not always meaning diff

Lotor: I think it is time we had a discussion

Keith & his lotor killing instincts:

hey not ongniel but

wanna one’s pay for the year came and its a mess???

jaehwan: ₩100,005,000 KRW bc he didn’t have a company contract from the start
minhyun, guanlin, jihoon, jinyoung, sungwoon, seongwoo:  ₩75,000,000 KRW bc their company has a share in the profit
daniel, jisung, daehwi, woonjin:  ₩37,500,000 KRW bc after their company gets the share, then it’s broken down further for each member

so it becomes where literally the busiest member gets the some of the least profit with the strange system (money gets broken down like this: first CJ company and YMC half it, then after YMC gets their share it is broken down for each company except jaehwan, then after the company gets their share the remaining goes to the members) and you’d expect them to have gotten about ₩200,000,000 each with everything they did so like um wha,,t did you do to deserve their money…. where did it all go