not an accurate representation of my art

Reasons to watch March Comes in Like a Lion
  • amazing music/ themes, Bump of Chicken does the first OP/ED
  • amazinger animation
  • poetry-like dialog and imagery
  • mc has probably one of the most accurate portrayals of depression I’ve ever seen, especially in anime
  • if Van Gogh paintings and art from The Little Prince is your aesthetic, you already know it’s beautiful
  • incredible scenery
  • Smith
  • the cats
  • metaphoric image representation for emotion
  • you won’t like Shimada very much at first but he is the sweetest cinnamon roll
  • dynamic characters
  • you will learn about shogi without even trying, and it’ll make you want to learn how to actually play it
  • the cats have voices for their thoughts

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I'm curious - what do you not like about modern pixel art/duelyst's pixel art? :o

so ok ive gone on about how pixel art is not supposed to be a literal representation of something right? like because it’s a technically limited medium you can only get so close to an accurate representation because eventually you’ll get obfuscated by pixels and the audience will inevitably be like ‘i dont know what that is’ but that’s ok, because engaging the audience’s imagination is the point of any good fiction, and the audience filling in the (deliberate or otherwise) gaps in the apparent design allows the player to come up with their own interesting interpretations and get inspired

if not: that’s the nutshell for my argument for pixel art. pixel art is good because it’s sort of shit but in a way that makes you actually think about things and what they are, could be, and are supposed to be, and even the flaws point you in the direction of cool shit

as opposed to say the general trend of modern game art, which is more literal; if you see something, the game expects you to take it completely 100% literally and matter-of-factly. there’s no room for interpretation, just an image of a pretty thing that you can offhandedly consume and then just move past or, if they get really lucky, you get inspired but not necessarily due to any thought process or intrigue on the game’s side: just because the art was pretty, and you want to copy that exact style of art. but that’s still not the point. the point is to just be pretty

and really i’m pretty ok with that though because like, i can’t expect AAA games to build games that are deliberately unclear. that’s not why they make games. they make games to sell, not inspire new games (if anything they want to actively discourage people making new video games because then that makes more competition) ([distant screaming]) and the games that they make do sell, so like, whatever. as long as AAA games get people into video games, and those people explore their tastes, and those tastes lead them to play more interesting games and think and grow as people and maybe even developers, then i’m content, and i can suffer through another dozen ubisoft/bioware/bethesda cash grab (as long as they throw me a bone and i get a new vegas or somethin like once in a while too)

but the problem is that on the niche-ass experimental-ass indie level (and i dont mean like fuckin walking simulators per se i mean like fuckin Aces Wild and Risk of Rain and Enter the Gungeon and the shit that would NEVER fly in the main market), modern game art still exists, with still the same basic logic (that people buy pretty things) but there’s this big key problem here and it’s that pixel art still looks like shit


like no matter what you do pixel art is still low resolution, chunky, clumsy to animate and hard to read so making it really pretty pixel art with smooth animations (which i actually sort of dont like in general) (drop your frames, kids) and perfectly proportioned bodies is just spending a bunch of time on something that will make something look ‘objectively better’ but not only remove what’s unique about the game but make it look more like the shitty homogenized master-of-none blob that is the AAA industry

it’s like someone looking at a motorcycle and saying like ‘but cars are better, though’ so they take an arc welder, some starving art student, and $30,000 and turn it into this

like good job idiot you’ve taken all of the shitty parts of a motorcycle and merged it with all the shitty parts of a car

a motorcycle is supposed to get you to go where you want to go. a car is supposed to get you, your friends, and possibly you and your friend’s things to where you want to go. making a car-shaped motorcycle makes a heavier motorcycle that is worse at getting you where you want to go and it doesnt even have any of the other perks that fuckin cars have like driving around friends and sleeping in the back seat so like what the fuck

why did you do that

like i mention duelyst in particular cause it’s really fuckin egregious. the pixel art doesnt interact. i’m not sure the sprites even like touch one another on purpose or anything. it’s undynamic, all the animations are completely prebaked, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, and none of them are interesting. it’s not even like fighting games or like mecha shit where the attack is like emblematic of their character or like really over the top or something they all do the same cliche poses and all have the same pocket particle effects

i could actually pick on like a bunch of people for this (paul robertson comes to mind too in particular) but for the sake of expressing my point i’m gonna keep ragging on duelyst

anyway, here’s blue shell rabbit. he’s got a sword. his special attack is that he swings the sword and it explodes

‘here’s the lore’ the game says. ‘if you read this it will all make sense’

nothing about it doesn’t make sense

nothing about this character is making me ask any questions

and to be clear this isnt like a general disposition toward ‘good’ pixel art it’s really more of a general disposition toward uncreative pixel art that uses smooth animations and ‘good color choice’ (read: the same soulless machine-baked palette of ‘fantasy colors’ that is either completely divested or actively fighting the environment every time) to mask what feels like they didnt even try to hide that you can accurately describe their character on a spreadsheet

• blue
• sword
• explosion
• bunny
    • turtle

cause like

you can have ‘holy fuck’ and ‘what is that’ in the same sentence

i mean there’s actually a certain level of art to that too, and it’s actually sort of unfair to duelyst because i know they’re making a fuckin league of legends style hero game and i know they cant spend much time on each character because i know they have other characters to get done but like

i wish they fuckin wouldnt

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Can you explain what you see as the connotations of the words "diverse" and "inclusive" and why you feel like inclusive is better/more accurate when talking about representation of poc in media/art?

Someone I follow on Twitter (can’t remember who offhand) had posted a thread about using the term “inclusion” versus “Diversity” a while back that sparked a whole debate… and after thinking about it, I found that from my point of view “inclusion” was a better expression of what we as POC want in entertainment.

The problem up till recently was that almost all the TV, movies, most books and comic books from whence a lot of the source material is adapted etc., were written by and thus for white people. We as POC were never included and always felt left out, ignored, invisible, worthless.

We were always relegated to “token characters” at best, or cannon fodder, or comic relief (if not the butt of the joke). And even those were usually stereotypes.

Thanks to the rise of Social Media, we got to express our views on this and create and power movements for change in the last few years.

The main term bandied about online, even now, is “Diversity”. But honestly when you say “we need more diversity in film and TV” the main thing ignorant white people think is that we want Creatives (screenwriters, show runners, directors, casting directors, etc.) to force random POC into projects just to placate us or to be “politically correct” because of a fear of backlash on social media.

If you have a deeper discussion with woke POC though, what we really want and need is to be “included” when people write, cast and make movies, television shows, etc.

And not just in front of the camera either. True inclusion would actually start behind the scenes, and make what happens in front of the camera different, better and more representative of real life.

For instance, if there was a high ranking Asian executive behind the scenes when the studios greenlit Ghost In The Shell and The Great Wall, then most likely they would have winced when names like Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson were tossed out as leads for those movies, knowing the effect it would have on POC and the global Asian community at large.

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Maybe if there had been enough POC in decision-making positions at Marvel TV, then they would have not chosen the obviously clueless Scott Buck as the show runner for Marvel’s Netflix series Iron Fist, who would go on to pick Mr. Problematic (Finn Jones) as the show’s lead instead of going with the much more qualified (and much better candidate) Lewis Tan for the role.

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Perhaps we’d have at least one WOC as a main character in Star Wars after seven saga films and one anthology film! (Think about that for a second. 8 Star Wars films. One black main character - Finn. No women of color in major roles in any Star Wars movie. And no I don’t count Lupita Nyong'o playing the alien Maz Kanata via motion capture.)

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Perhaps important, groundbreaking movies like Hidden Figures and Fences and Get Out and Moonlight would have been greenlit decades ago instead of just recently.

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And more importantly, imagine if there were POC behind the scenes of those films to lobby for them to get bigger budgets both for the actual creative process and for marketing. Even to put them in more theatres?!

Think how much more money could have been made by films featuring POC that - despite starting out with a handicap when compared to, say, La La Land - went on to make piles of money at the box office and win critical acclaim.

So, that’s why I now prefer the term “INCLUSION” to “Diversity”.

Hope this answers your question. And thanks for the follow up question btw!

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So with Edgy being blind in one eye, when they got to swap bodies, was he confused and disoriented?

Since he is not naturally blind, he would still has memories where he still had firm two eyes when little… so he may got a little bit not used to, but he won’t be all disoriented.
(My old arts may got irrelevant on Edgy’s half-blindness as this headcanon is come up pretty recent, so that the old arts wouldn’t have this express out)

It is a great relief to me as my representation on disable is correct to be honest… I was worry that my representation would be not accurate when referring back to real-life disabilities, as it may cause discourses.
Also thanks for sharing about things happened to real-life disable people, thanks for letting me know about more. Hope you have a nice day.

Hello !
Today I watched the last episode of Night In The Woods of Jacksepticeye and I felt inspired !
Here is a small doodle of Mae done with watercolor (because I’m in love with it huhu) and my fav quotation !

As I really loved the game, I think I’m gonna draw other characters (such as Gregg which is the accurate representation of Jacksepticeye).

Hope you like it !


I’m thankful for the friendship I’ve gained working with Patrick DeHaven (Rabidirish on various forums, TDC/RPF). We push each other to build ultimately the most accurate representation of Daft Punk that’s feasibly possible without casting off Daft Arts originals! This year at Dragon Con he got to reveal his Human After All/ALIVE costumes. He is wearing Guy, and his buddy Johnny is wearing Thomas. I am holding my Grammy dressed in the TRON Premiere/Grammys costumes, with my friend Eric wearing Thomas.

It’s worth noting these aren’t first drafts of anything worn. I’m on my second RAM Guy, and second Tux. Patrick is also on his second Guy helmet and plans to redo the leather outfits.

It’s worth noting we’re both working towards the ultimate Discovery costumes, perfectly represented as the originals. I can’t wait to share it with the world when it’s truely ready.


“Look out world, Tracer’s here.”

Here’s an undercover Tracer before the recall in London. How accurate is my representation of London weather? :3
The open beta was so much fun. The characters were all such a blast, can’t wait to play the full game on the 24th! Also had the hardest time picking best girl and best ship and the game isn’t even officially out yet.

ᴼᵇᵛᶦᵒᵘˢᶫʸ ᶦᵗˢ ʷᶦᵈᵒʷᵗʳᵃᶜᵉʳ

Interested in a print of this? Find it here.
WIP is on my twitter, also bad memes.

Roommate wanted me to make a bigger one of this one because it is a very accurate representation of what happens when we play (mainly consisting of Weeber being 150% done and WX-78 and Wilson swapping roles as ghosts or both being ghosts but you get the picture.) Main point is this was meant to be just a sketch and I got carried away

Even, my sweet summer child

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I post something to my Tumblr before IG but it’s a bit past my usual posting time and a lot of you really seemed to like the drawing of Isak so cheers for that!!

also I would like everyone to know that I listened to the mmm whatcha say song on repeat while drawing this aka. an accurate representation of me whenever Evak gets on the screen


Vantablack is an artificial gem from the Homeworld, created to serve and to conquer. Little her makers know Vantablack is hard to quench, and she will hunt and literally eat any weak defenceless gem she finds.

Vantablack is the darkest, blackest material ever created and known. It is said to be the most accurate representation of a Black Hole, and it won’t reflect any possible light, and form the tiniest shadow on its surface.

wow drawing yourself is soo weird

i’m stuck, not because I don’t know what to do or the drawing is bad, i just, do I look like this??? Am I unable to draw an accurate representation of myself??? Will my friends and family be confused and ask “oh is that supposed to be you?”????????????????