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do you think the hotel scene in episode 8 is just a bunch of time lapses as well?

yes!!!! @stardefiant​ & i were talking about that one as well. you can notice it right off the bat with even’s voiceover towards the end of the first scene:

it’s a line that we find out is not actually said until:

which means that isak was most likely recalling the words during the first scene we’re actually shown – which puts the third scene we saw in the hotel room before the first scene, if you’re going by the hints skam is throwing at us.

but i think that’s the best part about this entire scene; the ambiguity of it all – we don’t know the actual order of how things happened (except for the first part and the last part, ofc, when even leaves the room with nothing but his shoes on); all we know for sure is that everything did happen, just maybe not in the order we were shown it did.

you can narrow the reasons for this down as much as you want, really; you can even choose to believe they happened in the order that they did, if you’d like! i personally like to believe it’s all part of the limited pov technique, though – we’re being presented the scenes in the order isak is recalling them, perhaps based on the impact they had on him, considering the clip as a whole is quite literally an entire time lapse (15:15 - 1:01) 

i personally believe the sex scene happened last – maybe right after the “infinite time” scene happened – considering that, when the clip switches to nighttime, isak is on the right side of the bed, where he’d been laying during the sex scene, and the opposite of where he’d been laying during the “infinite times” scene:

and that maybe the mini burgers scene actually happened first.

and then of course we have the obvious time jumps once nighttime officially hits – the blackouts, the ones that kept us all on our toes and had all of our hearts racing because what the fuck, what is happening.

(especially non-norwegian speakers, oh my god)

and then the time jumps at the very end, where isak is desperately searching for even, the shaky cuts from one angle to another – thinking about it is literally fucking with me again.

this is definitely the most obvious example of skam’s use of both time lapse and time jumps, i think. this is where you see the true impact of them. don’t you think it’s crazy, that something like that can change your entire attitude towards a scene?

you knew something was off. the entire time, you knew something was off, and you felt it in your guts, even if you couldn’t put your finger on it first – and that had a lot to do with the limited pov we were offered and the time lapses/jumps in the entirety of the clip.

it’s something skam does so often and should really be appreciated more because even though it’s not the greatest in film & editing, our tiny show is actually brilliant when it comes to small techniques like these and applying them to the tone they want to portray during a scene and making you feel things and see it in a enTIRELY DIFFERENT LIGHT i love it. i love it


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side

A love that...

venus in Aries- you have to fight for in a never-ending war

venus in Taurus- makes you feel warm, safe, and adored

venus in Gemini- keeps you talking until the sun comes up

venus in Cancer- feels like coming home

venus in Leo- makes you feel like the most special person in the world

venus in Virgo- appreciates all the little thoughtful things you do

venus in Libra- is richer, smoother, and sweeter than swiss chocolate

venus in Scorpio- destroys and remakes you a thousand times over

venus in Sagittarius- sets you free

venus in Capricorn- you’d be happy to grow old with

venus in Aquarius- extends to everyone in the world

venus in Pisces is too good to last, which makes it even more beautiful

once you give it thought mccree’s ult is so damn creepy, like imagine beinga  new  recruit and getting paired with the  strange  southern ambiguously  gay  cowboy bear  and  he’s a great shot and all but then like. during  a  tight situation he suddenly  stands  straight up and  whispers  “its hiiigh noon..” in this booming voice thats everywhere at once and  starts  fucking  glowing  bright orange and  kills like  10 people . his  gun has  only  six  shots. 

and then hes back to  normal  acting like that didnt happen

[Fanaccount] 161210 Jisoo talks about Jeonghan 

HJS: I gave my love for Jeonghan’s birthday.

YJH: This kid didn’t give me any~thing else so i thought i didn’t take care of him

YJH: but then i recalled i gave him a starbucks coupon.

HJS: I gave u underwear!!


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So @warmth-and-constancy uh….. this is an interesting version of a script to send to the Emmys when 1) that line wasn’t in it and 2) they kept on using “you know what happened to the other one” as an ambiguous line, that may not have referred to a Holmes sibling at all.

so you’re telling me that in 2016 they sent this to the emmys and risked them knowing the “Eurus Holmes sister” plot twist for a year. 


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Because I just couldn’t help myself (based on this video // peggy’s analysis)

“The latest WikiLeaks release has sent a shockwave through the intelligence community, especially in the upper echelons of SHIELD, whose tools for hacking into smart devices were among the information obtained by the group. Joining us today to discuss the impact of this leak on the intelligence community is the former Director of SHIELD herself, Peggy Carter. Ms. Carter, thank you for coming on the show today.”

Peggy smiled slightly into the webcam and adjusted the lapel of her blazer, praying her home office looked tidier on camera than it actually was. “Thank you for your invitation.”

“What are your thoughts regarding the Vault 7 leaks?”

Peggy shrugged. “It’s nothing truly earth-shattering. A lot of the operating systems referenced in the files are obsolete and have since been updated, and the Weeping Angel hack has been presented at security conferences previously. Much of this information is just a confirmation of what was widely assumed–that is, intelligence agencies have the capability to hack into a person’s smart devices. It’s certainly not good for SHIELD to be compromised this way, but the comparison to Snowden’s NSA leaks are certainly inaccurate.”

“And what do you make of Assange’s statement that he will provide assistance to tech companies to patch the bugs mentioned in the Vault 7 files?” The newscaster let out a stifled chuckle. “Ma’am, I believe one of your children just walked in.”

As if on cue, Peggy felt a tug on her sleeve. She placed a hand on her elder daughter’s head and tried to regain her train of thought. “You’re certainly seeing caution from Silicon Valley. They are understandably suspicious of Assange’s motives, given–”

There was a more insistent tug on Peggy’s sleeve, and she looked down to see her daughter Sarah grinning at her, holding a toy in each hand with her glasses slightly askew.

“Not now, darling. Mummy’s working.” Sarah opened her mouth, no doubt to deliver a the most devastating retort a three-year-old could conjure. “No, Sarah. Go find your father.”

Peggy turned back to the camera. “I’m terribly sorry. As I was saying, given that Wikileaks has a history of releasing individuals’ personal information and Assange’s apparent ties with Russia–”

There was a loud crash behind Peggy, and she turned her head to see Eleanor in her walker, bumping into her bookshelves and precariously stacked piles of paper. Steve slid into the room right after her, banging his shoulder on the office door. She looked heavenward as Steve hustled their girls out of the room, one hand clutching the back of Sarah’s jumper, the other practically lifting Eleanor’s walker off the floor.

“My apologies,” Peggy said with an embarrassed grin as Sarah jabbered at Steve in the background about how she got to play in Mum’s office all the time and he was being so unfair and she left her Bucky Bear behind.

“Anyway, with Wikileaks’ reputation–” She was once again interrupted, this time by a loud shriek from Eleanor. Peggy managed to tamp down her wince, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw Steve kneeling in the doorway. He reached for the door handle and missed, almost toppling to the floor. His second try was successful, and he closed the door just as Sarah started yelling to be heard over Eleanor’s babbling.

Peggy sighed and shook her head. “I’m so sorry. As I was saying–can you repeat your question please?”

Later that night, Peggy found herself scrolling through her Twitter mentions. She probably shouldn’t have been surprised that the video went viral, but it was still supremely unnerving to have more internet presence in a given day than her famous, superhero husband.

She reached a tweet that made her stop short. “Steve,” she gasped, “how did they guess that I was wearing pajama bottoms during the interview? I made sure not to move my chair at all!”

listen….. regarding the matter of the illyrians being POC, in my mind, they absolutely are. But here’s the thing: readers in this culture assume white is the default. Unless the author is ***extremely specific*** in indicating otherwise, most readers are going to assume a character is white. And that sucks, and I think we should all be working to dismantle that assumption, but that’s how this works. It is the responsibility of any author who gives a half of a shit about representation to know this and to work with it.

“Tanned” is not ***extremely specific*** enough. Even though I, and many other people, choose to read them as such, “tanned” does not good POC rep make. It just doesn’t. There are an endless number of other, less ambiguous ways that Maas could have indicated we were meant to read them as nonwhite, and she chose not to use them. If “Tanned” was truly sufficient as an indicator, we wouldn’t have all these fancasts with Az and Cas as white dudes. Like, listen, yes, we need to have those conversations in fandom and educate each other, but ultimately, blaming the people who read them as white won’t get us anywhere. Blame the work, which, whether it meant to be or not, was ambiguous enough to allow it.

Listen, I love these books, but Maas has a fucking abysmal diversity track record. I am going to HC Amren as a WOC and the Illyrians as Middle Eastern and I am going to hold the authors I read to a high standard re: diversity and acknowledge that Maas using the word “tanned” doesn’t meet it.

(i’m white as hell, so let me know if i’ve stepped out of line here, but rep in literature is something i feel strongly about and Ambiguously Tan just doesn’t cut it in the year of our lord 2k17)

okay but why aren’t we talking about this

in the “put dan’s sheets on phil’s bed” bit, why are they pretending like they have no idea what it’s all about even though the sheets are right there?

it’s ambiguity, of course, perhaps relating to all the speculation that they share the bed, but what are they trying to tell us?

i think this little bit has more meaning than we’re giving it credit for. they know us, they check what the phandom talks about.

and most things they do are very deliberate.

I used to spend my days dreaming all day and night. I would gaze at the classroom ceiling in class using the patterned tiles to feed my yearning ambiguous imagination. I dreamt that all the holes in the ceiling were little stars in a far far away galaxy. A beautiful galaxy filled with people of many different kinds. I dreamt about swashbuckling pirates sailing the seven deadly seas and stealing away boxes of gold after gold and spending their nights sealed away in a cavern. Or beautiful mermaids spending their days lounging around with friendly dolphins who would use their immense amounts of energy to play all day and swim endlessly all night. Every night finding the most gorgeous and vibrant coral reefs. And find the most extraordinary creatures of the sea. Some big, some small, some pink, some blue, some with tails, and some with fins. But then I met you and then those patterns on the ceiling tiles started to turn into constellations on your face. One dot turned into two and two turned into three until all the dots came to form your handsome face. Your small round nose that always seems to crinkle up when you smiled too big or laughed too hard. The kind of nose that belongs with your smile. It completes the handsome painting that is your smile. Your big adventurous eyes that reel me in. Your warm brown eyes that leave me on a cliffhanger.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1192

I understand that it is very important to talk about Bellamy looking at Clarke in the prison cell. 

But I also really like the little moment where Kane is talking to Bellamy, and Kane knows that Bellamy might not be fully convinced of what he’s saying, so he pulls him over and speaks to him emphatically. And Bellamy is clearly moved, but can’t fully bring himself to fully believe what Kane is saying, because he hasn’t quite reached a place of self-acceptance, so all he can say is, “I hope so.” (With big puppy dog eyes, but ok, not relevant). 

And we have Abby and Clarke just waiting for them as they have their moment. We get a close-up of her glancing up at him before moving to go off with him.

With the cell scene, where I don’t think it’s conclusive what Bellamy feels (or if he is only thinking/feeling one thing at all), there’s a bit of ambiguity to Clarke here as well. But here we have a classic example that Clarke does pay attention to Bellamy as he does her. She has known from way back in 1x08 the way he can bear guilt on his shoulders. I don’t think his ‘I hope so’ is anything unexpected for her to hear.  But she listens, she takes note. She doesn’t rush him off in that moment. 

What she’s thinking could be a myriad of things. Comfort in seeing Kane being there for Bellamy? Conviction to get to saving the world so perhaps one day both she and Bellamy will truly be able to feel like they ‘deserve to survive’? 

And I know we sometimes joke about Kabby parenting their almost-married children Bellarke, but when she glances back at Abby, knowing that Abby heard the conversation too, it did strike me a little like - Hey mum, I’m leaving now, with him, and you know, he is still struggling, he is not perfect, but that’s alright yea? And Abby let’s her go. On a level, it does feel a like she’s marrying Clarke off. But hey, might be my shipper goggles eh? 

People claiming they’re fans of GITS yet doesn’t know that

1) The cast is diverse and not only Asian
2) “Motoko Kusanagi” is an alias
3) Motoko is ethically ambiguous

And yes this is all from the manga and anime.. You would think “fans” would know this

★☆Reading Tarot★☆

☽ ℰvery card in the Minor Arcana is designed to reveal at least one of four things to you:An internal concept, an external concept,a person & an action.

 ☀An internal concept: Such as an emotion , a perspective within a circumstance,our perception or beliefs, or a spiritual message;it could represent the energy used in a spell and what that means considering the querent or nature of a situation.

(example:The seven of cups reveals that the querent is jaded in choice,judgment or evaluation in regards to the matter at hands & depending on surrounding cards could mean ambiguity of choice or, the person is unsure of the resources and all options available and cannot assess this truthfully.)

A external concept: Such as one’s physical efforts or commitments, relationships;your home and physical belongings or your health;productivity,hard work. It reflects on the world surrounding the querent or the environment they’re in. (think physical / practical or tangible).

(example: the Eight of Pentacles might reveal someone’s high work ethic or depending on the surrounding cards, what in particular someone has been working to achieve or gain. It could mean working for achievement)

A person : a description of a person .it  reflects on their occupation,behavior,or role in the life of the querent. Usually the theme of the cards implies the nature of the person indicated.

(example:The Seven of Swords would show someone who is being cunning,conniving or methodical ; depending on surrounding cards it could be the querent or someone in their immediate environment. It could represent someone who deals with sales or business and warrants a lot of  persuasion  (i have mostly drawn this card as a person who is studious,methodical,a critical thinker or someone who’s a good planner)

An Action or movement: the activity of the querent in consideration to their question;Reveals to you what the querent’s choice or physical/verbal actions were and/or what they will result  in

(example:the Page of Wands reveals a rather younger person or amateur starting to bloom with new ideas and understanding,someone is about to take a new direction that will lead to mental growth. it talks about being over stimulated or having a lot of thoughts , it deals with thinking and questioning a lot. Someone who is being fickle or flighty or is developing their intellect.)


☽ⅉn most traditional Tarot decks , the Major Arcana will reflect on a certain nature or pattern of events  much like a mythos(like a legend or lore). It reflects on a facet of a bigger inclusive image to reveal the prominent and crucial parts of the querent’s inquiries .

(example:Strength reveals a need to shed excess and wasteful parts to begin anew in pursuit of a more deeper aspect , usually associated with the true self’s weight in salt or ability to harness their “natural resilience & strength”.

(example 2:Temperance; one who is strong in harnessing and maintaining the polarity and extremes of their lifestyle or circumstance. one who knows both the capacity of chaos & order or goods & bads and see’s the balance of both their dark times and good times and how this has built us up to be more than either particular side could have alone . someone who shows the culmination of their pain and their strength to show us their true self.)

Ʈarot in a linear sense, seems to play out like a story or progression of a person.(personal opinion here..)

“we are the fool in pursuit of  becoming the magician only to grow to be the high priestess  only to become the empress to become the emperor.”

                                     ☽ !!!!!!!Please remember!!!!!!!☽

☽ Do not become discourage by the cryptic symbolism shown to you. Instead, focus on how a card applies to the querent and question at hand.

Lastly , take your time to learn your cards and to understand how you best read them , and always always have fun and enjoy the journey of discovery and divination.

 ☀ONLY you know what your cards are bringing to light for you ,always trust your gut instinct and do not shy away from your reception of truth and knowledge from the cards.

what if hopkins’ name starts with an S and her and sherlock are like “omg we have the same initials” and they have a bunch of stuff in common shes like “i like [thing] too” and gregs like “oh sherlocks single wink wink” and shes like “im gay too” and the too is ambiguously in the same language as all the other stuff shes been saying so shes saying shes gay and sherlock is too 👀❗️

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all jokes aside, their ambiguity with their upload schedules on their mains is making me really fucking intrigued. i don't remember a time when they were not only shady about when it would be and what it would be, but also at the same time. i'm legit getting coming-out vibes from this, or something of a similar nature, cus something fishy is going on here and you can't deny that.