not an ugly design either

there was such a divide on my dash when the shorts first showed up
either people found demencias design ugly but endearing 
or they hated everything about it

anonymous asked:

it's not a coincidence that alot the women in one piece who had beautiful, diverse, non sexualized designs and weren't damsels in distress, are dead now (otohime, bellemere, rouge, nico olvia, Monet) not to mention most of them were mothers.

I totally agree. This touches on something that I’ve written about before. Believe it or not, the only time in the entire 800+ chapter history of One Piece where a male protagonist has actually fought and hurt a “conventionally attractive” woman was when Luffy punched out Miss Valentine on Whiskey Peak. 

That’s it. 

That’s the only time in the series that has happened. You can read about it in detail in this post. But all of the other times in the story, the female villains are either designed to be ugly and are mocked for it (Miss Merry Christmas, Jora, Alvida when she first showed up, Big Mom, etc) and are then allowed to be fought my male protagonists. Or they are conventionally attractive and can only be fought seriously by other female characters. And the attractive female characters who men do fight? Like Perona, Sugar, and Monet? The guys find a way to defeat them without actually hurting them, and instead just incapacitate them nonviolently. 

So yeah. All this speaks to the limited roles/designs that Oda gives female characters in the series. Most often, the women who have designs that aren’t meant to be sexual are either someone’s mother (and long dead), or they are mocked and insulted for being ugly, and get to be defeated by male characters.