not amy's hammer


It’s weird. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately, and then a few days ago he sent me a book he’s written. It’s violent and it’s sad. He called it Nocturnal Animals, and dedicated it to me. 

Nocturnal Animals (Dir. Tom Ford)

as albus severus potter, scorpius malfoy, and rose granger-weasley look out fondly to their madly waving parents from the scarlet hogwarts express, the crisp autumn air seems to murmur a promise to this new trio: a sure sense of adventure and friendship and heartache and resilience to come, filled with misdemeanors and good-hearted deeds, frantic letters and deep conversations, all set against the backdrop of an old, hallowed castle that has seen hundreds of fresh-faced children before. so go forth, the wind whispers, and craft your own story anew.