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How to Adult: Lesson #2,375

Hey, do you want to come to this specific event at this specific time and place?

Hey are you busy on such & such day?

Give your friends and acquaintances the opportunity to bow out gracefully or even come up with a polite little white lie if necessary. If I tell you I’m free on the date you propose, and then whatever you invite me to is of absolutely no interest to me and/or with people I don’t want to hang out with, now I have to be the asshole who goes “nevermind, obviously I’m not busy, but now I have to tell you why I don’t want to go.” It’s much more pleasant for everyone if you give all of the information and the recipient of the invite can decline upfront with a general “no thanks” without further discussion.

That’s all I can say right now is holy crap! I cannot convey my level of excitement and nervousness right now. To make a short story long, a few months ago I was invited to appear on a local cable access show to highlight crochet in general and specifically an AIDS awareness initiative called the Red Scarf Campaign. It went rather well, was fun, scary but fun. A friend then dared me to pitch an idea to host an all crochet show, which I did….“Crocheting with Canadianmom”. Today, the cable company contacted me so we can discuss my proposal in further detail! Holy crap! What have I gotten myself into. So I have 4 days to prepare a ‘written treatment’ outlining the synopsis of the show as well as episode ideas. I have a general idea for both but sure would appreciate some episode suggestions…help!?!?!

King Abdullah II will pay a working visit to Morocco on Wednesday upon an invitation from Moroccan King Mohammad VI. They are scheduled to discuss ways to further boost Jordanian-Moroccan ties, as well as, the latest developments in the Middle East region.
—  state news agency, 20/3/2017

anonymous asked:

So I think you've maybe mentioned being in a similar situation before, but 3 of the women I work with are around my age and they're always hanging out outside of work, going to movies together, etc. and they never invite me along. We get along really well AT work (known eo 2yrs), is the thing, but then I'm constantly thrown into some bad middle school flashback when they're all standing around in front of me discussing plans they've made w each other. I want to say something but I don't know how

I have indeed been in a similar situation before. I’m friends with two girls from work (one has since moved on to another job), but they were friends first before I started working there (I feel like this is an important factor - were the other three girls friends before you started there or no?). That didn’t bother me, I didn’t mind that they were better friends because they’d known each other longer. I felt a bit left out when they would make plans without me, even though whenever I suggested plans to one of them they always said to invite each other. But then something happened….

I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys about this, if so I apologise for repeating myself. But here’s what happened. We’d planned to go out for dinner and a movie one Monday night after work. I was the instigator and was the one suggesting the movie/restaurant. Not that I was pushing them into it, but someone has to come up with the plan right? Anyway, so cut to Monday morning, one friend said she was tired from a busy weekend so would skip dinner and meet us at the movies. I messaged other friend to update her but said I was still keen on dinner if she was (she’d just come back from a holiday so thought it would be good to catch up). She said she had a tradie coming to her place in the afternoon and wasn’t sure what time they’d be done, best just to meet for the movie. Okay, fine, I’m a bit bummed but I understand.

Cut to later that night. I arrive 15 minutes before the time we’d agreed to meet. And what do I find? The two of them are having drinks at a restaurant right next to the cinema. What. The. Fuck. Honestly I’m in such shock that I don’t know what to say or do. One of them jokes about how if I’d been early I could’ve joined them, to which I replied I am early! I’m seething as we stand in line at the candy bar, but then I think, hey, maybe they messaged about being free for a pre-movie drink and I just didn’t see it (since my phone had been in a different part of the house before I’d gone out). So when going to the bathroom before the movie I check. Nope, no message. So, do I believe that they both just coincidentally happened to be at least half an hour early for the movie (they’d finished their drink and had the bill ready to pay, so they would’ve been there at least 15 minutes before I arrived)? Not for a fucking second. They made the conscious choice to exclude me.

And here is where I reach the point of this sob story lol. It fucking sucked, okay. But the one good thing about it was it was the final straw for me. I washed my hands of them and I don’t feel bad about it. Yes, sometimes it still hurts seeing them go off and do stuff (they recently spent a long weekend together on the other side of the country just coz they could) or hearing about how wonderful their friendship is (they are the type of people to write long flowery posts on facebook about how much they love each other and how #blessed they are). But at the end of the day I know I did nothing wrong, it was their choice, and I’m done. I’m not mean to them, I’m still friends with them, I’m just not gonna make an effort anymore because clearly they won’t make one for me.

I know it sucks. I really do. And I wish I could give you some better advice and tell you a way to talk to them about it, but I really suck at advice lol. But hey, if you feel like there’s a way that you could talk to them about it, I think that you should try. I’m not telling you to do what I did. In the end you have to figure out what feels right for you. Try and repair or walk away. But I would suggest making a choice that makes you feel better, because you don’t deserve to feel this way. 

So for me, I don’t like confrontation, and I couldn’t keep putting myself in situations I knew were gonna end up hurting me. So I gave up on them, walked away (as much as I could when I still work with one of them), and I did it for me. And I don’t regret it. 

Night of Justice [SuperBat]

Bruce had initially had some doubts over contacting Clark. He knew Superman was a noble hero, but Bruce still preferred to remain his identity as batman a secret to others. But the new oncoming threat had made it impossible to keep quiet. He had Robin at his side, but the boy was nowhere near ready or capable to battle their new alien adversary. He chose to reach out to Clark because he knew he at least was a good man. The two had hit it off pleasantly in this first discussion, so he decided to invite him to Wayne Manor as to further plan out their attack on the villain Jumba.

Bruce wore a modest yet obviously elegant black button shirt, the top buttons opened just enough to show off the top of his cleavage. His black slacks were smooth along his ass, and his golden watch reflected against the fireplace. He sat in his chair and read the news paper as he waited for the man to arrive.

Over the last several months Hawke had come to terms with the fact that Fenris was just not the type to stick around the day after. No amount of puppy eyes and pouty lips or promises of hotcakes in the morning could convince him to stay, and whenever he tried to discuss it with him, the subject only served to piss the warrior off further. So as Hawke yawned a great big first-breath-of-the-morning yawn and stretched, extending his arms and legs out so that his stiff joints cracked and he felt the weight of another body on the bed, he assumed the dog had invited himself for a snuggle and it was his faithful mabari fast asleep next to him. A lazy grin stretched over his face and he smacked his lips as he reached back to give the dog’s haunch a pat. 

“You’ll always keep me warm, won'tcha boy?” He asked, expecting to feel thick muscles and short bristly fur against his palm. Instead, his hand connected with the warm, smooth skin of a familiar arse, resulting in a fleshy smack. There was an annoyed grunt in response and Hawke startled fully awake, nearly flinging himself onto his side in his eagerness to roll over as he tried to sit upright in the tangle of sheets. 

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Invitation design for Jerry Paper’s Nacho Residency

Jerry Paper X Babycastles Residency w/ Bonus Nacho Residency (BNR) by Noah Wall, CEO of the Nacho Research Center. The Nacho Research Center (NRC) is dedicated to the exploration and expansion of “nacho.” Through heated Platonic discussion and experiments in form and flavor, the NRC has made great progress in developing a deeper understanding of Nacho Form™. This “Nacho Residency” focuses on translating common dishes into nachos. By sharing our great work and making the research public, we hope to further awareness of the constantly shifting Nachoscape™.

A female friend, who worked as an assistant for a producer, passed my script along to her boss.

He wanted to discuss it further, so he invited the two of us out for drinks to discuss it. When my friend and I showed up at the restaurant’s bar, he was already there — and very drunk. Instead of talking shop, he kept trying to make things personal. I whispered to my friend, “We should leave.” The producer then blurted out, “So when can I stick my dick up your asses?” Horrified, I started laughing at him and said, “Never.” I then took my friend’s hand and led her out of the restaurant. My friend quit that job soon afterward.

You know what makes a quiet evening more entertaining? Spending an hour discussing political views with someone who doesn’t know their ass from their ears. Which isn’t an invitation to discuss it further just a commentary on how very ill-informed some people seem to be. Is everyone like that or did I just get extraordinarily unlucky?

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Queen Arianna or the Royal House Ceto had always prided herself on her many gifts and vast knowledge, with these simple tools she had she had managed to push the country of Monet to the near breaking point of riches and strength, furthering peace between the eight countries and forming strong alliances even with their greatest enemies.

When she had received a message from the Outside, a group called the Vatican, requesting an alliance meeting, she immediately accepted and invited them to send an envoy to the capital to meet.

The representative had arrived the day before, and now the two were to meet and discuss the details of their alliance. A calm setting had been created, incense burning in the background and tea and fruits at the ready on a small table surrounding by cushions for sitting. Arianna had taken her seat, sipping tea casually while waiting for the envoy.