not an ordinary thermos for you


a/n; feelin spoopy and since iris did vamp!jihoon imma complete the winkdeep ship like me and iris im so cringe delete me pls and this might be short sorry

warnings: mentions of blood and periods, read at your own discretion

“The realms of day and night. Two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.” 

  • you and jinyoung were classmates
  • like the both of you were in the same class for freshman year, and for this year the same class as well
  • not that you didn’t like jinyoung, in fact, you had a tiny crush on him
  • but so far, your encounters with him were sorta cold
  • like, just passing down of papers or like discussion for classwork
  • he never spoke beyond “yes” or “no” or “thank you”
  • and he never initiated conversations
  • whenever it was recess he would speed off to god knows where
  • you never/hardly saw him in the cafeteria
  • even if you do he eats, alot
  • by alot i mean 3 servings of bulgogi, egg, potatoes, rice and seaweed soup
  • and his water bottle is a thermos flask
  • whenever he takes a sip out of his flask his lips would be tinted a deep red
  • lowkey hot but let’s move on
  • you’ve always wondered what on earth he was drinking but you were lowkey scared of him,, his looks are intimidating
  • sometimes he would get off early from school
  • as sometimes he would become breathless and stuff
  • and the teacher just excuses him
  • and youre like
  • “excuse me i can act breathless *hyperventilates* and get off school too??”
  • ^ you @ your friends
  • “maybe he just has asthma–”
  • you don’t even know why you were so pressed tbh
  • until one fine day
  • you were just chilling in chemistry
  • listening to the chemistry teacher drone on about iron(II) sulfate
  • y’all im still pressed about iron(II) sulfate its my most hated solution on earth i want it to not exist in front of me ever again
  • “ok so to prove this, we have to do a test,, iron(II) will produce a dirty-green precipitate in sodium hydroxide…”
  • then you felt something
  • “its ok maybe its just discharge no biggie–”
  • surprise bitch its your period
  • you felt more blood coming out, you were lowkey panicking
  • you not socalmly took out your pad from your bag and raised your hands and excused yourself to the toilet
  • and when you confirmed that it was really your period, your mood got 10x worse
  • after you were done, you saw jinyoung waiting outside with a pack of blood
  • you were puzzled but decided to ignore him
  • “y/n!”
  • you were shook, it was the first time he actually addressed you like that
  • “here’s a pack of blood, since you’re on your period, you’re losing alot of blood… so, here’s one to replenish?”
  • you were legit confused
  • “why would i need blood?”
  • “wha–”
  • “and how do you know that i’m on my period?”
  • “i, could smell it”
  • “you could–smell? ok unless you’re a dog or you’re–”
  • you saw jinyoung’s eyes turned from a choco brown to a deep maroon red, and you were more afraid of him than anything now
  • “sorry jinyoung, i gotta go.”
  • you ran off to the opposite side of school, in the abandoned toilets by the sports hall
  • what the hell did you just see
  • you saw jinyoung’s eyes turned red at the blink of your eyes
  • and him giving you a pack of blood?
  • that could only mean one thing…
  • he’s a vampire
  • it lowkey sucks because you had your cca, rhythmic gymnastics after school,
  • on the first day of your period,
  • after school ends at 3pm,
  • and upon discovery that jinyoung was a vampire
  • to make things worse, your teacher had to make you memorise a new routine for a competition in a week
  • “what’s wrong with you today, y/n? you can’t do your jumps properly, you can’t catch and hold your ribbon, neither can you hold your scorpion, what can you do?!
  • “i had my period today–”
  • “don’t you dare use your period as an excuse to slack off training! you’d better do well or you’re out of the school team.”
  • all you could do was sigh and grudgingly pick up your ribbon, take a gulp of water and continue the routine again
  • soon enough, you were seeing stars, and then your world was pitch black.
  • when you woke up, you were in the nurse’s office
  • you saw jinyoung by your side, his head rested on the side of the bed
  • you immediately shifted aside, which made him wake up immediately
  • “w-why are you here?”
  • “i’m a member of the first aid,” he showed off his club tee and his name tag, “i was assigned to look after you.”
  • “you won’t, drink my blood right?”
  • jinyoung threw his head back in laughter, making you confused
  • “y/n, do you think i would drink your period blood?” he held his stomach in laughter, “that’s gross, we aren’t that thirsty to drink your period blood.”
  • he knows i know that he’s a vampire, you thought
  • “then why did your eyes turn red just now?”
  • “i gave up my favourite pack of blood for the girl i like, obviously i was hungry–”
  • “the girl i like?” 
  • “i…i said nothing, you don’t–”
  • “the boy i like happens to be a vampire… and a very good looking member of the first-aid club… what do i do?”
  • just then, jinyoung’s stomach growled, which made him smile sheepishly
  • “i guess i’ll get going–”
  •  you held out your forearm for jinyoung, making him widen his eyes
  • “just take it.” you thrusted your forearm at him, “at least i can skip training if my blood sugar is low.”
  • “i can’t–”
  • “A+ blood, is your favourite… you couldn’t drink it thanks to me… I owe you one.”
  • “it’s in my bag–”
  • jinyoung just placed a light peck on your forearm, smiling to you as he exited the office
  • “what…” you scoffed
  • but hey that was cute
  • you and jinyoung just started dating without asking “will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend” LOL
  • in class, you and jinyoung would sit beside each other
  • which raised a few eyebrows but people supported it
  • there were many instances where you willingly shoved your forearm under jinyoung’s nose
  • his eyes would turn red but he would never feed off you
  • until one day he forgot to bring his thermos flask of blood, he had no choice but to feed on your blood or he would prolly die
  • the gentlest of vampires, his bite mark is very faint which would disappear in a few days
  • and also your accomplice in skipping trainings
  • other than that, jinyoung would be a very nice and ordinary boyfriend
  • and wouldn’t mind skinship
  • except that one time when he tried to kiss you his fangs accidentally cut your lip
  • “i have a plaster with a blood capsule so it will compensate for the blood loss”
  • feels super sorry and makes up by treating you ice cream and lots of cuddles
  • overall, a very naive and innocent boyfriend and vampire
  • pls protec
100 ways to say “I love you” #5

27. “Try some.”

Pairing: Raven and Dick (Robin)

Setting: Teen Titans (2003-2006 show)

Age: 15-17

“I have a feeling you watched a dozen romantic movies before this.” The violet-haired teen noted, more to herself, as she took in her surroundings.

A nice, quiet part of the park where people didn’t really hang out that much. Nearby a lake with people swimming in the distance. A checkered blanket laid out under a tree to provide shade from the bright sun. A picnic basket, probably filled with sandwiches, heart-shaped chocolate and champagne or something. All the cliché things. Predictable. And somewhat disappointing if she had to be honest.

Well, she couldn’t say she had expected something grand or completely new and not done before. In fact, she had little to no expectations at all when Robin just kind of declared that he was taking her out even though many possible scenarios did play out in her mind (quite literally). Granted, Raven was still new to this whole “dating” thing, they both were, so the first steps were bound to be a little rocky and awkward.

“Nah.” He simply shrugged with a sly smile on his face as he placed the picnic basket on the ground and sat down next to the girl. “I’d say it was only like five or six at most. Among a few searches of ‘Ideas for a perfect first date’.”

“And this is the best they had to offer?” Raven scoffed, but instantly realized that it might have come off like his date idea was a bad one. “I mean- I didn’t mean to make it sound like I don’t like it. I just- I suppose I thought you’d go a bit overboard trying to create the ’perfect date’.”

“Am I really that much of an overachiever?” Robin chuckled and glanced at her through his dark sunglasses, raising an eyebrow. Her face said it all. “Okay, it’s not that bad.” But Raven grimaced at him again and he had no other choice but to comply. “Fine. Fair enough.”

His gaze remained on her for a moment longer before he hummed and turned to the picnic basket to start unpacking it, still a thoughtful expression on his face.

“What?” She raised an eyebrow at him, as she watched him take out some packed sandwiches, two cups and a thermos.

“Well,” he shrugged, “it might have not been on the top of the list for the best first date, but I figured I’d just do something simple. Let’s face it, we do the most unbelievable things like every Tuesday. Our lives are not ordinary. Not a single day is like the last one, there’s always something new and unknown going on. And well, we never really have the time to just sit down, relax and enjoy the things that other people do. So then- So what if it’s cliché? Have you ever done any of this before?” The teenage boy asked her, but didn’t exactly wait for a response because he knew it already.

“See, neither have I. So I don’t think it’s bad for us to do something that others might have experienced millions of times. We haven’t. That alone makes it special.” His lips had curved into a smile as he talked, his hands working on opening the thermos and pouring hot liquid into the cup. “Here. Made your favorite tea.”

“You don’t even know what my favorite tea is-”

“Chamomile, right?” Her eyes widened in surprise. Guess she underestimated him twice today already. Smiling, she took the cup from him and tasted it. “It was my first time making it though, so I don’t know if it even tastes alright.” He quickly added with a nervous chuckle.

“It’s good. Don’t worry.” The confirmation that he didn’t completely screw it up made his face light up in joy and he reached into the basket once again, retrieving two plastic containers.

“Strawberries? And whipped cream? Really?” She chuckled almost in disbelief.

“What? Don’t tell me you don’t like strawberries with whipped cream.”

“I- I’ve honestly never dared to try that…” Now it was Robin’s turn to look at her in utter disbelief.

“Well, we’ve gotta change that then.” He quickly grabbed a strawberry, dipped it in the whipped cream and reached it towards her mouth, making her flinch back a little. “Here. Try some.”

“If you smear my nose with that, Richard, I swear-”

“I won’t, I won’t.” He laughed. “Just try it. The whipped cream is homemade, not that cheap fake stuff you can buy at a store. It’s really good, trust me.”

Giving out a small grumble of uncertainty, the girl leaned closer to his hand and took a bite as he watched closely for her reaction. And he could swear that her eyes lit up for a split second. Although she didn’t show all that much emotion in her face, her eyes always gave it away.

“It's… actually really good.” She slowly concluded in amazement, reaching her fingers up to her lips to clean off some leftover cream.

“See? I told you.” He smiled brightly at her and ate the other half of the strawberry, looking out towards the lake when he heard some screams and splashes. Looked like people were having fun over there. Otherwise it was so peaceful and quiet here and both of them took a moment to appreciate the silence before Raven’s voice broke it.

“You know,” she tilted her head a little to the side, having propped herself on one hand, “cliché is not bad.”

“Thought you might agree.” He smiled at her and placed his own hand over hers, giving it a gentle squeeze.

The most beautiful things in life were indeed the simplest ones sometimes.

powerpuffqirls  asked:

im in such a frank mood and he deserves love and respect so "You’re my new neighbor and we’ve never spoken but you saw me shoveling snow all day and i guess it must be pretty obvious how cold i am because you brought me a jacket and hot cocoa;" w frank castle please and thank you my love 💕

@shayara @kurtwxgners

Frank might not be a sociable person, especially now, when he needed to keep his head low after the whole Hell’s Kitchen fiasco and how quickly it had gotten out of hand. But after one of his neighbors, the nice old lady that insisted on giving him cookies for being such a sweet young man, living in the small apartment building asked if he could shovel a path for her so as to be able to easily make her way to the stores, he couldn’t say no.

That lead him to this, snowflakes sticking to his hair and short beard and the not as warm as he thought it would be jacket and the slight numbness in his fingers.

You’d noticed him the first day you had moved in, he lived in the apartment across from yours and had come home while you were moving boxes in. Nothing struck you as out of the ordinary about him, especially in this part of the city. 

You watched him- which may seem creepy but every other girl in the apartment building ogled at him, you were just following the crowd. You could see how much he was shivering in the cold. Even the big, bad, Frank from across the hall couldn’t ward off the cold.

You decide to fix that.

Frank just stares when he sees you holding out a thermos and a large jacket that most definitely didn’t belong to you.

“Sorry, if this is weird but I saw you and you were shakin’ like a leaf out here… Just thought I could help you out.”

He’s hesitant to grab the items out of your hands but he’s thankful that he does because the jacket is doing wonders and even though he hates hot chocolate, it feels nice when the liquid slides down his throat.

“Thanks.” His voice is gruff and it fits him so well and you think you might melt.

southbrooom  asked:

Ever since you said you have a gigantic crush on Ellie Miller, do you agree with me that Olivia Colman is just one of the most beautiful humans?I have rewatched Broadchurch scenes countless times just to watch now the angles on her face change when she moves. Or just to see how she frowns or how she bends her head. Seriously, I'm crazy because in my journal I have like seven pages of Olivia Colman sketches, not because she's the prettiest, but because Ellie has this heart I could drown in. :| :)

oh ym go d  yes

Olivia Colman’s fucking gorgeous, but there’s something about her when she’s playing Ellie that gets to me. I think it’s how casual she is, and the way she dresses. It’s so ordinary and so everyday. She’s a mum and a detective here to do mum and detective things. She’s not here to look good for you, she’s here to get shit done. And she still manages to look utterly, effortlessly beautiful.

I mean, that hair???? It’s so messy and fluffy and when it’s down it just


I also appreciate that her cheekbones are sharp enough to kill a man, and when she gets mad she can and will break a man’s rib - but she’s also super sweet and affectionate and kind and brings people a thermos or some food because she’s so considerate.

Get u a girl who can do both, amirite.

Basically I look at Ellie Miller the way Alec Hardy looks at Ellie Miller

(I feel u Hardy)