not an illumination

the houses as studyblr aesthetics


  • being brave enough to do math in pen, leather-bound bullet journals, looseleaf papers spilling over your desk, studying with your dog curled up next to you, seven-hour breaks, keeping a candle on your desk, logging memories in your bullet journal, coffee stains on homework, annotating a rented textbook, a warm study nook made of blankets and pillows, studying to overcome


  • romanticizing self-care, refusing to take the easy way and read the sparknotes, keeping hydrated, “i have extra binder paper if you need it”, taping positivities on your wall, study picnics, volunteering, bright binders, a study space illuminated by morning light, keeping three pots of flowers on your desk, studying to contribute


  • finding doodles in secondhand textbooks, researching the origin of a word you don’t recognize, pens in mason jars, walls crowded by sticky-notes, the inspiration of a blank notebook, finding your favorite library seat available, being excited about your essay prompt, scrawling notes in the margins, being so utterly engaged in one subject you forget you have a lab due tomorrow, studying to learn


  • quotes about conquering the world and achieving goals, finding the perfect black pen, the feeling of checking off boxes on to-do lists, friendly grade competition, compiling resource masterposts, being genuinely excited to get your score back on a test, getting the perfect calligraphy line, studying to succeed
I Missed You

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Nope Just an idea

Note: Idk why i keep writing this shit, enjoy nonetheless!! Also SMUT SMUT SMUT WARNING!!

The sound if music could be heard in your car as you wait for your boyfriend to come out of the airport doors, he didn’t want you in there in case if some fans see you and knew that he was here and you might get trampled or hurt, you thought that it was stupid but you agreed nonetheless..

‘My plane just landed. Cant wait to see you!! Xx’ You smiled at the text, you opened your car windows to let in some fresh air when the sounds of screams caught your attention, he was here.

He waved to his fans and snapped a few pictures before jogging to your car, you got out of your car and hugged him as he spun you around, soon setting you down only to kiss you.

“Where’s your luggage?” you asked pulling away

“Geoff’s getting them for me.“ You nodded and got in your car and drove to your apartment.

“How was your flight?” You asked

“It was okay.” He replied

“I missed you.” He blurted out

“I missed you too.” You smiled

“No, Y/N,” he said leaning bringing his lips to your ear

“I missed you.” He whispered, his voice hoarse as he bit down gently on your earlobe making you let out a whimper

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Interruption (S.M.)

Requested: yes

Description: Y/n has been opening for Shawn on his most recent tour. One day after exploring the city of Seattle, she walks into the tour bus to Shawn doing something unexpected.

Rating: M. I mean when is it not with me??

Warnings: Cursing, masturbation, sex.

I waved goodbye to Geoff and Andrew as they went into a cute little diner. I had already eaten something from a coffee shop and I hated eating too much before a show. I was bummed that Shawn didn’t come with us today though, he always makes it a lot more fun, not that Geoff and Andrew aren’t. He said he wanted to rest his voice because the show tonight was a big one and his family was going to be there.

As I approached the venue I saw that fans were already lining up outside, and the show wasn’t for another five hours. Some of them noticed me and asked for pictures , so of course I took some. Eventually the crowd had gotten too big and a security guard had to escort me out. I waved to the kind fans, and thanked the security guard. I grabbed the handle of the bus’s door and opened, but what I looked up to see was something very, very unexpected. 

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‘cause if we lost our minds
and we took it way too far
i know we’d be alright

One of his moods (S.M. smut)

A/N: Shawn, waking you up in the middle of the night by eating you out. This wasn’t requested or anything but I do take requests as well as submissions so…. if you’re interested. Also, I am extremely tired at the moment so if this is crappy and short I’m sorry :) 

  “mmm fuck” I moan. I feel hands on my thighs and a warm wet tongue on my core.

   Consciousness washes over me but I’m still too tired to open my eyes. I reach my hand down to where the pleasure was coming from and I feel a familiar head of hair between my legs. I can tell by the chirping of the birds and the lack of light shining on my lids that it can’t be past 6 am but Shawn is one for spontaneity so this isn’t a huge shocker. 

   His hand finds my own that rests at my side and locks our fingers together, he gives a little squeeze as his tongue slowly drags itself up my folds. When the tip of his tongue meets my clit, he holds it there and applies pressure before beginning to flick it lightly. I open my eyes as another moan slips past my lips. His tongue leaves my bundle of nerves and I can hear him swallow some saliva. “am I mouth watering?” I tease, my voice drowning in rasp from slumber. He chuckles and I see his shadow sit up and soon after, he’s crawling up my body. “You are, actually” I can almost hear the smirk I know he’s wearing. 

   "Taste" he whispers and his lips meet mine. The soft pink muscle that was just working wonders on my center is now doing the same in my mouth. His, lips are so slick which makes our kiss very noisy but I’m not complaining and neither his he. He nudges my head to the side and gives himself access to my neck which he begins to nibble and lick on. With my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms wrapped around his broad back, I pull him closer and now I can feel that he’s still fully clothed. He must be in one of his “this is all about you” moods. I’m definitely not arguing with that. His hand leaves the side of my face and slides down to my core. 

He rubs me until his fingers are coated and begins to massage circles on my clit. My head falls back and it feels as though every bit of air has been vacuumed out of my body. He finds my lips again but this time he uses no tongue. He gives me a nice, deep kiss. Then another. Then a third. My toes curl as I feel my stomach tightening from how close I am. My slow breathing has now turned into full on pants and my head is absolutely spinning. He hisses against my lips before gently tugging my bottom one with his teeth and letting it snap back. “ahh Shawn please don’t stop” I whimper. 

 "I won’t” he groans.

 I can tell that having me come undone underneath him is satisfying by the way he’s moaning without me physically pleasing him. My back arches as my legs start to subtly quiver. “fuck…yes baby mmm” 

 “that feels good?” He asks, face directly above mine, looking for any sign of me not enjoying this. 

  That’s one thing that annoys me about my little Shawnie. He’s never sure of himself even when I’m literally telling him how good he’s making me feel. “I’m gonna-yes oh shawn…shawn” My moans are getting louder and louder but I can’t help it. “fuck Y/N you sound so damn sexy” I hear him say but too wrapped up in this burning sensation inside me to tell him how cheesy he sounded. My nails run down his back with enough caution to not actually injure him. Just wanna leave a couple red lines. 

  His fingers move quicker now that he knows I’m almost there. He dips his hand down to collect more of my juices before continuing to rub me. Over and over and over. “oh I’m there-fuck Shawn! Ohhhh” he finally pushes me over the edge and he keeps drawing circles on my clit to ride out my orgasm. His name is the only word leaving my mouth. I come down from my high, Shawn’s hand no longer moving but still resting on my center.

    He leans down to kiss me and I feel a smile stretch across his mouth before we part. “Was that ok?” He chuckled. “Babe…” “I know. You hate when I ask but I just…I like to be sure that I’m giving you what you need” he says nervously. “You are giving me what I need, Shawnie. That was amazing…random but amazing” I laugh and he laughs too. He rolls off of me and pulls the blanket over us. 

 “What was that for anyway?” I ask as I yawn, still drunk off of sleepiness. 

 “I just couldn’t sleep. Don’t worry about it you can return the favor later on” once again, I can hear him smirking by the tone of his voice. I shake my head and cuddle into him. He loves being the little spoon. 

 I feel myself drifting off….I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.

the best lines from this article I read for research:

  • “or in the late-summer bloom of academic narcissism, a postmodern literary critic.”
  • “all one can do is weep”
  • “the same mixture of horror and pride that a father might feel upon learning that his 14 year old son has got a classmate with child”
  • “Huh?”
  • “of course Latin historians frequently failed to tell the truth”
  • “squalls of nonsense from France”
  • “we can scream in mirth at the feebleness of the criteria”
  • “the study of Latin prose authors was traditionally regarded as the province of dullards”
  • “ ‘it wants figs!’ ” 
  • “a little innocent rhetorical gussying”
  • “the result is like the diary of a teenager: riveting only to its creator, repellent to others, and illuminating to none”
  • “the ecstasy of parsing!”
  • “to John Henderson the Annals were - well, as usual with John Henderson, who can tell?”
  • “this sad stuff”
  • “the Annales Maximi, about which controversy will never cease”
  • “as perverse as it would be to read the New York Times as if it were a novel by John Grisham”
  • even the title itself, “historians without history: against roman histography” (keep in mind that this article is found in a compilation called “the roman historians”, as if the overall salt content of the writing was not already high enough)
Despicable Me 3 Prediction/Ending that I am Actually Begging to Happen

By the end of the movie Gru realizes that he cares more about his family than villainy

and through watching his brother give it up

Dru decides to do the same

and join his brother as the newest member of the Gru family

estilulu45  asked:

Hey Cherry, I want your permission to use a quote that helped during a dark time. It's for the sun in the 12house and it says "the sun stills shines at the bottom of the ocean, illuminating an unseen world". My sun is in the 12th house and this make bring up when I feel lonely and isolating. So I'm wondering of I can use this as a tattoo? I feel it's more like a blessing from you.

that is so lovely to read! and of course, it would be an honour. as you can tell by my pictures i love tattoos or any form of self expression, this would be so great! scarlett’s dad has sun in the 12th house and she chose a special dad xxx

S/C - Ficlet

I have NO idea what this in. None. Maybe’s it’s my mind playing tricks on me before the…scary day. But here ya go…

Chaotic Calm

I woke with a start, my wrist pulsating with pain. It took a few moments to shake the fog of sleep off in the early morning hour, but when the second grasp to my arm was followed by a cry of anguish, my body sprung to life, the only reason for it, crying next to me in bed.

She spoke no words, but let the tear stains on her cheeks tell the story and her hand to her belly, punctuating the exclamations and questions.

Not yet.

It’s too soon.

With a switch of a light illuminating the room, I pulled my sweats and a shirt on a quickly as possible. I had ceased sleeping naked, months ago. What would I do if someone happened to break in in the middle of the night? I couldn’t be worrying about trousers. So, I wore shorts to bed, to protect all that I held dear.

I sat by the bed, helping my wife raise her body up against the pillows.

Should I call 999?


Too long.

I eased Caitriona off the bed, doing my absolute best to not show the fear and punch in my fucking gut, noticing the red droplets left on the sheet in her wake.

She spoke very little, her eyes searching mine for answers.

I didn’t have them.

Why the FUCK, did I not have them?

I wrapped her in a large blanket, easing her into some slip-ons, and led her down the stairs.

I can’t remember how I got to the hospital. I remember nothing more than holding her hand in mine, squeezing so tight, her hand began to glow red.

I didn’t care.

I wasn’t letting go.

We were a week shy of seven months. A week shy of another week of fear and excitement to set in. A week shy of one more week on our own. Just the two of us. A week shy, and two months too early.

With each nurse that headed my way, my heart leapt. With each emergency page over the PA, my heart cried and screamed, banging its drum like a wild man.

But no one noticed.

No one cared.

I had turned into some cliché movie, pacing up and down the hall, cautiously looking over to the double doors they had wheeled her through, away from me.

It had happened in a split second. My name. I had whirled around, nearly tumbling over the man. He spoke softly, but it was if I had never heard the English language spoken before. I recognized my name, though. Then Caitriona’s. What was he saying?


…a smile.

He smiled.

A genuine smile, not one of regret or melancholy.

His arm slapped my shoulder, resting there.

“Mr. Heughan. You’re a dad.”

I stumbled back, my shoulders bracing my weight against the wall. I took my breaths in deep and slow, my eyesight returning from its hazy state. I focused on the man in the white coat again.

“My wife? How is my wife?”

“She’s resting. She’ll be fine,” he took me by the shoulder once again, “Come along, mate. I’ll take you to her.”

Her eyes were closed when we entered the room, but they lifted slowly, a weak smile crossing her features.

She looked frail; delicate. I felt like a barbarian in a china shop. I took her hand gingerly, bringing it to my lips as I knelt down to the floor, resting my head in her hand.

The man in the coat spoke, and I met Cait’s eyes with my own.

“As I said, your daughter is doing well-“

“Our daughter.” We spoke the words in unison, our hands clasping tighter together for strength.

He spoke of heart rates and breathing. Of warmth and care, but in his words, we found little worry. Only hope and an abundance of chaotic calm, and an absolute eagerness to take it all on.