in Ireland and LA. Sam was in Amsterdam and Switzerland. Tony was with Cait, MM was with Sam. Now if you want to say that that’s normal and you’d be okay with your significant other spending important holidays with someone other than you then fine, but I can’t accept that.

No one would go to this much trouble to cover up a relationship between two costars who aren’t even considered B-list stars. I don’t care about mergers and tptb and whatever else. They don’t want us to think they’re a couple so I’m going to accept that and take everything at face value from now on. Will I be tempted to hop back on board when they’re being adorable at ECCC? Yep, and maybe I will, but I’m done trying to explain away things that are right in front of my face. I’ll stick around to see what happens next but I can’t believe in something that doesn’t feel genuine anymore. 

Right so heres this week’s unpopular opinion of mine, and as always feel free to debate in the comments i love opinions (but please construct actual coherent sentences not just insults ya feel)


- okay, i can understand that the phandom loves dan and phil, we are the PHANdom after all, but im sure the boys are already aware that they are significant in our lives, so tweets like these arent really necessary. Not to mention theyre terribly unoriginal. Sure the tweet itself is authentic but the captions beneath are always so similar depending on which user is fishing for likes/ attention.

- this particular example has a tweet from 2009. 2 0 0 9. Dan was very different from then to what he is now, people grow and people change and this tweet especially doesnt seem like a very funny and ironic kind of dan tweet which we see a lot of today. In fact, this tweet doesnt seem like something you’d want to resurface and float around, not to mention past struggles are never really something you want to see anymore. Its like you’ve overcome something thats held you down only for your friends and fam to start yelling “HEY REMEMBER WHEN YOU HAD THAT PROBLEM THAT MADE YOU SO INSECURE?? EVEN THO IT HAPPENED YEARS AGO WE ARE BRINGING IT UP NOW AND REMINDING E V E R Y O N E SO WE CAN ALL FEEL SORRY FOR YOU AGAIN AND GIVE YOU UNWANTED ATTENTION ABOUT AN ISSUE YOUVE PROBABLY TRIED TO SUPRESS. ILY.”

- youre probably thinking “well, dan did post this to a public platform” which is absolutely right. But we are not in 2009, he had a much smaller fan base and social media was still a mystical new thing that was barely mainstream enough for this to get an exempt amount of attention.

- the phan’s hearts are in the right place, im not attacking users who do this, it is quite a kind thought, but bringing up troubled pasts are never something that youd want to go viral again.

Okie dokie thanks for tuning in, as my philosophy teacher always said: attack the argument, not the argue-r

((This may be an unpopular opinion but when ever I read someone saying fuck you to the creator of a popular series because things didn’t go the way they wanted it pisses me off like you wouldn’t believe.

like seriously, pull your head out of your ass. Do you think they were writing the series for you? Every artist and story teller is writing and drawing their ideas, their characters and their dreams and wills for them

OTP didn’t come about? Write an AU where they did and enjoy it with friends.

Character you loved died? Remember why you loved them, mourn their loss, grieve, move on like you would with a real person.

The creator knows the characters better then you ever will because they came from the creator.

Every fuck you you say to the creator? Thats a big fuck you at every single character they made.

Think about that. ))

maybe unpopular opinion but I don't give a shit right now!

I know a lot of you think the episode wasn’t good because there was no hot gay sex.
I know that a lot of you want Johnlock like this, like a god damn fanfiction. But it’s not.
We have Johnlock. We have the best Johnlock possible. Two idiots that need each other to give their life sense, living together and solving crimes. They love each other so much, they would kill and die for the other. They make the other a better person, they save each other - they save each other in every sense of the word.
It’s not how some of you want Johnlock, it’s much more than that. They’re more than lovers, they’re even more than soulmates. They’re the missing pieces of a puzzle that can only exist together, that is nothing on its own.
It’s not the Johnlock you want but that could be done by so many people.
But this Johnlock can only be done with Mark and Steven and Ben and Martin.
This Johnlock can still be anything you want it and that’s what makes it so powerful.
Mofftiss gave you the strongest connection between two people ever possible - if you want to make it gay, do it!
I’ll just leave it like this for me, because this “love” is so unique and so strong and so Johnlock, I couldn’t even ask for more.


This may be an unpopular opinion but I think Camryn has the right to not like her teammates. I didn’t like all my classmates in high school, doesn’t mean I couldn’t sit down and get work done with them when it was necessary. It’s the mark of a professional and an adult to be able to put aside your dislike for someone and work with them. Camryn doesn’t HAVE to like the team and tbh some of them are very nasty to newcomers. She still works well with them and that’s all that matters IMO.