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im in such a frank mood and he deserves love and respect so "You’re my new neighbor and we’ve never spoken but you saw me shoveling snow all day and i guess it must be pretty obvious how cold i am because you brought me a jacket and hot cocoa;" w frank castle please and thank you my love 💕

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Frank might not be a sociable person, especially now, when he needed to keep his head low after the whole Hell’s Kitchen fiasco and how quickly it had gotten out of hand. But after one of his neighbors, the nice old lady that insisted on giving him cookies for being such a sweet young man, living in the small apartment building asked if he could shovel a path for her so as to be able to easily make her way to the stores, he couldn’t say no.

That lead him to this, snowflakes sticking to his hair and short beard and the not as warm as he thought it would be jacket and the slight numbness in his fingers.

You’d noticed him the first day you had moved in, he lived in the apartment across from yours and had come home while you were moving boxes in. Nothing struck you as out of the ordinary about him, especially in this part of the city. 

You watched him- which may seem creepy but every other girl in the apartment building ogled at him, you were just following the crowd. You could see how much he was shivering in the cold. Even the big, bad, Frank from across the hall couldn’t ward off the cold.

You decide to fix that.

Frank just stares when he sees you holding out a thermos and a large jacket that most definitely didn’t belong to you.

“Sorry, if this is weird but I saw you and you were shakin’ like a leaf out here… Just thought I could help you out.”

He’s hesitant to grab the items out of your hands but he’s thankful that he does because the jacket is doing wonders and even though he hates hot chocolate, it feels nice when the liquid slides down his throat.

“Thanks.” His voice is gruff and it fits him so well and you think you might melt.

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Ever since you said you have a gigantic crush on Ellie Miller, do you agree with me that Olivia Colman is just one of the most beautiful humans?I have rewatched Broadchurch scenes countless times just to watch now the angles on her face change when she moves. Or just to see how she frowns or how she bends her head. Seriously, I'm crazy because in my journal I have like seven pages of Olivia Colman sketches, not because she's the prettiest, but because Ellie has this heart I could drown in. :| :)

oh ym go d  yes

Olivia Colman’s fucking gorgeous, but there’s something about her when she’s playing Ellie that gets to me. I think it’s how casual she is, and the way she dresses. It’s so ordinary and so everyday. She’s a mum and a detective here to do mum and detective things. She’s not here to look good for you, she’s here to get shit done. And she still manages to look utterly, effortlessly beautiful.

I mean, that hair???? It’s so messy and fluffy and when it’s down it just


I also appreciate that her cheekbones are sharp enough to kill a man, and when she gets mad she can and will break a man’s rib - but she’s also super sweet and affectionate and kind and brings people a thermos or some food because she’s so considerate.

Get u a girl who can do both, amirite.

Basically I look at Ellie Miller the way Alec Hardy looks at Ellie Miller

(I feel u Hardy)