not amanda bynes

Who said anything about her being sherrinford??

All she said that she was called Euros and was a Holmes sibling. Mycroft obviously had contact with Sherrinford regularly and was “safe”. And don’t forget in the episode when Sherlock brought up “why do people always stop at 3?” Referring to the 4th hidden recording device.
I also think that Sherlock has blocked out Euros in past memories hence Red beard and the beach scene that keeps cropping up. This can also be linked back to the Hound of Baskerville where in short, a kid was traumatised by someone close to him being killed so blocked it out as a dog. This maybe inferred as Euros killing someone (maybe idk) and Sherlock putting a mental block on it(this could be what s was meaning in the trailer) to forget it. This would also be what she meant as the East wind being death.
And I also think that Sherlock was anticipating her arrival by the end of season 3 as he directed to Mycroft “there’s an East wind coming” also implying that they both understood the reference and Sherlock wanted to warn Mycroft without letting John or Mary know.
So Sherrinford may actually be locked in a tower somewhere obviously having taken it too far and gone off the rails hence the constant check ups and making sure he’s “safe”.
Also the Miss me ? Would be definitely referring to Sherlock and Mycroft missing her as she must have been gone a long time for Sherlock to not recognise her. I think that Sherlock would have been anticipating her comeback but being high and being told that she wasn’t actually real would definitely cause him to overlook her actual identity.
Please feel free to throw more theories my way and disprove any of mine with other things from the episode or previous series.

Anyone else finding hairspray live a little … lackluster? I just feel like there isn’t enough pizzazz. I just feel like they aren’t making the most of the big voices they have and oddly enough there like isn’t enough dancing? And everything is really dark and moving to quick. Plus all the commercial breaks omg